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Brian Henson is doing a good job

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by dwayne1115, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    I would like to take some time out and talk about Brian Henson. He is doing a wonderfull job with the muppets. Not only as a leader or co- leader but as a preformer.

    He has started doing some major roles of former muppeter Richrad Hunt and some from his late father Jim. I know it must be a awsom task every time he picks on of them up and does them, the thought that may go thourgh his mind.
    Now i know some of you may say well why should we thank Brian he sold the muppets to EM TV and to Disny, I think he was trying to have the best interest of JHC in mind when doing all his dission making. As a Directer he has done a wonderfull job and i hope to see more come form him as a director.

    So what do you all think has Brian done a good job or not? ;)
  2. BoyRaisin2

    BoyRaisin2 Well-Known Member

    The EM.TV decision was stupid, but I guess he had no way of knowing.

    But I hope he (and Lisa) will do a good job running JHC and I hope he still has time to perform his characters.
  3. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Performance wise, yes. He's done a great job and I hope he has time to continue performing his Muppets characters in the future. Muppets won't be right without Sal anymore!

    Corporate wise, I think it's all a bad deal. I said when news first hit of the EM.TV sale it was a mistake, and it was; I dreaded the possibility of Disney buying the Muppets, but that was under the rule of Eisner--now that he's been "stepped down," I'm neutral on the whole Disney deal (of course, The Henson 5 {not just Brian} could have had prior information relating to the Eisner ousting, so that could have been why they went ahead and sold to Dizzy).

    Financially, it might have been a good idea; however, the Muppets are synonymous with JHC--they are the characters that created the company after all--and to get rid of the very item that made a company famous isn't good thinking in my opinion and deserves a harsh thwacking on the back of the head with a rubber chicken.

    I have stated that I foresee probably 5 years (once it starts) of Disney pulling out all the stops with the Muppets, and then we'll begin to see less and less of them--just the same way Disney does with ALL their other properties.

    BTW: Who IS Mickey Mouse? An actor in the cartoon world or a corporate symbol? He's more of the latter these days. *sigh*

    Poor Kermit...
  4. Beebers

    Beebers Well-Known Member

    I've always been crazy about Brian Henson as a performer, and crazy about his personality, and I've always gotten the impression that his heart is in the right place.

    The business stuff, who other than the family can truly know and understand the reasons behind their decisions? They've always been the first to admit they were not yet ready to helm the thing alone in 1990.

    I have a feeling, in the years to come, that we may see some fairly amazing stuff out of Brian once he has the chance to breathe on his own.

    I'm as dismayed by the Disney deal as anyone. *sigh*
    But I feel lucky that I have decades of Henson work to forever enjoy and be inspired by, and, extant of Disney, I suspect a whole new Henson is going to give us much more in the years to come. THAT I look forward to.

    *accentuate the positive . . . *

    :sing: :sing: :sing:
  5. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter Well-Known Member

    Of course, you can't exclusively blame Brian on the whole Disney deal. Jim had plans of selling the Muppets to them too, remember? It was so weird reading that article about animated Muppets.
  6. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Jim also wanted to BUY Disney once, remember...
  7. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter Well-Known Member

    That would have been the best thing for everyone.

    Why didn't Brian think of that??? :p hehe. juuuuuuuust kidding.
  8. Cap Backfire

    Cap Backfire Well-Known Member

    Hoo boy...

    Seriously, Jim wanted to BUY Disney??? I guess all geniuses are a LITTLE crazy... I can't think of a point where Jim mighta been big enough to even THINK about that, let alone pull it off... HAHAHAHA!!!

    Brian might indeed be pulling off the Kermit voice and mannerisms (since Muppets from Space anyway) but business-wise he's an idiot. If we're now only able to see the Muppets in Pizza Hut commercials, then I need some change for my Muppet life.

    I have to go with whoever said they were happy to have had decades of great Muppet material to think of, if nothing else. (sorry, I'm horrible with names, even when I jsut read them!!!)

    Anyway, talk to yas later.

  9. Aaron

    Aaron Well-Known Member

    brian dose not do kermit
  10. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    Right, Steve Whitmire does Kermit. Brian does Sal Manilla.
  11. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    he is also doing Scooter and Janice and the Newsman which i think is so so cool.
  12. McFraggle

    McFraggle Well-Known Member

    How come he or somebody doesn't try to do Rowlf or Dr. Teeth? Those are two of the best older characters that are seldom used.
  13. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    I didn't know anyone was performing the Newsman--where was this?

    As for Rowlf, I believe Bill Barretta performs him from time to time. I remember that Dr. Teeth was featured on the MTI CD-ROM game, but I can't remember who performed him. Hasn't Bill also done him, like in MFS?

    "Shalom!" :D
  14. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    The Newsman

    The Newsman was used in the latest muppet Video Game and was Done By Brian. A man by the name of John Kennedy is doing Dr. Theeth and Bill is doing a great Job with rowlf. But Brians Newsman sound a bit younger which is kind of cool. Most people today would not even know what he really sounds like anyway unless they would watch the old stuff pre 1990.
  15. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    Brian performed the Newsman at MuppetFest and was great with the personality and all that; his voice just seems to be a little higher pitched than the original performers' voices were, but he does a great job in performance! I WOULD love to see him doing more with Scooter and Newsman!

    BTW, did he also perform Janice in VMX?
  16. AndyWan Kenobi

    AndyWan Kenobi Well-Known Member

    Yes, he did also perform Janice. :flirt: It was so good to have her back!

    I'm really thrilled to hear that he was performing the Newsman--maybe I'd heard that before, but I forgot. I'd love to see him in action more.
  17. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    I heard he didn't do a very good job on the Newsman. :sympathy:
  18. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    more then likely so becaues he does Janice in the game altogh i hae not heard Her yet. I find it kind of funny that he is doing more wiht Richrards muppets then with his fathers. and i think that when he get older his voice might sound older and lower as well. i have seen that happen. and i think if im not misstaken Brian also did luck hopfrog on the Game as well. ut dont quote me on that i
    If that was the case i say give the muppets a virity show and put everyones fav pigs in space.
  19. Super Scooter

    Super Scooter Well-Known Member

    Yup that was Brian. And I know alot of people didn't like his Janice, but I thought it was near perfect.
  20. Whatever

    Whatever Well-Known Member

    You mean Link Heartthrob?

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