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Desert Delay

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Cause in the beginnings of TMS, as well as TMM, she's a brunette. I guess sandy brown/brown blonde would be the appropriate term, but she's a natural brunette as opposed to a platinum blonde. She looks better blonde, obviously, but her family wouldn't be blondes.

    Yeah, I heard/saw the promo for the next episode and was like ***. Haven't seen both yet (cause knowing hulu, it'll take an extra 2 hours to watch 2 hours of show), though it'll be nice to finally see the showdown between Hook and Rumple, especially when this has been a very long time in coming.

    And did they actually answer how the heck she managed to turn Hook? I didn't think you could turn someone into the Dark One without, you know, killing the previous Dark One. I did have a thought though - so, now we have a Dark Couple with Emma and Hook, which seems to be the dark version of Rumple and Belle. I have to wonder if someone is going to ask why Rumple hadn't thought to make Belle a Dark One as well.

    The twist is interesting, but ugh. The reasoning is ridiculous - Emma is doing all of this because of Hook. Honestly. And to keep him safe, she turns him into a Dark One because...she's on crack? Again, hoping that our 'heroes' come to realize that at least Rumple took the curse to save his son and that everything he did was to save his family; Emma's motives are obviously to get nookie cause...***.

    Hey, did baby Zelena get borned?
  2. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Sorry for not replying sooner, was waiting for mail to be dropped off.

    Oh, now I know what you're talking about regarding Piggy's hair color. No, that's not Piggy who shows up as a brunette in the TMS opening, that's Amy Lou one of the backup chorines who were named in Aunt Ru's Kermie's Girl opus.
    (Actually it was a brown-wigged prototype Piggy puppet, but not the real :mad:).

    As for OUAT... Yes, baby Zelina was birthed, that's part of Dark Emma's plot which frankly confused me but here's how it kinda sort of plays out.
    Back in Camelot, Hook promised Emma they'd have/share a future together which makes Emma deathly afraid because of losing Neil back in Season 3.
    They reforge Excalibur with the spark of Prometheus's flame... But to use Excalibur to cleave the darkness from Emma it has to deal her a mortal cut, which... Oops, the sword slipped and mortally wounded Hook instead.
    Emma then fully gives in to the darkness to revive Hook, returning everyone to Storybrook and starting Dark Swan's crazy plan which involves...
    Removing the darkness from her which requires inserting it into another vessel, so Emma uses her dark powers to accelerate Zelina's pregnancy to the point that she gives birth leaving the former wicked witch as an empty vessel for the darkness which Emma would then kill with Excalibur.
    And yet again, an :oops: happened where Hook learned about all this, being mad with Emma, and then in what I don't entirely understand how being turned into a Dark One as well.

    Like I said, the second episode with the Merida storyline was much more satisfying to me as they searched for the enchanted helmet the Scottish witch had previously given to King Fergus before he went into battle against Arthur.
    And I saw a commercial for Hulu and thought of you and your current troubles with the server. :)
  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    See, I went about looking for Piggy as a brunette and immediately thought of 'Temptation' and went to find it and...lo and behold, she's a blonde in that. Then I thought of TMM and I'm fairly sure there's a little brunette in there somewhere, but I'm sleepy and I just can't bother to find it right now, so...question - I could

    1. Change the Hogglesworths to be blondes and not brunettes


    2. Just insinuate that Piggy is a natural brunette who went blonde, which...actually would fit her character and, as you'll discover in the story, would also make sense.

    I'm leaning towards 2 cause I just don't want to change anything :p

    :confused::confused: Okay. That's...really convoluted. Even more so than normal. Ugh, this whole Hook thing just...okay. I guess I'll stomach through that and look forward to the return of Mulan and Red (Red came back in the Merida storyline, right? And is Merida still in Storybrooke? Cause she and Belle make a good team and quite frankly, our 'heroes' are gonna need all kinds of help thanks to Emma 'I'm on crack' Swan).

