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Desert Delay

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Welcome, as always :D

    Well...let's just say that he tries, but by then...

    I actually would like to see her more. We know Piggy hates her (though I think just for the sheer reason that she's dating Kermit), but I could see them as having to work together and then discovering they actually have things in common. Of course, it would freak Kermit out that his ex and current girlfriends would be friends.

    On the flip of that, I could see her as a pig who doesn't give up her frog, especially not to another diva. I can easily see her marching right up to Piggy and telling her to keep her mitts off before both of them turn to Kermit to get him to make a decision, putting him on the spot. (Hilarity with Gonzo filming the whole thing and kermit breaking his phone before fleeing in terror would of course ensue).

    The problem with both of these (even the idea that Kermit could feel enough to propose) all end the same way - Denise and Kermit end up breaking up. My first foray into this Up Late uni, it was Kermit who broke up with Denise, citing the "I can't possibly choose between you and Piggy and if I did, I'd choose Piggy".

    I can't tell you the other ideas, but yeah, there is no scenario in which these two stay a couple. Now, admittedly I was not on board this ship and wanted no passages booked or tickets given, but BUT I do think that this relationship could work, but in favor of getting our power couple back together.

    I very much think Kermit and Piggy went from 0 to 160, and with every breakup, they'd make right back up; I think they never actually learned to be friends with each other, even though I do think they're secretly best friends without realizing it. They obviously still love each other (you don't date for centuries and then just fall out of love), so them getting back together really is inevitable.

    I have a couple of friends who suffer from panic attacks, so that's what I was going for here. I did the research, so for the moment, this is a one time thing for Piggy. I did originally thought about this being a occurrence, hence why Kermit knew to come over, but Piggy doesn't seem like someone who really panics, except in maybe a situation she'd have no control over.

    I can't nor want to imagine something so horrific and tragic, but from what I learned, survivors do have trouble in the aftermath, especially if they survived and others didn't. Don't think that just because Kermit isn't seeing it, that Fozzie is left unscathed. We'll see what he's been up to in the next section.

    So what's coming up next? Ummm *quickly looks at notes* Ah!

    We find out what Fozzie's been doing

    We have a dinner date and a movie, all featuring Kermit.

    And a big, BIG decision
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Good to know all of this.

    There's a belief that if you have the same sort of "bad" story dream seven times, then it's your subconscious trying to tell you to be aware something along those lines might happen. So it's heartening to know that this is more of a one-time occurrence for Piggy.

    Sounds like you've got the makings of a classic trope with one of your Denise scenarios... The one where her and Piggy have got a hold of Kermit by each of his arms, playing tug-of-war and keepaway at the same time, which would result in yanking his arms out of his sockets.

    Also, I've got a new fanart image of Denise in my mind, one that I like better... Denise as the farmgirl portrayed by Patricia Arquette in an episode of Tales From the Crypt where she's in love with a scarecrow that she thinks is actually alive.

    Hope to read what you've got up your sleeves. :shifty:
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Oooooh Counters! Have you seen the new promo for the upcoming episode? Denise finally makes a comeback and it looks like Kermit doesn't seem to realize the trouble he's gotten into. I can only hope to have a conversation that goes -

    Kermit: I want to get a gift for Denise, so I asked Piggy.

    Scooter: Do you not care for your safety? Or the safety of your girlfriend?

    Gonzo/Deadly: You might as well have come in here and said, "gentlemen, I've just signed my death warrant." Should we arrange for an open casket?

    Scooter: After what she does to his face, I think closed would be better.

    Looks like I'm gonna get that 'are we friends or not' episode after all. About time too; six episodes in, a major break up for publicity, and the chick that causes it finally makes her second appearance. This would be such a good opportunity to show Piggy's - though reluctant - show of support in Kermit's new relationship, her feelings for him and his happiness overriding her own feelings.

    That's the hope anyway. I'll be sadly disappointed if they turn this into a Kermit v Piggy thing and let decades of a relationship fall to the wayside.

    And yes, there's an actual story update coming today :p There wasn't an episode post in the Muppet Headlines, so I had to post here.
    AlittleMayhem likes this.
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Of corpse there's no episode thread in the Muppet Headlines section, those don't get posted until the Tuesday said episode airs. In the meantime, peoples are posting in the thread titled "The Muppets Spoilers" also in the headlines section.

    Haven't watched the promo but I know Denise will finally appear once again. More interested in finally watching OUAT again tonight, given Merida will be making her return in modern Storybrook this time.
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Oh, I've never noticed that. I always thought they showed up before the episode, when the promos come out. Now I must check out Muppet Spoilers.

    Speaking of...have you seen the two sneak peeks for it? Plus the promo? I'll admit, I was totally worried about this season, but I'm finding I'm enjoying it the way I did the first three seasons. Merida is being put to better use than Elsa was, IMO, and the idea that the only way Rumple is going to be brave is by having Belle in danger, which is pretty spot on. Rumple always manages to get the courage to save those he loves.

    I can't watch until tomorrow cause, ugh cable, and I dread the annoyance Hulu's player has become last week. I really wish Sling TV had local stations; it would make paying for it that much better if I can actually watch during the nights all this stuff airs.

    Give me another...30 minutes maybe and you'll have your next section up! :D
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Aye, I've seen the promo dearie. Which is why I'm excited for the episode itself. Much like I'm loving Sleepy Hollow's third season, watched the premiere and the Bones/SH crossover, but it's returning to the feel that I loved in Season 1.

