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Computer Caper DVD

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by beaker, Jun 11, 2002.

  1. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    well, I broke down and bought one of those new sony wonder sesame dvds(it was only $10) Now the only Sesame dvds I will admit to owning are Follow that bird and elmopalooza(which I think is darn cool)

    But I bought the new 'Computer Caper' last night, which is bascially a whole hour of a newer Sesame episode. I havent had cable in years, so this was my first new viewing of a SS episode in quite some years. Oh how Ive wanted to see what the colorful Sesame gang has been up to.

    I guess because of my age, I perhaps found several things amusing that arent intentional.

    What was amusing was that Telly is emailing a secret friend who is giving him clues to who they are. Im not sure about this, but Im not sure if teaching kids to play strange email guessing games with adults is such a wise concept in this day in age.
    'Who are the pederasts in your neigh-bor-hood'.

    My thoughts? Telly is as cool as ever...the chemistry between robinson's Telly and Rudman's Baby Bear is right on.

    What I found particularly entertaining was Elmo's World. I had never seen this before. Perhaps its not suppose to be intentionally funny, but that Mr. Noodle guy that pops out in elmo's world is just...whats thew word, engagingly cryptic and hillarious in a not so nice way;) This dvd should be played at frat parties, as Im sure Im not the only one who would laugh out loud at some of this stuff.

    Finally...I beg of you Muppetfans...accept Telly and Baby Bear and the Sesame gang as if they had been seasoned veterans of the Muppet Show. These guys are great, and I hope they are featured at Muppet Fest in NYC this Fall.

  2. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Telly!?! Of course I accept him! He's one of my favorite characters!! Though I did like the play between him and Oscar in the old days more than his freindship with Baby Bear (I like him too!). What I'd like to see on DVD is the "Sing yourself Silly at the Movies" tape which has the elusive, forgooten character, Monty (who, like his name implies, is patterned after Monty Python characters). But what can I say, Telly is a great character. Though I do find Mr. Noodle's goofiness a tad patronizing, but that's life!
  3. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Hey dr tooth! good to see a fellow Telly fan! Yeah, I actually got a kick out of Computer Caper...I hope this isnt too recent, as if it is Sesame is behind the times in teahcing kids about computers and the internet, heh. Youre absolutely right, the chemistry play between Telly and Oscar was top notch.

    You know, I think a lot of Muppet fans(TMS, etc) really really forget just how darn good the chemistry on 'the street' is. Sesame is just as fresh as ever, and my how I would love to meet Telly in person. I really dont't know much about the Sesame cast(Cept Clash, Brill, and Spinney of course) but oh my these folks are endlessly talented.

    I really wish a day would come when Sesame Street is looked upon with equal respect as TMS characters...and I hope for some Sesame stuff for the collectors like me out there(Could you imagine the Palisades treatment for say Oscar or Fraggle Rock characters?)

  4. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I just wish Telly was more recognized. All I have is an applause stuffed doll and a Tomy die cast car with Telly riding in it. I tried to get the Bean Bag, but could never find it. They had it at an arcade for 300 tickets, but they ran out. I had that many, though and got a Dracula, but it's not even close to the same thing.
  5. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    well dr. tooth, sadly Telly is one of the great Muppet characters with astounding chemistry, that like Clifford...while being a big main character harldy gets the love by fans. *sigh*
    I dont even have any Telly merchandise. I would love if someone came out with UNIQUE sesame merchandise; like honker, telly, and pink martian characters! Sadly the Sesame market has been saturated with a gillion babied down toddler bid bird and elmo stuff. No wonder there's no market for Sesame figures!


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