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Download the Star Wars episode right here!

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Clean Gultch, Sep 18, 2002.

  1. Clean Gultch New Member

  2. scarecroe Active Member

    Sounds like a lot of work for a crappy video file. I have a better idea: leave the confines of your homes and make your way to your local DVD store; shell out $12 for The Muppet Show volume 2 on DVD; return home and enjoy.
  3. ssetta Active Member

    I actually have seen these 2 online episodes, and I actually liked the fact that it even had the footage of the director and everything, but that person who put those episodes on line is not a fan of Sesame Street, he's a really big fan of Star Wars. I don't even know where he would get those episodes, and especially put them online. I told the people at CTW, and they knew nothing about it. What he did is totally illegal.
  4. Jeffrey Gray Member

    And worse yet, they're just the inserts! Not the whole episodes (which would have been cooler).
  5. Drtooth Well-Known Member

  6. Clean Gultch New Member

    Jeez, i was only trying to help youi relieve old episodes. sorry for trying to please you.
  7. ssetta Active Member

    Well, at least there's one way to see those 2 episodes. Maybe someday, someone can put all the Unpaved episodes online.
  8. scarecroe Active Member

    Pardon me, my rant was with the assumption that this was about the Star Wars ep of TMS.
  9. baby sinclair New Member

    ssetta do you have a bad habit of keeping secrets you just on that person and now some people won't get to down load it. Man quit tattling like Dr. Tooth said and hey i found fraggle episodes at kazaa.com and don't tell like a preschooler. PLEASE I LOVE KAZAA.
  10. ssetta Active Member

    I wasn't actually trying to tattle. I don't even know if he got in trouble for it. Who knows, maybe, somehow, he did get permission from the workshop. And why wouldn't people be able to download it? I was able to download it, and it worked. It would not really be illegal for viewers to download it, but if he didn't get permission, it would be illegal for him to make them available for download without permission of the workshop. And if he didn't get away with it, the episodes probably wouldn't still be available. And I promise I won't tell anyone about Fraggle Rock. :)
  11. roadrat15 New Member

    Thanks for trying anyway,Clean Gultch. I appreciate ya.
  12. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    I just wished this guy wasn't such a real jerk when it came to sesame.


    Maybe that's the reason his generation is $%&%ed up!
  13. ssetta Active Member

    Don't call me a jerk, or swear at me! I'm sorry!
  14. roadrat15 New Member

    Now,now children; play nice or no milk and cookies before beddiebyes!
  15. Clean Gultch New Member

    he was talking about the guy at x-e, not you. calm down.
  16. Drtooth Well-Known Member

    No No No!!! Not you ssetta, the guy who ran the site. Read what he has to say! It'll really enrage you if you like Sesame!

    But you guys here, you're my kinda folks! :D

    The tattle tale thing was a joke!
  17. roadrat15 New Member

    You get a double portion of Scooby snacks for playing so nice today!

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