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Everybody Has a Song

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by mostlikemokey, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Active Member

    Just wanted to let you know that chapter six is almost done! Should be finished tonight and typed up sometime this weekend! Sorry for the delay, but my life got in the way!:busy::D
  2. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    YAYAYAYAY!! We forgive you completely mostlikemokey....now make with the updates girl! ;)
  3. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Active Member

    Here it is, and only two days late! (Which is, for me, a miracle.) Enjoy!

    Boober was unconscious. “It’s probably better that he is,” said Lana. “It’ll give him a nice long rest.”

    “Lana, uhm…” said Wembley, “Why did you never come see Boober? I mean, you’re family, right?”

    “Come to think of it, we’ve never seen any of his family, “ said Gobo.

    “Lana’s face tensed. She gently grabbed her stick, pulled herself up to her full height, which was just a bit shorter than Mokey, and said, “let me put it this way; not all Fraggle societies are as nice as yours. Boober grew up in one where everyone lived in fear. Where no one helped each other.” She paused. “That’s all you need to know.”

    “But what about his family?” said Red. “Spill it! You’ve got no right to keep secrets from us!

    “Lana’s gaze turned as black and brittle as slate. “These are Boober's secrets,” she said, her tone steely, “not mine. And I won’t hurt him any more than I already have by divulging them.” She walked over to Boober and touched his forehead.

    “His fever’s up. Anybody know where I can get some moonrose?” “I’ll go said Wembely. “I’ve been there before, with Boober.”

    “I’ll go with you, “ said Lana, stick in hand. It clomped on the floor as she joined him.

    On the way down to the cave of shadows, the two Fraggles were quiet. Each was wrapped up in their own memories, some bittersweet.
    “Y’ know, I never paid any attention to Boober like I should have.” Said Wembely. “I never really listened about medicine and now I’ve got no clue, no clue what to do.”

    “At least you’ve only known him for a little while.” Said Lana. She plucked a moonrose flower from a snaggle of plants on
    a nearby rock. I’ve had years to cause damage. I once-“ “Wembely! Lana! Help!”
    Red was running toward them with the blinding speed of a true athlete. Wembely opened his mouth in shock. Lana froze. Her deep magenta body grew as stiff as her beaded hair rustled in the breeze.

    “Quick, Quick!” said Red. “Run, Run!”

    “What’s going on?” Wembely gasped, scrambling alongside Lana, who was struggling to keep up.
    “Boober’s delirious!” said Red. “He’s yelling things that don’t make sense! It’s scaring the stalagmites out of Mokey- and- she’s the calmest Fraggle in the Rock!”

    Lana, despite the fact that her stick was practically holding her up, made it to Boober’s room first. He was thrashing fitfully, and screening things that made horror hit her heart. She could almost hear the thud.

    “Mom! Dad!” Oh Lana, we have to find them! The house is burning!”

    Lana ran up to him. Boober, you’re very sick and-“
    “I’m not leaving them behind! Mom! Dad! Oh no…No…”

    Lana pushed Boober’s shoulders down against the pillow until he was too tired to fight anymore. “Sleep Boober, “ said Lana, motioning for the sprig of moonrose still in Wembley’s hand. He gave it to her, and she passed it to Red.

    “Can you make tea out of this? It will stop him from hallucinating.”

    Red took the sprig and dashed to the kitchen. Boober began to fight again, shouting, “We can’t leave them all behind! Lana! Lana!”

    There was a crash from the kitchen “She’s broken the teapot,” muttered Lana. “Mokey, could you-“

    Mokey wordlessly shook her head, eyes fixed on Boober. Gobo realized that instead of comforting the others as she normally would, she was focused entirely on Boober. It was almost as if-

    “Gobo, go!” said Lana pointing her head towards the kitchen. She pressed harder on Boober’s shoulders as he tried to sit up. “We need that tea!”

    Gobo looked at Boober, who was still thrashing weakly, and hurried off to the kitchen.

