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  2. Sesame Street Season 49
    Sesame Street's 49th season officially began Saturday November 17 on HBO. After you see the new episodes, post here and let us know your thoughts.

Billy Barkhurst

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by SpinneyBigBird1, Dec 12, 2014.

  1. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    Herry's not a main character.
  2. JT Yorke

    JT Yorke Well-Known Member

    There are only 3 left, abby elmo and cookie monster:laugh: (just kidding)
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  3. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Herry hasn't been a main character since the 90s, and even so, I found his inclusion of sitting on the stoop in "The Street We Live On" peculiar, because he was already pretty much phased out by that point.
  4. sesamemuppetfan

    sesamemuppetfan Well-Known Member

    @Oscarfan and @D'Snowth true, but still, it's been confirmed that Peter will be taking over the character.
  5. Mo Frackle

    Mo Frackle Well-Known Member

    And you never know. Herry could potentially be used more in future seasons, now that he has a new performer. Maybe, anyway. Not to the point of being used as much as Elmo, but maybe as much as Bert and Ernie.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  6. Oscarfan

    Oscarfan Well-Known Member

    But we don't know to what capacity.

    I have been told that they've tried writing him, and other classic characters, into scripts, but they eventually just get cut out through the process.
  7. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    Remember when Herry Monster used to be a main character?

    Peperidge Farm remembers....
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  8. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    In seriousness though, I think Herry is better off just making occasional appearances because his character just feels done at this point.
  9. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    The thing I remember the most about Herry are inserts, like he and John-John, or his recurring Monsters in Daycare from Seasons 30-32 and such . . . other than that, I just kind of remember him just "being there," and not much else.
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  10. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    I could also say it would be nice if Disney allowed Kermit to be a regular Sesame Street character again, but we all now that sure ain't gonna happen.
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  11. Schfifty

    Schfifty Well-Known Member

    With the way that Sesame has played down to younger, younger kids in the last several years, I'm not sure if Herry's even, like, marketable nowadays. Seems like he started becoming just a sporadic character once Elmo's World became popular, and even beforehand he was still making frequent appearances in home videos like Monster Hits and We All Sing Together.

    But it would be nice if we could see him a few more times in the near future.
  12. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Well, it's kind of the same with Telly, even though he's had a more solid presence in recent years than Herry: the problem with Telly is younger kids can't appreciate him as the homage to Woody Allen and George Costanza that he is, because kids don't know who Woody Allen or George Costanza are to see how Telly embodies their insecure, paranoid, worrisome traits.

    Then, of course, lest we forget Ernie and Bert themselves: essentially the Felix and Oscar of the Muppet world, but most of the time, Ernie and Bert scenes are more dialogue-heavy and rely more on wit, wordplay, and banter that younger kids today would find boring and uninteresting; kids want action and physical stuff, which Ernie and Bert can't quite offer.
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  13. sesamemuppetfan

    sesamemuppetfan Well-Known Member

    I do see what you all are saying. But I still think it would be cool if they used Herry on the show no matter how often he'll appear. Last year, Peter performed him at a SW puppeteer workshop, and various people who attended the workshop like @cahuenga , Rachel Herrick, and Tau Bennett got to take pictures and/or videos with him (as well as with The Count and Telly). Additionally, Funko came out with a Herry pop figure earlier this year. So, with both of these factors in mind, I honestly think it would be strange if they didn't put him to use whether he becomes a regular character on the show again or not.
    Last edited: Aug 10, 2017
  14. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    How often do they have puppeteering workshops? Because I've only heard about the one they had in 2013 or 2014 or whenever it was that many of us submitted video demos for, but apparently they've had more since then based on discussions around here.
  15. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    Maybe he could return as a recurring character in season 50. Just a thought.
  16. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    They curiously seem to be bringing back a few older Muppets as minor, recurring characters in the seasons to come: Herry, Biff and Sully, and didn't I see Simon Soundman in a behind-the-scenes photo?
  17. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    How about an anniversary cameo from these guys?


    Or these guys?

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hey, a guy can dream. :smirk:
  18. Muppet Master

    Muppet Master Well-Known Member

    I feel really bad for Billy. Poor guy just got his big break only to have it taken away from him.
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  19. antsamthompson9

    antsamthompson9 Well-Known Member

    That's not true. Billy's been a puppeteer for a while before he became Ernie. He played a character named Buster on the TV show Kid Fitness. Since people have been saying he's not a very good singer after hearing him sing as Ernie, skip to 5:00 on this video to see just how well he really can sing:

    He was also a puppeteer on the Futurama parody, Fan-o-rama. Here's him assisting another puppeteer on a bunraku puppet:
  20. Pig's Laundry

    Pig's Laundry Well-Known Member

    That tree looks like it wants to eat me.

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