    Okay...ranting over.
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, Ruby did show up in the Merida story.
    Nay, Merida's storyline took place in bonnie Dunn Broch in Scotland.
    But I suspect Merida will come to Storybrook to fulfill her vengeance against Arthur for killing her da.

    As for changing things with your own ideas, I kinda know how that goes what with constant reshufflings. Drop me a PM so we can talk this further, help each other out. ;)
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Late to the party, always.

    If I'm right, I think you're referring to Accident on Monday, which yes indeed was inspired by that episode! Look at you, tying stuff in together! I like that :D
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  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ima wondering if there'll now be some Scooter+Chelsey fics or oneshots.
    BTW: Is it bad that I'm in the K+D camp? At least as pertains to the Up Late continuity which we all know is the current offshoot, cause there's no real overarching defining Muppet cannon as much as fans try to come up with one.
  7. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    *shrug* Maybe. But not from me. ;)

    Yes :D

    I'm kidding. Denise isn't so bad, but I think someone said it best that if she wasn't Kermit's girlfriend, we'd like her a lot more. But sadly, it things work out right, she's going to be a casualty once Kermit gets his head in the game.

    I do hope that when he does break up with her, it's a nice one or she goes on to do something cool. Again, I'm hoping she's the victor and takes him a down a peg when she does; yeah, I'm hoping that Kermit will push the line, but it'll be Denise that actually breaks up with him.

    So in other news, Turkey Day is coming up and I'm hoping that I'll get some time to finish 1. Desert Delay and 2. update 2 Ball and 3. post that Mupp Adventure I've been teasing you all with.
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    What up Mups!

    So a quick update for ya as we come up on Turkey day here in the US - for those of you NOT in the US. I've got some things to catch up on, so may take the week to work on those things and of course, Thanksgiving. We're coming to the end of this - it really was a big one shot that just...continued, however, once this is done, hopefully you'll get your 2 ball update as well as a new Mupp Adventure.

    But before all that, here's your update!

    Gonzo wasn’t unknown in love nor was he unlucky in love. He had an eye for ladies, there was no denying that, but he could at least say he had one great love in his life that, even now, he regretted ever losing. Maybe that was why watching two of his best friends’ relationship disintegrate hit his heart a little harder than anyone else, but he couldn’t help it.

    He loved Kermit like the brother he never had and while his relationship with Piggy had started out with a one sided crush, she had grown into the sister he didn’t know he wanted or needed. He had been happy to step aside when it was clear the frog had eyes for the pig, even if he wouldn’t admit it for the longest time and it was clear as a pane of window glass that Piggy had gotten bit first and had been trying to get that frog to notice her.

    So yeah, he was probably a little heartbroken that they had broken up for good this time.

    But it didn’t mean he ever gave up hope that they’d get back together at some point.

    And that seemed to be coming true within the last week. Since that night at the movies, Gonzo noticed that Kermit was spending less time with Denise and more time with Piggy; of course, Kermit always spent time with Piggy – he was the executive producer of the show and she was the star. It made sense they spent time together and yes, there was a fleeting – fleeting, mind you – thought that Gonzo entertained that maybe Kermit wasn’t completely over Piggy and Denise was just the convenient excuse to show them all that no, he certainly didn’t still have feelings for Piggy and look! He had totally moved on cause he was with this wonderful girlfriend.

    So it was – not really – a surprise when he got a call a few days later from the frog asking if he could come over for a bit. Of course the writer didn’t mind, as the frog was his buddy and they didn’t spend nearly enough time together. Saturday morning, Gonzo invited his pal over for a nice home cooked breakfast, prepared ala the Great Gonzo; it wasn’t a big breakfast – pancakes and eggs, but it was a breakfast and he even threw in coffee.

    “What’s up, Frog?” he asked, once the two had finished and were just sitting around the table, finishing their coffee.