    As he opened the door he heard a muffled noise, almost like a squeak. Red was crying.


    Red stood in the middle of the room, the shards of the broken teapot scattered around her. Her face was buried in the tea towel.

    “Red, are you all right? Did you hurt yourself?”
    Gobo looked around, trying to see which one of the broken pieces cut her.

    Red turned. “Go away!” she said

    “Red, it’s okay to be scared.” He thought of Boober lying listlessly in bed and shuddered. “I’m terrified!”

    Red lowered the tea towel from her face. Gobo scared? Never!

    “I knew you’d come in here just to make fun of me,” she said. “Oh, Gobo, I feel just awful. I try to do something nice for Boober and I break his tea pot.” She sobbed heavily. “I wreck everything.”

    “You don’t wreck everything and I’m not making fun of you, Red.” Gobo hugged his friend gently. “And besides, Boober always has a spare.”

    Gobo opened the cupboard above the stove. Inside was a teapot identical to the one Red had broken. “See?”

    Gobo set the water to boil. He tossed the moonrose in.

    “W-when we were trapped in that spiral cave place, Boober told me a secret.”

    “Really?” said Gobo.

    “Yes, he said that he sometimes likes the good times he has with us.”

    “That’s no secret, “ said Gobo. “Of course he does. We only have to look at Sidebottom to know that.”

    “I wonder what happened to Boober that was so horrible, “ said Red.

    “I don’t know, but eventually we’ll find out,” said Gobo.

    Soon the tea had been administered and Boober was asleep.

    “That was a funny nightmare Boober had, huh?” said Wembely.

    Lana’s voice shook. “That was not a nightmare, that really happened.”

    Lana stood up, clasping her stick. “I’ve decided. I’m going to tell you everything. But sit down; it’s a long story.”
  4. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    Oh Mostlikemokey, good to see you back! I was getting worried you'd forgotten all about us over here. ;)

    I know exactly how you feel, so now I've been on both spectrums of the nagging scale: being nagged, and nagging, and in your case, biting my lip till it bleeds and waiting patiently for more. But, on to reviewing!

    :o: Sounds like New York City! Ahhh! Wocka wocka! Me: Will you go away? ....while at first it tends to rub me the wrong way that Fraggles wouldn't help each other, this makes perfect sense mostlikemokey. If Fraggles are supposed to be a realistic species, they would have societies that were ill-run or just generally didn't work out. >sigh< You can probably blame us humans and our influence for that....

    This made me sniffle. Very well written! >>Hugs imaginary Boober doll<

    Another very well written character part. Poor Wembley is really always trying to blame himself for everything.
    No no no! You once WHAT?! >sigh< Guess I'll never know...

    Oh my goodness, that really made me eyes watery. So well portrayed, so Fraggley, so......oh grief.....>breaks out into sniffles< >Hugs Boober doll again<
    :sigh: :Will you stop that? Don't you know how many germs those things carry?!?
    Me: I don't think I have to worry about those Boober, considering it's imaginary.
    :sigh:: Well what about imaginary germs?!
    Me:................................I guess I'll get imaginary sickness, and probably take some imaginary medicine then.
    :sigh:: Ugh! >stomps off to make imaginary tea<

    I'm going to take you by the shoulders and shake you a little now, and ask straight out if your saying Gobo is in love with Mokey, cause' if you are...........

    I would love you. That's all. Just love you. They are like, the best couple ever, as are (in my opinion) Boober and Red. :D

    I love these moments.
    Thank goodness! It's about time she.....oh no! It ended! This is worse than waiting for a new Doctor Who!! All right...>sucks it up< Thanks again for an amazing read, I would hug you and kiss you and stuff, but instead I'll just shake your hand firmly, and give you a muffin. And another and another. And ask kindly (and patiently) for more of this AWESOME STORY!
  5. blackaerin

    blackaerin Active Member

    Ah, I thought this story was familiar. You've posted on FF.net haven't you? :)

    I really like where this story is going. I have a soft spot for Boober, so naturally a story that focuses on his background greatly pleases me.
    And I do commend you for your OC Lana, as normally I'm never comfortable with reading stories with a "main character" OC. And while I admit my impression of her started off a bit rocky, I have found myself warmed up to her by now and am looking forward to her and Boober's background.

