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Elmo on Good Morning America May 20

Discussion in 'Sesame Appearances' started by Phillip, May 19, 2011.

  1. Phillip

    Phillip Administrator Staff Member

    This Friday morning, don't miss Elmo on Good Morning America.

    Elmo will be appearing with financial advisor Beth Kobliner to talk about Sesame Workshop's new Financial Education initiative.

    After you watch the appearance, post here and share your thoughts.
  2. mummytomb

    mummytomb Member

    I hope this plan is telling kids to avoid debt.
  3. muppet baby

    muppet baby Active Member

    thanks for letting us know about this i am very excited , i would have never known about this if it had not been here because i normally watch the Today show in the mornings , this is really going to be neat to see elmo on Good morning america .:)
  4. Daffyfan2003

    Daffyfan2003 Well-Known Member

    They post the videos online, right? I'm alsways super busy on Fridays and may not have time to catch Elmo's appearance, so it would be nice to see it later if I get a chance.
  5. Yorick

    Yorick Active Member

    did i miss it?

    Elmo's moment on TV just ended - he said candy is a sometimes food, and said hello to the daughter of the one host, and kissed the other host on the cheek. He said you can organize your money by making three buckets (maybe not buckets, but something like that) - one to spend, one to save, and one to share. It was so short that there's not much to say, but maybe I'm forgetting something. It wasn't like his Jimmy Fallon appearance, of course!
  6. Daffyfan2003

    Daffyfan2003 Well-Known Member

    I'm glad you mentioned that. I just turned it on now, but I guess there's no reason to stay tuned, unless anyone wants to see Suzanne Somers talk about her career in informercials. Lol.
  7. Yorick

    Yorick Active Member

    lol, glad I could help you out with that info!:D I kept updating my post from "Did I miss it?" to (after hearing them mention Elmo was coming up) "An hour in and no Elmo yet! You didn't miss it!" To "Elmo has left the building!"

    You tuned in just four minutes after it ended, I think.

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