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Dreams about Muppets...

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by punkNpuppets, Nov 1, 2002.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Last night, I dreamt that I was doing some kind of Cinderella project with my hands playing all the roles. Maybe it was a YouTube video, or maybe it was a school project, but my version of Cinderella included many elements that were speciffic to Hey Cinderella, like a mask ball, Arthur not wanting Cinderella to know he's the prince, and the king not inviting frogs.
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  2. Schfifty

    Schfifty Well-Known Member

    I had a Toy Story-like dream this morning where I was in an underground parking garage, and there were a bunch of Sesame Street characters (like Elmo, Big Bird, Grover, Oscar, et. al) standing in different spots in the garage. Anytime cars were driving through, they were still, but when it was empty, they started moving around and talking. I was watching that happen from another room outside the garage with a blue Elmo puppet.
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  3. Ladywarrior

    Ladywarrior Well-Known Member

    i dreamed zoot was on sesame street but he didn't have his saxophone.
  4. WalterLinz

    WalterLinz Well-Known Member

    I had a dream last night where I was browsing inside some Disney souvenir store and I spotted some picture frames of the main Muppets at some fancy event in Hollywood outside the El Capitan Theatre. The gentlemen (Kermit, Fozzie, Walter, Scooter, Sam Eagle, and Rowlf) were all wearing tuxes and Piggy was wearing the same purple dress she wore during TM2011 finale.

    And one picture that stood out (no pun intended) to me was one of Scooter and Sam...and Sam was sticking his tongue out. Yes, very patriotic, Sam...
    Last edited: Apr 14, 2015
  5. Ladywarrior

    Ladywarrior Well-Known Member

    a weird dream about clay figures of the muppets fighting zombies. XD also I called dr. teeth and miss piggy fat!
  6. Janice+Floyd<3

    Janice+Floyd<3 Well-Known Member

    I recently had a dream where I was told jerry Nelson was my half brother and I was like how is that even possible being that he'd be old enough to be my grandpa!
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  7. HuggaMahna

    HuggaMahna Member

    I've had a few dreams over the years about the Muppets:

    -When I was four I had a long dream about me watching a TV Movie. I didn't actually see myself, but I could tell it was a TV movie because it had credits and a commercial for pineapples after the main "plot". I've forgotten most over the years, but the Muppet parts I can remember are: One person asked where "De-de-de" was. The other said "He's on the roof." De-de-de turned out to be a magenta Honker, swatting Twiddlebugs at the point of the roof. The other part was the main villain was a cream monster with an orange moptop that looked like it came out of Jim Henson's imagination.

    -Telly and Zoe rule together in their own kingdom.

    -I'm staying in a fraternity with the Muppets, who are all college students. Everyone's personality was the same except Kermit, who was a complete jerk. From outside, our yard looked bright and grassy, but when I walked outside, it was a deck with a swamp outside. The Birds from the "For the Birds" segment on TMS were on the deck of another fraternity, being very noisy. Kermit walked outside and shouted "SHUT UP!" and all the birds fell asleep.

    -I'm sitting in the living room with my dad and my brother. My dad starts playing "Livin' La Vida Loca" on the guitar and my brother and I start tossing stuffed animals in the air, as if they were dancing. Two of these stuffed animals include Gonzo and Zoot. :concern::cool: Then we're suddenly in my brother's bedroom.
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  8. Mad Monty fan

    Mad Monty fan Well-Known Member

    I had a dream last night about Luncheon Counter Monster's filmography section on Muppet Wiki being updated to include his appearance on The Muppets (2015).....could this be a sign of what's to come? If the rumors are true, then this could open up a couple possible roles for Luncheon Counter Monster to fill: appearing in the background with Angel Marie and other muppet monsters such as Sweetums and Big Mean Carl, messing up Gonzo's trumpet intros for him (like Beautiful Day Monster did), or otherwise being a background muppet. Although a interaction between LCM and Angel Marie is likely, one of the photos released by ABC suggests Angel Marie is going to be quite busy during the series as a tech crew member.
  9. Mary Louise

