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Courage the Cowardly Dog returning?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Schfifty, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Schfifty

    Schfifty Well-Known Member

    It's amazing how no one has brought this up here until now.

    For those who haven't seen or heard already, a new Courage short film was produced last year and is being shown at different festivals around the world, titled The Fog of Courage. It's apparently supposed to air on Cartoon Network this coming Halloween, but I can't verify that it's actually going to. The original voice actors do return in the short (Marty Grabstein and Thea White at least), but Eustace is voiced by Wallace Shawn (who voices Rex in the Toy Story franchise) and not by Arthur Anderson. And it's pretty obvious, but the short is all CGI, and not 2D like the show was for the most part.

    I think this is a possible foreshadowing that the show might return to making new episodes again. The reception for the short seems to be quite positive, per an award stamp on Stretch Films' FB page, and with the really vast number of fans, there is a fairly strong chance the show could return, with The Fog of Courage kicking it off, in my opinion.

    Here's two previews:

    Last edited: Jul 23, 2014
  2. mr3urious

    mr3urious Well-Known Member

    I don't know if I would want to see this come back as a full series. The original had a good run and ended on a high note with "Remembrance of Courage Past". Sometimes it's best to just leave things be.

    And the animation being all CGI isn't a problem itself for me, but one of the charms of the original Courage was the use of 2D animation blended with other animation mediums, often to add a creepier tone. Maybe if the series does get made and is all CG, then King Ramses would be a very grotesquely detailed hand-drawn entity. :eek:
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2014
  3. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I agree. This is pretty good and all, but I don't think this would be that great a follow up, and I usually defend cartoon comebacks like this. As a short, however, it seems alright. If CN's so hot to get back to their core classic cartoon roots (including a new PPG series in 2 years), I don't see why they can't have a CN Classics block on weekdays instead of another Teen Titans Go or Gumball marathon. Not that I don't like the current shows, but a couple of times a day is enough. Or at LEAST get some more diversity in their Boomerang line up.

    That said, Wallace Shawn doesn't really do it for me as Eustace. It's not a real good fit.
  4. Luke kun

    Luke kun Well-Known Member

    We need Katz again! :)
  5. Schfifty

    Schfifty Well-Known Member

    There's also the factor of production costs. If Courage did return, it could probably be produced as a web series rather than a television series. Plus, there's a tight schedule when you produce a show for television, with airdates and all. You don't really have a huge, pressuring deadline when you produce a first-run web series.

    And yeah, Wallace Shawn doesn't exactly sound right as Eustace. The first time I saw the promo, I knew Eustace didn't sound normal (the second promo; I can't exactly tell if that's Wallace or Arthur in the first one). I'm even surprised how they managed to get Thea White to reprise her role.
  6. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Wallace has much more of a nerdy, nasal voice. Something that's perfect for a loveable loser, or at most a jerky guy in a business suit. Eustace is a craggy old guy, completely unsophisticated and rural, and needs a level of growl in his voice. Something both Lionel and Arthur had.

    Other than that, this looks like fun, but I wouldn't want to see it as a returning series as it would just be a retread of the old one.

    On another note, They're finally releasing the second season on a bare bones DVD...so... coincidence?
  7. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    Boy D'Snowth is going to be happy when he hears about that.
  8. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

  9. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    I've been listening to a few new recent interviews with John R. Dilworth, and he's actually saying that he and Stretch Films are actually waiting to receive a definite answer from Turner as to whether or not a new Courage series will happen, which he apparently is hoping will happen... so apparently there really is a possibility that there may actually be a new Courage series if Turner is interested in a reboot.
  10. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I honestly don't know what to make of a comeback of this or Powerpuff Girls. Both shows finished their runs beautifully. It's a shame they're gone, sure, but I just don't see either being anything more than a slight disappointment. And when internet fandom is concerned, "slight disappointment" is somehow worse than "utter disaster."

    What we really need to see, however, is some retro CN merchandising. They tried and they had a small run of Funko vynals (before the stilzied ones, and they're impossible to find now) and some t-shirts. But I'd like to see a blanket brand of retro CN stuff. Too bad Jazzwares Nicktoons and Hanna Barbera lines didn't catch on, though.
  11. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Man, I would love some legit Courage merchandise! But, John himself even once said Courage was never properly merchandised because he's pink, which wouldn't sell well in a boy-dominated market.
  12. MuppetSpot

    MuppetSpot Well-Known Member

    I would love me Courage merchandise as well as Mac merchandise.
  13. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    Yeah, but he was a sickly pink!

