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Dr.Teeth and the Time Before the Mayhem

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by fictionalnice, Aug 10, 2012.

  1. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Poor Zoot, hope hes ok!
  2. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Another update on wednesday!
  3. FloydxJanice776

    FloydxJanice776 Well-Known Member

  4. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

  5. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: I'm back with a new chappy! Hope you'll love it! Please comment! Enjoy!

    Lip’s jumped forward quickly and caught Zoot before he fell to the ground. “What the?!” Dr. Teeth shouted out as Lips proceeded to gently carry Zoot to the couch. “what happened?” Shrugging Lips sat near Zoot’s head

    “I don’t know…he just…passed out.” Janice picked up the phone off of the ground and put it to her ear “Hmm…Well, whoever it, like, was hung up.” She hung up the phone as Floyd offered “Why don’t we just continue the story. Zoot can tell us what happened when he wakes up.”

    Every halfheartedly agreed and once again Floyd, Janice, Kermit, Lips, and Dr. Teeth took their seats. Floyd had sent animal out back to hang with Gonzo. So, worried about Zoot they continued.


    “I can’t believe you would say that!!!” Zoot laughed as they walked out of class together, Eugene just grinned ignoring the looks he was receiving “I can’t help myself! He’s just so easy!” T

    hey continued down the hall in silence for a while, until Zoot noticed everyone giving Eugene weird looks, as though he were diseased or had personally done something to each one of them “What the heck is everyone staring at!” he exclaimed looking around infuriated.

    Eugene shook his head and patted Zoot on the shoulder “Nothing, don’t worry about it.” Zoot groaned but nodded, but it still got on his nerves. The day progressed very slowly and soon the two of them found themselves at lunch.

    “This isn’t so bad.” Zoot commented biting an apple, Eugene smiled “Knock on wood for god sakes man! Don’t jinx us before the day is out.” “Well, well, well.” A new voice spoke, Eugene groaned “Oh for the love of annoyance.”

    Zoot turned around in his seat, Wayne smiled as Zoot looked between him and Eugene “Hello there, I’m Wayne.” He greeted extending a hand to Zoot, Zoot on the other hand cocked an eyebrow “Ok…and I care why?” Wayne scowled “I have heard a lot about you, but let me ask you. Why are you hanging out with metal mouth freak here?”

    Zoot was appalled, but decided to play it cool “Well I prefer to hang out with someone my one species.” Zoot forced himself not to laugh as he heard Eugene chuckle into his hand, the look on Wayne’s face was priceless Zoot continued “Now if you don’t mind, we’re trying to have lunch.” Wayne clenched a fist and glared “How dare you?!” he huffed and jabbed Zoot in the chest “You pathetic little-”

    “WAYNE!!” a girl shouted pushing him away from them, “Like, cut it out!” Wayne fasted both hands by his sides and snapped “Stay out of it Janice!” Eugene grinned his braces gleaming in the light, so that was her name, the girl he saw in the halls, Janice.

    She wore a white spaghetti strap crop top with a peace sign in pink on it, blue bell bottom jeans, white sneakers, and plenty of bracelets, and her blond hair was tied up “What’s you problem? Just leave them alone! What have they ever done to you anyway?”

    Wayne frowned and looked back toward the two who just sat their grinning like cheetahs. “You’re lucky.” He warned, but Janice just snapped putting her hands on her hips “GO!” with one last glare Wayne stalked off. Janice sighed and turned toward Zoot and Eugene

    “Hey, I’m sorry about him, he can be a real jerk.” Zoot was silent, but Eugene just waved a hand “You mean stuck up? Yeah, I’ve noticed.” Janice held out a hand to Eugene “I’m Janice! I’ve seen you around the school, but we’ve never met before! Well, I mean like, properly!” Eugene laughed “I’m Eugene miss Janice.”

    Zoot wasn’t mad, he was aw struck, this girl was so beautiful, and when she turned toward him to shake hands in an introduction “Hi! You must be new! I’m Janice!” Zoot paled considerably, and stood up he shook her hand unable to speak, so Eugene introduced him for him

    “that’s Zoot. Just started today.” Janice smiled “Nice to meet you!” as Zoot looked away blushing, she turned to Eugene and asked “So, why does Wayne hate you so much?” Eugene grinned and shrugged “He’s just jealous because his crush Wanda is head over heels for me and not him.”