    Will be here when you post the next section of Desert Delay, already replied to 2-Ball.
    Gotta get the chimes back to get back to work on the monsters for me own fan projects. :batty:
  7. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    For my beloved Counters, who may be without electricity, here is your update on a stormy day! As promised - we're gonna see what Fozzie's been up to and Kermit needs to make a big decision.

    Fozzie Bear had been a busy little bee.

    For someone who had just survived a plane crash, the comic’s outlook of life seemed to buoy itself even higher than he normally did. He actually didn’t remember much of the crash, having been taking a nap during the near fatal drop from the sky, he had been knocked unconscious when his head had slammed into the seat in front of him; his next recollection was waking up after having landed, with a raging headache and his stomach rolling uncontrollably.

    For the following few days, he seemed fine, if you didn’t count some of his night terrors or the fact that he would most likely never fly again.

    This new thirst for life had the comic wanting to make sure that his fellow passengers were alright, but most importantly, wanting to learn more about the people that had saved his life.

    Captain John Murphy and First Officer Craig Davis hadn’t made it out like the rest of them, but from what the NTSB people had said, what they did was basically sacrifice themselves for the good of the passengers and cabin crew. They were still trying to figure out what exactly had caused the plane to crash and how the pilots had managed to save everyone but themselves, but Fozzie didn’t care if the cause was ever found.

    The important part of the matter was that both Capt. Murphy and XO Davis had done what they could so that he, one Fozzie Bear, could live.

    Fozzie had spoken to the family of the first officer, offering his condolences and whatever else he and Piggy could do. They seemed to be nice folk, still hurt of course by their loss – Davis had left a wife and three kids, not to mention that his poor parents had lost their son. Nothing killed Fozzie more than the thought of losing a parent, especially when you were a kid; that was the worst. He couldn’t imagine what it was like to lose a child and he hoped he never would.

    Having a plan, but needing a partner, Fozzie headed out to drive and find Piggy. He and Piggy usually missed each other during the day, with Fozzie usually being a part of the morning meeting while Piggy kept to herself until the afternoon. To be honest, he was actually hoping to run into her today; granted, he could probably call her – he was one of the lucky few to actually have her cell number – but he didn’t want to just talk to her, he actually needed to see her. Piggy was good at saying one thing and meaning something else and Fozzie knew if he asked, she’d tell him she was perfectly fine, no worries.

    But he was worried. His best frog let slip that he himself was worried about the diva, mentioning that she hadn’t been sleeping well. That was concerning – not that Kermit knew she wasn’t sleeping, that was obvious – but the fact that Piggy was clearly more affected by that crash certainly said something. Piggy was the strongest person he knew and if she was being affected, then something was definitely wrong.

    Fate must have been playing in Fozzie’s favor because he managed to catch the diva as she came to snag the last donut from the breakfast cart, receiving an earful from Sam about the dangers of snacking before meals. It was clear something was going on with the diva because normal Piggy would have never let the eagle go on this long without a retort or a karate chop to get him to back off.

    “I got it, Sam,” the comic replied, coming to the relieved rescue of the pig. Taking her by the arm and pulling the donut from her hand, Fozzie turned them in the direction of the stage. “You don’t have to worry about our star munching on this, I assure you.”

    “Thank you, Fozzie,” the eagle said, nodding his thanks. “I was just telling Miss Piggy…”

    “Right, right,” the comic interrupted, starting to head off in the opposite direction. “Four food groups, pyramid, health…I think Rizzo and Pepe are running a gambling ring.”

    “What?” Sam asked. “I can’t believe they would do something so…so…devious. And right under my nose. Thank you for bringing this to my attention. I’m going to put a stop to this right now.”

    “You are my hero,” Piggy said, listening to the eagle mutter about how un-American gambling was.

    Handing back the donut, Fozzie said, “Remember you said that.”

    “Need something, Bear?” she asked, bringing the treat up to take a bite, noticing that there already seemed to be a piece missing. “Hey!”

    Said piece was currently leaving the comic’s hand and entering his mouth. “Payment for saving you,” he munched, happily. Swallowing quickly, he continued with, “Yeah, I was looking for you. Wanted to tell you that I invited everyone from the plane to the show.”

    “Tonight’s show?”

    “Every show,” he corrected. “Season passes, whenever they want.”


    Pulling her to a stop, Fozzie whispered, “The funeral for the pilots is supposed to be this week. I think we should go.”

    Surprised, Piggy slowly nodded. Of course they would go to the funerals, why wouldn’t they? These were two people who had died, while she had lived. While all the passengers and cabin crew had lived; wasn’t that ironic? “Yes,” she whispered. “Yes, of course, obviously. I mean…”

    “They saved our lives.”

    “They did,” she continued. “And they deserve all the honor and respect we can give them.”

    Fozzie nodded, a small smile growing on his face. Just as he was about to walk off, Piggy stopped him. “Fozzie,” she said. “Let…let the families know whatever the funeral cost, we got it. We’ll take care of it.” Again, the comic nodded, feeling better about the whole thing now that his co-star was aware of what he’d been doing on their behalf.

    “Is…is that what you’ve been doing all week?”


    “Why…” she started, before taking a breath. “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    The hurt in her voice was surprising. It wasn’t that Fozzie thought she wouldn’t care – of course she would – but he had actually thought he was making it easier on her; she was already having such a hard time, he didn’t want to put more on her shoulders than she already had.

    “Well,” he said, taking a step closer to her, waiting to keep their conversation as private as possible. “Honestly, I’ve been worried about you, especially when Kermit told me you haven’t been sleeping. And well…I didn’t want to make things worse.”

