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Dearth/Alex's Customs and Dioramas v2

Discussion in 'Action Figures' started by Dearth, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Dearth Active Member

    Holy cow! I had no idea that our director Jennifer had uploaded this clip months ago, but after I uploaded my clip (above), this one was an auto-recommended selection!

    James wanted to audition as a walk-around Aladdin at the Disney Parks, so early one night before everyone else got there, we did an abbreviated version of the Genie's first scene just so he would have some footage in the costume to show them.

    Considering we were doing this without Abu the monkey there, rewriting the lines on the fly, AND we skipped over the song, it still flows surprisingly well. At one point, I tried to ad lib a new joke that James had never heard, a veiled reference to the movie Gremlins, but he looked so surprised, it cracked me up instead!

  2. Muppetaz Member

    the Swineasaurs Rex!!!
  3. Dearth Active Member



    I've had this Godzilla toy for a while now. That buddy of mine who loves Dr. Who sold it to me for $5, but I never could find a Piggy head that was the right size. At first I thought maybe a doll/puppet with a plastic head... but they were all either way too small or way too big.

    Then I got this Miss Piggy bobblehead, but it was broken in transit. I was honestly thinking about tossing it in the garbage. But I think it might just be the perfect head for this project. The inset pic is a digital mockup... it shows me how much work I'll have to do to blend the thick neck of Gojira into the smaller neck hole of Piggy, but I think it's workable.

    I put a First Mate Piggy in there for scale; this Swinosaurus should tower over my Alan Grant Kermit and Ian Malcolm Gonzo.


    And I got the rest of my Aladdin stuff uploaded to YouTube!

  4. Muppetaz Member

    it looks awesome!!! would that friend happen to go by the online name of judon master?
  5. Muppetaz Member

    no luck at pixar planet, theyre fourm doesnt allow selling things to other members. is there anyone else here who could make the customs?
  6. Dearth Active Member

    Finally got some more work done on the Swine-a-saurus (or Hogzilla, as someone once termed her)...


    Looks pretty good, eh?

  7. Dearth Active Member

    Okay, that was a joke.


    I managed to attach the bobblehead Piggy's noggin to a length of PVC pipe, which is then embedded into the Gojira body cavity.

    This allows her to nod up and down just slightly, plus pivot left and right, which gives her a decent range of motion. I still want to paint her and add some little character detailing.


  8. Dearth Active Member

    I also got my Shadowrun Street Deacon Vigilante figure in the mail.


    He's got a LOT of potential as a Snake Walker custom. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that if you remove his chest armor, underneath are sculpted a pair of crossed bandoliers over his chest, very like what Snake has.


    He's a tad too short to be an effective threat to a Palisades Kermit... but to an old Fisher-Price Kermit, he's just about perfect!


    The Abraham Smollett Kermit was easier to grab for a height analysis than a Series One Kermit, so I just went with what I had. Then I realized that one of "Snake's" other accessories was a sword, so this next pic was a fun throwaway gag...


    Kermit doesn't really believe in violence as a solution, so I made sure that his blade is parrying an attack by Snake.

    I plan to modify several details on this Street Deacon figure before I can truly call him Snake Walker, but he's already about 75% there, straight out of the package.

  9. Muppetaz Member

    the swineasaurs looks great! maybe you could cut out a pice of wood and paint kermit on it as a movie prop for snake.
  10. Dearth Active Member

    Yeah, I had the same thought... too bad I can't find a figure that looks like Max in that scene, to hold the Kermit cutout!
  11. Dearth Active Member

    I'm heading to Atlanta to visit the Henson exhibits at the Center for Puppetry Arts! Be back Monday.

    Too bad they don't allow photos or video, or I'd have some cool stuff to post when I got back.

  12. Dearth Active Member

    In Atlanta now, at the hotel. Tomorrow we go to the CPA.

  13. Dearth Active Member

    Back home!

    (photo by Yours Truly, taken today!)

    We got to see a lot of cool Muppets and related critters. No photos were allowed inside, so here's a quick text rundown with a few images I found online...

    From Dark Crystal, they have the Garthim-Master/General Skeksis, complete with his hakskeekah sword nearby.

    (photo from Muppet Wiki)

    From Labyrinth, there's Sir Didymus, the four playing-card door guardians (liar and truth-teller), the deaf doorknocker on its door, a maquette of Humongous, 18 of the Helping Hands, and a Goblin named Fishface.


    From Fraggle Rock: 4 Doozers in a cool scene complete with a Doozer construction...

    (fourth Doozer at bottom is cropped out of this image found online)

    ...Red and Mokey playing with some 'nativity' puppets of their own...


    ...and miniature versions of the main Fraggle Five used in Gorg scenes.

    (Photos found various places online)

    Ma and Emmet Otter in their rowboat, the Hunky Dory. There's even one of the cool lifelike ducks from the river scene.


