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Diamond City's A Muppet's Best Friend

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ZootyCutie, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Hi... If you read back to the beginning of the story, you'll find a chapter where the Muppet gang visited with Wario at his offices in Wario Warehouse.
    Misty is a fanfic created character created by ZootyCutie. She made her debut in the story Without Love, where her personal past is explained. Don't want to spoil it, so I'll just say it's a good read and it'll explain more of the inspiration for this follow-up fic.
  2. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    Sorry I didn't noice it.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Is okay. No worries man, just hope you found the other story and enjoyed that one too. Also, check out Life is a Highway where we meet her female counterparts to the Mayhem, better known as the Fer Sure Four.
  4. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 16

    It was a new day in Diamond City, and a new start. A day for sleeping in, without being awaken by a jester playing David Bowie. Despite that, Misty was the first one up. It's pretty strange, due to the fact that she was a late sleeper when she was a Gunther. She soon got up, and headed to the bathroom to get ready. In a few minutes, she came back in a pair of denim Daisy Dukes, her hair in her Janice-esque style, and a faded gray t-shirt with Sonic the Hedgehog on it that said 'Eat my Dust'. The band was still asleep, so she could do whatever she wanted. So, she grabbed the band's laptop, and started surfing the web. After having her fill of no-armed athletes and wrestlemen, she soon decided to have a little mayhemic fun. She dragged open Hand's dresser, and started looking through her secret stash, which was full of manga books and Pocky.

    "Here it is!" Misty whispered to herself. She had grabbed Hands' "Azumanga Daioh" book and some Green Tea Pocky

    As soon as she opened to the first page, and taken her first bite, she heard some moaning coming from Hands. She was getting up, and putting her slippers on.

    "Wh-wha?" She groggily said. "Are you a cacodemon?"
    "Um, uh...YES!" Misty said, acting as if she really was.
    "Hmm." Hands said. "Let's just see."

    She then headed over to Misty and took the book out of her hand, then smacked her head with it, making Misty spit out half-chewed Pocky.

    "Yeah." Hands was unimpressed. "The last time I checked, when you hit a cacodemon, they have electric charge in their mouth, not Pocky!"
    "Um...hi!" Misty nervously said, as Hands took the remaining Pocky, and sealed it away, along with her book, and then headed to the bathroom.

    In an hour, the rest of the band had woken up, and gotten ready. They were now heading to the restraunt.

    "Misty, what happened to your head?" Nurse Tounges asked.
    "A cacodemon happened." Misty said.
    "Like, I told you it was a bad idea to let her play "Doom" right before bed!" Janice said to Floyd.
    "I was a curious dad that didn't know better." Floyd said.
    "But, wasn't that last week?" Kikit asked.
    "Be quiet." Floyd said between bared teeth.

    The band soon made it to the kitchen. The Keroro Platoon was there, along with Mimi, Nastiata, and O'Chunks. A few food splatters were on the wall, with a few coating the ones that were in there.

    "What happened?" Dr. Teeth asked. "Did the oven throw up?"
    "No." Dororo said, with a cup of coffee. "A food fight happened."
    "Now you know why we don't complain about O'Chunks' cooking!" Mimi said, with disgust from the fight.
    "Um...right..." Misty said, with confusement.

    Pretty soon, the kitchen was cleaned up, thanks to Keroro and his cleaning abilities. Some of the others were up, and eating, with no notice of the food fight at all.

    "...So, he wanted to pay him with a piece of chinstrap pizza!" Strong Sad was telling some of the others about something Coach Z did.
    "That's sick!" Lamimi said.
    "Yucky!" Mimi screeched.
    "Um, that doesn't sound legal." Nastiata said.
    "It sounds delicious to me!" Kururu said, while the others inched away from him.

    Meanwhile, Dimentio was outside of the hotel, still in his pajamas, and messing with the water switch.

