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Did Cantus ever appear again?

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Speed Tracer, Oct 27, 2005.

  1. Speed Tracer Well-Known Member

    So, shortly after my purchase of the first season of Fraggle Rock on DVD, I watched the episode with Cantus and the Minstrels in it. I just fell in love with Cantus, mostly because of, of course, Jim Henson's voice. My question is - does Cantus make appearances in later seasons :hopeful: ?

    "My pipe is a magic pipe. It was made for me many, many, many days ago."
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  2. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Yes, Cantus appears once in all of the other seasons. (I think...)
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  3. Speed Tracer Well-Known Member

    Excellent. Thank you for the info!
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  4. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    No problem! I looooove Cantus as well! He's my favorite Jim character!
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  5. Speed Tracer Well-Known Member

    My favorite is Dr. Teeth, followed by Kermit, but I think Cantus is a close, close third.
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  6. theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    I've got Cantus, Rowlf, Dr. Teeth, Kermit, Ernie, then Waldorf. :D
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  7. BEAR Active Member

    All the Henson guys huh?:p
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  8. BEAR Active Member

    I like them all, but of course Kermit and Ernie are my favorites of Jim's, followed by Rowlf.
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  9. luvtosr New Member

    Cantus was in The Minstrels, Mokey and the Minstrels and Honk of Honks. I don't know of any other episodes he was in but then I don't quite have them all
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  10. minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Cantus appeared in five episodes. Besides what Luvtosr mentioned, he was in The Bells of Fraggle Rock and one other episode, I can't remember the title, where he helps Junior Gorg play some kind of Gorg instrument (I've read that he appeared as a shadowy figure to junior). Those episodes I mentioned are the only ones where Cantus appeared without the other minstrels.
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  11. BooberFraggless New Member

    I noticed that 3 of the Fraggles got episodes that were about them and Cantus. The first one was Red in the Minstels, then of course there was Mokey in Mokey and the Minstrels, Then Gobo in The Bells of Fraggle Rock and Honk of Honks. Also Junior Gorg got an episode with Cantus as Minor Muppetz mentioned. I think there should have been a Cantus/Wembley episode and a Cantus/Boober episode. Especially Boober since he hides on Cantus and never really got to know him in "The Minstrels"
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  12. Sylinde Bren Member

    Ditto, that! Cantus is my favourite Jim Henson character as well, with Rowlf following closely behind.
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  13. Frogster Active Member

    Boober's the same way in Junior Faces The Music as he is in The Minstrels. In order to play the Royal Kazoo, Junior needs five Fraggle witnesses (how convenient) and when they all gather in Gobo and Wembley's room, Boober says, "Who's for not going? I am! ...Well Cantus better have a good reason for dragging me out in the Gorg's Garden in the middle of the night, and I'm going to tell him that when he gets here."
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  14. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    That's Right!:excited:
  15. Collgoff Well-Known Member

    That episode is called Junor faces the music!

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