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Classic Sesame Clips on Youtube

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Al Hempker, Feb 2, 2006.

  1. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Here's a list of clips that I'd like to see.

    - Give Me Some Air
    - On My Pond
    - Frogs In The Glen
    - Big Bird Meets Little Bird
    - You Say Hola (Maria and Luis)
    - The Queen Of Six
    - Listen To The Bells
    - I Want A Monster To Be My Friend (original version)
  2. BillKal

    BillKal Well-Known Member

    I used to be scared of that sketch as well. I'm fine when they are putting it together....but when the train comes I used to close my eyes.

    Love to see it again though.
  3. sesamestchick

    sesamestchick Member

    1. Two human cast members (I forget which) were assembling a large picture puzzle on the wall; the picture showed a railroad track passing through a tunnel, with the opening facing the "fourth wall". After they completed the picture, the cast members heard a locomotive coming through the tunnel; the noise was realistically loud, and the oncoming train probably frightened me as much as it did those characters! (I couldn't blame their reaction when the train had reached a safe distance away, either; the two characters took down the picture, tore it to bits and put it into a trash can.)

      :eek: I REMEMBER THIS ONE! OMG it used to give me nightmares! I'm thinking, though that to overcome my fear I should try and watch it. If anyone posts it up at youtube.com. please let me know! ;)

      There are a few other sketches I've been dying to see again. The youtube site is AWESOME!!!:excited: I've been catching up with a lot of old clips I remember.
  4. sesamestchick

    sesamestchick Member

    Can anyone upload these clips to youtube.com?

    I have a few requests of old clips that I've been dying to see again, and I figured that as word is spreading, someone must be able to upload them!

    Here is my wish list :

    1. The live action clip where the cast members paint a tunnel on the wall and makes a choo-choo train come screaming towards the camera. This one gave me the Willies when I was a little girl! :eek:

    2. The animated cartoon where the boy is lost in a weird "Peter Max" type of city with strange landmarks. He discovers the way back home by listening to the advice of a cool hepcat with a yo-yo. I haven't seen this one in years!

    3. The cartoon where a boy rescues a baby bird that fell out of its nest, and the mother bird returns the favor by helping keep his pants up. I've been looking for this one for a loooooong time!

    4. A live action sketch where a clown shows how he looks without makeup and then puts it on really fast to show the difference. I think that it was Dustin Hoffman who played the clown.

    I really hope that someone out there has these and can upload them to youtube.com. I had gotten a few clips of my own off of WinMX before it went belly-up I'll try to upload these and let everyone know what they are, so that I'm contributing too!
  5. Mickey Moose

    Mickey Moose Well-Known Member

  6. BillKal

    BillKal Well-Known Member

    I'd like to see the one where Bert and Ernie are in the Movie Theater and Ernie is responding to different parts of the movie with different emotions. It's the one with Organ music and Guy Smiley is behind Ernie and Bert. Though it's not the voice of Jim Henson doing Guy Smiley...it sounds like one of the old guys from The Muppet Show. I want to say it's Richard Hunt or Jerry Nelson doing the voice.
  7. Sunrise

    Sunrise Active Member

    OMG that site is pure gold!

    But, please, somebody tell me: What software do you have to have to play the files? I followed the link that tells how to download them, and tried it; the download came through but the files won't play. I'm not the most tech-savvy person in the world but I haven't heard anyone else here complaining of this problem. Any recommendations? I'd love to save a few of these just in case they dissapear from the site.:eek:
  8. BooberFraggless

    BooberFraggless Well-Known Member

    Here's what I'd like to see on Youtube.com (with some of these my expectations may be just a little High)

    The skit with the Bird who sings to Kermit about her divorced Parents from 1990.

    The sketch where Telly sells Kermit a Headwarmer from 1982

    Telly the Television Monster's Premire episode. At least his first 5 minutes or so on there. That would Blow Fans away all over the World!

    The episode where Oscar meets Snuffy, or at least the part when Oscar first meets Snuffy.

    Some Sneak Peek Previews skits from the 1980's with Grungetta as the Announcer, and Brian Meehl's Telly
  9. Sunrise

    Sunrise Active Member

    Ok, never mind about that previous problem. I found a freeware program that plays them.