    Piggy sighed. Of course Kermit would tell him she hadn’t been sleeping; he literally told Fozzie everything. Not that she minded really; Kermit usually went to Fozzie or Rowlf whenever he had something on his mind, especially if it concerned her. She couldn’t stop the stray thought that wondered what he had been telling Denise, if anything; the frog was a worrywart and the diva wasn’t sure how much his current girlfriend appreciated that.

    “I’m fine, Fozzie.” At his disbelieving look, she gave his arm a quick squeeze. “Really. I’m…I’m just a little restless, that’s all.”


    Piggy must have recognized something in Fozzie’s face because she immediately asked, “Are you alright?”

    The comic’s affirmation was a little hesitant, much like the diva’s, but it seemed as though he was handling things a little better than she was apparently. Poking him in the shoulder, she growled, “You’d better be.”

    Knowing there was no bite or malice in that, Fozzie grinned at her. Nodding and having taken care of the comic’s quest, Piggy turned to head back the way they came. Not even five steps into her walk, she was wrapped up in a bear hug that literally pulled her off her feet a few inches. “No fair, Foz,” she said. “Jumping me from behind in my weakened state.”

    “It was a calculated risk I couldn’t pass up,” he confessed, causing the diva to giggle. “I love you,” he whispered. “I just wanted you to know in case…”

    He didn’t want to say the last part of that sentence, but it went unspoken. They had survived an accident this time; the next time they might not be so lucky. Fozzie watched enough of those crash investigations to know that their specific crash shouldn’t have been one they walked away from and while he had been unconscious for most, it still meant that now was as good a time as any to tell the people he loved that he loved them.

    He was currently working his way from the people closest to him to those he still cared for. He and Piggy weren’t best friends – heck, sometimes he wondered if Piggy even countered him as a friend – but she was his best frog’s girl and even if they weren’t together, Fozzie knew above anyone that the two of them had never and would never stop loving each other. And Piggy had been a brick during times when he needed his friends the most, often surprising him with just how much she cared.

    “I wanted you to know,” he continued. “And I’m gonna make a point of telling you more often.”

    Piggy took a deep breath and managed to tamper down the urge to cry. It still surprised her to this very day that the others counted her among their friends, even when she had convinced herself – and some of them – that the only thing they had in common was Kermit. That ideal shattered with Rowlf and Scooter, but she had never held out hope that Gonzo and Fozzie – two of Kermit’s best friends – counted her among their circle.

    She needed to probably change that.

    Patting him on one of the arms that held her, she said, “You’re an emotional menace. God knows why I love you so.”

    “Because I’m an emotional menace and I’m cute to boot,” he retorted, delivering a sloppy kiss to her cheek that had her laughing.

    “Get off me before I start yelling about you accosting me in the hallway.”

    Laughing along with her before releasing her, Fozzie joked, “And you call me a brat?”

    “You are the biggest brat,” she quipped. Patting him on the arm again, she said, “Find out about those costs.”

    The comic nodded, his characteristic smile again firmly on his face, though there was still a small amount of concern that rested in his brown eyes. “If…if you need anything, Piggy…” he started.

    “Moi knows where to find to you.”


    Denise Morton was not the kind of girl to get jealous. She wasn’t.

    She was a respectful kinda woman, knowing that men needed to have their own set of friends that may or may not be the same people she considered friends. It was perfectly fine for a couple to do things together, but it was also important for them to do things apart. That was one of the reasons she never denied her boyfriend his friends; they were important to him and had known him way longer than she had.

    Even if that circle of friends included his ex-girlfriend.

    She knew exes could be friends, she knew that on an intellectual level, however it didn’t mean that she had to like the time her boyfriend spent with his ex.

    It had been a few weeks since they had gotten word that the plane carrying Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear had crashed into a remote part of the California desert and while the news had ended joyfully, with every one of the passengers and cabin crew having survived, Kermit apparently saw it as his duty to keep tabs on both Fozzie and Piggy. It made sense – he had been worried about them both, without receiving word if they were okay or not, but now that they were okay, her boyfriend seemed to be…well, obsessed with their well-being.

    And it would have been fine if his attention hadn’t immediately turned to Piggy.

    Just that morning, she had called him and had been surprised to discover he was still in bed sleeping, telling her he had a late night and had barely gotten to bed after 2am. It wasn’t like Kermit to sleep in late – in fact, this had been the fourth such occurrence that she seemed to have woken him when he should have been awake - but then again, if he hadn’t gotten to bed until earlier that day, of course he’d want to get as much sleep as he could. Her guy tended to overwork himself sometimes, forgetting the normal meals of the day, but she loved his spirit and can do attitude. So she wanted to treat him – he had been so worked up over Piggy, Fozzie, the show, and everything in between that, well…honestly, she was feeling a little neglected.

    Walking into the studio that morning, she carried a drink carrier that held one cup of coffee and another cup of tea and headed in the direction of his office. She had a special dinner for him planned, where she was going to tell him how she felt; she was pretty sure he felt the same. However, as she came around the corner, she stopped when she saw the scene before her –

    Kermit and Piggy were standing in the doorway to his office, having what looked like…an intimate conversation. The diva was leaning against the doorjamb, with the frog standing only inches away, his hand on her arm; they were both smiling at each other, laughing at something Kermit said.

    Denise was not a jealous pig, but this was not a scene she thought she would see between her boyfriend and her ex.

    Kermit had told her time and again that dating Piggy had been a nightmare; they were too different from each other, with most of their conversations ending in an argument of some kind, and they seemed to be more volatile than loving at some points. Knowing Piggy as she did, Denise was fairly sure their relationship hadn’t been happy for anyone involved; she still wasn’t even sure what it was Kermit found so appealing about her.