    Big Bird.

    (images found online)

    Southern Colonel.

    Link Hogthrob and Dr. Julius Strangepork.

    (photo from Muppet Wiki)

    Kermit (photo poser).

    (image found online)

    And in a room full of primarily Jim's characters: Rowlf, Swedish Chef, Dr. Teeth...


    ...a 3/4-size La Choy Dragon used for closeups, Bugsy Them (and two police-dogs), Ernie with what the docent alleges is THE Rubber Ducky from the first time they filmed the song...


    ...and the one that I easily found the most moving... Jim's doppleganger puppet from the Country Trio.

    (Several of these images were found online at http://robindavisstudio.blogspot.com/2010/01/puppet-theatre-in-atlanta-2010.html)

    On some TV's nearby they played a neat montage set to a Country Trio song I'd never heard them do before... "Don't Mess Around With Jim". It may have been from the Dick Cavett show. If anyone has that clip, or just the audio, I gotta get a copy from you!

    newsmanfan likes this.
  14. LamangoNumber2 Active Member

    I'm still slightly upset you butchered Godzilla! :p
  15. Dearth Active Member

    Customizing is not for the squeamish or sentimental! You must see beyond what is, into what WILL BE, and bring it to life by a force of sheer willpower!

    (laughing maniacally a la Dr. Frankenstein)


    Funny anecdote about my trip to Atlanta...

    We started out from northern Alabama, and after about three-and-a-half hours driving had just crossed into Georgia on I-20. We pulled into the rest stop and I'm waiting for the kids and the missus to come out of the restrooms.

    A woman comes in, sees that the information desks are closed for the night, and turns to me to ask how far she is from... the Mississippi state line.

    "Um... the entire width of Alabama?" I said.

    I went to my car and got out the atlas and showed her. Seems she had been given directions by a policeman to follow I-20 to the state line, but had apparently gotten turned completely 180 degrees.

    I asked where she was heading. When she said Jackson, MS, I summed it up for her gently: "You're late."

    I showed her on the atlas the major cities she would pass through on I-2o (Birmingham, Tuscaloosa, and Meridian MS) en route to Jackson, and she jumped in her car and drove away. By now, she is probably in Quebec or something.

    I emailed this stand-alone anecdote to the guys in our improv comedy troupe (the Sticky Wickets) but made no mention of the fact that our trip to Atlanta was a pilgrimage to see Muppets, right?

    To my delight, Wes shot back an immediate email: "Wow, that's lost. Maybe she should try Hare Krishna."

  16. Dearth Active Member

    Well, hours later I am still scouring the net for images and info about the exhibits I saw, for our family scrapbook.

    According to the MuppetWiki, they sang this on a Perry Como TV special. On the video at the museum, it had a smash cut to Dick Cavett talking to Jim, Frank, and Jerry while they held their counterpart puppets, so now I need both of those video clips!

    I'd also like to find this photo, if anyone has seen it online before:


    I scanned this from the CPA's program book and flopped it mirror image. In the exhibit, it appeared this way on a blue background with the title "Jim Henson: Puppeteer", but Convincing John's face was fully visible.

    Anyone know where I can find it intact?

  17. muppetsliveon Member

    it's in Jim Henson the works book. The dedication page.
  18. Dearth Active Member

    Good eye! It's even on a bluish background. But alas, it is cropped so that Convincing John and Waldorf are completely missing.

    It drives me batty sometimes how differently the pictures get sliced. One has more at the top, one has more on the right, and yet neither are the same color temperature, etc.

    And speaking of photos, I found an invaluable video on YouTube of the CPA. Here's a frame cap...


    See that photo of the La Choy Dragon breathing fire? I've found it three places, including just now in Jim Henson The Works, and it's cropped differently every time.

    And I can't for the life of me think of the name of the pointy-headed guy at lower right, menacing the two kids. Anybody know him/them?

    I have had some successes, though. I found the EXACT photo of Lassie used in Rowlf's picture frame at the museum, which is pretty cool since my one reference pic was so vague it was ridiculous.

  19. muppetsliveon Member

  20. Dearth Active Member

    Awesome, thanks! You're a real font of knowledge! Glad you're checking out this thread to help me.

    Now, you want to hear what's weird? I was just looking for a concept sketch of Bugsy from Dog City, so I typed in "concept sketch Bugsy Them Henson" on Google, and one of the hits was... the group shot of puppets I've been looking for all day!

    It's down towards the bottom of the page on http://muppet.hyun.wikia-dev.com/wiki/Jim_Henson

    My immediate thought was to report this success to those following this thread, so I pulled up the MC forums, and saw your info about Sneegle. So I googled that name, too, thinking there couldn't be too many 'sneegles' in the world.

    Lo and behold, the elusive pic above shows up if you search for that term too!


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