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Dinner Date Disaster

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Feb 19, 2018.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Ahoy hoy! Happy President's day to everyone - those having to be at work or school and those of us (like me, yay!) who don't! Before you say anything - I know about 2 Ball. It will, one day, be finished. I totally promise. And...AND...just for reference sake, I will also - hopefully - be starting that season of The Muppets that I said I was going to do.

    Which leads me to today's offering...your next Miss Piggy's Muppet Adventure! Much like Bogan County Beauty Brouhaha and The Great Beartender, this is another parody of a Designing Women favorite of mine, The Bachelor Auction. If you haven't seen it, you can check the video out below. It also has a slight crossover with another episode, One Night With You (which unfortunately, I can't seem to find anywhere).

    What does this have to do with that season 2 I mentioned? Well, this fic - which takes place during the Up Late universe - would take place after Kermit and Piggy have returned from Thailand (which was the premise of Because...Love) and are navigating towards a hopeful and positive reconciliation. Luckily, as with most my stuff (unless specified), you can read this without needing to read the season 2 stuff and vice versa (most likely).

    Anyway, here's you vid if you wanna watch the inspiration and we've got story sign in 3...2...1!

  2. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Miss Piggy’s Muppet Adventures Presents

    Miss Piggy | Scooter Grosse


    Dinner Date Disaster

    Downtime on the set of Up Late with Miss Piggy was never really downtime. Even if the cast and crew had a few days or months off, it wasn’t unheard of for someone to be in the studio doing something. On a Friday morning – a day when the show wasn’t even being broadcasted or recorded – the cast and some of the crew were none the less loitering around the snack table, getting caffeine and sugar fixes.

    Fridays were usually the day the cast sat around coming up with ideas for the next week’s show; next week however, the show was off, which meant there was really no reason for anyone to be on the lot for Up Late. Kermit the Frog, executive producer and director for Up Late, knew better of course – working with these people for so many years had instilled a sixth sense within him, to the point where he could pinpoint the very moment one or more people had done something that would reflect badly back on them.

    Because…of course.

    With that in mind, Kermit had called in members to go over ideas for upcoming shows, just to get ahead of the curve. It didn’t work the way he had wanted because while he had head writer Gonzo the Great and co-host/announcer Fozzie Bear standing with him, he hadn’t seen his assistant producer, their unneeded R&D scientists, the crew, the house band, or the show’s host since he arrived.

    Fozzie was currently retelling a strange encounter he had with Jerry Seinfeld and an actual soup Nazi, when Miss Piggy, said host of Up Late, came waltzing in. “Ahoy hoy,” she replied, coming over to stand next to the frog. The two had been carefully building up their romantic relationship, wanting to avoid their past hang ups and historic arguments that could start at the drop of a hat.

    Their impromptu vacation to Thailand had reminded both about their feelings for each other and also highlighted how much their own actions had hurt not just themselves, but their relationship and outside friendships. And though they both seemed to be on the same page about starting again, they were actually doing their best to keep their new friendship intact, something neither of them had ever bothered with in the past.

    “Bon jour, Piggy,” Kermit responded, sending a bright smile her way and was rewarded with an affectionate squeeze on his arm. “Thanks for coming in today. I know you might be busy this weekend.”

    “Actually, Moi is,” the host said. “Yours truly happens to be on the committee for this weekend’s celebrity bachelor auction. Which reminds me, you all have to go.”

    The three Muppets looked at each other. Every year, the Presidio Tennis Club of Beverly Hills would host a charity ball to raise funds for note worthy charity. The Muppets as a whole were no strangers to presiding over events, especially for charities that were near and dear to their little felt hearts. And while none of the three would probably turn down the request, it was a little late to be asking them to be a part of it.

    “What for?” Gonzo asked, thinking the same thing the other two were.

    Seeing the executive assistant Scooter Grosse walk through the door and over to them, Piggy quickly slung an around his shoulders. “Because our dear Andrew here is one of the bachelors.”