    She was loud, demanding, egotistical, manipulative, and the list went on.

    She was the epitome of the ‘bad girl’; was that attracted her frog? She knew people got involved with others who were bad news, just for the thrill and excitement. That had to be the reason.

    But if that was true, why did it seem as though Kermit was falling under that spell again?

    Seeing her coming towards them, Piggy nodded to her before making her departure, leaving Kermit to stare – did she think it? – dreamily after her. “Hey,” he said, turning to greet her.

    “Hi,” she said. Holding up the drink carrier, she continued with, “I brought you some coffee.”

    “Oh,” the frog replied, holding up his own large cup. “I actually already have some. But hey, when have I ever turned down free coffee? Come on in.”

    She followed him into the office, watching as he sat down behind the desk and started getting his stuff in order for the morning. “What um…what did Piggy want?”

    Kermit looked a little surprised at the question, but quickly countered with, “Uh, I just did her a favor. That’s where the coffee comes from.”

    “Well,” Denise replied, grinning at him. “The quickest way to your heart is through a mug of coffee.”

    That got a laugh from him. “Is that how it goes?” he asked, looking at her in a way that made her heart beat just a little faster.

    “So I’ve heard,” she said. “I’m hoping I can use it to temp you into having dinner with me tonight.”

    “Tonight?” he asked. “Aw, sweetheart I can’t tonight. The guys wanted to go see a movie with me.”

    “Oh,” she sighed, in disappointed. “Is Piggy going?” She wasn’t sure where the question came from, but it seemed it needed to be asked.

    “No,” he said. Brightening, he quickly grabbed his phone, saying, “But hey, that’s a good idea. I should invite her.”


    “Wait,” he said, looking at her. “Oh. Oh! Did you wanna come with? I’ll send a message over to Gonzo, I’m sure it’s fine.”

    “No, Kermit,” she said. “I’d actually rather have a quiet night with you. Alone.” Seeing the somewhat blank look on his face, she continued with, “This is kinda a special dinner.”

    “Right…” he trailed off. “Right! No worries, babe, I have this. Look, the movie isn’t until eight, so the two of us can dinner beforehand. That’s a good idea, right?”

    It was on the tip of her tongue to say, no, that wasn’t alright because his friends should know when he needed or wanted to spend time with his girlfriend. That no matter what they tried – and while Denise wasn’t sure, she had suspicions – Kermit and Piggy were not getting back together and they had both seemed to move on. Love his friends as he did, Kermit needed to stand up to them and state that his love life was not their affair and he would be a lot happier if they weren’t trying to interfere with it.

    But that’s not what she said. She said yes, it was okay to see her first, then his friends.

    Hopefully, her announcement at dinner would be the jump start he needed to get his friends to back off.


    Dinner was going to be a quiet affair, of that she was going to make sure.

    She had covered the table with a nice lace cloth, with a glowing candle set in the middle, and plates on either side; she had been lucky enough that her apartment came with dimmer lights because it gave the room a much more romantic atmosphere, especially when she turned on the soft instrumental music in the background. Denise had put on her classic little black dress and was smoothing out any wrinkles when she heard the knock on her door.

    “Come in,” she called, knowing it was Kermit.

    “Hey, sorry I’m late,” Kermit replied, opening and closing the door. He was staring at his phone before he started typing out a message. “Honestly, how hard is it for you guys to pick a movie?” he muttered. “Just pick one, I don’t even care. Why is it so dark…in…


    Just noticing the darkness around him had caused him to finally look up and take a look around him, noticing the lights, the music, the table, and most importantly, the beautiful pig that stood in front of him. “I seem to be a little underdressed,” he joked, swallowing deeply. When Denise had told him she wanted to have dinner with him, he had been thinking along the lines of take out or delivery, while they sat on the couch and watched TV.

    He wasn’t expecting romantic overtures and he wasn’t sure if the idea thrilled him or terrified him.

    “You’re perfect just the way you are,” she said, sweetly, delivering a kiss to his quickly reddening cheek.

    Dinner was simple, a cozy meal that Denise had made and their conversation was easy going and relaxed. Denise was currently in a story about work that Kermit was really trying his best to pay attention to; the problem was that his phone, which he had placed on the table, kept sending out little beeps that corresponded to someone – or multiple someones – texting him. He was trying to keep his focus on his girlfriend, however he had been glancing casually at his phone every few minutes; it was the rudest thing ever to answer your phone at dinner, but he would need to grab it, even if it meant he silenced it.

    If he could just reach it, turn it on, swipe really quickly, maybe he could find out what exactly was so important…


    “Yes!” he exclaimed, jerking the hand that had been reaching for his phone back in his lap. “I’m here! Totally listening.”

    She gave him props for trying to be sneaky about checking his phone; the SMS beeps didn’t escape her notice either, though she may have been better at ignoring it than Kermit was. “Sweetie,” she cooed. “Why don’t you see what the urgency is?”

    Kermit grimaced. Wasn’t this the same pet peeve he had had with Piggy, who had seemed to be more attached to her phone than she was to him? “Yeah,” he sighed, reaching for his phone. “Sorry. Honestly, I’ll see what the problem is and I’m all yours!”

    That’s what I’m hoping, came her thought.

    It was a squabble, of course, because when you went to the movies with three other people, you needed to be able to pick a movie that you would all enjoy. So apparently instead of just picking one movie, the other two had swayed to the comic, so now they were seeing two movies – Mission Impossible 6 and Jurassic World – because it would just be too easy to pick just one. Sending his response that, fine, whatever, if they wanted to stay out all night long, he would be fine for two movies and that was it.