    She put a hand on her hip “Still, that’s not right for him to be so like, mean.” Eugene nodded “Yeah, I can handle him though.” She smiled and looked back toward her friends who were calling her over and said “I have to go. Catch you later, ok?” “Alright.” Eugene smiled and waved her off. Zoot cleared his throat looking flustered and caught sight of Eugene just grinning cockily at him “What?!”

    “Oh nothing! Nothing!” Eugene shouted out in a sly tone, Zoot decided to change the subject “Let’s get to gym class.”


    Zoot moaned lightly interrupting the story; he rolled onto his side and slowly sat up, helped by Lips, to find everyone staring at him with deep seeded concern. Dr. Teeth immediately asked as Zoot looked around confused “Are you ok?”

    he just shook his head, not wanting to answer. Lips frowned and put a hand on his shoulder gently “Talk to us Zoot…we can help you.” Floyd agreed as he felt Janice cling to him in worry “Yeah man, you’ll drive yourself nuts holding it in!” Zoot sighed but agreed, they’d find out anyway and besides he was tired.

    “The phone rang and it was…” he paused sharing a look with Dr. Teeth “My mom.” Dr. Teeth was the only one, who truly understood, and he grew wide eyed and jaw dropped, while everyone else asked in confusion not getting why this was a big deal “That’s great Zoot! What did she want?” Janice asked eagerly.

    But Zoot grew quiet and folded his arms over his chest and muttered “Never mind…just continue.”


    The day progressed slowly, but Zoot and Eugene got through it together, cracking jokes and trying to have fun. They soon found themselves at their lockers packing up the books they will need for homework.

    “Man, what a day!” Eugene complained, shutting his locker and leaning up against it. Watching Zoot pile stuff into his lockers, Zoot agreed leaning up to put his science book away “Not as bad as I thought though.”

    Eugene was about to say something, but Zoot’s shirt had rode up a little when he reached up and he spied a large dark purple bruise. On his side, taking a step forward he gently grabbed the hem of Zoot’s shirt and pulled it up to reveal the bruise was huge! But before he could look at it Zoot yanked his shirt down and spun around slamming his locker shut

    “What are you doing?” he demanded, but Eugene shook his head “Zoot, what happened? That’s a horrible bruise!” Zoot shrugged it off “It’s nothing got hurt moving last night. Slammed right into the kitchen counter, it really sucked man.” Eugene nodded as the two of them began to walk out of the school “That does suck, gotta be more careful.”

    A/N: OH no! What's up with Zoots mom!? What will happen between Janice and Zoot? When is Floyd comming in!? Why am I asking all the questions that I know the answers to!?! Stay tuned for a brand new chappy next thursday!! or sooner it all depends! Hope you loved it!
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  6. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Why would Zoot faint? Like, nice!
  7. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: Sorry that took so long! I really hate these pauses, but I underestimated college...anyway! I hope you love this chappy! leave comments please! I luvs them! Enjoy!!
    Ch. 14

    Eugene noticed the next few days that Zoot became slightly distant. But they were still good friends, becoming closer all the time. One chilly Saturday afternoon Eugene and Zoot sat on the floor in Zoot’s small room leaning over basic math text books. “I hate fractions!” Zoot complained loudly scratching furiously on a piece of spare paper. Eugene looked over the top of his glasses as Zoot asked throwing his arms up “I don’t get this! What does greatest common factor mean!?”

    Crawling closer to Zoot Eugene looked at his wrong answers and gently corrected him “GCF, or greatest common factor of two basic numbers is the largest number that can be divided evenly into those two numbers.” Zoot stared at him incredulously “What?!” Eugene wasn’t stupid he got very good grades in school, always have, his favorite subject was math. And boy was he good at it.

    Sighing he grabbed his notebook and began to write out a few examples “Here it’s like this-” just as he was in the middle of the third example they both heard the front door slam very loudly. Zoot jumped and looked over at the clock on the wall, then got up and put a cassette of the beetles in turning up the volume a little, as loud bellowing arguing crept up the stairs.

    Zoot didn’t even seem fazed by it, but Eugene was tempted to open the door and find out why his parents were arguing. “Uh Zoot…why are your parents so upset?” He shrugged leaning over his worksheets, “The usual, work, bills, and their marriage…just stuff.” Eugene closed his math book

    “Are they getting divorced?” Zoot looked up at him tapping his pencil on his notepad “Probably not. The word divorce has been thrown around so much I don’t think they ever separate.” He was holding something back, Eugene could tell but he didn’t pressure him about it.