    “Scooter!” Fozzie exclaimed, excited that one of them would represent the group and that the one who would wasn’t him. “That doesn’t sound like you.”

    “Why not?” the red head asked. “This year they’re helping the Tech Museum of Innovation and Girls that Code, both of which I not only support but am actively funding, so of course I’d want to help out. And besides, having women fight over themselves to get a date with me is kinda awesome.”

    “Scooter,” Kermit began, giving the assistant a look. “You mean to tell me you’re perfectly comfortable with being seen as mindless, sex object to be used as a toy by your good looks and body?”

    Scooter didn’t a moment before answering with, “Yes. Yes, I would like that very much.”

    “And Moi is of course teaching him.” Giving him a squeeze, she said, “I’m gonna teach you everything there to going out on that runway and making women – and men – go crazy over you.” Gripping his arm tightly, the diva looked at her favorite partner in crime. “I want you to be the highest priced guy there.”

    “Oh, we’re so going to win!”

    The matching gleams in their eyes really should’ve tipped Kermit off and suddenly having the two of them go off together, laughing maniacally didn’t help. Which is why the frog murmured, “There’s that feeling again.”

    “What feeling?” Fozzie asked.

    “That feeling of dread I always get whenever Piggy and Scooter start working together. Usually ends up with the two of them destroying something. And it never bodes well, especially for me.” A few seconds later, the frog groused, “And we have a meeting!” calling after the two and somehow knowing they either didn’t hear him or were most likely ignoring him.

  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    The Presidio Tennis Club was built in the mid-1930s and saw the crème de la crème of stars and starlets of Hollywood’s golden age. Originally a one-story country club with access to six tennis courts, the Presidio had undergone several renovations to update its look and membership for the modern age; it was now a sprawling 34,000 square foot clubhouse that spanned four acres of land.

    The clubhouse itself boasted three new workout rooms with state of the cardio machines, new weight rooms, and even a new Pilates studio, complete with renovated locker rooms with new showers. The main floor showcased a new staircase that led up to an upstairs dinning hall and event area, which then led to the rooftop patio. The second floor also revamped its bar area, which offered an accompanying poolside bar next to the 25-meter lap pool behind the clubhouse.

    As it was the Presidio Tennis Club, there were nine full sized courts, along with a full tennis coaching staff for adult, children, and group lessons, plus the ability to create tennis matches.

    For the celebrity charity bachelor auction, the Presidio had staged it within the large banquet hall on the second floor, with a brief mixer taking place on the roof top patio beforehand. Per Piggy’s instructions, Kermit – along with Fozzie and Gonzo – had arrived a little before lunch on the second floor and were almost immediately accosted by a multitude of women who either knew or didn’t know them.

    “What is happening right now?” Fozzie questioned, looking around them in a panic.

    “I don’t know,” Gonzo replied. “But I’m about 82% sure that Rita Moreno just groped me.”

    Seeing the pig responsible for getting them into this, Kermit quickly got her attention as she came down the stairs from the roof. “Piggy!”

    “Hey!” she exclaimed, throwing an arm around both the frog and the bear. “It’s my two favorite Muppets. And Gonzo.”

    “Thanks for including me, babe.”

    “Piggy,” Kermit hissed, looking around the room. “What the heck is going on?”

    “Oh!” the diva replied, though it was more of a shout than actual statement. “So…keep an eye on your wallets, so to speak. There’s this 2 for 1 daquiri special going on upstairs and I think…everyone used it to their advantage.”

    “Not you, though,” Fozzie said, positively, only to have the diva smirk at him.

    “Are you kidding?” she chuckled. “It’s a daquiri, man. Those things are delicious. Anyway, come on come on come on.”

    It was clear that Piggy, though not nearly as hyped up as some of the other women within the hall, had obviously taken advantage of the two for one special, so her insistent “come on”s sound more like hurried “c’mon”s as she ushered them to a table near the front of a slightly raised platform that would act as the event stage.