    Taking that moment to silence his phone, he quickly put it face down on the table and once again focused his energy on his girlfriend. “Sorry,” he said, reaching over to take her hand. “Won’t happen again. Promise.”

    Denise smiled, pushing down that little string of doubt that wondered what would happen next time; instead, she squeezed his hand and took a deep breath. “Were you aware,” she began. “That we’ve been together for six months?”

    “I…I was,” he said. He had been aware and had actually been a little surprised about it. He couldn’t remember the last girlfriend he’d had where their relationship had gone further than a few months; six months was half a year and few couples got to that point and the fact that he had managed that, with someone who wasn’t Piggy, seemed…strange.

    “So I wondered,” she said, smiling coyly at him. “Where you saw our relationship going after this?”

    “Well, I invited you to the movies, but you didn’t want to go,” he joked, chuckling, until he saw that Denise didn’t seem as amused by that as he had in his head. “That…that was inaprops,” he chuckled. “I see that now.”

    “I wanted this to be special,” she said, giving his flipper a squeeze. “Kermit, I love you.”


    “I love you.”

    Of all the things Kermit had expected to hear, it was not that. So shocking, he had to snap his mouth close when he realized that it had dropped in surprise. What was he supposed to say to that?



    “Do you…” Drawing her hand back, she gave him a look that was both heartbroken and confused. “Is there nothing you wanted to say in return?”


    This…was going badly. Really, really badly. And for the life of him, Kermit wasn’t really sure what he needed to do to fix it. Oh, he knew; he wasn’t a complete idiot, after all, but it was on the tip of his tongue to ask what it was he was supposed to say in the face of that? The problem was…actually, he wasn’t even sure what the problem was to be exact! For all of his huffing and puffing over dating Piggy and all the hurt she had caused him, Kermit should have happy with this normal, non-aggressive girlfriend, the frog just couldn’t think up the words he needed to say in return.

    Which brought up a very good question – did he love Denise?
  8. AlittleMayhem

    AlittleMayhem Well-Known Member

    Piggy and Fozzie's relationship is not one we see much of (on the account that they've always been played by the same puppeteer) so it's so nice to see them helping the other out.

    Oh poor Denise. She's so good and pure yet seemingly no cigar. Though I do know that feel, Kermit...

    On a happier note, I do love how Fozzie refers to Kermit as his best frog. I've started using that to describe my best muppet friend! Highly recommend it!
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Why Gina, why must ju be so cruels to Kermin and Denise? Mission Impossible 6 and Jurassic World, just say you're fine with both movies, and then stay home cause neither of those movies rully interests me. And then ju has Kermit trying to sneakily access his phone... Which leads to the moment of truth or uncertainty, depending on your POV. If you make Denise cry Ima coming after you with forklift in hand!
    UD: Forklift?
    Yeah, don't you know that classic MST song, "and we will try to kill you with a forklift."
    UD: Ah yes, delightful. *Skulks away to continue enjoying the last remnants of the storm before the Headless Horseman goes forth on his annual run.
  10. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    It has to be done, dude. I just happen to be doing it sooner than later.

    Soooo...I haven't seen MI6, but I kinda wanted to. I did like Jurassic World; wasn't as bad as I thought. It's actually on par with the first.

    Wow, you're really steadfast on this ship, aren't you? I don't see Denise as a crier over a breakup, which is strange cause I'm actually on the side that sees her as a more tame Piggy really. Besides, if Kermit can't come to grips with saying I love you, I doubt he'd be able to handle a crying woman on his hands.

    I kinda mentioned it in the spoilers area - I almost want Denise to treat Kermit the way he's treated Piggy, just to get a taste of the one sided relationship. Don't get me wrong - I love Kermit. I love him to pieces, but he really is a horrible boyfriend and for someone who seems so mature, I would think he'd know his own heart to recognize when he's in love with someone and what should be done when in love.

    Oh. OH! I got the most awesomest idea in my head just now - Piggy and Denise confronting Kermit over his inability to just choose one of them before Denise calls him a coward and stalking off, with Piggy behind him (with mad respect to Denise).

    And then when Kermit asks everyone around him if they think he's a coward, no one can look him in the eye and say he's not. That...would be awesome.

    Anyway...um...what's next?

    You'd all like to know what happened afterwards, wouldn't you? You'll get that.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Meh, thing is we all know Kermit and Denise is just temporary, which makes me just a twinge sad for Denise cause she comes in as Kermit's much more likeable new girlfriend when she never rully had/has a chance.

    Oh, your idea... Sort of playing off Rumple revealing he's a coward? Especially when he reveals why he made himself cripple during the Ogre Wars which we fans knew since the beginning.

    Dunno, I've just got this mental image of Denise being a good character but she's got to put up with the crap of previous relationship baggage from K+P and the fandom as well.
  12. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Again, I think Denise is good, but not for K+D; sometimes as the adage goes - you don't know what you've got till it's gone. It seems clear from the last episode and hopefully in this one that Piggy can see what she had and she played a role in letting that slip away.

    Kermit has not gotten to that point, because as far as he's concerned, he's with this pig who is the opposite of the whirlwind he previously dated. I'm not 100% convinced he's as happy as we all think he is; he's obviously gone to Piggy's rescue and has shown his jealousy when she's out and about with other guys; if he was truly happy with Denise, Piggy dating someone wouldn't bother him so much.

    Something is going to tip the scales, cause this relationship is heading for the rocks. Now, it would be nice if Denise, who ISN'T our fave diva, told Kermit that he needs to be with the person he truly loves and it's no one but Piggy, even if he'd like to think he doesn't need her (he does).