    Instead they continued to work in silence, only this time it was an awkward, and very uncomfortable considering the vicious shouting coming from downstairs. Zoot groaned and stood up again turning up the volume even louder as they could plainly here his name being thrown around. “ZOOT!!! ZOOT!!! TURN OFF THAT CRAP!!!” Zoot chose to ignore the sound of his father’s voice, and the look Eugene was giving him.

    “ZOOT! GET DOWN HERE NOW!!!” came his father’s voice as footsteps thundered up the stairs. Crossing his arms over his chest Zoot mumbled to Eugene “You should go…” Eugene nodded tempted to say something as he opened his mouth several times, but in the end he just stood, collected his items and headed for the door “See you later man.” Eugene jumped when he opened Zoot’s door to find Simon standing their fuming, Simon studied him as though offended by the teen’s presence.

    Eugene nodded at him “Sir.” And crept passed him trying not to feel worried. So begrudgingly he made his way home


    “So your mamma and pop never really got along?” Floyd asked, as Janice laid her head on his shoulder. Zoot nodded, looking distant, but Dr. Teeth scoffed “That’s putting it mildly.” Zoot shot him a nasty look, which Dr. Teeth ignored, “Aw…I’m sorry Zoot.” Janice apologized looking very sympathetic toward the unusual, confusing saxophonist. Kermit nodded “Yes, what hap-” but Zoot cut him off as he stood up facing Dr. Teeth “Um… can we talk?” taken back Dr. Teeth nodded none the less, and stood following Zoot out into the rarely ever empty kitchen.

    “What’s wrong?” He asked as Zoot stared intently at the shiny, yet worn and scratched floor “I can’t do this anymore Eugene…I-I, it was hard enough back then! I just…it’s too painful…I don’t want them to pity me… and…I’m tired.” Dr. Teeth frowned sadly, knowing full well that Zoot wasn’t talking about sleeping. Taking a step closer he wrapped a long arm around Zoot

    “Zoot, I know this must be hard for you…and…I apologize. But, keeping something like this inside, it does stuff to you. It really does! It’ll eat you out until you drive yourself crazy. But, if you talk to someone who loves you and get it out and clear, then I promise you will feel better.”

    He paused, as Zoot slowly turned to stare at him intently as though searching for a hidden clue that would tell him he was being lied to, he seemed to find nothing. “No one is going to pity you, or think any less of you. But, like our lovable, therapeutic animal, you will now be understanded my friend.” Sighing Zoot seemed almost annoyed “Your right…again.” Dr. Teeth grinned madly and sneered cockily “Oh dear Zoot! I’m always right!”

    Zoot smiled softly before it vanished from sight and he decided to mention something new “Earlier…when I fainted…someone called me…and. It was my…” Zoot trailed off fidgeting with the hem of his t-shirt before he spoke in a cracked voice “It was my mother.” Dr. Teeth was very good at putting on his best poker face, and showing little to no emotion. Which came with practice, so he did just that to keep himself from throwing something and instead asked “What did she want?”

    Zoot seemed surprised that Dr. Teeth was this calm, but spoke anyway in a cautious tone “She told me that my dad was crazy and he would do…well…anything to get his dough back…so she said to be careful…and she said…she…” Dr. Teeth gently pulled Zoot into a hug, noticing he was becoming very chocked up. Zoot didn’t know how much he needed this until he had it, and clung to Dr. Teeth as though he were his life line. After a few short minutes of standing in this comforting position Zoot mumbled “She said she was sorry.”

    Pulling away Dr. Teeth reassured him “Don’t worry about all that right now Zoot. And your dad may be crazy but there’s no way he would come here. Your safe…” he added at the skeptical look plastered on Zoot’s face

    “And if he does show up, I’m sure animal would LOVE to meet him!” Zoot smiled and chuckled softly, but still looked troubled, putting his arm back around Zoot Dr. Teeth added “And for your mamma…I don’t have any easy answers…just wait and see what comes of it. If she really mean it, she’ll try to contact you again.”

    Zoot huffed and playfully pushed him away “I’m sick of you always being right!” laughing Dr. Teeth gestured to the living room “Come on man, in the words of Floyd, let’s not beat feet. Break time is over buddy!” Feeling a little better Zoot followed Dr. Teeth back to the living room.
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  8. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

  9. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I have one more written chapter! But thats not the end! Lots more to come!
  10. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

  11. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: OMG!!! I am SOOO SORRY!!! I never meant for this to take so long! A lot has been happening in my life and it's gotten in the way! Well anyway, I'm here now! I hope you'll love this chapter! Please Comment!