    It was a short stage, allowing for a backstage area that was surrounded with a large curtain. It was from there that Scooter poked his head out, desperate to get the attention of the others without anyone noticing. It didn’t work of course because as soon as Piggy saw him, she loudly yelled, “Hey look! There’s Scooter! Hi!”

    The assistant made a grimace before looking around to see if anyone heard that. Thankfully, most seemed to be distracted by whatever else and that whatever wasn’t him. The diva none the less snapped to bring his attention back to her, whispering some last-minute instructions. “Lick your lips. Smile. There’s my boy!”

    Smiling nervously, Scooter hissed, “Kermit, can I see you for a moment, please?” before ducking back behind the curtain.

    “I…uh…guess I’ll be right back.”

    Kermit made his way towards the backstage area, where a number of the ‘bachelors’ were standing around, waiting for the event to start. It was less celebrity and more additional behind the scenes support to those celebrities, though the frog noticed that there a few local celebrities, such as radio hosts Big Mac McCarthy and Rosie Marquez and television actor Mikey McGee.

    Scooter was easy to find – the young ward was dressed stylishly in a three-piece red fitted suit that matched his hair color. The dress shirt was a black low collar that didn’t need a tie and matched the slick polished black leather dress shoes. Scooter had decided to go without the jacket, leaving him with just the four button vest that hovered over a belt with a large gold buckle.

    His familiar mop top had been styled into a stylish faux hawk, surprising the frog at the page’s new look. “You clean up pretty good, Scooter,” he said, nodding to the outfit choice.

    For the first since Piggy had talked him into this, Scooter smiled. “Really?” he asked. “Wasn’t sure about the hair style, but…that’s actually neither here or there.” Pointing towards the curtain, he asked, “What is going on out there? I’ve heard nothing but…literal hooting and hollering.”

    “Yeah…” Kermit said, grimacing slightly. “Apparently there was a two for one drink special before this upstairs and it seems that…well, they’re all a bit rowdy.”

    “A bit rowdy?” Scooter asked, sarcastically. “That’s like saying you’re a bit green. Oh my god.” The younger Muppet sighed, running a hand over his face. “Okay, I’ve changed my mind. Kermit, I can’t do this. I don’t want to be a sex object anymore!”

    “Gee, buddy,” Kermit said, a look of sympathy on his face. “I wanna get you out of this, but short of trying to shuffle you past the crowd out there, I don’t think there’s anything I can do.”

    “Actually…” the page said, grabbing the frog by the arm and leading towards the curtain. Opening it partway, the two stared out into the crowd of women. Pointing slightly to a Whatnot who was, ironically enough, sitting behind Kermit’s own table, Scooter said, “That’s Margaret Petersen.”

    The Whatnot was peach in color, though more on the pinkish side of the spectrum, with long wavy brunette locks flowing around her shoulders. Getting a glimpse of Scooter, she smiled devilishly his way. “She’s a talent agent who happens to work with a few of our guests,” he explained. “And unfortunately, she has a crush on me and no matter how much I’ve tried to make it clear to her – short of having a plane fly overhead with a banner – she’s not taking no for an answer.”

    At seeing Scooter, Petersen immediately took out a large roll of cash and began to count it, causing the red head to panic. “Oh crud,” he whispered. “Look at how much money she has! She’s going to buy me, Kermit! You can not let this happen! My life and weekend are in your hands!”

    Despite the melodramaticness of it, the frog could see the prospect of being ‘bought’ by this Petersen person weighed heavy on the shoulders of his assistant producer. Assuring him he’d take care of it, Kermit left the worried page while he went back to his own table. The others had already sat down, leaving the empty chair for him, though he noted Piggy opted not to sit next to him. He tried to brush it off – obviously Piggy wanted to be at angle to see Scooter, her pet project for this thing, though why Fozzie and Gonzo decided not take leave the chair next to her – the one the comic sat in – empty, he didn’t know.

    The group sat through three bachelors, including TV star Mikey McGee, who went for a cool five hundred dollars. As they watched, Gonzo noticed with a strange observance that they were currently the only male beings in that room and he said as much to the rest of the table.

