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"Down in Fraggle Rock" DVD coming 1/17/06

Discussion in 'Fraggle Rock' started by Kimp the Shrimp, Jan 10, 2006.

  1. getup

    getup Well-Known Member

    i knew that. he said there was that one AND one if you find the easter egg. at the moment i hadn't found the egg, then i did right after i wrote that. and discovered that the bonus episode is the same both times. so there's a way to get to it without doing the trivia. i feel cheated
  2. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

  3. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    My DVD arrived today in the mail, Its great, especially as it has Wembley's Egg on it, which up to now I have only had on an old VHS tape.

    Anyway, I managed to do the Fraggle chalenge, to unlock the bonus episode. I believe there is a 'Easter Egg' which also unlocks it?? I have so far not been able to find this shortcut to it, even though it's meant to be really easy to find!! Unless its at the end of an episode as I have not watched tham all yet?? Can anyone help?????????

    All in all, this is a nice disc, with some rarer epsodes on it, I think the cover art is probably the worse yet on the single disc release, and as mentioned above there is no news on new or upcoming releases!!

  4. Gorgon Heap

    Gorgon Heap Well-Known Member

    Which episode is the bonus?

    David "Gorgon Heap" Ebersole
  5. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    "Junior Faces the Music"
  6. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Do you know where the Easter Egg is Kyle? I've seen the ep. but I really don't wanna go through Fraggle Challenge just to see it again...:smirk:
  7. GelflingWaldo

    GelflingWaldo Well-Known Member

    There are six episodes on the disc.

    The DVD has ther 3 regular episodes (1. Boober's Dream; 2. Wembley's Egg; 3. Red's Blue Dragon), but there are 2 additional Fraggle Rock episodes on the disc. If you pass the Fraggle Rock Quiz (hosted by Red with new audio by Karen Prell) you will be treated to the fourth episode (4. Junior Faces the Music). The fifth episode is hidden elsewhere on the disc. I'm not telling you where it is or what it is, you'll have to find out on your own (5. ??? HIDDEN EPISODE ???). Also don't forget there is an addition episode of the Animated Fraggle Rock show - so basicly a sixth episode (6. Animated: Gobo's Song / Wembley and the Bemble).

    And there's also Fraggle-oke and an except from "Down at Fraggle Rock" (about Traveling Matt). Overall a great little DVD.
  8. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    Don't know myself. Sorry Ry.
  9. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    Thats Not Fair!! :rolleyes:

    I searched everywhere for this so called 'Easter Egg' but I cant find it anywhere? So, is this correct that there is actually another Fraggle episode, when you find it??( I thought it was a short cut to Junior faces the music!!).

    If someone knows where this is please let me know, you can email me at COcon14675@aol.com if you dont want to post it and spoil the surprise for others.

    Please help, this is really frustrating!!

  10. Kermieuk

    Kermieuk Well-Known Member

    AT LAST,

    I just found where the hidden Easter Egg is. Its not easy, you have to moving the curser the right way, then when it finds it, move the curser another way, and you need to be in the right screen too. Not easy at all, and these single release discs are for Kids!!? Lol, Then they'd prolly find it straight away!!
    Anyway, finding it this way opens the Challenge episode, Junior faces The Music, Not yet another different episode. Nice to be able to skip the quiz though, that takes ages.

    Do any of the other Fraggle DVD releases have these 'Eggs' that skip to the bonus episode??

    Cheers Guys

  11. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    now i'll have to fi nd the dvd lol
  12. zeldazipple

    zeldazipple Well-Known Member

    I thought the DVDS were for everyone, but I guess they were aimed for younger kids... I don't have the DVD I might waite a few months until it gets cheap then buy it than, like I did with season 1. Wehere I live when S 1 came out it was 60 dollars but I waited 4 months and for it for 40. I remeber I baught Live By The Rule Of The Rock when it first came out for 20 dollars just to find it came down to 10, 2 months later. But that's typicial for any video or DVD that's brand new. I remeber finding the Labrynth once, and it was 80 dollars but it had all kinds of extras and bomus features over 4 hours of stuff encluding the movie. So it's going to be a while before I buy that one. lol
  13. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    5th episode? Wha?:smirk:

  14. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    is it the Wembley Head??????????

    "Junior Faces the Music"

    what is the title of the 5th Episode
  15. Traveling Matt

    Traveling Matt Well-Known Member

    Would anyone who has discovered the 5th episode please kindly inform others how to get to it?

    The "Wembley Head" icon has, I think, been found but it only serves as a shortcut to the Fraggle Challenge episode ("Junior Faces the Music.")

    Is there a 5th episode on this disk or not?

    Thanks :)
  16. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    HIT said there is NO hidden FIFTH EPISODE
  17. Fozzie Bear

    Fozzie Bear Well-Known Member

    See what they say about Season Two on DVD now.
  18. Foodie

    Foodie Well-Known Member

    Yeah! I wanna SEE what they SAY! :smirk: :excited:

  19. Kimp the Shrimp

    Kimp the Shrimp Well-Known Member

    They have no word yet
  20. G-MAN

    G-MAN Well-Known Member

    I just got the DVD today, and I love "Junior Faces The Music", plus it was cool to see "Boober's Dream" again.

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