    Later that same night Eugene was sitting curled up in the living room, it was nearing midnight and his mother had not yet arrived home. On top of being completely alone, it was down pouring pretty **** hard.

    So there was no possible way he was going to get any sleep. Not with thunder and lightning clapping tremendously. So he was in the living room with a steaming hot mug of coffee. He sighed staring into the fireplace, were a decent fire roaring.

    Just as he was about to get up to throw another log on the fire loud banging suddenly erupted from the front door. “What the-” Eugene asked placing his mug onto a coffee table and standing up. When Eugene opened the front door he gasped “Zoot?!” it indeed was Zoot, a sopping wet shivering version of him. “Uh…can I come in?” Eugene would have said a sarcastic remark but he was to blown away.

    So he instantly nodded and allowed him to come it, Zoot was hugging himself around the middle and he literally looked like a drown rat. Eugene vanished for a moment to get him a towel, witch Zoot gratefully wrapped around himself. And soon the two of them were sitting together in the living room. “Zoot…not that I’m unhappy to see you, but why a-” Zoot cut him off “She’s gone!”

    Eugene fell silent allowing Zoot the stage, Zoot stared intently at the fire as though wishing this was all a dream. Tears slowly rolled down his sun glassed eye’s as his voice cracked “She left! M-m-my mom told me that s-she was going for dinner…and…she left!”

    as soon as he got that out he fell quite, silent sobs escaping his lips. Eugene was at a loss of what to do, or say, or even think. He never thought this would happen to Zoot, so his eyes glossing over he got up and sat down next to him, and wrapped his arm around him, pulling him into a hug.

    Zoot leaned into Eugene making no effort to hide his sorrow, “Zoot…I’m sure she’ll be back.” But Zoot shook his head voice muffled a little since he was leaning into Eugene’s shoulder “No, when I checked her room her cloths were gone!” Zoot took off his sunglasses and chucked them hard at the wall in frustration, before he covered his face with his hands

    “Zoot,” Eugene began trying to comfort him “I am not going to make any false assumptions, or tell you that she’ll be back, because I don’t know what will happen. But, I do know that whatever goes down I’ll always be there to help whenever I can.”

    Zoot suddenly hugged him tightly “Thank you.” He whispered, Eugene patted his back and offered “Tomorrow is Saturday why don’t you spend the night?” Zoot pulled away furiously whipping his eyes with a quick nod. And as Zoot looked up at him Eugene couldn’t help but gasp “Holy sh—art!”


    “Ok now you have to show us your eye’s man!!!!” Floyd cut in, interrupting the story. Zoot looked around almost sleepily, as he found everyone was staring at him. With a frustrated sigh Zoot couldn’t see a way out of this and quite frankly he wanted them to stop badgering him.

    So rolling his eyes he snapped “Fine! Quite nagging! I’ll show you…” Dr. Teeth laughed, a bark type laugh, as Zoot shook his head.

    Everyone leaned forward eagerly as Zoot reached up and removed his sunglasses.

    “OH MY GOD!!”

    “Holy ****, I didn’t know!”


    “I know right!”

    Zoot was blushing a deep shade of maroon, as everyone stared at him mesmerized as though he were one of the greatest wonders of the world.

    You see, he had two different colored large deer eye’s, one ruby dark glittering red, the other plum sparkling purple. Floyd tried to remember what they looked like, “I didn’t know eyes could look like that man! Darn! Nice!” Lips grinned idiotically "YEAH!! Love it!” Janice squealed “Oh Zoot!” Dr. Teeth nodded satisfied and amused “Alright, alright! Let’s get back on track ladies!”


    “what?” Zoot asked, as Eugene stared at him intently, Zoot waved a hand in front of him “What?!” Eugene snapped out of it and shook his head “Nothing man, nothing, you just got nice eyes.” Zoot seemed to finally realized that he wasn’t wearing his sunglasses and gasped jumping up snatching his glasses and slammed them on his face. Eugene just laughed and stood up “I’ll go get some blankets and stuff.”

    Around three in the morning Eugene and Zoot could be found fast asleep on the floor, in front of the dying fireplace. That was where Sam found the two of them when she arrived home after work. ‘what a long day.’

