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EB Miss Piggy Review

Discussion in 'Muppet Merchandise' started by Kedrick, Jun 17, 2002.

  1. Kedrick

    Kedrick Well-Known Member

    I can't get over it. I really can't. I figured that the EB Miss Piggy would look better then the main line version, but I'm floored by the difference! This isn't just a simple different hair version, folks. This is a WHOLE NEW HEAD!!!

    For starters, the hair and the head are two seperate pieces, the ears a part of the hair sculpt. The hair is made out of a softer type plastic allowing for a great range of movement. Also, the hair being an entirely seperate piece will allow the folks at Palisades to alter the hair style for future figures without having to do a whole new head sculpt.

    The face is not the same sculpt as the main line Piggy. The tongue and mouth are resculpted and more accurately reflect Miss P's actual mouth. The eyes are the selling point though!! The lashes are longer in length and also stretch father on the sides. This is Classic Miss Piggy!! The eyes are more in-line with the snout, and due to the fullness of the hair, and emphasis on the eyes, the snout appears perfectly in scale with the figure. I couldn't figure out how they (Palisades) could so perfectly nail Dr. Teeth and the rest, and mess up Piggy's sculpt. This figure renews my faith in their abilities!! :)

    The dress is a nice dark blue shade, with black gloves in a slight silver glitter sheen. The heels have the straps individually painted a lighter shade of blue with the base being black (the regular version is all over purple). The boa is almost the same shade of blue as the shoes and really compliments the sculpt of the figure, the arms holding the boa perfectly in place. The dresser is a nice shade of lavender, the hand mirror silver.

    The only thing about this figure that I didn't prefer over the main line figure is the necklace. The regular figure has a "pearl" look pearl necklace where the exclusive has a white necklace without the pearlized sheen. Otherwise, this Piggy is Leaps and Bounds ahead of the main line figure (assuming Piggy could leap and bound...:))

    I really wish I hadn't even wasted the money on my main line figure now. This Piggy should have been the ONLY version available. But what a coup for EB to have landed such an excellent figure for their stores! Sold out at the store I bought my figure at (thank God I called ahead for them to hold one!).

    Once again, the folks at Palisades deserve a round of applause. And as Kermit would say: "YYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!"



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