    But as much as I'm enjoying myself, I do have nitpicks about the story, like Lana's abrupt introduction. How does Cantus know that she was Boober's cousin? More importantly, why would he mention she was his cousin and why mention Boober hiding secrets?
    How did Boober suddenly find himself in an icy environment so close to the Rock? I'm assuming he was close to his home, since he ducked out of the Great Hall to go do laundry.
    Or alternatively, how long was he running when he was trying to lose the Blustering Bellowpane Monster? (Btw, I applaud you for putting in the more obscure and absurd critters of Fraggle Rock, and the encounter is just what I would imagine happening in the show.)

    Other than me nitpicking, I really am looking forward to more chapters. You have a good grasp of the silly and carefree atmosphere of the Rock and yet add in the dramatic moments and make it work.
    I especially love your latest chapter, and Red in particular was amazing. The scene with her and Gobo and the broken teapot was very in character and I could actually visualize this small moment with the real puppets. Poor Red for having Gobo walk in on her in her moment of weakness and poor Gobo for Red automatically assuming he's come to make fun of her.
    I am really worried for Mokey, she seems to be taking Boober's condition the hardest. It's startling whenever Mokey breaks away from her usual den mother role and stops being the anchor for the Fraggle Five, yet at the same time very interesting.
    Can't wait for the next chapter! :)
  6. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Active Member

    To we got us: Would you still like my story if I told you Gobo's crush on Mokey isn't requited? I added the romantic subplot in order to explorethe two views on Gobo's romance, and to explore how he could shift from one girl to another, If that makes any sense. Can't reveal much more without unveiling too much, but sorry to burst your bubble. You are a great reviewer who makes awesome muffins!

    To Blackaerin: The Cantus thing will clear up in the next chapter. Thanks for the review!
  7. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    Oh totally, don't worry! Half the time I'm just romantically fantasizing anyway, but I love it when different or new character pairings are explored. (did you know there's a fan fic on here that pairs Janice and Sam the Eagle? Seriously!) Glad you enjoyed both the muffin and review. I guess I can see Gobo as a ladies man...Fraggle...;) Anyway, we love the story and look forward to more whenever you can!
  8. Wow! Awesome story! Cannot wait for the next chapter, this is really... uh... I'm not good at finding which word to use :sigh:... Lets just say it really makes me want to read more!!!! :)
  9. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Active Member

    Don't know when next chapter is going to be up, but it's written, just not posted yet. I will try to do better with typos this time, it's hard for me to notice those things on a screen. I'm more a pen and paper person. KittyxMsPepper, thanks for the review. You're a pretty good writer yourself!
    We Got Us likes this.
  10. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Active Member

    Here it is!

    Chapter 8

    “Boober's parents,” Lana began, “died in a fire.”
    “A f-fire?” said Wembley. “Didn’t they have a volunteer fire department?”
    Lana looked at the floor. “This is going to be hard to explain.” said Lana.

    “Perhaps I can help?” said a voice.


    All the young Fraggles except Boober jumped to their feet.

    “Cantus, did you hear-“

    “Poor Boober-“

    “His parents-

    “Cantus, what does it all mean-“

    Cantus put his hand up, the strange mark that showed them he was a leader of minstrels clearly visible on his palm. Red remembered without fondness the day she’d borne that mark.

    “Everything will be explained, and in it’s own time,” said Cantus. “But in order for those who must understand to understand, a strong foundation must be laid. Sing your song for them, Lana.”

    “Now?” said Lana uncertainly. “IN front of Boober? But he still-“

    “One day,” said Cantus, “your young Fraggle friend will realize that it does not matter who was ultimately responsible for the death of his parents. Now, sing.”

