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club announcement?

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Jimbo504, Jul 3, 2002.

  1. Jimbo504 New Member

    I heard there was going to be some announcement today. So Ken, what is the news with the club?
  2. sideshow nay.1 New Member

    hello fellow st.louisan.

    ss nay.1
  3. scarecroe Active Member

    I got an announcement via email today. This was after I sent them my info.
  4. accordboi New Member

    were we suppose to recieve an email after we submitted all our info like our name and address?
  5. towels New Member

    The email was slated to go out Wednesday, but the Palisades server wasn't apparently designed to handle bulk emails like that, so it's been delayed. The majority of people around here haven't gotten anything.
  6. accordboi New Member

    thanks for that bit of info towels....its greatly appreciated.
  7. dlphntat New Member

    I looked at the website, but must have missed the link.
    can someone help?
  8. uncleduke New Member

    It is my understanding that they tried to send out a bulk email, but it jammed their server. They will re-send it when everyone is back from Chicago tomorrow.
  9. EmmyMik New Member

    I got an e-mail today, so I guess it was sent out (either that or I'm having one of those funky dreams)...
  10. MuppetQuilter Member

    I got mine today (Monday)
  11. BlueFrackle Active Member


    Me too !!

    See ya
  12. Aerosmith New Member

    Just got my e-mail but im out of black ink :(
  13. radionate New Member

    I too got my email, and can't believe how big that piano is!!!
  14. ResidentLilly Active Member

    All the ones over the weekend had bounced back. So we divided them to 50 apiece and that seemed to work...WOOHOO!

    Thanks for being patient!
  15. Aerosmith New Member

    Hey Ken can I use my P.O. Box for the club? Cause someone just blew up my mail box with a fire work last night. :mad: Oh and did you find that Pick Up yet?
  16. ResidentLilly Active Member

    Found it...just got to get mail it. But a PO box should not be used...I don't think UPS delivers to PO boxes.
  17. Aerosmith New Member

    Okay the reason I was asking is cause its my uncles mail box and someone lit fireworks in it. Oh and I will be waiting for the pick up while im also waiting for my Tux Kermit from amazon.com :)
  18. accordboi New Member

    I didn't receive any email? I had sent in the info that Peter had requested the very next day after i had received that email. I just went to check and i still didn't get anything. Could i have been in the second half of that bulk email split?
  19. Joe New Member

    I'm sure it'll reach you soon, they're probably sending them out as we speak :) (hasn't received his yet either and is trying to be patient, not working, lol)
  20. accordboi New Member

    that's for letting me know Joe. When i came to the forum today and saw all those posts that everyone received it, i just got a tad nervous. :p But at least i'm not the only one who hasn't received it so they probably are still sending it out.

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