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Closing Classic Sketches on The Street We Live On

Discussion in 'Sesame Street' started by DTF, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. DTF

    DTF Member

    The coment in another thread about Forgetful Jones singing the wrong vowel int he Oklahoma sketch (1988 in the end clips) helped me to finally know just what in the world was going on there. It was while I was in college, and there were college kids who watched it as study breaks, so I could have seen it, but didn't. And so this was the first time I've seen part of what must have been a hilarious segment.

    Anyway, that led me to wonder, what else do I not know from that closing segment that would have been interesting to have seen? Most of the earlyones I remember from my childhood - Ladybug Picnic, King of Eight, Bert & Ernie w/the stehoscope (I was always a doctor on Halloween so I bet I really loved that one then, though I know the banana int he ear was my favorite), the deaf librarian, etc.

    But, some of them, I don't remember, but I aam interested in what was going on.
    C3PO and R2D2 must have been just after I stopped watching much, I would have been 8.5-9 if they were in in '78. What did they do there? Were they just friends of BB's or wht?

    Kermit singing X marks the spot or something in the one right before the Oklahoma one, was that from a Monsterpiece Theater one or something?

    Big Bird's distraught over his nest being destroyed or something - was this a post-9/11 one? It seemed like part of what must have been a pretty touching one.

    I remember hearing about Mr. Hooper's death, & elsewhere on the 'Net read the transcript of the street scenes there, really moving. Also glad they included Maria & Luis' wedding, as well as Mr. Hooper. And the scene where Big Bird has "been telling everyone all along there was a Snuffleuphagus." (sp?) Was Snuffy imaginary int he '70s, or do I remember himt he time or two in the early '80s when I'd watch it with my cousins?
  2. Dantecat

    Dantecat Active Member

    All Right DTF,Here are all the classic sketches that were just there after the 35th anniversary special.They were:
    (1)Original Gordon Shows Sally Sesame Street/Ernie Singing "Rubber Duckie"(1969)
    (2)The King Of 8(1970)
    (3)Ladybugs Picnic(1971)
    (4)Herry Monster and John-John Count To 20(1972)
    (5)Bob and Maria Sing "One Of These Things"
    (6)David,Olivia,and An Anything Muppet Man Sing "People In Your Neighborhood"(1974)
    (7)A Lady(Don't Remember Her Name) Sings "Sing" In Sign Language(and English)To Two Kids That Are Deaf and Can't Talk(1975)
    (8)Ernie Pretends To Be A Doctor When He Just Wants To Be One When He Gets Older(1976)
    (9)Madeline Kahn and Grover Sing "Sing After Me(1977)
    (10)R2-D2 and C-3PO Meet Big Bird(1978)
    (11)Bruce Stringbean and The S Street Band Sing "Born To Add"(1979)
    (12)Big Bird Sings "Round and Around"(While He's Roller Skating)(1980)
    (13)Harry Belafonte and The Count Sing "Coconut Counting Man"(1981)
    (14)Teeny Little Super Guy(1982)
    (15)Mr.Hooper's Death(1983)
    (16)Maria and Luis Sing "Hola Means Hello"(1984)
    (17)Big Bird's Friends Find Snuffy Not Invisible(1985)
    (18)Hoots The Owl Sings "Put Down The Duckie" To Ernie(1986)
    (19)Kermit Sings "African Alphabet"(1987)
    (20)Forgetful Jones Tries To Sing "Oklahoma" In The Right Way(1988)
    (21)Monsterpiece Theater:The King and "I"(1989)
    (22)Small Light Surprises(1990)
    (23)Oscar Sings "I Love Trash"(1991)
    (24)Queen Latifah,Prairie Dawn,Merry Monster,and Telly Monster Sings(Raps)To "That's The Letter "O""(1992)
    (25)A Dog With A Human Count Their Fingers(1993)
    (26)Savion Raps and Tap Dances To A Rhyming Game(1994)
    (27)Cookie Monster Sings "Another Reason For Eating Cookies"(1995)
    (28)Winston The Whale Teaches Elmo About "Love"(1996)
    (29)Tony Bennett Sings "Slimey To The Moon"(1997)
    (30)Grover and A Little Boy Count The Stars(1998)
    (31)REM and A Anything Muppet Girl Sings "Furry Happy Monsters"(1999)
    (32)Voiceover Of Cookie Monster Sings "What Is Friend" About A Little Boy and A Little Girl(2000)
    (33)Big Bird's Home Gets Blown Away By The Hurricane(2001)
    (34)Elmo Visits The Firehouse(2002)
    (35)Miles Sings "The Alphabet" In A Really Fun Way With Cookie Monster,Herry Monster,Zoe,Rosita,Grover,Elmo With Two Monsters Playing Musical Instruments(2003)
    (36)The Whole SS Gang Say's Goodbye At The End Of The 35th Anniversary Special(2004)

    That's Everything!!!!!!! ;)
  3. DTF

    DTF Member

    Thanks, I really appreciate it.
  4. astrotrain

    astrotrain New Member

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