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Earliest experience?

Discussion in 'Classic Muppets' started by WhiteRabbit, Mar 13, 2008.

  1. MeepMeepBork

    MeepMeepBork Member

    I was born in '91, so I grew up with a nice mix of pre- and post- Henson Muppets. I remember watching The Muppet Show even before Sesame Street, thanks to the "It's the Muppets: Meet the Muppets" tape. Looking back on it now, I am quite certain that watching those snippets of TMS as a little one is the reason why I'm currently a theatre major. It made me want to act and sing and dance and just ham it up on stage (though my living room had to do back then).

    Every day after school I would pop in either that, The Great Muppet Caper, Muppet Classic Theater, or Muppet Treasure Island (or if it was in season, Muppet Christmas Carol). I don't remember if I owned the Muppet Sing-Along videos or if I just rented them a lot, but those were a big part of my childhood as well.

    I remember having two stuffed Kermits. I had a full-sized one that was a very good likeness of him, and a smaller plush in Captain Smollett garb (I was about five when MTI came out). I dragged the former around with me everywhere and slept with him every night. I really wish I still had him... Either of them.

    Oh, and I had a Kermit cake for my third birthday. I grew up loving the frog. :)
  2. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    I was raised on a steady diet of Muppets(original run, woot!) and Sesame Street. By the early 80's I was already avidly collecting anything Muppet Show or Sesame I could get ahold of at Thrift Stores and garages sales(hey, I was raised crazy dirt poor, heh)
    Three decades as a massive diehard Muppets/Henson fan, yet I still look 22. It's great

    I would say my favorite time period of being a Muppets fan was
    by far the late 1980's, seconded only by the mid-late 1990's period. The Jim Henson Hour, Muppet Family Christmas, Muppets on Cosby Show, Muppets @ Walt Disney World, and everything else from that 1987-1989 period is pure magic to me. As well as anything Fraggle Rock related. (Sadly I didnt really start watching Fraggle Rock til its Disney channel run in the early 1990's)

    Sooo hoping for another Muppetfest type thing
  3. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    Yep. Essentially for whatever reason, out of the 55 year history of the Muppets...MFC and M@WDW are my absolute two favorite Muppet things ever next to the Muppet show pilot, Muppet Movie, Muppets Take Manhattan and JHH.
  4. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Active Member

    Hmm...I don't think it would even be physically possible to remember as far back as to when I was first introduced to the Muppets, but I'll try to think up a few memories:

    *My Tickle-Me-Elmo plush.

    *Sitting in my little pink plastic chair in the middle of the room in front of the TV watching Elmo Saves Christmas over and over and over again...

    *Watching tapes of Elmo's World.

    *Listening to a Sesame Street CD. (Which I had playing in the car today on the way home from school.)

    *Definitely not earliest, but I was still quite young, watching Don't Eat the Pictures in art class every year for the first few years of elementary school and Kermit's Swamp Years in Spanish class back in fourth or fifth grade.

    *Also, much later, but it seems like so long ago, seeing this exhibit for the first time. (Also went see it again in Mississippi a couple of months ago.)
  5. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Active Member

    Let's see...I was born in 1985, so I'm too young to have seen TMS the first time around, but I do remember peering over my parents' shoulders as they watched re-runs of TMS. Looking back on it, I think I must have seen part of the Joel Grey episode, because I remember lots of flying glitter and "Razzle Dazzle." Plus the occasional explosion.

    Then, of course, I watched SST as a young kid, and my parents had taped The Muppet Movie when it aired on television years ago.
  6. analeisa

    analeisa Member

    Well, I was raised on a steady diet of Muppet stuff too. My first birthday party was Big Bird themed. I remember watching Sesame Street sing along tapes, recorded episodes of Fraggle Rock, Muppet Classic Theater, and The Frog Prince over and over. I also remember having two beloved Kermit dolls: one in the nude and one in the Christmas Carol vest.