    “Full disclosure,” Piggy whispered, roughly. “Moi wasn’t sure if we’d be short on bachelors, so…just in case…”

    “Completely underhanded, but I see your point,” Gonzo said. “Well, if there is a shortage and -” taking a look around the room, the writer thought there was a distinct possibility. “You need a sacrificial Muppet, so to speak, I nominate Kermit. You could totally get a high price for him.”

    “Hey, that’s a good idea!” Fozzie agreed. “Who wouldn’t want to take Kermit out on a date?”

    “Right?” Piggy asked. “Everyone loves him!”

    “Sitting right here,” grumbled the frog. “In case you forgot. And I don’t want to be bought.”

    “Aw, why not?” Piggy pouted. “We could totally get a good price for you. I mean, we should drive Scooter’s price up, cause you know…that’s end game, but Moi would not be opposed to you being the second highest priced guy here.”

    “I’m not having this conversation with you.”

    Finally, thankfully, Scooter’s name was called, causing the room to break out into yelling and whistling, even from Gonzo and Piggy once they saw the page’s attire. “Next up is Andrew Grosse, assistant producer for Up Late with Miss Piggy.”

    As taught by his evil overlord, Scooter did his thing on the runway, walking with the confidence Piggy had told him to have. The trick, she had told him, was to believe that not only were people there to see you, but that you would be winning the competition. Despite the fact that this wasn’t a competition, per se, but the very notion that Scooter could walk away from this event not just helping out charities he cared about but bringing home more money than anyone else did spark his competitive streak.

    Now, with a room full of seemingly man hungry women, full of liquor and apparently flush full of cash, the assistant was completely rethinking this idea; the prospect of being bought was suddenly more daunting, especially with Margret ‘The Predator’ Petersen just waiting to get her hands on him.

    “Besides being the assistant for Up Late,” the hostess continued once Scooter made his way back to stand next to her. “Andrew is also a former employee of the Google engineering team and has even done a TED Talk. I would sure like to see him give an oral report.” Looking at her notes, the hostess asked, “What does that mean?”

    Not getting an answer, the hostess continued with the event. “Your night with Andrew will consist of dinner for two, cooked by our very own Chef Marquez, right in your own home. We’ll start the bidding at one hundred dollars.”

    Petersen made the first move. “One hundred dollars!”

    “150!” shouted another.

    “200 dollars!” Petersen cried.

    “I certainly wouldn’t buy him,” Kermit piped up. “Those glasses are too large for his face.”

    Everyone at the table looked at him. “Kermit!” Fozzie hissed, shocked by the frog’s comment.

    “225!” shouted another.


    “I mean,” Kermit continued. “Look at that bottom. It’s completely flat.”

    Piggy leaned over to look at him. “What is wrong with you!?”



    Standing quickly, Kermit shouted, “325!”

    “375!” cried Petersen, standing as well and hurrying to stand next to the frog.


    “450!” Petersen shouted. Turning to glare at Kermit, she asked, “I thought you said his butt was flat.”

    “500!” Kermit countered. “I like ‘em flat,” he retorted. “The flatter the better.”

    “525!” Petersen continued.


    Kermit turned to his left, seeing Gonzo standing next to him. The writer shrugged. “Figured we’re doing this for Scooter,” he said. “Besides, you’re kinda playing this on the weak side; you need to up the ante.”

    “600!” Petersen called.

    Scooter waited for one or both of his friends to raise up the price, but Kermit was adamant about not going any higher than five hundred dollars and Gonzo was stopping at five seventy-five. “Six hundred dollars,” the hostess repeated. “Going once…”

    “Six hundred dollars!?” Piggy protested, leaning back in her chair in a huff. “That’s it?”

    “Piggy, keep your voice down,” Kermit chastised, taking his seat again along with Gonzo.

    “Come on, Piggy,” Fozzie said. “Calm down. Six hundred is a lot money.”

    “Look, we know you coached you and you were expecting a higher amount,” Kermit replied. “But Fozzie’s right. And this is for charity after all and that six hundred dollars will do a lot of good.”

