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Cross-Breed Update!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by frogboy4, Aug 8, 2002.

  1. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Sorry I haven't been more active about the state of the Cross-Breed, but it's been rather hectic around here and the initial post sort of jumped the gun a bit. I will keep you posted on the necessary voice work in the future. You may still keep the auditions coming, but no voice work will be needed until this winter. Thanx for helping me out and I will be responding to you when I get more information. To tie you over I have posted a pic of Blinx, a character in the series.

  2. grail New Member

    um...this probably just pre-dates me being here, but what is Cross-Breed? if it's something that's going to require voice work, then i'm interested in hearing about it!
  3. Jackie New Member

    Oooh I've been waiting for this for a very long time!!
  4. grail New Member

    but what is it? i'm dying to know!?
  5. Muppets1985 Member

    On the Old MC forms FoggBoy had a pic of these cool lookin animals, ask Phil or one of the guys to show you these pic' in the old form, Im shure they let u!?!


    so when is the cartoon ready, wil it be on TV!!??? ahhhhhh....I hope!
  6. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    I was doing some voice casting for an online comic. Someone mentioned they wanted to help so I began a thread though it was a bit early. The site will be located at www.jamesvier.com/crossbreed
  7. Jackie New Member

    That purple dude in the middle still looks like he has big lips :) hehe!
  8. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    you quit. :)
  9. grail New Member

    very cool! i wanna help, what kind of voices do you need?
  10. frogboy4 Inactive Member

  11. grail New Member


    have you come up with any lines people can run as audition material? something you know those characters would say? i think i actually may be able to help with a couple.
  12. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Not yet, but I'll keep you posted. The bios offer perameters for the dialogue. By the way - MP3 files are probably best.
  13. grail New Member

    thanks. i THINK i have a couple of ideas for voices...i know i can record wav files, not sure i have something that'll convert to MP3 handy though
  14. frogboy4 Inactive Member

    Great! The reason that I ask for MP3 files is that my email can't accept more than a couple megs or so at a time so there may need to be some compression.
  15. radionate New Member

    There are some programs out there to convert wav and mp3 files to ram media files, and vice versa. If you need help, I may be able to do something for anyone (or at least give them some links to programs). I'm not the swiftist with converting files, most times I just play it back through my studio and re-record it in whichever format I need.

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