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Creepy New Show On Nick Junior

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by ravagefrackle, Aug 16, 2004.

  1. ravagefrackle New Member


  2. What are you talking about? :confused:
  3. bobhopesite Active Member

    I've seen the show. Guy with the string mustache. Plus the girl with the pink hair. WEIRD :grouchy:

    The people on the show are crazy. :crazy:
  4. muppetmayhem Member

  5. Um... yeah. If no one's lazy why call the show "Lazy Town"? The puppets are the same kind used on the JHH pilot, too.
  6. muppetmayhem Member

    I ahve no idea. It is just one of those dumb things tjhat kids find enjopyment out of. Philo and Gunge did you visit the link I supplied? :confused:
  7. Yeah, I did. Sadly.
  8. muppetmayhem Member

    :cry: sorry you had to see that :cry:
  9. ravagefrackle New Member

    this show is in no way related to the jim henson hour, the puppets were built by some company in europe, THEY ARE NOT MUPPETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. gfarkwort Member

    Yea its filmed in Iceland.......Noel McNeal is a puppetter in it well actually they credited him as a voice but the credits were FAST and loooooooooong.
  11. I knew that. The puppets in the JHH pilot we're bulit that way.
  12. WorldAlvin New Member

    What kind of puppets are these? Is this a human suit? Or hand puppets on blue screen?
  13. muppetmayhem Member

    I don't know. they look more like clay figures than they do puppets.Whoever did them sure did a crappy job. Who ever did the whole show did a crappy job. What a waste. It makes you wonder if people like that, who are dumb on the show are dumb in real life. Like the guy with the wierd moustache. I would never do that! :p :p
  14. ravagefrackle New Member

    its another show using a compination of basic muppet style puppeteering, and incorporating BUNRAKU , and blue screen ,sort of like the book of pooh did, i know some people who worked on this over there, from what they told me it was a nightmare to work on, puppets were to heavy, and did not hold up well at all, and from what i saw this morning the pain and struggle was not worth the effort, :p
  15. muppetmayhem Member

  16. gfarkwort Member

    ....The guy with the weird moustace is the writer and director of the series............and I liked the show personaly.
  17. muppetmayhem Member

    Hemmehm... well *muppetmayhem clears his throat*

    Everyone is a little bit different than eachother, so I respect that you like it. it's just that all have different tastes of entertainment
  18. WorldAlvin New Member

    I think that is wierd. I do like a few of the effects and styling of the show but,the wierd guy, and wierdo puppets ruin it.
  19. muppetmayhem Member

  20. Iokitek New Member

    heh I liked it. Ofcourse I only saw the video and I don't know the rest of the show. But I think it's typical that when a different style puppets than the Muppets come by that they are automatically ugly to most people. Well I like em. As far as I can tell because they aren't in the picture long enough to really get much detail. I guess it all depends on what you want exactly. personally I love this kind of thing. And I thought the puppets on The JHH looked pretty cool aswell. I would let my children watch these 'crazy' people. I don't think 'real' people in politics etc. are in any way less insane anyway. As long as they are entertained. And hopefully they learn something in the process aswell.

    No seriously. I really liked it. :) Reminds me of some popular kids music here in Europe. Like Chipz and Aqua. Although Aqua quit a long time ago. These are also Icelandic if I'm correct so they might come from the same company.

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