    “Six hundred going twice…”

    “Besides,” Gonzo asked. “How much were you expecting him to go for?”

    “Well, at least a thousand!”

    “Sold!” the hostess replied. “To that lovely pig right there for one thousand dollars.”

    Petersen huffed in annoyance, turning from the front and muttering about preferential treatment among Muppet members. Scooter of course was thrilled, giving the diva two thumbs up for saving him from who knows what or who. For those at the table, the end result was rather stunning.

    “And like the hands of tempered fate,” Kermit mumbled. “Once again this partnership does not bode well for me.”

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  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    For a minute I was worried knowing the outcome of this ficlet when Kermit got up to bid for Scooter. Thankfully it went the other way I would have expected this little ficlet to end with Piggy inadvertently winning the auction herself. Thanks for posting this Gins.
  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hey! It's you!

    Aw, you thought Kermit was gonna have to go on a date with Scooter, didn't you? Nope.

    And that isn't the only twist and turn you'll get here. Oh, hey. You might be able to answer this question - so apparently, now that I have another free trial of Hulu, I noticed that the Muppets are no longer on it, which is kinda sucky, but...where else would it be? I guess Amazon, right? What about the YouTube?

    I swear, our lives would be easier and better served if Netflix would totally pick up the show. I will hopefully get you the next section...later today? I dunno, I have been dragging like no one's business this weekend, getting very little done, I'll tell you what.
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    As for finding the 2015 Muppets series online, I wouldn't really know. Heck, I still haven't gotten either of the two latest films for my Muppet library, there are a few other films I needs to get also for my personal collection too.
    Maybe talk to some of the tape traders here at the forums, they could get you DVD copies of the whole run.

    As for getting things done... Now that I have access to my Wordpad files once again (frelling have to buy/install the newest version of JAWS), I've been tweaking the write-up descripts of the characters for my Numbervania realm. Finally made the decision to bring in the whole Land of the Dead cast from The Corpse Bride and not just the ones I've already gotten done. Sure, that'll bring the total up to 140 instead of 130, but it works for the purposes of the grand scheme anyway.

    As for the story update, post when it's done, don't rush it or feel bad for not posting it today if there's other stuff claiming your attention. Just glad to see you're back with us bringing a little back of good to the rest of the forums.
  8. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I has more for you and then...I think I'm done for the moment. But here you go!

    With scheduling conflicts and an active show, the dinner date that Miss Piggy had inadvertently scored with her assistant producer was moved back by a week to the upcoming Friday. The fact of their odd circumstances did nothing to create a weird environment between the two; if anything, they tended to joke more and spent more time together.

    To anyone who knew them, this was actually nothing outside of the normal relationship Scooter and Piggy had and continued having on a daily basis.

    Ironically enough, it was Kermit who was actually discomforted by this seemingly new level of closeness the two had with each other. From the get go, Kermit had known it was a bad idea to put those two destructive forces together with each other and he had even said as much the day before the bachelor auction. And when anyone asked, that was the story he told – he was more concerned about the poor chef who would need to put up with any antics those two got into and it was always worse when no one was there to supervise.

    And certainly, the frog’s feelings on the matter had nothing to do with his current relationship status with Piggy nor did he even calculate Scooter’s previous crush on the diva into matters at hand.

    Needless to say, the closer it got to Friday, the more antsy the frog became.

    It was unbearable enough that Fozzie and Gonzo had practically dragged him out of the studio and across the street to the Tavern bar, which was owned by fellow Muppet performer Rowlf the Dog. Friday afternoons were steady, which is why the group tried to keep themselves out of the owner’s hair, but considering some of them were also part owners themselves, Rowlf never missed an opportunity to snag someone to cover something for him.

    Currently, the bar was ending its lunch run, with only a few patrons left sitting at tables and finishing off food, drinks, and conversation. Rowlf was busy wiping down the bar, which was where the trio currently sat and had been sitting for nearly thirty minutes, listening to Kermit rant and rave about Scooter and Piggy.

