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Bear wishes me a Happy Birthday in September

Discussion in 'Bear in the Big Blue House' started by Rapid T Rabbit, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. This past September I was down in Orlando for a weeklong visit to Walt Disney World. While in town I made a special appearance on the Funday Pawpet Show that webcast over the Internet and during the show, the cast suprised me with a Live phoned-in birthday greeting from Bear himself!

    The clip from that Funday show repeated a month later on the Halloween episode of the Rapid T. Rabbit Show in New York, and you can download it from the link below. The Bear calling clip is within the first 10 minutes.

  2. Unknown Delight

    Unknown Delight Well-Known Member

    Sweet! I love Bear! It's too bad they cut him out of the live 'Playhouse Disney' stage show at Disney's Hollywood Studios Theme Park.

    Hey Richard, nice to see you on here! It's Jenn from the Showbiz Forum!


    This story reminds me of my surprise phone call from Big Bird ! Man that was so awesome...July 4th 2008. I was finally able to tell Oscar i have loved his book 'How To Be A Grouch' since i was 5! Thanks for that surprise!
  3. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Haha, Showbiz Forum reprasentin'^___^

    I'm glad *something* Bear related exists in some capacity...I just can't believe what an opportunity Disney is squandering with shelving all Bear in the Big Blue House related projects.
  4. Scotter

    Scotter Member

    well that was your big suprise during that time.
  5. KirbTreelo05

    KirbTreelo05 Well-Known Member


    I just listened to this again yesterday. That bit was great! xD
    It would be a dream come true to receive a birthday call from Bear; any Muppet really. If he had ever called me, I'd probably ask if this were some type of sick joke, then I'd either laugh, scream, or freeze up when I find out it's actually him. :D

    Hahaha, Cuppy cracks me up x)

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