    “What makes you think anything’s up?” Kermit asked, bringing said cup to his lips.

    “You wanted to come over on a Saturday,” Gonzo replied. “This is usually your time with Scooter, not that I don’t love the fact you dropped the boy wonder for me.” He ended that with a wink, a saucy wink.

    Kermit rolled his eyes. “If at any time you’d like to have a talk, Gonzo,” he began. “All you have to do is call.”

    The head writer started laughing, giving the frog an affectionate kick under the table. “Nice to have your support, Frog,” he said. “So honestly, what’s on your mind?”

    Sighing, Kermit took another sip of coffee before he started. “Gonzo,” he said. “Have you ever been caught between a rock and a hard place?”

    “Of course,” came the answer. “And once, that was a literal statement.”

    “Of course it was.”

    “So what’s your rock and what’s the hard place?”

    “Piggy and Denise,” the frog stated, plainly. “And not always in that order.”

    “From what I’ve heard, you don’t have a problem anymore.”

    “Don’t I?”

    “Denise broke up with you, didn’t she?” Gonzo asked.

    “Well…” Kermit began, shrugging slightly. “The first time, yeah, she did.”

    “The first time?”

    Here, Kermit sighed, before standing up in order to get himself another cup of coffee. But he did proceed to tell Gonzo what had happened – a truncated overview of his talk with Piggy, his agonizing over what to do, before finally getting to his point – on how he met Denise at the Bat Bolt & Skull, just to put them on equal footing or rather to put her on equal footing, as he wouldn’t be influenced by anyone if they had been at Rowlf’s, and told her that Piggy was a part of his life, had been and always would be, and that he couldn’t imagine life without her.

    The main attraction of course was whether or not Kermit felt the same way Denise did.

    He had spent most of Thursday night trying to figure out what his feelings actually were and then the answer seemed clear. As gruesome and morbid as it was in hindsight, Kermit’s brain had suddenly substituted Denise for Piggy on that horrible flight, reversing the good outcome with the worst possible.

    What would have happened if it had been Fozzie and Denise on that plane?

    And what would have done if they hadn’t made it out alive?

    Fozzie was easy – he would’ve been devastated. Losing Fozzie really would feel as though he had lost one of his brothers and he knew that would be a pain he would never likely get over.

    Denise…wasn’t so easy.

    Yes, if he had lost her in such a way, he would feel sadness of course, but would he feel the same thing when it had been Piggy?

    The easy answer was…

    No. No he wouldn’t.

    Not knowing if Piggy had been alive or…he didn’t even want to imagine it. It had been hard enough when Piggy wasn’t in his life romantically; there had been time when they hadn’t even been in friendship territory, but not having Piggy in his life at all? Without the possibility of her ever gracing him with her presence?

    No. No, he couldn’t do that. Ever.

    Denise, though she was wonderful and he would certainly be saddened if anything ever happened to her, wouldn’t affect him as much as Piggy did; losing Denise would hurt, yes; losing Piggy would destroy him. Destroy him in the same way that Jim’s death had nearly destroyed him, but a thousand times worse.

    He had gone to meet Denise with that in mind – he liked her, liked her well enough, could even love her on a platonic level, but Kermit was not in love with her.

    Which brought him to a much bigger question –

    What exactly were his feelings for Piggy?

    Those questions were the main reason he was over at Gonzo’s. While he wouldn’t exactly go to the head writer for romantic advice, they did have something in common – deeper feelings for Piggy than they had ever expected. Gonzo, unlike Kermit, had never been afraid to admit that he had feelings for the diva, though it had been a while before the frog knew for sure that those feelings were a lot deeper than the crush the weirdo passed it off as.

    And as someone who had been attracted to Piggy for the same reasons Kermit was, maybe he had some insight as what exactly was going on between them.

    “So you broke up with her then?” Gonzo asked, trying to figure out how this whole thing worked out. “A second time?”