    “You know,” he continued. “I was trying to have a conversation with Piggy earlier and Scooter just shows up, out of nowhere, and you know what he says to her? He says “I’ll see you tonight”. What the heck does that mean?”

    “I think it means,” Gonzo began. “That…he’ll see her…tonight.” Rolling his eyes in exasperation, the writer had the nerve to even laugh in his frog’s face. “You know, for someone who shouldn’t even care, you seem to be all up in arms about this. I thought you and Piggy were taking things slowly.”

    “We are!” the frog exclaimed.

    “He’s right, Kermit,” Fozzie added. “You seem really bothered by this whole thing.”

    “Are you kidding me?” A desperate Kermit looked to Rowlf, only to have the bartender shrug. “No one sees any problem in this scenario!?”

    “First of all,” Rowlf said. “It’s Scooter. Second, and correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they normally share some sort of meal together during the week anyway? And lastly, I’m with Gonzo on this. I was under the impression you and Piggy were approaching your relationship from a different angle.”

    Kermit was literally at a loss for words. Did none of them see any issue here? And why did they keep reminding him about his past relationship with Piggy? He was well aware of what the two of them were doing, thank you very much, so he didn’t need to be reminded of a decision that he had mutually come to with the pig. The two of them had a very long and, if he could admit it, painful talk about where their last relationship had led them, which began a very honest talk about what they both wanted this time around.

    It meant Kermit had to admit feelings he had either tried to conceal or outright ignore, not because he didn’t feel them or even care, but because…well…because he was an idiot. The quintessential bachelor who was afraid to be completely tied down, especially in a town where the number of long term relationships dwindled daily. Kermit loved Piggy, had always loved her, and would no doubt always and forever be in love with her.

    That was just a fact.

    And because of that love, he was just looking out for her. They may have agreed to take things slow, but they never explicitly said they wouldn’t or couldn’t see other people. Not that Piggy and Scooter would suddenly start seeing each other…

    “Okay, well…” the frog sputtered. “I’m gonna counter all those reasons right now by saying yes, it is Scooter. The same Scooter who’s had a crush on Piggy since he was fourteen. Second, just how many meals do you think those two are having because it was my understanding these were ‘occasional’ meetings, and third…I am well aware of the status of my relationship with Piggy, so despite your previous influences, talks, threats, and innuendo, I know where our allegiance to each other lies.

    “And I’ll tell you what,” he continued. “I’m a little concerned that no one else is concerned for the host of possibilities this night could bring and I certainly don’t think Piggy’s in the position to…um…”

    “To…?” Gonzo hedged.

    Backtracking as quickly as he could, Kermit said, “You know what? If you guys can’t see what’s happening here, then I’m not going to explain it to you.” He was done. Too many years spent being the Greek chorus to his romantic woes had made the three blind, that was obvious.

    Gonzo spared a look at Rowlf, who threw back one of his own before turning back to Kermit. “Me thinks the frog protests too much.”

    “Hear hear,” Gonzo agreed.

    Unbelievable! “Unbelievable!” he exclaimed. “What? What exactly am I protesting? Cause it’s nothing and you guys know it.”

    Fozzie, who sat on the other side of the frog, placed a hand on his shoulder and sighed. “Kermit,” he said. “Best frog and frog of my heart, it’s been obvious for a while now that you still have feelings Piggy.”

    “Fozzie, I just said…”

    “Frog, I’m talking now,” the bear interrupted. “From the heart. As I was saying, it’s clear you still have feelings for Piggy, so you’re viewing this date between her and Scooter as something more than it is. Given the fact that they get along so well, and as you mentioned, Scooter did have that crush on her is making you believe and actively consider Scooter to be a rival for your affections.

    “And actually,” he mused. “It’s not really Scooter you have a problem with. Technically, you could substitute for any one of us because, let’s be honest, who here hasn’t had a crush on Piggy at some point? No, I think it’s more of the fact that because the two of you are changing the perimeters of your relationship, your insecurities are manifesting themselves.

