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Big Bird, Oh Big Bird

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by FellowWLover, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. FellowWLover

    FellowWLover Well-Known Member


    Who sings this song? It is played on MC radio, but not the artist.

  2. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jes,

    The song is played on Noggin during the commercial breaks. I don't know if they still show it or not. During the song classic clips of Big Bird from 1969 to today are shown. Have you ever seen it?

    I don't know who sings it, but it's a good question. I'll check with a contact at Noggin to see if I can find out who it is and report back.
  3. FellowWLover

    FellowWLover Well-Known Member

    Thanks Phil.

    I don't get Noggin, but that song sure is catchy. Even Emileigh perked up when it came on MC radio.

    I clicked through to the Amazon link to see if the artist was listed there, but I don't think it was. There were nine CDs listed for sale.... all with the word "Bird" in the title.
  4. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    Hi Jes,

    Got some more info for you from a contact at Noggin...

    The song "Big Bird Oh Big Bird" was written and sung by a former Noggin producer named Mike Pecoriello. The video footage is actual home video of his brother as a young boy and his niece and nephew.

    Mike Pecoriello is now given credit on the track listing on Muppet Central Radio as well.
  5. FellowWLover

    FellowWLover Well-Known Member

    Wow Phil, now there was some information that I was not expecting! How surprising. Guess he likes Big Bird huh? Thanks for finding out. I am only slighty disapointed that I will not be able to purchase the song on CD. I was hoping maybe it was some obscure children's folk music singer with a whole CD of likewise catchy songs. Oh well.

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