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Dyeing fabric

Discussion in 'Puppet News' started by Bbentler, May 9, 2008.

  1. Bbentler

    Bbentler New Member

    Hello folks. Another quick question. This will be my first time dyeing fabrics. Other than using gloves, what precausions might I take. Does anyone know of good formulas to use for the colors? What brand should I use and where can I get it? Also, I'd love to be able to do this in just a bucket or a washing machine. What would you guys suggest? Any help will be great.

  2. TheCreatureWork

    TheCreatureWork Active Member

  3. Bbentler

    Bbentler New Member

    I appreciate the help. Thanks so much! These really answered my questions.
  4. Nojoy

    Nojoy New Member

    FYI, polyester based fabrics don't dye well at all...
    (Yes, I learned the hard way... sigh)
  5. TheCreatureWork

    TheCreatureWork Active Member

    Or faux fur....always try a small sample of the fabric you want to dye :)
  6. dollmaker02

    dollmaker02 New Member

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