    “The truth of the matter is you’re afraid Piggy might not still have feelings for you and that she may have moved on.”

    The others looked at Fozzie in stunned reverence. While the bear was easily the heart of the organization, none of them could remember him ever giving such heartfelt advice. In fact, it was actually making them wonder if everything was okay in Fozzie’s romantic life, but that was something they would have to address at some other.

    “What he said,” Rowlf replied, after a moment.

    “Eloquently put, Bear,” the weirdo seconded.

    “That’s…that is…completely idiotic,” the frog stammered. “Look, we all know that Scooter…can’t handle his alcohol, so…you know…if there’s any alcohol involved, it’s our duty to make sure he’s not…acting in a manner that is not befitting his personality. Or us, cause we certainly didn’t raise him like that.”

    “So what exactly did you want to do?” Gonzo asked. “What? Storm over there and spy on their date?”

    This is what finally caused Kermit to perk up. “Yes,” he said, excitedly. “Yes! That’s a brilliant plan!”

    “That’s a horrible plan,” the writer countered. “And you should not be taking suggestions from me on this.”

    “They’ll be over at Piggy’s,” the frog plowed on, heedless to any doubts from the others. “We go over there and we make sure nothing…at all, happens. Perfect! Say no more.”

    “No, I feel like we should say more.”

    Smacking Gonzo on the arm, he said, “Great idea, Gonzo! I’ll see you at 6pm!”

    Kermit was quick to jump off the stool and hurry out, assumedly, hopefully, back to the studio and not to some spy gear store. Three confused and concerned Muppets were left in his wake. “Well, that escalated quickly,” Rowlf retorted.


    What's up next, G? Well, Piggy and Scooter try to have a perfectly innocent dinner. Hilarity ensues.
  9. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Huh... For some reason I feel like Kerm's letting the green-eyed monster take too much of a hold on him. Yes, I can see him being miffed?, mift? at Scooter and Piggy's mock-date. But like, rully frog, weren't you the one saying you wanted a slower relationship with Lady Bacon?
    *Hotel commercial reference: S'up Lady Bacon.

    For another weird reason, I'm also buying into Stewie Griffin's conspiracy about wrong-sounding Muppets. Fozzie wise and inciteful in personal matters, Gonzo offering up common sense instead of random weirdness, Kermit acting like Sam the Eagle in how their corporate image cannot be besmirched in any manner at all... It just makes you think, what happened to the original spirit of the Muppets.

    And then Crazy Harry comes in preaching about his conversion to becoming a master confectioner of baked goods.
    Or we could just fire off the penguin cannons for a quick Segway out of this post. :zany: :p :crazy: :laugh:
  10. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Yeah, it could also be a last minute change. I came up with this idea when I think the last movie came out, so it was originally going to take place after MMW, then I revised it for the show, so the event would've taken place after Kermit's break up with Denise, THEN like literally this week I went, well...what if I tied it in with that season 2 I keep saying Im gonna do and then maybe I'll like, you know, actually sit down and 1. watch the series to its completion and 2. actually sit down and write this.

    And this is what we get!

    It's something Gonzo points out at the end. Fun fact - I was actually going to have him ask in what universe were they in when he was the voice of reason, but I thought Rowlf's line was funnier.

    I'm sure this will all make more sense when I actually write down those season 2 stories. It'll happen. It will happen, I don't know when, but it will. If it makes you happy, I'm trying to get myself to sit down and start that TBH. I was very detailed in these.

    You know that's a lie. Crazy Harry's baked goods are just a red herring. Fun fact: did you know the guy who invented the Segway died in a freak Segway accident? The more you know!
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah, I know the baked goods were a rousse... Since Crazy Harry went into business with The Breadmaster, one of the Tick's nemeses.

    Gots some ficshots I'd like to sit down and write, but more awesome longish fics and working on the write-ups for the characters for my realm of Numbervania takes up most of my "free" time. Especially when I have to depend on my brother being available once I find the character in question to ask him to describe said character's visual appearance to me. :sigh:

    Talk to you tomorrow Gins.

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