    "This is going to be some surprise!" He cackled, then started laughing manically.
    "Why are you wearing your pajamas?" Orbulon asked, who just happened to be walking by.
    "Um..." Dimentio was at a loss of words for this one. This was just the start of the real evil.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Wha? As if locking Misty in the boiler basement of the hotel with everybody else trapped there wasn't the start of his evil? Please... Water fountain hyjinks huh? Well, little does he know that water attacks are useless against electric types. We do have some electric mon in the group, right? Does the "Electric" Mayhem count?
    Post more please!
  6. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    The best parts in the whole freakin' thing. *applause!*
  7. ChickyBoy37

    ChickyBoy37 Well-Known Member

    oh! you should include some Sesame Street Characters in this story. maybe along with Mario and Luigi. That would be sweet!:) but it's just a thought.:D
  8. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 17

    Since breakfast was over, the gang went and did their own thing. Zoot had a video camera, and Beaker was following him.

    "Okay, Beaker." Zoot said. "This is it! This is what we've been waiting to do!"
    "Mee mo meep?" Beaker asked.
    "Well, no." Zoot admited. "But the second thing! We're making an experimental film!"
    "Meh meep." Beaker agreed.
    "So...what would describe the 'color of infinity'?" Zoot asked.
    "Meep moh!" Beaker exclaimed.
    "Oh right! 'An empty glass'!" Zoot happily said, as the two ran back to the hotel restraunt.

    Kat and Ana were getting their help booth ready for the day. Ana changed the sign of the stand to "The Doctors are Real In. Five Cents", and Kat put the money jar up. They then got on their spaces at the back of the stand, and waited. Pretty soon, Dororo came up, adjusting his ninja mouthpiece.

    "The doctors are real in!" Kat and Ana said at the same time. "Five cents."

    Dororo put five cents in the jar, then spilled the beans.

    "I need help." He said. "I mean, I'm a ninja, but I'm also spineless! I can't stick up for my self!"
    "Have you tried Tai Kwan Leep?" Kat asked.
    "Yes..." Dororo said, with tears welling up in his eyes.
    "Then just use this." Ana said, and gave him a stick.
    "A stick?" Dororo asked.
    "Yes!" Ana said. "Not only can you use it to stick up for yourself, but you can whack people with it when they be jerks to you!"
    "Um, okay...thanks..." Dororo said, and left.
    "Your welcome!" Kat and Ana called out.
    "Biggest waste of five cents ever." Dororo mumbled to himself.

    A few hours later, most of the gang went to enjoy the heated pool inside the hotel, due to the fact that the weather had gotten cooler. Kururu was working on something, which he brought down to the pool, along with one of his favorite curry bars.

    "Kururu, what is that?" Kikit asked, while pointing to the invention.
    "It's a microheater." Kururu explained. "Just place it anywhere, and WHAM! Instant heat!"
    "So, like you could put it in water, and it would automatically heat up, without electrocuting?" Kikit wondered.
    A-yep!" Kururu said, then took a bite out of his curry bar.

    Once they got to the pool, the gang set their stuff up, and headed down to the pool. Keroro was the first to jump in, but then ran out, shivering.

    "Was that supposed to be a heated pool!" Keroro shivered out.
    "Yeah." Strong Sad said. "Why?"

    Keroro then splashed Strong Sad with some of the water, which got him shivering.

    "Man!" Strong Sad called out. "What's wrong with the pool? It's freezing!"
    "What do you mean?" Kururu asked.
    "The heated pool is freezing for some reason." Keroro said.
    "Not for long!" Kikit said. She then grabbed a pair of the Keroro Platoon's nose plugs, and Kururu microheater, then dived into the pool. Despite the cold, she kept swimming until she got to the central heater of the pool. She placed the machine on it, and pushed a button, then headed to the ladder.

    "You okay?" Lamimi asked, as she gave Kikit a towel.
    "Yeah." Kikit breathily said. "I think the pool's temperature is back to normal."
    "Let me see." Keroro said, and jumped in, but didn't return back.
    "What, did he melt?" Giroro sarcastically said.

    Pretty soon, Keroro rose back up, with a more pleased look on his face.

    "The water's GREAT!" Keroro said, then went back under.

    Pretty soon, the others had gotten in, and enjoyed the pool. In the hallway, Dimentio was watching them, with a bitter look on his face.

    "They might have stopped me this time, but the vacation still isn't over!" He said. "You will rue the day! Do you here me, RUE IT!"
    "What's wrong?" Gonzo asked. He was walking down the hall to the vending machines, but stopped since he heard Dimentio yelling. "Did you forget you keycard? I once did, but then remembered that I used it to spread mustard on my sandwich, which is pretty weird, since I always have mayo on my sandwich. Why do you think that is.
    "Why do I even bother?" Dimentio asked, and sulked off to his room. "I'm going to my room, where two of my favorite friends are: peanut and butter."