    I'd love to see:

    The one where Grover tries to sell Kermit something and Kermit ends up with this set of false teeth. A toothbrush, maybe? I used to crack up over the way Kermit talked with those teeth in his mouth: "Yesh!"

    More Grover the waiter sketches.

    I can't believe they had that WEIRD old claymation one with that bird and the toothbrush. I haven't seen that since I was like four. I used to go around the house saying "skitter-dee-bee-bop" in the growliest voice I could muster, and it would crack my mom up. I had no idea what I was saying; the toothbrush scared me and somehow repeating that phrase made me feel empowered! ;)
  10. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    I just uploaded another Grover the waiter sketch last night and Kermit singing "I Love My Elbows" (in German!- just a short clip). I'll upload some more when I can.
  11. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    This is really nice getting to see and hear more and more of these classic clips. Like the Lefty the Salesman ones (Frank Oz really hammed up the voice hilariously in the invisible ice cream cone one!), the Ernie and Berts (Always loved the one where he suddenly cleans up the place in 15 seconds to get Bert's dessert. I especially hope sometime to see the one where Ernie questions his existence [ "Hi Bert it's time for our checker game! AH AH AH!]
    and when Ernie counts to ten and keeps starting over), and Sammy the Snake (real catchy music there). I also really enjoyed seeing again the one with "Four big cheers for the letter four! Hip Hip Hurray!". The way that tall thin one says "Hip Hip Hurray" by himself at the end is a riot!
    And great to see a falling down baker sketch, a Paul Benedict number painter sketch, and a race car/ spies number sketch. Good fun!
    Oh and the Little Miss Muffet skit. That's one I haven't thought about since back in the 70's. Again, what a hilarious screaming voice Frank Oz does for Miss Muffet at the end when she runs from the spider!
    Luke kun likes this.
  12. anythingmuppet

    anythingmuppet Well-Known Member

    I'm bumping this just so that folks could see it again and possibly upload them if they have em :D

  13. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    I have a video clip of "Monster in the Mirror" (both the more modern version shown on "Play with me Sesame" (i.e. non-celebrity version) and I think the original version I remember seeing as a child, with celebrities like The Simpsons showing up at the end). And I think I've got the Monsterpiece Theatre sketch- "The King and I" somewhere. And maybe "Do De Rubber Duck". I'll see about uploading some of them later on when I get a chance.
  14. anythingmuppet

    anythingmuppet Well-Known Member

    Really? Aw, that'd be AWESOME if you could post those!! :excited:
  15. anythingmuppet

    anythingmuppet Well-Known Member

    Also, if anyone has those "Star Wars on Sesame" inserts ( the ones that guy had) maybe someone could upload those as I never saw them ( perhaps as a private video..?) Just wonderin...
    Luke kun likes this.
  16. PiLfan

    PiLfan Well-Known Member

    does anyone remember the animation shorts with batman and superman back in the 70s??...i vaguely recollect a few of them...it's always interesting to see the character cross-overs...like when beetle bailey had a few animated skits shown. does anyone have these to upload? been looking for them on all the shareware programs but nothing so far.
    Luke kun likes this.
  17. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    I do have the Star Wars on Sesame Street video clips you're talking about. As soon as I can find them, I'll see about uploading them to youtube.com
  18. anythingmuppet

    anythingmuppet Well-Known Member

    Hey thanks so much GL! You're a lifesaver! Thanks! :D
  19. Ziffel

    Ziffel Well-Known Member

    Well I just alluded to the segment of Big Bird facing the death of Mr. Hooper in another thread. I just watched that clip on youtube a short while ago. I want to confess that it had me in big time tears! (Any other males want to admit they couldn't watch this one without shedding at least a tear? :) ).
    It was a very special clip indeed. Loved how it ended with all the adult humans gathering around Big Bird to hug (what they can reach, that is!) and console him. I happened to watch "Forrest Gump" last evening. It was on ABC. I hadn't seen it since back when it came out. That ending likewise had me in mega tears. When he was at his wife's tombstone and told her how much he missed her. And how smart their boy is. That really was a good movie. But anyway, this was the first time I saw this Big Bird clip in its entirety. Simply wonderful.
  20. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Oh yeah- I definitely tear up at Mr. Hooper's death. And yeah, I'm a man!

    (But I can change. If I have to. I guess.) :) (The Red Green Show reference, if you're wondering)

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