    Mary Louise Well-Known Member

    My dream last night wasn't a dream about Muppets—more of a Sesame Street dream. I had a nightmare about a Sesame Street clip in which a clown takes off his makeup by putting it on in reverse.
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  10. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Last night I dreamt I saw a clip from the first season of Sesame Street where Grover was not performed by Frank Oz or any other performer whose voice I could identify, but I checked Muppet Wiki and saw that it was Daniel Segren. Thought it was odd that it was identified, as there aren't many known voices he can do (in fact I wonder how the fans know Segren voiced the Cigar-Box Frackle).
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  11. Dominicboo1

    Dominicboo1 Well-Known Member

    A couple nights ago I had a very strange dream, and the main Muppety stuff was a crane machine where there were some Fraggles and an incorrectly-colored Janice.....(She was red instead of orange...)
  12. HuggaMahna

    HuggaMahna Member

    Had a strange dream last night. I was in a Boy Scout troop, and the troop leader was Richard Nixon for some strange reason. We were going to go into a huge barn with a giant shish-kabob sticking out of it. When we got inside, there was a party, with several old friends and Muppets partying. I can’t remember any specific characters, but characters from TMS, SS, and Emmet Otter were there. At one point I was hanging out by the entrance to the party. At the entrance there is a Hispanic lady, standing around. Suddenly, Fraggles starting coming into the barn, including Mokey, Red, and some weird bald one that looked like Gobo. I begin to greet them, but the Hispanic lady grabs all the Fraggles, starts yelling about how they weren’t invited and throws them out (literally). I shout to them that maybe they can hold another party with Dark Crystal characters, and that if they did, I would come. Later, the party became a square dance and I started dancing. A girl from elementary school walks up with Miss Piggy, Alice Otter, and several other female Muppets. The girl says “Wow, HuggaMahna, you’re so good at square dances. That’s why you’re never in any.”:confused:
  13. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Last night I was rereading Tough Pigs' recent article about a recent event celebrating the music of Joe Raposo, particularly the section about songs he did on non-Muppet works, and then I dreamt I was reading that article and saw it say that he wrote songs for Tiny Toons. In my dream I clicked on a link, which was a playthrough of the video game Buster's Hidden Treasure, then I clicked back to the article and it now specifically said the game and that his music appeared later in the game, and had trouble skipping to that particular level.
  14. HuggaMahna

    HuggaMahna Member

    Just realized this was a dream, but I once had a dream that I read Brian Henson was dead. When I woke up, I believed it had really happened. I thought this for about a month until recently.
  15. Mary Louise

    Mary Louise Well-Known Member

    I dreamed that I was reading a book based on the "You might be an obsessed Muppet fan if..." thread.
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  16. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Last night I dreamt that I went to my grandparents' house, and they happened to sort of have two copies of the video Gonzo Presents Muppet Weird Stuff... Except they only had the box. Two boxes, no video. And the back of both boxes were cut off as well.

    And then I dreamt that I saw the Leslie Mostly Show sketch with Kermit (at least according to some fans a sketch exists), and after the intro, it just shows Kermit on the monitor, without showing Leslie Mostly herself. Kermit's home was a mix of the apartment from the 1970s and the green living room from the 1980s, with the green being more of shades before turning into the full green apartment. And this interview led to Kermit singing "My Pollywog Ways".
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  17. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Last night I dreamt that Sesame Street added a laugh track.
  18. Ladywarrior

    Ladywarrior Well-Known Member

    Awhile back I had this dream where Kermit the Frog win the The Ring. The man character opened a closet in this creepy house and she finds him hiding inside. The moment she opens the door he started going "AHHHHHH!"
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  19. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Last night, I dreamt that the second episode of The Jim Henson Hour was rerun on television. And that it was a lot better than it actually is (in actuality, the second episode is one of my least favorites).
  20. MUPPETFAN1976

    MUPPETFAN1976 Well-Known Member

    A few nights ago, I dreamt that I went on a date with Miss Piggy. Of course, Kermie was jealous (as usual).

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