    Well, as we also know, Rumple risked his life in order to get the dagger in the first place and he sacrificed himself to save Storybrooke. So while he may have been terrified to be on the front, he didn't injure himself until after he got that prophesy.

    And can I just say - so glad strong Belle is back. I've been waiting for her 'so it's okay if it's Emma, but not when it's Rumple? Screw you guys, I'm going home' speech. And she went on an adventure and her 'glad someone's noticed' to Merlin? Love it!

    I'm happy with this season, more than I thought I would be :D
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh, I've only watched three out of the six episodes of Season 5. But I is very satisfied with how they concluded Merida's story. And I so applaud that Rumple is now going to be the hero, the one hero who can defeat Dark Swan, because he was the Dark One before her and can use that same calculating deviousness to his advantage as the new hero. Sort of how Batman is a chaotic force of good, calculating how to take down the villains, but he's just as likely to pull off some badguy moves to stop the bad guys.
  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Happy Sunday everyone!

    Can you believe we're coming up on Thanksgiving (for us 'Mericans, that is)? I'm slowly, but surely updating, so here's to hoping that I'll get something finished for you, so I can start on that mysterious Mupp Adventure I keep teasing you with.

    Here's your obligatory summary: After surviving a plane crash, Fozzie Bear learns of the fate of their pilots, setting up not only his and Piggy's appearance at their funeral, but getting their fellow passengers season tickets to the show. Several weeks later, Denise's concern about Kermit's 'obsession' with Piggy causes her to make an announcement that throws Kermit for a loop.

    And here's your next section!

    The TCL Chinese Theatre was a staple in Hollywood. Previously and still commonly called Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, the theatre was still maintained as one of the best movie theatres in the state, showing current and popular showings in both standard and IMAX, with its IMAX screen the biggest in the world. Of course what made TCL/Grauman’s a staple were the infamous concrete signatures of the biggest stars in Hollywood, dating back to the 1920s until today.

    Getting into Grauman’s wasn’t an easy feat at any time of day, week, or year, but for some reason, Piggy had managed it on a Thursday night. She wouldn’t say how, but after the constant back and forth on what movie they would see and where they would see it had finally resulted in a quick decision – both she and Gonzo had bowed to Fozzie’s insistence that he would literally die if they didn’t see Jurassic World for the sixteenth time, especially when this would be Gonzo’s third time seeing MI6, so the diva did them all a kindness and just found a place that was showing both and bought tickets, hoping upon hope that Kermit wouldn’t bail on them at the last minute.

    And for his sake, he'd better not – she had bought all eight tickets in IMAX, giving them the better movie experience, and none of them were cheap. Not that money was an object, but still; just because she had it, didn’t mean she always wanted to spend it.

    Knowing that the theatre would most likely be packed and now needing to wait for Kermit, the trio decided they’d loiter outside, checking out all of the famous handprints that were laid out around the theater. This was what being in Hollywood was all about and one of the reasons people subscribed to fame and fortune in the first place – it was home to things like this; it didn’t matter how long you lived in the city, there were just things that still held them in awe.

    Even now, Piggy still enjoyed walking the length of the Hollywood Walk of Fame, if just to clear her head and sometimes, to remember why she was there in the first place. She knew the location of their star – off of Highland and Orange Drive at 6834 – the location of Kermit’s – at 6801 - and she knew the location of Jim’s – 6631 – right off the top of her head and she could literally arrive at each one with her eyes closed. Why the thought of a walk was occurring to her now, she wasn’t sure, but it was something she hadn’t done in an incredibly long time.

    Thankfully their movie didn’t start until 8:15 because Kermit was late, which wasn’t like him. After killing time outside, the trio decided to head inside and just wait inside the lobby, which was fun in itself – amid the normal concession stands one finds in a typical movie theatre, TCL/Grauman’s also sprinkled the lobby with memorabilia from classic movies. If their frog had gotten there at his usual earliest, they may have been able to have a look around, but they could probably do so during their intermission between movies.

    Finally, ten minutes before their first movie was to start, Kermit came barreling in, making a beeline for them and shaking his head. “Sorry,” he huffed. “Sorry.”

    “Almost missed you, buddy,” Gonzo said, concern etched on his face. “You alright?”


    Handing over both of his tickets, Piggy expressed the same worry their head writer did. “Kermit?”

    “I’m fine,” he answered, shortly. Taking a deep breath, he softened the blow with a “I’m fine, Piggy. Can we just…?”

    “Frog’s first,” Gonzo said, bowing slightly and pointing the way to the main auditorium. Kermit stalked past them, ignoring their equal looks of confusion and worry as they watched him pass.


    Kermit had actually already seen Mission Impossible 6, with Gonzo actually during his second time watching the movie; it actually worked in his favor, as he wasn’t sure he’d be able to pay attention to the movie anyway, his mind was still on his earlier dinner with Denise.

    He wasn’t even sure what had happened.

    No, that wasn’t true. He knew exactly what had happened – his current girlfriend was in love with him. That should have made him extremely happy, wonderful in the notion that he was able to move on from his longest – and if he was honest, greatest – relationship; he should have been able to say the words back to her, but just like when Piggy had told him those same words nearly a lifetime ago, he had frozen. Actually…no. He hadn’t frozen this time.

    When Piggy had told him she was in love with him, he had been floored, surprised, and…well, confused. Of all the guys she could have, she chose him? Why? He wasn’t anything special and she was…she was spectacular. He had frozen because, well…he loved her, of course, but she could do better than him; she was a star and he was a nobody from Leland. When he thought back to that time, he had been a fool, a quintessential idiot, but he’d made his bed – as his father used to say – and he had to lie in it, as uncomfortable as it was.