    Despite what he said, he was actually going to his room to plot his next plan.

    "Sorta." Dimentio admitted.

    Sorta? What do you mean?

    "I'm still having that peanut butter." He said, then left.

    You're lucky I'm just the writer, or I'd be on like Donkey Kong! Oh, um...sorry about that folks. Stay tuned for the next chapter!
  9. BeakerSqueedom

    BeakerSqueedom Active Member

  10. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Okay, I lied earlier. This is the best part! *applause* Nice work!
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Laughs at everything. Peanuts reference with the doctor booth, Lucy van Pelt anyone? The heater and the pool... And then the conversation between Gonzo and Dimentio at the end...

    Someone's been watching the newest episodes. Good, cause then someone will know the newest Christmas song...
    Snowy the thrice cream man.
    Was a frosty tasty soul.
    With a waffle cone pipe.
    And a jingle-berry nose.
    And two eyes frozen cold.
  12. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 18

    It was now nighttime in Diamond City. It was the time when the city came to life. The neon lights went on, along with the street lights. The club was even cooler, but the biggest part was in Diamond Hotel. There was a talent show going on, and most of the citizens, and all of the hotel residents were there. Wario was the host of the show, and introduced the first act.

    "All right, be quiet." Wario said to the audience. "Our first act is Misty, who's reciting a poem." He then cued for the curtians to open. Misty was on the stage, with a piece of paper in her hands.

    "A Poem for Dimentio." She read from the page the title, then started the poem. "For longer than I can remember,
    I've been looking for someone like you.
    Someone with a head like your's,
    And a torso too.
    Birds sing, AND YOU'RE GONNA PAY!
    The end." She was rewarded with applause, the most coming from the band.

    Misty then left the stage, where Dimentio was backstage, with an angry look on his face.

    "I could give you such a pinch!" He said through bared teeth.
    "You could, but you won't." Misty said, and walked to the water cooler.

    Wario then walked back onto the stage, to introduce the next act.

    "Now, we have Dimentio, who's singing a Non-Bowie song!" He said, then left, as Dimentio warped onstage, where Rowlf was there, with his piano, and started playing.
    "I'm not wearing underwear today,
    No I'm not wearing underwear today
    Not that you probably care
    Much about my underwear
    Still none the less I gotta say
    That I'm not wearing underwear today!" Dimentio sang.

    There was little applause, mainly from the Bowie Club.

    "Get a life!" Kikit called out.
    "Thank you!...Anyone?" He asked, to try and get more applause, but was pulled of the stage by a cane, and then called out. "Yokels!"

    In a couple hours, many other acts had gone on. Zoot and Beaker showed their experimental film that they were working on. Strong Sad played an accoustic guitar solo. 9-Volt and 18-Volt freestyled. Giroro solved a Rubix Cube blindfolded. Keroro made a large number of Gundam models while singing "Space Oddity". Janice and Floyd did a magic act, where Floyd sawed Janice in half. Kat, Ana, and Young Cricket performed martial arts. Orbulon sang "Another Race". But, probably the best act was Kermit's, who simply did what he does best: play the banjo and sing. He sang his trademark song "Rainbow Connection", and it was so good, that he got the entire audience to sing (except for Dimentio, the killjoy), and got standing ovation (Giroro forced Dimentio to stand up). After the applause stopped, Wario announced the winners.

    "In third place, we have Giroro and his blindfolded Rubix Cube!" He said. Giroro then came out, holding the solved cube, and wearing the bandana as a headband. He then accepted his bronze medal to applause. He then left the stage.
    "In second place, it's Misty and her poem "A Poem for Dimentio"!" He called. Misty came out, with poem in hand. She accepted her silver metal, and left.
    "I think we know who won first place!" Wario called.
    "Come on, don't take too long!" Dimentio said from backstage. "I have my acceptance speech in my head!"
    "Our winner is...Kermit!" Wario called, to much applause, while Dimentio just stood there, with his mouth gaping open like Mr. Kimura.
    "Thank you!" Kermit said, banjo in hand, and accepted his gold medal to applause.
    "I hope that peanut butter's still good." Dimentio said. "I'm going to need a lot of it." With that he left to his room, to really get the planning started. And to eat peanut butter.
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Applauds and approves and asks for more please.
  14. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Where'd you get that underwear song from? It's hilarious! XD And Dimentio still has his loyal peanut butter.


