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Elmo Replica

Discussion in 'Puppet Building and Performing' started by eing6888, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. eing6888

    eing6888 Member

    I just finished with my first replica, Elmo. I used Mostro pattern from Projectpuppet.com . I bought the faux fur from Fabric Empire (http://www.fabricempire.com/faux-fur-shaggy-red.aspx) , one yard is more than enough for Elmo. For the nose, I used 4 inches styrofoam ball and sculpted it with coarse sand paper and cover it with dyed Antron fleece. For the eyes, I bought 50mm Christmas ornaments from Amazon.com and then sprayed it with white spray paint and use black felt as pupils.


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  2. eing6888

    eing6888 Member

    I also did an experiment with the faux fur for future reference and would like to share it with you guys. For the one that labeled hot water, I soaked the fur with running hot tap water for 30 minutes. For the one that labeled air dry, I let it air dry at normal room temperature 25C. For the one that labeled dryer, I dried the fur with the dryer at high heat for 1 and a half cycle. For the one that labeled horse shampoo, I use Maine and Tail shampoo to wash the fur and rinsed it out (http://www.amazon.com/Mane-Tail-Shampoo-32/dp/B000QFRBNS/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top). The horse shampoo is known for its rough texture after washing and it certainly did with the fur. I used hot water + dryer for my replica, since the horse shampoo made the fur a little bit too clumpy.

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  3. Vicki Fraggle

    Vicki Fraggle Well-Known Member

    Omg, that looks dead on. Great job. My gosh I wish I could do 3d art. Keep up the good work I'd like to see what else you come up with.
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  4. eing6888

    eing6888 Member

    I use Rits dry to dye the Antron fleece and here is my color recipe for dying I used
    7.5 grams of the Sunshine orange
    2.5 grams of the Tangerine Orange
    1/2 cup of sea salt(just because I don't have table salt around)
    1 cup of hot water (150F, I use microwave to heat it up)

    then I mix the 4 ingredients together
    after that I add 2 more cups of hot water(190F)
    mix well and then add the fabric(12 by 18 inches)
    Constantly stir it for 35 minutes and then rinse with cold water until the water run almost clear, do not twist the fabric just apply a little pressure on it.
    After that I used a very mild warm detergent solution(not bleach) to wash the fabric and then rinse it with cold water.
    Let it air dry on a flat surface
    After it's dried use a razor to shave the fuzzy part out

    Making the dye solution

    dying the Antron fleece

    Drying on flat surface(notes that the color is super saturated when the fabric is wet, don't panic, it will be come lighter once it dry)

    Shaving the fleece
  5. eing6888

    eing6888 Member

    And here is how I spray painted the eyeball.
    Spray it thin layer of paint but multiple times otherwise the paint will turn sticky.
    Making a stand for eyeballs also help to achieve a nice smooth paint.
    Let the paint cure overnight before you use it.

  6. Animal31

    Animal31 Well-Known Member

    Nicely done!
    eing6888 likes this.
  7. scandell

    scandell Well-Known Member

    Extra Critical comment: (Reposition his right pupil a little higher)
  8. eing6888

    eing6888 Member

    I agree, I think I will redo Elmo's eyes. The eye needs to position a little close together and adjust the pupil height too. Luckily I didn't glue them to the puppet:) thank you for the feedback.
  9. rowlfy662

    rowlfy662 Well-Known Member

    that's awesome great job sir
  10. WillyThePig

    WillyThePig Well-Known Member

    If you brush the sides of the face smooth I would look almost exactly like Elmo (after you fixed the eye of course)
  11. FunnyBear

    FunnyBear Well-Known Member

    Yeah, Just like every one else the eyes should be closer and the pupile higher
  12. batjimi

    batjimi Member

    that looks great! now is that the 1.5 inch pile length shaggy red fur? that is in the link? thanks
  13. eing6888

    eing6888 Member

    I had fixed the eyes and it looks superb! Thank you for the feedback guys:)
  14. eing6888

    eing6888 Member

    yes, that's where I bought the fur. It is the longest fur I found that has Elmo red color.
  15. Rymoore21

    Rymoore21 Well-Known Member

    I just finished mine last night. I found that the Red Shaggy Mongolian fur from Mendel's was an almost exact match. I boiled it for 20 seconds then dried it for 27 minutes in the dryer. I had to trim the fur down some and I added some hair mouse to areas of the face to give it some extra texture. I do feel like I made his hands a little bit too big though.

  16. mrfnydude

    mrfnydude Member

    Great Elmo. Great build.
    Rymoore21 likes this.
  17. Rymoore21

    Rymoore21 Well-Known Member

    thank you!
  18. Derek Thompson

    Derek Thompson Well-Known Member

    I used the methods of boiling the fur as you described here to make my Elmo that is my avatar. Your help was so appreciated. I really appreciate the sharing that goes on here. My puppet came out as good as it did because of all of you here. I also followed your method for tying the fleece. I was very happy with the color. Thanks again.
    Rymoore21 and MikaelaMuppet like this.
  19. allie vital

    allie vital New Member

    Hi i have a mega huge question my daughters 1st birthday is in oct and she loves elmo i have all the supplies i need but my question is how do i donhis body and wash him? I was thinking of making his head solid but im clueless how can you please help thank u
  20. CowbellaPiggy

    CowbellaPiggy Member

    all these Elmo replicas are so adorable! you guys are very talented!
    anyone selling an Elmo? I want a soft, huggable authentic-sized Elmo to love

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