    Nodding, Kermit came back to the table, coffee in hand. “I guess the first time wasn’t really a breakup,” he said, his face in a grimace. “Not to say Denise was happy at the end of dinner because she was not, but this time…this time I had to face facts.”

    “Well,” the writer replied, shrugging. “I can tell you from experience that, really, the hardest thing in life is trying to love someone when you’re clearly in love with someone else.”

    It was on the tip of his tongue for Kermit to deny the notion, deny the very fact that he would intentionally get involved with someone and still have feelings for someone else, but the realization hit him harder than he was expecting. “Is it that obvious?” he whispered.

    “To anyone that knows you,” Gonzo stated, giving him a smile. “It was pretty clear when you started dating Denise; it was a huge flare signal when she and Fozzie got into that crash.”

    “So what do I do?” the frog sighed. “I can’t lie, Gonzo. I do love her, still love her and I don’t think I’ve ever stopped or could ever stop loving her even if I tried. But we can’t go back to what we were before, that was just…”

    “Kermit, you seem to think you two are the same crazy kids that came to this city in the first place,” the writer chastised. “We’re older and wiser, aren’t we?”

    “Are we?” Kermit asked. “I’m not so sure.”

    “It sounds like you’ve already made your decision,” Gonzo continued. “Cause it sounds like you’re unwilling to take the risk again because it didn’t work out the last time.”

    “It was a disaster the last time.”

    “You’re right,” the writer agreed. “That was a huge mess. I’m surprised you even had any happy times, with you both being so miserable and all. I know none of us understood how you lasted so long when it was totally cleared you both hated each other.”

    “If there’s a point, Gonzo, please feel free to make it.”

    “Certainly,” he replied. “I’ve been waiting decades for you to throw in the towel and now it’s my time to shine. I always said I’d be the better boyfriend and you know why? Because unlike you, I don’t let a little thing like attention stop me from showing the woman I love that I love her.”

    “Yes,” Kermit deadpanned. “It’s why you’re so popular with the ladies now. Certainly kept your last girlfriend around.”

    There was a line and regardless of the Muppet, it was usually crossed. Crossing lines was how Gonzo got decked by Rowlf all those years ago and it was going to be the reason he planned on decking the frog if he kept this up.

    “You know, Piggy’s right,” he countered. “You really are a callous toad.”

    “Insensitive was the word,” the frog corrected. “But you’re right, that was callous. I didn’t mean that, Gonzo. Lord knows if I had been a halfway decent boyfriend, I’d still have my last girlfriend. And the one before that. Piggy wasn’t the only one who let the ship sink.” Sighing, he again asked, “So what do I do?”

    “Remember all the stuff you did before,” Gonzo replied. “And do the opposite.”
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 22, 2015
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thanks for posting this. Sorry for coming in a bit late, was watching and loving MCC on Lifetime.

    Glad that Gonzo's the one who has the ears to listen to the frog and give him much needed advice regarding how Kermit might be able to go forward from here as relates to his personal life.

    Sad Gonzo and Camilla aren't together... But hey, I'm hoping the little weirdo will find some new cutie who loves him as much as he loves his own wanton endangerment.
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Reminds Gina that this story is still left for her to finish.
    *Leaves some number 4 cookies for her to munch on while posting.
  11. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Yes yes, hence why I'm in here. I had to remember what I wrote. Hopefully this weekend, you'll get a double dose of fics!
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Promises promises, huh. No worries, as soon as you can post I'll come in to read. :)
  13. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Alright folks! It was a long time coming, but here is your conclusion to this epic! Counters, my Counters, if you could put this into the Muppets general pile for me, that would be awesome!

    Six months later

    The awards banquet had been a success, if he was honest with himself. Never liking these types of dinners and parade shows, Kermit couldn’t lie – he had enjoyed himself immensely and it all had to do with the date he had on his arm that evening.

