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Baby Rowlf's Voice

Discussion in 'Muppet Babies' started by Frogster, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Frogster Active Member

    Doesn't Baby Rowlf sound a lot like Nelson Mutts from The Simpsons? Does anyone know if this is more than coincidence?
  2. Aaron Active Member

    im pretty sure it's just fluke
  3. Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    acctually dont know if it was ever brought up but baby gonzo's voice is done by that same actor for nelson,she also does the voice of bart and many other simpsons characters
  4. Xerus Active Member

    No, Bart and Nelson are done by Nancy Cartwright.

    Gonzo and Martin Prince from the Simpsons are done by Russi Taylor.

    And Katie Leigh does Rowlf.
  5. Xerus Active Member

    Muppet Babies voice artists.

    FRANK WELKER: Kermit, Skeeter(second voice), Beaker
    GREG BERG: Fozzie and Scooter
    KATIE LEIGH: Rowlf
    HOWIE MANDEL: Skeeter, Bunsen, Animal(In the 1st and 2nd seasons.)
    DAVE COULIER: Animal, Bunsen, Bean Bunny, Waldorf, Statler(For the rest of the seasons.)
  6. Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    could swear i heard somewhere it was nacy who did the voice of gonzo she also did the voice of minnie mouse in older cartoons
  7. lowercasegods Member

    Actually, you're close. Russi Taylor did the voice of Minnie Mouse as well as baby Gonzo.
  8. T-Bird Chick New Member

    Hey Isnt Dave Coulier From Full House? Im Pretty Sure He Is And Nancy Cartwright Is Rufus On Kim Possible
  9. lowercasegods Member

    Correct on both counts. Dave did a lot of voice work before his days on Full House. He started off voicing Mork on the old (and very brief) Mork and Mindy cartoon. Once Full House hit, he became an even hotter commodity in voice work with Muppet Babies (replacing Howie Mandell who left the show before it ran its course) and Ghostbusters (replacing Lorenzo Music, the voice of Garfield, as Peter Venkman). I've always liked Dave, but as a voice actor, he always seemed like a poor man's Frank Welker to me.
  10. Xerus Active Member

    Dave Coulier was also the host of a short lived comedy on Nickelodeon called, OUT OF CONTROL. He was pretty funny on that show. :)
  11. lowercasegods Member

    I know, that show rocked.
  12. T-Bird Chick New Member

    What Else Was He In Cause This Stuff Was Way Before My Time.....i Was Born In The 90's........
  13. lowercasegods Member

    Well, after he hit it big with Full House, Dave co-hosted the America's Funniest Home Videos spin-off, America's Funniest People. That lasted a few years. Since then, he hasn't done too much that's caught the public attention that Full House did, but he's still working.
  14. Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    i loved that show CUT, IT, OUT those who know will laughOUT OF CONTROL IMDB.com "Out of Control"

    man it started in 1984 i am old now
  15. Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    Greg Berg .... Fozzie (1984-1991)/Scooter (1984-1991) (voice)
    Dave Coulier .... Uncle Waldorf (1988-91) (voice)
    Katie Leigh .... Rowlf (1984-1991) (voice)
    Howie Mandel .... Animal (1984-1991)/Bunsen (1984-1991)/Skeeter (1984-1986) (voice)
    Laurie O'Brien .... Piggy (1984-1991) (voice)
    Russi Taylor .... Gonzo (1984-1991)/Robin (198?) (voice)
    Frank Welker .... Kermit (1984-1991)/Beaker (1984-1991)/Skeeter (1986-1991) (voice)
    Barbara Billingsley .... Nanny (1984-1991) (voice)
  16. lowercasegods Member

    I guess in jumping the shark terms, Muppet Babies took the leap once they brought Janice aboard as a pre-teenager and Statler and Waldorf as uncles. I think it's just a coincidence, but the downward spiral came after Howie Mandell left and Dave Coulier came aboard.
  17. Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    MUPPET BABIES "Jump The Shark"

    Jumped The Shark when... Votes
    Never Jumped 7
    Bean Bunny 2
    Bunsen and Beaker 1
    Singing 1
    Death (Jim Henson) 1
    It was used to pilot
    other shows 1
    Skeeter 1
    The seventh season 1
    Too much live action 1
    Janice as a Teenager 1
    Uncle's Waldorf & Statler 1
    Drug Bust & Sex Scandal 1
  18. Kimp the Shrimp Active Member

    "Watched it all the time, but never liked it. Was upset that you could never see who Nanny was, just her striped stockings. Basically, she was an old woman who locked up these animal freaks (a frog, a pig, a bear, a dog, and these orange lizard looking freaks (skeeter and scooter) and used them for slave labor. No, seriously, the whole "use your imagination" thing SUCKED! They made it seem like you could be "in" Star Wars, or turn into Indiana Jones..wow looked like fun. What a disappointment when I tried to "imagine really hard" on my own and nothing happened. I did not become Indiana Jones..This show sucks!" - Except from Jump the Shark ( Not Me i Love the Muppet Babies)

  19. lowercasegods Member

    Wow. I dig your thoughts, Kimp, but watch out for irate replies from hard-core Muppet Babies fans. They don't take such dissention lightly. For the record, I was a "Babies" fan from their cameo in The Muppets Take Manhattan 'til the end of their run on TV, and whenever I need a fix these days, I'll just pull out my old Muppet babies soundtrack LP and soak in the nostalgia from my lost youth.
  20. FISH'N'WOLFE New Member

    That isn't Kimp's opinion, it's a comment that was posted on Jump The Shark. Kimp says right on the end it's an excerpt from the site, and was wondering why the guy bothered to post such a negative comment on there about the Muppet Babies. I know, I had to go back and re-read that post, with a couple of typos it looks like it was Kimp's opinion at first glance. Just a suggestion Kimp, in the future use the quote funtion on MC when posting a quote.

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