    She thought hanging up her coat and umbrella, walking through the hallway then into the living room Sam almost squealed when she saw the two of them lying on the ground. But held it in, she smiled but couldn’t help but feel sad, her son had obviously tried to wait up for her again.

    But what was Zoot doing there, not that she minded. Setting her purse down on the ground Sam gently took the shall off of the couch and laid it over their bodies. She kneeled next to them and ran her fingers over Zoot’s hair, then her sons.

    She knew her son probably wasn’t asleep, just lying there resting. And just as she was about to whisper to him when loud knocking suddenly erupted from the front door. “What in the world?” she whispered striding over to the front door.

    When she opened the front door she found a rather angry looking man standing there, younger version of Simon Simms. “Um…hello there.” She greeted confused. “Hello,” he fake smiled, irritated “Is my son here?” Sam jumped a little and stepped back to let him in “Oh my! You must be that pleasant boy Zoot’s father! Oh dear! Yes, he’s here, come in!” he stepped inside and gave her a curt nod.

    She led him to the living room, were his son was lying, emitting soft snores. Simon didn’t ever try to wake up his son he just threw the blanket off of him and grabbed his sons arm “Get up Zoot!” Zoot snorted in surprise stumbling as he was being forced to his feet, “Whoa! Dad!”

    Eugene sat up concerned as his friend was forced outside. But he shook his head sadly and yawned “It was late ma, and a lot happened tonight…I want to help but I know I should stay out of it.” Sam frowned and hugged her son, “Oh It’s alright dear, I know there’s a fine line, but just keep being a good friend to him…and if you want he can sleep over whenever.” Eugene rubbed his eyes sleepily with a nod “Alright, ma.”

    A/N: hope you liked! New chapter either wednesday, or monday!
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  12. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

  13. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    Thanks! More on monday!
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  14. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: OH MY GOODNESS! I AM SO SO SO SO SO SO VERY SORRY!!! IT HAS BEEN SO LONG! HOLY CRUD! But To be honest I have been VERY BUSY! College, a job, and I'm moving soon! Please forgive me! :( :eek::o Hope you like the chapter....comment please!!

    “Zoot! Hey Zoot come out here!!” Eugene shouted striding across the lawn, he knew that Zoot’s father wasn’t home, his car was gone, and frankly he was dead glad. Simon was one creepy man, “Zoot!”

    Eugene shouted once more knocking at the front door, jumping only slightly when the door opened to reveal a tired worn looking Zoot standing there. Using the door as a support “Eugene?” Zoot asked lightly, “Hey man, how are you feeling?” Eugene asked trying not to pester, “I’m fine, come in…”

    He couldn’t place it but there was something different about Zoot today, he was withdrawn, quite, and he kept trailing off and stopping his statements in mid-sentence, as though he were afraid of finishing, or he wanted to pretend nothing was real, remain in a fake place were nothing was the way it seemed like he could change it all. So he could pretend everything was just a dream, whatever the reason Eugene was concerned.

    They were sitting in his bedroom talking about random topics. “So then I said to her ‘don’t get snappy baby it’s not my fault your jealous.’ And she just got all sour face and stomped out.” Eugene grinned as he lay on his back on the floor, his feet up on Zoot’s bed, were Zoot sat cross-legged.

    “No wonder you don’t have a girl yet…” he mumbled, Eugene nodded “Yeah, me and woman clash too much, all I need is a big ole’ pile of money!” Zoot smiled softly, “sounds nice.”

    They were quite for a few seconds before Zoot asked plopping down on his stomach “So, tell me…what’s up with your financial status?” Eugene frowned “What do you mean?” “Come on big teeth I told you about my sister.” Zoot commented probably rolling his eyes.

    Eugene frowned at him sticking his tongue out “Fine, well, there’s not much to say…I mean my momma works two jobs, her day job as a dentist. And her night job in a factory. All because our old style of living is way expensive and ever since my father died things have caught up to us, so it’s way harder just to live.

    So we’ve had to cut down on a lot, and I feel really bad because she’s working so hard to pay the bills. But, there’s nothing I can do, I want to help but its way to impossible. I’ve given up so much already; we both have, so now all we do is take it day to day. See what happens.”

    Zoot nodded slowly with a yawn “I see…well…I’m sorry ‘bout everything’.” Eugene shrugged he was used to the whole budgeting and no money thing. He was more worried about Zoot himself, he seemed different, biting his lips Eugene got up from his position on the floor and sat on the edge of Zoot’s bed

    “So how are you feeling?” Zoot didn’t really respond, but he didn’t have to because Eugene quickly got thrown off track when he saw another bruise peeking out from the bottom of his shirt on the small of his back.