    When Denise had said the same words to him, he had been…he had been…actually, he wasn’t sure. Piggy had scared him to death, most times; Denise…didn’t do that for him. Denise was…a safe bet; she was what he needed after his break up with Piggy. He needed something…safe, something that proved he wasn’t a complete idiot when it came to romance, especially when it seemed he had utterly failed at it with Piggy.

    Denise was sweetness and niceness and everything he should have wanted and needed and…he didn’t feel it. He liked her, of course, he really did and…he spent most of the movie and the next digging deep within to find the same emotion he should feel for his girlfriend, that he should be able to call her after they were done and tell her the same thing she had told him. Only…by the end of Jurassic World, he still didn’t have it and still couldn’t find it, but he wasn’t about to let her down. And he wasn’t going to hurt her like he had his previous girlfriend.

    He hoped.

    “That movie keeps getting better and better every time I see it,” Fozzie gushed, as the four left the theater.

    “Well,” Piggy snickered. “We’ve managed to hype up the bear. He’ll never go to sleep now.”

    “No worries,” Gonzo chuckled, patting the bear on the back. “We’ll go get him some ice cream and that’ll calm him down. You in, Princess?”

    “Are you kidding?” said princess huffed. “Moi is not about to get into a car with Evil Knievel and Miss Daisy over here.”

    “I’ll drive you home, Piggy,” Kermit whispered, looking off in the distance.

    “Yeah,” Piggy nodded, giving the frog a look. “That’s actually a good idea.” Turning to their companions, Piggy gave them a dismissal nod. “Sniff you jerks, later.”

    Piggy followed the frog, sending a nod to Gonzo’s worried glance towards Kermit before turning back to her. If anyone had a chance to figure out what was going on with the frog, it was most likely going to be Piggy or so they hoped. “Why don’t you navigate, Frog?” Piggy said, lifting his car keys from him and pointing him in the direction of the passenger side.

    “Once again, I’m glad you’re not a 19th century pick pocket,” he quipped, opening the door and getting in.

    The diva chuckled before taking her spot behind the wheel, starting the car, and taking off. As a point, Kermit – and anyone else – always tried to avoid driving with Piggy, on the account that she was a maniac behind the wheel and the chances of living were fairly slim, but the way his mind was in turmoil, he figured a little danger was worth it.

    “You gonna tell me what’s wrong, baby, or are you gonna sit there in the silence the whole drive?”

    Kermit glanced at her from the corner of his eye. “What makes you think something’s wrong, baby?” he answered her.

    “Antisocial, bad tempered, distant,” Piggy listed. “Should Moi go on?”

    Sighing, he said, “No. Just been a very long night.”

    “Well, yeah,” she smirked. “We just sat through five hours of awesome theater madness. Good thing we aren’t doing a show tomorrow; the boss is a real stickler for being late.” If she had hoped for a grin or a laugh, at the very least a smirk for the joke, she was solely disappointed. “Honestly, Kermit, what’s wrong?”

    He was half inclined to just ignore her or tell her – again – that he was perfectly fine, but he had already shown he had no problems going against his own advice or even logic. “Denise broke up with me.”


    “She just…” Sighing again, he shook his head. “Yeah, dinner didn’t go so well obviously.”

    “What happened?”

    “Do you want the short version or the truth?”

    Throwing him a look, she asked, “Why would you even ask that question?”

    Kermit nodded. Of course she wanted the truth; hadn’t he told her that they were going to be honest with each other from now on? “She’s in love with me,” he started, noticing the slight swerve that his driver managed to correct without incident. “She’s in love with me and she wants me to stop being friends with you.”

    Hearing that information, Piggy wasn’t sure if it had been better for her to drive because both of those revelations managed to floor her at both ends. She couldn’t lie and say this kind of scenario – both of them – hadn’t entered her mind; while she may still be carrying a torch for Kermit, it was very clear that he had since moved on and the only thing she could do was hope for his happiness. The second thing, well…

    “Makes sense, doesn’t it?” she whispered.

    Kermit turned to fully look at her. “That makes sense?” he asked, incredulously. “It makes sense that she wants us to stop being friends, after everything we’ve been through?”

    “That’s the point exactly,” she reasoned. “We have a history together. Sure, we’re friends now, but…we haven’t always been.” She dreaded the answer to her next question, especially what the outcome could be. Sure, Kermit was upset now, but if he answered the way she thought he would, it wouldn’t take much for him to move or set aside his objection. “She loves you,” she whispered. “Do you love her?”

    She was holding her breath and even some tears to what his answer would be; of course it would be yes, he loved her and while she knew he would do whatever it took to keep both her and Denise in his life, if he had to choose, she was going to be the bigger person and bow out gracefully. He deserved that; she still loved him and he deserved to be happy, even if he was being happy with someone else. So she waited.

    And waited.

    And waited.

    Did he fall asleep? It was a little after one in the morning and if his evening had been as bad as he had said, maybe the stress just took him for a nap. They had a stoplight, which led her to turn and look at him, prepared to see him dozing next to her; instead, she saw his very awake and very agitated profile. “Kermit?”

    “I heard you.”

    “Then I’ll take your very long silence as a no.”

    “I never said that,” he insisted.

    “True,” she countered, hitting the gas once the light had turned. “But if you did, you would’ve answered immediately.”

    “Would I?” he asked, sarcastically. “According to you, I don’t exactly have a good track record in answering that statement right away.”

    Well, that stung. And wasn’t it just like him to strike at her heart when he was upset? And upset about something that technically didn’t have anything to do with her!