    It had come as probably a surprise to both of them when Piggy had asked Kermit to accompany her to this little award ceremony; it was a huge event, but big enough to get in the local Hollywood talent and roll out the red carpet. She had received her invitation two months earlier and had only invited him a scant month ago; however, for the two of them, it had been six months of growing fondness and attraction that they were hard pressed to deny.

    It had taken six months after Kermit’s heartfelt breakup with Denise before they had gotten to this point; actually, the frog had reached this point four months before, during dinner with Piggy. It hadn’t been anything special, just an excuse to come over and see her really and certainly, it wasn’t the first time they had gone over and had dinner with each other. But for Kermit, that night had been the turning point, for him at least. Dinner with Piggy had usually been a pleasant endeavor - unless they were truly upset with one another – and this dinner held a nice and relaxing atmosphere to everything.

    Her night terrors hadn’t reoccurred for months, though attending the funeral for the pilots had been a bit difficult, as had that first show with all the other survivors in attendance. Kermit hadn’t thought anything of it when one of those passengers – a Miss Ruby Davis, he recalled – had asked to say some words during the broadcast; Yolanda had mentioned it to him and he had agreed. He of course didn’t know the emotion behind it until the Whatnot had relayed, on live television, that Piggy and Fozzie had been God sends when their plane had gone down and while they had waited for rescue.

    No one, other than those involved, had known what had happened on that flight, with both Piggy and Fozzie being closed lipped about it, so hearing how their diva had pretty much rallied the troops into not panicking – including Fozzie – and how their comic had kept everyone’s hopes up while they waited for rescue had been…not a surprise really, because of course that’s what the two of them would do, more of a surprising revelation. If Kermit hadn’t been hooked on the pig before, he totally was now.

    That dinner had been the culmination of that – with a nice meal and a good deal of wine, the frog had asked her to dance when a slower song had popped on. Not being much of a radio listener, Kermit had never heard of it – a duet by Meghan Trainor and John Legend – but it was a song that not only touched his heart, but was perfect for what he had been feeling these past few months. The song spoke of loving someone as though you would lose them and the frog knew that wholeheartedly; he had nearly lost Piggy, forever, and the fact that he stood, swaying with her in his arms while in her living room, was a testament to the fact that he may never have gotten this chance if it wasn’t for the powers that be.

    Gonzo had been honest with him those weeks ago, that he wasn’t the type of Muppet who didn’t show the woman he loved that he indeed loved her; Camilla Clucks had been and probably would be the only chicken Gonzo would ever love and while the stunt weirdo had seemed fine and carefree after their breakup, his closest friends knew, deep down, that had been a brutal blow to someone who passed themselves off as a great lover of women. And while Kermit knew Gonzo wasn’t as in love with Piggy as he had been with Camilla, if the weirdo had been the diva’s beau, she’d never have to wonder what his feelings were.

    But with Kermit…Piggy always wondered, even if she said anything to the contrary.

    And Kermit didn’t want her to wonder anymore.

    Those lyrics hit him hard, causing him to look at Piggy in a new light; he always thought her softer than her personality dictated. Miss Piggy was just a persona, Piggy Lee was the person under all that armor and that was the person Kermit had fallen madly in love with the first time and this second time was no different; Miss Piggy was just the name of the more dominate feelings that Piggy carried around with her – her determination, her confidence, her sex appeal…but all of that was just Piggy Lee putting on the mask.

    And looking at her now, the way her blue eyes always seemed to shine when she gazed at him, that familiar pull to her…he couldn’t help but kiss her.

    In hindsight, he shouldn’t have done so, just recently out of a relationship, but how could he not when it was all he could think about for weeks. Ironically, it was Piggy who had put the brakes on things, telling him that she wasn’t sure they were in a place to start things anew. She needed time. And then Kermit said and did something he had never done before –

    “Okay,” he whispered. “I’ll wait for you. You’ve always waited for me to figure out myself and everything around me; it’s about time I return the favor.”