    I hate peanut butter.
  15. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 19

    There was a snowstorm during the night, and by the next morning, Diamond City was covered in a blanket of white. The water by the beach had frozen solid, making acsess to Dr. Crygor's lab even eaiser. In fact, Strong Sad, Misty, and Kururu were skaiting over to the lab, since they haven't really had a chance to be there. As soon as they got to the island, Misty rang the doorbell, and Penny came to greet them, in a pink sweater instead of her standard jacket.

    "Hey guys!" Penny greeted. "Come in!"

    She then leaded the three into the lab, and gave them spots to put their winter gear.

    "I'm so glad you could be here." She beamed. "Come on, I have new experiments that are just screaming to be shown to the public."

    She then lead the three to a keypad on the wall, and pushed some buttons on it, opening the door next to it. This was her personal lab, which was seperate from her grandpa's.

    "Come in, but be careful!" Penny warned, as she lead the gang in.

    The lab was like a chemistry room in a school. Multiple beakers were filled to the brim with colorful chemicals. Electricity sparked, smoke billowed, and computer monitors flashed. For some reason, there was a DDR machine in her lab. Kururu had stopped, and noticed a strange discovery. It was a plant. It looked like a Venus FlyTrap, but the main food gathering part was down on the floor of it's pot, like it had died. There was a pink daisy bloomed off of it's head, like a decoration.

    "Hey, Penny! What's this?" Kururu called to her, making her and the gang walk back.
    "Oh!" Penny exclaimed. "This is Audrey III."
    "You named your plant?" Strong Sad asked.
    "Why not?" Penny exclamed. "After all, she is a girl."
    "And now the plant's got a gender!" Strong Sad said.
    "Can I touch her?" Misty asked.
    "Yeah, but be careful." Penny warned.

    Misty reached to touch the flower on her, but it rose out of the way, and the plant came to life. She opened up her "mouth", which had jaws in them.

    "Feed me..." Was bearly heard from the plant.
    "What?" Misty asked.
    "Feed me." She said again.
    "Wait, it talks?" Strong Sad said.
    "FEED ME, PENNY!" She yelled. "I need meat!"
    "Okay, okay!" Penny said, and scrambled to the fridge, only to come back with a piece of raw bacon. She tossed it to her, and she ate it up.
    "That's disgusting." Strong Sad said.
    "It might be, but it's just her food." Penny said.
    "Um...does she eat people?" Misty asked, with a hint of fear in her voice.
    "No, she doesn't." Penny said. "But, she has this thing with jesters."
    "Moving on?" Kururu asked.
    "Right!" Penny said, and picked up two ray guns. One was yellow, and the other was purple. "This is a mutator ray. It can morph two things together, and this ray strengthens anything it's zapped at."

    She then put the two guns near Audrey III's pot, and the gang left to other things. Slowly, Dimentio turned visible from where he was.

    "Ahahahaha! With Audrey III, and these ray guns, taking over the universe will really be a snap!" He cackled, then picked up the guns and the plant, who bit him. "When I'm done, I'll give you such a pinch!" And warped out of the place.
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ha... Good update. You're just giving me such good ideas. Though there's something I still need to settle... That jester should be careful though, one false swipe with an itchy trigger-finger and he'll end up with green thumbs instead of yellow and purple.

    In any case... Post more please!
  17. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Zetsu-saaaaaaaaan! Um... where did that come from? :confused: Oh well. Great one! *thumbs up!*
  18. ZootyCutie

    ZootyCutie Member

    Part 20

    Dimentio was in his hotel room, with the lights dimmed, and goggles over his eyes. He was about to perform the stunt that would truly end the world, and make Dimentio D the new one. He was reading a book about plants, and his right pinky had a bandage wrapped around it. Every so often, he glanced at Audrey III, who was asleep, and had half of a hot dog by her.