    Lana sighed, took a deep breath, and began.

    “La de lah, lah de lah,
    Lah, lah, la, la, la, la, la, la, la.”

    The Fraggles drew back, astounded. Lana’s singing was exquisite; every syllable was timed right, every note in perfect tune. Only Cantus had such a masterful voice.

    “Where Boober grew up, doing that would be forbidden, said Lana. “All music is forbidden.”

    Red gasped. “Music forbidden? But-“

    “We had a leader, Lana interrupted, “Who forbade music, among many other things. She didn’t want even seem to care whether we lived or died, so mostly we just fended for ourselves. As long as her rules were obeyed, she left us alone.”

    Mokey spoke, eyes still glued to Boober. “How could Boober’s cave have caught fire? Rock isn’t flammable.”

    “Oh, we didn’t live in caves. We lived in the hollows of old trees. In a grove. We called our leader the Grove’s Oldest Fraggle.”

    “What’s the Oath of the Grove?” asked Gobo.

    “Oh, that. The Oath is sort of a joke in the grove. No one ever kept it, but it was the only way Boober had of kicking me out.”

    “But why?” asked Mokey, tears beginning to flow. “Why would he push you away?”

    Lana sighed. “There are two reasons for that. I’ll tell you the really bad part first.”

    She paused. None of the other Fraggles moved.

    “All right. Imagine this, if you will. You’ve heard music for the first time. You have no clue what it is, what it’s for. What do you do?”

    Wembley snapped a Doozer Stick off a giant Doozer tower being built in the corner of the room. The whole structure toppled, sending a horde of Doozers scurrying.

    “I guess I’d ask someone what it was,” he said.

    “Right. And I had only one Fraggle to ask. Boober. See, the music I heard, nobody else could hear. It was my song.”

    The Fraggles nodded, and Lana continued, “So we – Boober and I – went to a secret place we had, just outside the grove. I sang my song. He had no idea what it was either, so we went home. Well, someone must have heard, because when we woke up the next morning, and Boober’s dad was telling us to run. And the smoke...” Lana began to cry, putting her hands over her mouth to muffle her sobs.

    When she finally got control of herself, she looked up. She couldn’t see any anger in the Fraggles’ eyes, so she said, “We don’t know how the Grove’s Oldest Fraggle knew, or if she knew. I’d like to think that she wasn’t capable of such atrocities. But Boober always blamed me for his parents’ deaths, because I sang.”

    The silence in the room was broken only by Lana’s sniffles. Mokey looked away from Boober for the first time since that morning. “I don’t blame you. You were young. How could you have known?”

    “Tell that to Boober,” choked Lana, a bite in her tone.

    “Lana,” asked Wembley, What was it you started to tell me in the Cave of
    Shadows?” You once what?”

    “That’s the second reason he kicked me out. I dared him to jump in a mud puddle.”
    Gobo snorted.

    “It’s not funny. I was hearing all songs, all the time by then. By the time we got to Fraggle Rock. Ever try to listen to thousands of songs at once, twenty-four hours a day? It’ll drive you nuts. Needless to say, I wasn’t the most pleasant Fraggle to be around. I still cared about Boober though. He was so terrified after everything that had happened that for a good part of the month he was bedridden. Until he got the courage to leave his room, I did everything for him.”

    Gobo tried to imagine the scenario, and could almost see it in his mind. I have to be the strong one, he thought, wiping away his tears.

    “And as if that weren’t bad enough,” said Lana, her voice flat as the rock under her feet, “When he finally was better, I had this idea that his fears would go away if he just confronted them-“

    “Well, wouldn’t they?” asked Red.

    “You’d think so, but I guess I went the wrong way about it. I bullied him until he jumped in, then he panicked. I pulled him out as quick as I could, but he still made me swear I would never come back. I left. I met Cantus, and he taught me how to control my gift. Now the songs come to me only when I want them to, but my cousin is still alienated from me.”