    “Zoot…please tell me the truth…where are these bruises coming from?” Zoot jumped up almost falling off the bed “It’s nothing!” he said this with a little too much passion and defense. And Eugene found him unable to believe what he said

    “I just got into an accident moving the couch with my dad.” It was believable enough, but Eugene still was full of worry for him, but he kept silent. Not wanting to upset his friend, so he chose not to say anything against his better judgment.


    “I don’t think I get it…were you sick?” Kermit asked wanting to put the story on hold for a few seconds, Floyd agreed “Yeah man, what’s with you being all secretive.” Zoot was flushed, but remained silent, instead Dr. Teeth answered.

    “Kinda, why don’t we take a lunch break? I don’t know about you gals and guys, but I’m running off of empty.” Mutually agreeing to this, the group stood up Kermit offered to buy pizza for them and ran off to phone in.

    While Lips stretched and said something about going out to get refreshments for the group, living in a house with so many people, juice, milk and soda went fast. That left Floyd, Janice, Dr. Teeth and Zoot.

    “No! You said you’d do it! So you do it!” “I’m not the only one who got in on this ok!” “It’s your fault!” “Let’s just do this together ok?!” “Ugh! Fine!” Floyd turned in his seat to find out what the intense arguing was about, only to see Pepe and Clifford begrudgingly walking over to them. Dr. Teeth rolled his eyes, Janice muttered

    “Oh like, here we go.” Floyd crossed his arms over his chest “Now what do you two need?” Pepe stammered “Uh…well…we…” Clifford kicked at the group sheepishly, “Well, you see now man. We wanted to apologize for what we did to poor Animal. and-” but Floyd cut him off with a laugh “don’t go apologizing to me! Yall can say that to Animal! I’m not the one you dumped paint on am I?”

    Pepe and Clifford shared a look, but couldn’t comment as Floyd put his index finger and thumb in his mouth and released a loud whistle “HEY ANIMAL!!! COME IN HERE BUDDY!!” soon this small command was followed by a distant shout that sounded as though it grew closer to them “FOID!!!! COMING!!!!”

    Floyd laughed as Animal ran over to him happily; Gonzo followed close by, “Hey man!” Floyd shouted out as Animal jumped over the back of the sofa and nuzzled him ecstatically “Foid!!! HaHaHa!” Floyd laughed draping an arm around his shoulder as Gonzo came around the sofa eying Clifford and Pepe.

    “Uh…Hey Gonzo man how you doing?” Clifford asked in a nervous friendly voice, but Gonzo merely crossed his arms over his chest and eyed them expectantly. Pepe cleared his throat as Floyd drew animal’s attention to them
    “Hey animal, got some sheepish cats here for you.” Animal perked up in confusion and turned his head “Huh?” but as soon as he saw them he jumped a little and growled low in his throat to show he was still mad.

    Floyd patted his shoulder “It’s cool man, they got something to say.” Animal looked back at Floyd and then to Clifford and Pepe, with an irritated grunt he remained still. “ugh…” Floyd laughed turning back to the two, “Alright now, go ahead.” C

    lifford stammered “Uh…ok…um. Well…Animal we…just wanted to say that we’re really sorry about how we treated you man.” Pepe nodded in agreement as animal seemed to study them fiercely, for any sign of dishonesty

    “Of course animals, we are very sorry…ok?” Animal felt everyone staring at him, but he didn’t care, pushing himself away from Floyd animal stood up, and carefully approached the two.

    Floyd watched with interest, either animal would accept or he wouldn’t the answer was very clear when animal quickly licked both of them with a loud victorious shout “YEAH!! Forgive!!” Pepe spluttered shaking his head “Oh nice…ok…” Clifford tried not to look grossed out “sweet, were cool man. See ya later man.” With that all said the two of them quickly booked it out of the room.

    The group looked at each other and started laughing, “Did you see the look on his face when animal walked up to them? Priceless!” gonzo laughed plopping down on the couch, with animal. Dr. Teeth clapped his hands together,

    “Yeah nice, but it was cool for the apology.” Just then the front door slammed “Alright! I got plenty of ole’ goodies for our pizza!” Lips announced as he quickly jogged over to the living room. Gonzo jumped up to help Lips unpack all the refreshments he bought.