    They only had another five minutes before they were to reach Kermit’s apartment and it was silent all the way. Pulling into the complex, Piggy made her way to the one story townhome he was renting, pulling up in front of the door, figuring that as soon as she stopped, Kermit would get out and he’d have his answer for Denise before he’d walked through the front door.

    “Piggy, I didn’t mean that.”

    “I know you didn’t.”

    Turning to look at her, he said, “I do love you.”

    “I know you do,” she answered, giving him a smile. “Kermit? If I could give you some advice, as both your friend and your ex?”

    “Of course.”

    Taking a deep breath, she said, “No woman wants to declare her love for someone and not hear the words back. If you don’t love her, then you need to man up and tell her.”

    There were times, a lot of them actually, when Miss Piggy managed to throw him for a loop. He had totally and completely expected her to be upset when he started dating Denise; he’d seen that coming. What he hadn’t seen was the depth of feelings the diva had for him – she could have easily made life at work horrible, for both him and his girlfriend; instead, other than the normal flare ups that happened around them and between them, she had been an absolute brick about things. And now, she was sitting there across from him, telling him that he needed to be a man and tell his girlfriend he either loved her or not.

    He hadn’t expected that.

    What he had expected was for Piggy to rail with him against Denise’s unfounded and unwillingness to accept that Piggy was a part of his life, always had been and always would.

    How many times had he underestimated Piggy, just for her to come around and surprise him?

    “I don’t want to hurt her,” he sighed, his composure nearly crumbling. As much as he complained about their previous relationship, he wasn’t stupid; Piggy had hurt him as much as he had hurt her and in that, he wasn’t about to do the same to someone else who loved him.

    “Of course you don’t,” she said. “But what do you think is worse? Hearing that you don’t love her or stringing her along and making her think you do?”

    Something in either her voice or the sentence as she said it hit harder than he liked to admit. Were they still talking about his current girlfriend? Or the previous one?

    “Are we still talking about Denise?”

    “Of course.” It took a full second before she answered, but she had answered. Pointing past him at his door, she continued with, “Door to door service, as requested.”

    Nodding quickly, Kermit left the vehicle, turning back when he heard Piggy’s, “You need to talk to her, Frog.”

    “Yeah,” he sighed. “Yeah, I will. Go get some sleep.”

    “You too,” she said, giving him one last smile before starting forward and heading around the corner in order to leave the complex.

    He watched her go before heading towards his front door, knowing he wasn’t going to be sleeping well, not with the thoughts in his head. He knew what he had to do, he just didn’t want to do it and either way he looked at it, someone was going to get hurt and he was going to be the executioner. Reaching for his door knob, his hand hovered over it as a thought occurred to him.

    “Little minx,” he muttered, grabbing his phone and dialing a familiar number.

    “Just can’t enough, can you?”

    The cheek! Honestly! “You realize you’ve stolen my car, right?” he asked.

    Piggy chuckled. “Well, how else was Moi supposed to get home?”

    “That’s cute,” he deadpanned. “As you have my car, I would also like to remind you that you also have my keys. As in, you know, to my house?”

    “First of all,” she stated. “You don’t lock your door, even when Moi tells you that’s an open invitation for someone to rob you and second, even if you managed to actually lock the door, your spare is hidden in the flower pot. Which, BTW, is also one of the first places robbers look for spare keys.”

    Sighing and shaking his head, Kermit opened his very unlocked door, grabbing said spare from his flower pot while at it, and stepped inside. “Well, seeing as you have both sets now,” he said, sometimes regretting the decision to give her the second set. “You are picking me up tomorrow. In my car.”

    “Of course, Mon Capitan.”

    Hanging up, Kermit couldn’t help but smirk at the audacity Piggy had sometimes. The half grin left his face soon after, however, knowing that tomorrow the last thing he wanted was for Piggy to tag along with him when he went to speak to Denise or vice versa. Ironically, if Piggy did pick him up…he could at least get her part over with. He didn’t want to admit it, but both pigs were right – he and Piggy did have a history together and, if he was honest, this was probably the first time they really had been friends with each other.

    This whole situation had brought to light things Kermit had been scared to admit, even to himself, but it looked like no matter what he did, he’d have to make a decision and it needed to be made soon.
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting this, much needed to help unwind. Hope for more from you soonish. *Leaves some choc chip cookies. :insatiable:
  16. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    Denise wants Kermit to stop being friends with Piggy? Looks like we've got a bit of a Ted/Victoria/Robin situation going on. Can't wait to see what happens next!
  17. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you noticed :D That was exactly a similar idea in another one shot; of course that was before The Ex-Factor revealed that Denise is totally nice. Why did she have to be nice?
  18. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    So...I was re-reading The Great Imposters and am now in the midst of Meeting at Schotsky's and I've got changes for you to make at some point. Realized I added some of my notes in the first and I need an appearance change for Piggy in the second.

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but Piggy is a brunette, right? She's not a natural blond, cause that's gonna kinda change the new Muppet Adventure.
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Er... Why would Piggy be anything other than blonde? :confused:

    And I no think you'll like what happa with Dark Swan tonight, cause now we got Dark Swan justifying her actions to save Hook plus Zelina on the loose plus Dark Hook. Yes, Emma turned Hook into a Dark One. TBH the second episode with Merida's adventure to get the magic helm was much more satisfying than the first episode. At least we got a new appearance by the one Storybrook character who doesn't come from a fairytale in the form of Dr. Wale. :scary:
  20. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    Of course I noticed, HIMYM is like my second favorite show of all time! Come to think of it, your one fic based on the episode "Miracles" was one of the main reasons I started watching it. So thanks for that!

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