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Die alle doen denken aan jou, from Sesamstraat (SST Netherlands)

Discussion in 'Sesame Worlds' started by Dshibshm, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Dshibshm Member

    I vaguely remember 2 AM's (I think one was similar to Clementine, and the other may have been Fat Blue or Simon Soundman) in a skit after hours in the "Charlie's Restaurant" location. He was singing to her a "sweet-type" song. The only line I recall is "I hear a telephone." PLEASE HELP ME REMEMBER/FIND THIS SONG!
  2. Dshibshm Member

    FOund it

    It's this song
  3. Dshibshm Member

    Hey! I can't hear any sound when I play it with my speakers loud. Anyways, where can I find the lyrics AND/OR English?
  4. ISNorden Active Member

    I'm not sure of the official English title, but I remember Simon Soundman singing about "a train going [sound effects]/rain going [sound effects]/and they all remind me of you." (That last phrase recurred throughout the song, as I'm guessing it does in Dutch.)
  5. Dshibshm Member

    Any idea where else I can find this song OR LYRICS in writing?
  6. Dshibshm Member

    I got the sound working. Now where is it in English?
  7. muppet_dk Active Member

  8. Dshibshm Member

    How can I translate youtube's audio to play in english?
  9. Dshibshm Member

    Is it on a soundtrack or album or anything? WHat year?
  10. muppet_dk Active Member

    Heres an idea on how to translate the audio...

    1. Take Dutch lessons
    2. Download the clip
    3. Hook a microphone to your computer
    4. Watch the clip and take the notes you need, to translate the clip using your new Dutch skills
    5. Record the new English audio with your own voice
    6. Combine the video and audio

    and you now have a translated audio version of the clip :)
  11. Dshibshm Member

    Very funny! Why do I wanna take Dutch lessons?
  12. muppet_dk Active Member

    That way you can translate the clip, it's quite simple.

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