    In the now 90's retro obsessed culture, I'm sure some Courage merchandise would fly if it was mixed CN merchandising. Johnny Bravo and Cow and Chicken didn't really have anything either outside of a kid's meal or something.

    I'll say that I'm kinda disappointed that IDW's CN license somehow seems to be expiring after the crossover crisis series. They have way too many licenses, I understand. I'm sure there's something on WB's end that's putting them on a leash. I wish there was a series of monthly one shots, similar to the CN Presents line. I'm glad we got some one shots with the crossover series. Thankfully none of them that &^%$ Gym Monkey show, which would be a waste. Still wonder why Courage wasn't an obvious given for the one shots, though.
  14. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Sheep also had a kid's meal line too... I still have General Specific's chopper, somewhere.

    The Eds had a little bit more: I got a keychain, and of course they had a couple of video games... then once they got uncanceled they got caught up in a time where CN actually did some decent merchandising for their shows (well, that came with KND unfortunately), I remember CN's website had some really cool EEE stuff like little bendy figures and I think some plushes.
  15. Drtooth

    Drtooth Well-Known Member

    PPG and Dexter (to a lesser extent) started it. I don't think the KND toyline ever took off. They were made by a tenth party company after all. Bandai was supposed to make a Fosters Line but just sat around for the license to expire. There is a shocking amount of Eds merchandise, it's just impossible to find, and I guess most of it's international.

    As for current ones, I don't see (outside of the comic books Boom is producing) Gumball or Uncle Grandpa related. Though I did find out they had plush keychains of Gumball in Japan. I mean, if they had some UK exclusive stuff it's a UK animated show after all. I'd say the characters probably don't work in 3-D, but they do have walkabouts of Gumball and Darwin.

    Anyway, the only Courage stuff I remember was a bendie thing that you had to buy an expensive thing of kid's sun block, one of those dumb juice squeezy bottles with a figure on top (I have that one), and a cereal premium top (which I also got the whole set of through a mail away Kebler promotion). Also had Johnny Bravo in that set (Dexter and Dee Dee rounded it off).
  16. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Well, PPG and Dexter were really the main exception, given that they were CN's biggest hits, so CN was really cashing in on their popularity; but yes, I remember when PPG merchandise started popping up on the shelves at Walmart shortly after the series started, and likewise, I remember when Blockbuster was still in business, they had Dexter playsets (I think I may have even gotten one at one point - I seem to recall it had a large Dexter figure, smaller figures of Dee Dee and Monkey, and a machine that had different microscopic slides you could put in it).

    Yeah, I actually did spend the twelve dollars on sunscreen I didn't even need just so I could get my hands on that Courage figure... and I too got the Belly Washer bottle. I think I may have even gotten that cereal top. I also had a fridge magnet someone gave me that I kept in my locker at school... I think it may have come from Poptarts, I don't remember.

    I think John sold a couple of t-shirts through Stretch Films in the old days: I think one was of Eustace yelling, "STOOPID DOG!" at Courage, while the other was a Dr. Zalost shirt.
  17. Schfifty

    Schfifty Well-Known Member

    Courage actually had at least one kid's meal line. Back in 2003, Subway sold little plastic toys, one of them with Courage riding a horse (who did that picture, anyway?), as part of a Kids Pack. McDonald's also sold a bunch of PEZ-like toys from CN shows, and Courage was one of them. There's an old auction somewhere online that has all the toys from Subway's line.

    Also, D'Snowth...you should check out this page of Courage merchandise. The "YOU STOOPID DOG!" t-shirt is on there, including a couple of others. The magnet you mentioned is there, too!
  18. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    Yes I remember that old site, the webmaster frequently spoke with people who actually worked for the show, including Marty Grabstein and Jody Gray.

    Speaking of which, in one of John's interviews on YT, he says to this day, after all these years, Jody and Andy Ezrin are still trying to strike up an agreement with CN to release a CD soundtrack to Courage (or the music scoring, at least). If it hasn't happened after all these years, I doubt it'll ever happen, but that's some persistence for you.
  19. Schfifty

    Schfifty Well-Known Member

    Is anyone else bothered at how it's Halloween season, the time when the show is most commonly broadcast nowadays, yet there is only one scheduled rerun of an episode (Oct. 19th) within the next two weeks? And it's on Boomerang, which was broadcasting the show nearly every weekday a year ago. So what's the deal?

    Also, any word on if the new short is going to air on Cartoon Network soon?
  20. D'Snowth

    D'Snowth Well-Known Member

    In the various different interviews with Dilly that I've listened to, Turner has pretty much said that THE FOG OF COURAGE will air on Halloween.

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