    That said, my earliest Muppet experience was seeing The Muppet Christmas Carol in the theater. I was only a few months old at the time but it still captured my attention. My family has watched the movie every Christmas since then.
  7. Kiki

    Kiki Active Member

    Aww, that's awesome, so cute. :) I had an Elmo-themed party for either my 3rd or 4th birthday (which I remember like it was yesterday): My mum, being the creative type, made me an Elmo face (which she put on the cake) and an almost life-sized paper cutout-thingy of Elmo's mum (complete with googly eyes and curly hair). Those were the days...

    With the exception of my SSt plushies I got in the mid-90s and a few other things, I got most of my Henson stuff from op-shops and garage sales too. :) Although most of them have dropped off now (due to eBay and whatnot), I found and have still been able to find some really cool stuff from purchesing second-hand! :)
  8. HeyButtahfly

    HeyButtahfly Well-Known Member

    I forgot about my "Sing Yourself Silly" VHS-- that's basically how I first knew who Don Music was-- and also my set of 4 Sesame Street cassette tapes I got when I was about 4. It's mostly been thanks to YouTube in recent years that I've been able to see the classic bits that I had only heard the audio of all this time (last week I finally saw "Keep the Park Clean for the Pigeons"!).
  9. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Hey, how come you watched Kermit's Swamp Years in Spanish Class?

    Muppet cakes! I once had an awesome Kermit one, but I was about 16 and totally helped to make it. Does this make me a saddo? I think not!

    Now there's the kind of diet I can really get my teeth around...
  10. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    I think my earliest memories of the Muppets would have to be watching Sesame Street as a kid in the '80s. And I basically never stopped. I still love it.:insatiable:
    I do recall having Sesame Street candles on most of my early birthday cakes. (I think there was Bert, Ernie, Oscar, Cookie Monster and Big Bird in that set. Maybe Grover too.) I also remember having some Sesame Street books- "The Monster at the End of this Book" is definitely one of my top favorites. "Cookie Monster and the Cookie Tree" is probably a close second. I remember seeing "Follow That Bird" on TV somewhere in the late '80s and later seeing "The Muppets at Walt Disney World" on TV in 1990. And I watched "Dinosaurs" when that first aired, as well as "Aliens in the Family"- which ended too quickly. I also remember watching "Muppets Tonight" when that first aired- I was quite excited about seeing that on ABC!
    I also grew up watching The Muppet Show (in reruns obviously) and Muppet Babies (first run of course!) and Fraggle Rock and the Fraggle Rock cartoon series. Later on I watched a lot more Muppet things through library videos and getting a few myself second-hand- "The Muppet Movie" and "The Great Muppet Caper" I saw on the 1993 re-release VHS tapes, but it wasn't until somewhere around 1999 or so when "The Muppets Take Manhattan" was finally re-released that I was able to see that. And it's quickly become one of my favorites. If I remember correctly, I do believe I saw "The Muppet Christmas Carol" and "Muppet Treasure Island" in theaters. And I know I saw "Muppets From Space" in theaters. And from there I've sought out the various Muppet specials and so forth- the public library got me access to tons of Sesame Street videos as well as some Muppet specials like "The Fantastic Miss Piggy Show" and "The Muppets Go to the Movies" which I finally saw a while back. And I had the 1995 VHS release of "Muppet Family Christmas" for a long while until I was able to acquire an unedited copy through this site- which is awesome to watch! I'd still love to see an official unedited copy released though. And I finally eventually saw "The Dark Crystal" and "Labyrinth" and those were awesome too!
    And yeah- the Muppet love just continues from there.:coy::)
  11. Gelfling Girl

    Gelfling Girl Active Member

    I have no idea. I guess it was just the day before summer break or something. Either way, watching Muppets in school is totally awesome. :)