    Dr. Teeth laughed as the two of them unloaded ten litters of soda “Think you got enough their lips?” Lips just rolled his eyes, “For this household doc? Not nearly!” As soon as Kermit rejoined them, and the pizza arrived they all continued with their story pizza galore, eager to find out more.

    A/N: Comment please! hope you liked it!
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  15. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

    Hahhahahahaha! Love it!:)
  16. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    thanks! Another post after the holiday! i'll be out of town! So i apologize ahead of time for the waits! Happy holiday everyone! XD
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  17. LipsGF4Life

    LipsGF4Life Well-Known Member

  18. fictionalnice

    fictionalnice Well-Known Member

    A/N: I am so very sorry about the long waits between updates! It's just I am very busy with work, school, and personal stuff. A lot has happened recently...BUT!!! I have not forgoten you guys! Please stick with me! More WILL come! I promise! Enjoy this chapter and please REVIEW!!!! I luv's them so! :D


    The weeks past and little changed between Zoot and Eugene. They remained the best of friends, even if Zoot was withdrawn, quiet and secretive. It didn’t matter much to Eugene…well, ok, so it did. But, he knew when he had to be there for Zoot and when he had to back off and give the saxophonist some space.

    The good thing was Sam, Eugene’s big hearted mother, had taken Zoot under her wing and began to treat the young confusing man like her own child. It helped a lot since Zoot usually came over most nights unexpectedly. Which neither Eugene nor Sam minded, they got used to his arrivals and planned on it now.

    So the weeks passed into the cool winds of fall and the small group soon found themselves in the midst of the quickly approaching Halloween. Eugene sat alone in the music room of his school, waiting for Zoot so they could head down to the costume store together and pick out costumes for the big Halloween party/fund raiser the school was hosting.

    Somehow Zoot landed himself with a detention with Sam the eagle, there history teacher. So here sat Eugene in front of the grand piano that was the eye catcher of every instrument in the large room.

    Eugene smiled as he ran his fingers over the glossy keys, he simply loved the sound and feeling of the piano as it was played. It was such a wonderful instrument; one could create anything with it, any type of music, song and rhythm. Biting his lip Eugene began to practice his tones, smiling he sung under his breath

    “Doe Ray Me Far So La Tee Doe.” Grinning wider Eugene thought quickly and looked around, seeing as there was nobody around he began to play furelise. He wasn’t the best player but, he was getting good, every day he practiced he noticed a decrease in the amount of mistakes he would make.

    Happily he continued to play not noticing the figure that poked its head into the room before bounding in. Just as Eugene finished a voice spoke in a dreamy tone “Wow! That’s really sweet!” Eugene’s head shot up faster than a light flicking on.

    There leaning against the doorway was a lean young man with light purple skin, an orange nose, short saggy red hair that fell against his cheeks, a blue denim button up, black jeans, converse, and a green military hat that was far too large for him. Wide eyed Eugene jumped up “uh! Who are you!?”

    The boy lumbered closer a smug grin on his face “Allow me to introduce myself for your pleasure!” Eugene furrowed his brow and crossed his arms as the boy came to a halt in front of him “I am Floyd Pepper! The newest, hippest, sweetest guy in the school!”

    Floyd laughed patting himself on the chest as he extended his hand to Eugene “Who might you be Irkle impersonator?” gritting his teeth Eugene cocked an eyebrow “Eugene Tethen.” Floyd withdrew his hand and snapped his fingers “Oh yeah! The present peeps told me about you! School nerd!”

    Eugene blushed as his eyelid twitched, in one swift movement he turned on his heel and strode toward the door. “OH! Hey wait up!” Floyd shouted out in a rush chasing him. Eugene groaned as Floyd ran up next to him “I didn’t mean any harm man! That’s just what my ears picked up on! No matter to me what they say…I don’t know you yet.” Eugene mused over this interesting character, he was annoying…but nice.

    “Alrighty then Mister Floyd, since hospitality is a kind act for the new how’s about I show you around the town?” Floyd lit up and grinned cockily “Alright then! Let’s go!” Eugene rolled his eyes and sighed “I just gotta pick up my friend.” Floyd nodded following him down the hallway

    “So uh…Eugene…what’s with this…” Floyd trailed off and gestured to Eugene’s body “Style? Of yours?” Eugene paused momentarily looking down at his cloths then back up at Floyd before he huffed and rolled his eyes “I do what I can with what I have mister Pepper.”