    Kermit the Frog let Miss Piggy steer the direction of their relationship.

    For the frog who hated giving up his control, especially with her, it was the biggest step of trust he had probably ever shown her; if she wanted to take the time to rethink where he stood in her life – even if it meant that he no longer stood a chance with her – he would give her that, he owed it to her. So he did. They still did the show, still did lunch and dinners on occasion, even the random breakfast; they were, essentially, friends, the very thing they hadn’t really been while they had dated.

    And as friends, Kermit didn’t think he’d ever been as close to her as he was now. The walls Piggy usually put up around the others had always been lowered for him, but he didn’t think as much as they were now; now, there didn’t seem to any walls between them. It was what it should have always been, from the beginning. All he knew was that he was more in love with her now than ever. So he waited.

    And now, six months later, he was returning with Piggy from some award ceremony that he couldn’t remember ever having such a good time with her. He had pulled out all the stops that night – dinner beforehand and then arranging their limo, as well as their seats for the banquet. Afterwards, their limo had pulled into Piggy’s driveway, allowing the couple to exit, smiles and laughter, as Kermit walked Piggy to her door. “This…has been an incredible night,” he said, standing next to her.

    “And you thought you weren’t gonna have any fun,” she quipped, sending him a small smile.

    “I never should doubt,” he whispered, looking her in the eye. “I always have fun with you.”

    Piggy couldn’t stop the blush that appeared on her cheeks. This new attentive Kermit was fifty percent part attractive and fifty percent unnerving, but it was definitely a change of pace from what he normally did. The last few months between them had been simple and easy and probably the most fun they had ever had together; she couldn’t help the feelings that reignited in spending time with him, reminding her of their time together. Which was why, when he had kissed her a few months back, she had put a stop to it.

    It wasn’t just to protect her – heaven knew she wasn’t about to get her heart broken again by him – but she was protecting him; he had just broken up with Denise and quite frankly, Piggy wasn’t about to be the frog’s rebound girlfriend. If he wanted her, he was going to have to prove it.

    And when Kermit the Frog was issued a challenge…

    And here they stood, outside of her door, after a wonderful and romantic night…

    Kermit wasn’t going to let this night be wasted. “Miss Piggy,” he said, taking both her hands in his and taking a few steps towards. “Do you think it’s possible for two people to go back in time? Fix a mistake they’ve made?” He looked at her so honestly, so truthfully, she couldn’t help but soften her features further.

    “It depends on the mistake,” she whispered.

    Taking a step closer, he asked, “What if I made a mistake? Is there…is there way I could ever possibly fix it?”

    “What exactly are you asking me, Kermit?”

    “I’m wondering…” he began, taking a gulp before leaning in and delivering a kiss to her lips. “Let me show you I can be the frog you need me to be. I love you, Piggy. I’ve always loved you and I always will; there will never be another woman for me. And I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to realize it.”

    “I’m just happy you realized it,” she whispered, leaning in to kiss him.

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  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Glad that this has finally concluded.

    Gins, my Gins, I'd love to put this in the FLI. Unfortunately, for some reason, it seems I've maxed out the allotted space. Again. So once all your current fics like 2-Ball and the one regarding Piggy's mom's death are finished, I'll take yours and some other people's fics and create a second shelf post in the main FLI.

    BTW: Sent you an email about HVC. :)
  15. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Quick question, do you want this fic's title changed to "Deadly Delay"? Just curious since you refer to it as such in our convos. ;)
  16. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Ugh, no. It should be Desert Delay. It was early, I only had one cup of coffee, I hadn't eaten...you know, my normal excuses for forgetting the obvious.
  17. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes, and still we like you Gins. Take it easy girl, update when possible. *Gets ready for Storybrook to go to the underworld tomorrow.
  18. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    :flirt: You're a dear, of course. Thought up something new for 2 Ball, so I might work on that this weekend. But first, I must fulfill my duty and update this TNG thing I started.

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