    Oh, and also, I just remembered about some Sesame Street computer games I used to play when I was very young. At the moment I can only think of one that had Sherlock Hemlock. :search: Also, I think I may have had some kind of computer software with the classic Muppets on it.
  12. beaker

    beaker Well-Known Member

    You know, I seem to recall in the early to mid 90's, Nickelodeon running a daily Muppet Show/Muppet Babies combo. I think...my memory may be a bit fuzzy there.
  13. analeisa

    analeisa Member

    No, I remember Muppet re-runs on Nick too. Plus, Muppet Wiki confirms this to be the case: http://muppet.wikia.com/wiki/Nickelodeon
  14. Frogpuppeteer

    Frogpuppeteer Well-Known Member

    My mom, we were flipping through channels and kermit was on, it is actually the first memory i have from baby hood, the same weekend she went to a garage sale and bought me my first Kermit Plush, i was sleeping in the car and woke up to him in my baby seat, then we went to mcdonalds and did a photo shoot....good times
  15. muppetmonster

    muppetmonster New Member

    Sesame Street: when I was five or six, my mother took my sister and I to Sesame Place. When I was maybe earlier, Big Bird came to my birthday part.

    The Muppet Show: when I was eleven or twelve, I was going to through my old VHS tapes and I noticed that my mother recorded "the Great Muppet Caper." I saw that, and fell in love with the muppets from "the Muppet Show." I also saw "Muppet Babies" around that time, which I liked back then, but I do not care for it anymore.

    I cannot remember my first memory of "Fraggle Rock."

    These are my fondest memories, but I have more I cannot recall. I will edit if I think of any more important memories.

    - Muppetmonster
  16. SeanC

    SeanC Member

    Many of my earliest memories are Muppet related. I was born in 1977, and while that makes me just ever so slightly too young to have seen the first two seasons on initial broadcast, I know I watched seasons 3 to 5 while sitting on my mother’s knee. I even remember the routine. First it was time for supper ( fish fingers and peas feature prominently in my recollections ), then I was taken upstairs for a bath, and after that it was down again to watch ‘The Muppet Show’ while wrapped in a towel - a nice big open fire to my left. I even remember the show that proceeded The Muppets - a gameshow called ‘Family Fortunes’ ( I was watching in Ireland, but the broadcasts were on the British ITV network, which we received on cable ).
    I have to admit that the Muppet monsters in the title sequence freaked me out somewhat, particularly Sweetums and Thog. While I can understand my childhood fear of Sweetums, I’m not sure why I felt scared of Thog. Perhaps it was his imposing size. I’m pretty sure that had I’d seen an episode where he spoke, such as the Harvy Korman one, I would have quite liked him. Actually had quite a few nightmares about those monsters, particularly after the Godzilla-sized Thog turned up in the Loretta Swit episode! That said, I never had a problem with Doglion or Mean Mamma. I actually quite liked Doglion, and still do.
    I remember for a long time assuming Gonzo was a little elephant, and thinking the wire sticking out of Kermit’s arm was a microphone cable. Lots of memories of Animal, Dr. Teeth and Rowlf. ‘Pigs in Space’ stuck in my mind, particularly the opening narration, and I think I must have seen ‘The Muppet Movie’ at some point during this period as the image of a giant Animal bursting out of a rooftop was in my head for a long time. I also have a vague memory of Fletcher Bird ( a character I’ve since developed an odd fascination with ), although for many years I was unsure if he existed or was just a figment of my childhood imagination. Needless to say, when I bought the season 3 DVD set and watched the Leo Sayer episode, I gave a mighty yelp of vindication :) . Actually, I got that feeling several times while watching season 3 on DVD… the sudden rush of nostalgia as, just for a moment, a long buried memory rose to the surface and told me what was going to happen next. I get the same feeling when I watch old ’Dr. Who’ episodes from the same period. Nice to know that all your 30 year old memories are stored somewhere deep in the brain. I expect this will intensify when the boxsets for seasons 4 and 5 are finally released - hopefully sooner rather than later!

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