    "I think that's enough information." Dimentio quietly said. "Now, once you wake up, all of my worries will be gone..."

    Meanwhile, some of the others were enjoying time in the snow. A snowball fight had broken out by Team Mayhem (lead by Dr. Teeth) and Team Diamond (lead by Wario). Most of the members of each squad had been hit, save for Janice, Dr. Teeth, Kikit, and Lips (in his Kenny costume, it was his winter gear) on Team Mayhem, and Wario, Mona, Spitz, and Patsy on Team Diamond. Kikit squarely hit Patsy on the forehead with a snowball, making her fall, and getting her eleminated. Mona dodged a slushy one from Janice, and hit the Valley girl on the shoulder, kicking her out of the game. Spitz and Lips hit each other at the same time, stopping their games at the same time. It was now two against two. Kikit and Mona both threw snowballs, first Kikit was hit, then Mona.

    "Leader against leader..." Orbulon said from the sidelines.
    "The tensest of finals." Nurse Tounges added.

    Wario and Dr. Teeth formed their snowballs that could figure out the entire game. They threw, and a splat was heard, then a thump. Dr. Teeth had caught Wario's snowball, and formed it with his own, giving his twice the power, and threw it at him, knocking the video game producer down. Team Mayhem had won. Inside, both teams had a congratulation snack of baked sweet potatoes and hot chocolate (curtosey of Lamimi and Giroro).

    "That was amazing, Dr. Teeth!" Kikit said.
    "Yeah, how did you do it?" Lips asked, as he pulled his hood off of his head and face.
    "I have to thank Hands for that." Dr. Teeth admitted.
    "Me?" Hands asked, and almost choked on a bite of potato.
    "Yeah, if you hadn't showed me that trick you learned when you were a kid, I wouldn't have been able to do that." the good doctor admitted.
    "Hey, when you lived in Japan for most of your life, and have parents who worked in the anime buisness, you learn that before you even learn to walk!" Hands said.
    "To Hands!" Janice said, raising her mug for a toast.
    "To Hands!" the rest of the band said, and clanked their mugs together. It was a happy feeling.

    The feeling wasn't so happy on the second floor. Dimentio was still waiting for the right time to wake Audrey III up, and was about to fall asleep himself.

    "Dang, how long does this plant have to sleep?" He asked. As if it was an answer, Audrey III uncurled her leaves, and rose up from her nap.
    "Hello, ugly." Audrey III adressed Dimentio.
    "Look who's talking..." Dimentio muttered. "Anyways, just hold still."

    He then grabbed the two ray guns, first shooting the yellow strenthening one at him, making him stronger, and making himself too big for his poncho, which started breaking off of him. He then shot the purple mutating ray at Audrey III and himself, which started making them fuse together. He let out a pained evil laugh, and then it went dark.

    The gang had finished their snack, and were enjoying even more time in the snow. The other Muppets, Diamond City inhabitants, Strong Sad, and the Keroro Platoon had joined them as well. 9-Volt, 18-Volt, Dororo, and Kermit were working on a snowman, but it looked more like a mix of a snowman, a frog, a ninja, and Mario. Strong Sad was helping Young Cricket with his training by throwing snowballs at him, while Young Cricket dodged them, which was quite a challenge, due to the fact Strong Sad had perfect aim, and snowball smarts (he once saved some in the freezer since he was eight!) The entire gang was having a good time, until:

    "GRARRRR!" A giant creature crashed out of Diamond Hotel, and landed on the ground. It had vines for a body, a gold pendant on his neck, a black and white mask-like face, green hair, a Venus Fly Trap like plant almost enclosing his face, two yellow eyes, and a pink daisy on the plant part. It was Dimentio fused with Audrey III, or as he was now known as: Ciaotzu.
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Aaaaaargh! Who will save us? It's time to call a plumber! No, not that Ben-Ten kid... We need a real plumber! And get us some figgy pudding while you're at it. Cause we won't go until we get some. No, we won't go until we get some. No, we won't go until we get some. So post more fanfic right now!
  20. PuppyLuver

    PuppyLuver Member

    Ciaotzu... that does not sound pleasant. O_O Hey, waitaminute, what happened to Mimi, Nastasia and O'Chunks? Did they leave or what? Oh well. More please!

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