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"E.C.C." Talk Show

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction and Fan Art' started by Effralyo, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Beau: Well, ther was this time once much ago when I by accidently turned a curse back on my teacher...but that was curified when I took it back on myself. But I don't like to talk about it...
    Voice: *from the audience* Tell about being a president! *snigger*
    Beau: Being a president? Oh! De president!!! Do you want to hear about this?
  2. Effralyo Active Member

    *Rolls eyes* Splurge-o-laaaaaa? A president???? And you were silent all that time??? Ceratinly I want! (Btw, where from this "DE"? Does he have French roots?:))
  3. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Beau: But certainly a president!
    Rizzo: Uh oh...
    Beau: Yup. Dis is what happened. I was working at the Mupept Theatre, and there was a big ol' fridge with food and things, and stuff inside, and there were little ratty scattered backstage, Kermit wanted me to get rid of them, but...
    Rizzo: He found the truth...
    Beau: It wasn't de truth! I was a liar! The rats said I was one of them.
    Rizzo: You are one of us!
    Beau: And they made me President!
    Rizzo: *giggles*
    Beau: And my first job as rat president was to declare the fridge officiently open.
    Rizzo: *licks lips* Spoeaking of which, you wanna open this lunch bbox Mr Beau president?
    Beau: *pushes Rizzo's cap over his eyes*
    Rizzo: Hh? i can't whoops! *falls of stage*
  4. Effralyo Active Member

    *Listens carefully and nods, as a real good host[y];)*
    Speaking of the presidents... And say please Gardy, have you even speak to the anyone of the "higher ones"?*tee hee*
  5. Effralyo Active Member

    *after a long commercial break - continue...*
    <the light in the studio falls on a huge silhouette for a moment>
  6. Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Beau: Higher...oh! Ahheh, aside from Sweetums, I once met Zeli...well, more than met I guess, he's quite a friend. Really. Zeli, if you're watching, Hi! Oh, and hi mum and dad! And Grandad. And...sorry...um...*blink* *blink*
  7. Effralyo Active Member

    *A huge silhouette in a far shifts and everyone identifies it as being Zeliboba*
    *the crowd, in amazement* MR. PRESIDENT?????
    Sure, I just couldn't sit at home today... *grin* Well, hello, hello, Bowgee!
    *Magickes up a spell channeling it at Beau, and it turns into a bright tie*
    Hehe, here, a little souvenir for my old pal *wink*. Okay, okay, I don't want to bother! *Sits back*

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