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Children's book puppet show

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by aaronmojo, Sep 22, 2012.

  1. aaronmojo

    aaronmojo Member

    I wanted to show off some images from the first show based on the children's book I illustrated. I have a ways to go in both puppet building and performing but we had a fantastic time. Here's the author reading from the book...

    And here's me and one of the kids, tentatively approaching Buddy... I found that kids seem a little wary of the puppets at first, but then they can't get enough. I could be standing right there and kids (and adults!) would talk to the puppet like I didn't exist.
    It was a ton of fun and we'll be doing it again soon!
  2. davidmartiste

    davidmartiste Member

    The puppet build looks fantastic. Just read up on your website about the story too. What a wonderful message. Keep up the great work.
    TheCreatureWork likes this.
  3. aaronmojo

    aaronmojo Member

    Thanks! Hope it's okay to post a video - this is an outtake from the film we were making. These are little interviews with the kids. I'm off camera working the puppets (which starts at about a minute in).


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