    Floyd cocked his head to the side as Eugene continued to walk, “Well you know…I got some old cloths up in my attic from my crazy uncle.” They both came to a halt in front of the detention hall, Eugene eyed Floyd curiously and cocked an eye brow “And…” Floyd smiled

    “Well, You and your friend can come over to my place, chill, and we can go through all the boxes of cloths my uncle henry has left with me and my pop over the years. You can take what you want and we can groove with the possibility of homemade costumes!”

    Mulling this over Eugene frowned “I don’t know about that…I hate hand me out’s.” Floyd shrugged “either way man, we can still make costumes. All those boxes are going to the goodwill soon, somebody might as well get some use outta them.”

    Sighing Eugene decided he would at least humor this new guy so his feelings wouldn’t get hurt. “Alright, worth a shot.” Floyd lit up. But before he could say something the door opened and a group of students ran out, Eugene stepped back as a familiar voice filled the hall.

    “All I’m saying Mr. Simms is that you’re a bright young man with so much potential!” Floyd cocked his head to the side in confusion as Sam the eagle stepped out of the classroom with his wing across Zoot’s shoulder. Zoot seemed very annoyed in his own peaceful way, as he stared up at his teacher, who continued “Don’t get tied down with useless musical fantasies.”

    Floyd smiled at this blue haired guy as he pulled down the Eagles wing and leaned up a bit “Listen…Mr.…The Eagle.” Sam seemed to perk up but then Zoot murmured “All I want to do is feel the music.” When Zoot said this Sam’s beak dropped open in shock and he stepped back in disbelief as Zoot smiled lightly at him.

    “Unbelievable.” Their uptight teacher spoke dramatically shaking his head he stalked back into his classroom. Leaving the three teens alone in the hallway, “Who in the name of big bird was that?” Floyd asked putting a hand on his hip. Zoot spun around at the sound of this smooth cool unfamiliar voice,

    Eugene chuckled “Intro Floyd.” Floyd jumped forward and looked Zoot over as he grinned “My apologies mellow man! I am Floyd Pepper! The newbie on the block! Moved in about a month ago!” Zoot nodded vaguely and shook the guys hand “Hi…I’m Zoot.”

    Eugene asked as he led the two down the hallway “If you moved in last month…then why haven’t you been in class?” Floyd scoffed trotting gingerly next to Zoot who seemed a bit thrown off by this new member to their small group

    “My pop, ever since my mamma died when I was younger he’s been SUPER overly dramatically protective.” Eugene nodded empathetically, “I understand completely about that.” Floyd smiled warmly with a bright twinkle in his eyes “He’s just being a father though, wants to keep me close.”

    As the trio walked slowly out of the school they kept talking and talking about their parents, what it was like to move, games they liked, and soon found they all had a lot in common. On the way to Floyds house, which ironically happened to be next door from Eugene’s they got onto the topic of music. “I’m just saying! You got talent man! Playing like that!”

    Zoot half smiled as Eugene blushed “I just…love the sound, the feel, it’s so…me!” Floyd laughed throwing his head back, “I get what you mean big teeth! I’m not a professional but my grandfather gave me his old bass guitar two years ago and as soon as I held her in my arms! And strummed her sexy silver strings!” Floyd seemed to get this strange glossy look as though he were in love with an actual living thing.

    “I feel in love! Real deep you know. Me and the bass…I don’t know what it is but I just love her.” Eugene just grinned once again showing off his teeth. Floyd high fived him with a sly remark “YEAH!!! You get it! So quite stuff! You play anything?” Floyd asked Zoot nudging him with his elbow who spent most of their walk in silence once in a while answering questions and asking them.

    Zoot bit his lip as the three crossed the road to their neighborhood block “hmm… a little.” But he said this so quietly Eugene and Floyd didn’t even hear him. “Uh…No offence Zoot but…learn howdah project your voice man! It’s like you got throat troubles or something!”

    Zoot’s blush deepened and he cleared his throat “I started playing the saxophone about three years ago.” Floyd nodded impressed “Sweet! I love the whole jazzy style. Not a bad combo!” Eugene asked studying this new person intently “What do ya mean ginger?” Floyd threw his arm up as though it were obvious

    “We all play super awesome instruments! That sound sweet in harmony! We should jam sometime!” Zoot looked intrigued by this “That would be sweet.” Eugene laughed thinking to himself ‘yeah, this dude will fit in just fine!’

    A/N: TADA!!! Hope you enjoyed! Please comment and tell me what you think! I am also whilling to accept some suggestions!
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