    One week later Boober awoke, expecting to feel cold rock underneath him, or to hear more voices from the past. He dimly remembered himself relieving his parents’ deaths, and someone trying to help him. He tried to remember whom, and felt dizzy.

    Some time later he realized that he was no longer on the floor of the cave. He was in his own bed. But how? The persistent, dull ache in his muscles told him that his journey hadn’t been a dream.
    “I wonder what illness I caught while I was down there, he thought. I feel terrible. He felt himself getting tense, so he comforted himself by imagining Mokey’s art. He visualized the first friend he ever made serenely dipping her tail into a jar of cool, green, paint. He imagined until he was too exhausted to imagine anymore. His calm gave way to discomfort. His throat felt like sandpaper and he was still freezing.

    Wembley, who was sitting on Lana’s stool in the corner after the others had decided to take a break, heard a hoarse voice from the bed.

    “Wha- what happened?”

    “Boober! You’re awake! You’re alive! You’re gonna be OK!”

    “So cold,” said Boober, as Wembley jumped up and down. Wembley checked himself. It wouldn’t do to explode now.

    Wembley handed Boober a mug. Boober was too disoriented to notice what was in it. He gulped it down and felt a pleasant warmth spread through his body.

    “Wait till I tell Red and Mokey and Gobo,” Wembley was saying. “And Lan-”

    He stopped, afraid that Boober had heard, but Boober was asleep again. Wembley sighed and sat back down on his stool again. It wouldn’t hurt to wait until Boober could stay awake to tell the others.
  11. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    >wipes away stray tear< Excellante! Bravo! And I will be back in the near future for a proper review! Meanwhile, hugs and warm blankets and many, many muffins for both Boober and Mostlikemokey who have been through a lot.
  12. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness! Glad to see Boober's okay, and it'll be interesting to see how he deals with all this. Thanks for posting.
  13. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    SSQQUUEEEE!! I totally love your avatar! Nigel is super-cute!!
    charlietheowl likes this.
  14. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Thanks! Nigel's pretty cool. I think he's got a little bit of Fraggle in him, what with the eyes on the top of the head and everything, which is probably why I like him so much.
    We Got Us likes this.
  15. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    I noticed that too. The reason I probably like him is that a) I always feel sorry for the forgotten characters and Nigel fits that description pretty durn well, and b) He has one of my favorite drippy Jim Henson voices! ...is it a little weird I've picked out certain voices I like? ;)
    charlietheowl likes this.
  16. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Active Member

    We got us- No, it's not weird. I personally love Cantus' voice.
    charlietheowl-Long time no see! Glad you like it!
  17. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Active Member

    Woo-hoo! Two updates in as many days! Don't expect this to be a regular thing.

    Chapter 9

    Red was bouncing a ball against the cave wall.

    “Three hundred thirty-five, 336, 337…”

    “Will you stop that?” yelled Gobo. Red threw the ball with even more force. It bounced back and hit her on the nose.

    “Serves you right,” said Gobo. “It’ll be your turn to watch Boober soon, don’t get antsy.”

    “I’m not antsy,” said Red, picking up her barbells. “How long has Lana been asleep, anyway?”

    Gobo looked over at Lana who, being to big to fit into Gobo and Wembley’s sleeping nooks, had collapsed in exhaustion onto a pile of pillows on the floor.

    “You know, I don’t blame her for making Boober jump in the mud,” Gobo whispered. “I mean, I do, but not much”.

    “Yeah, I know what you mean, “ said Red. Even Mokey hasn’t been too mad at her.”

    “I wonder why Mokey’s been so… obsessed with Boober lately,” said Gobo, frustrated. “I mean, what’s he ever done? Laundry? Ha! That’s nothing to someone who’s seen the world, like me!”

    Red knew what Gobo meant by those words even if Gobo didn’t, and felt a prick of jealousy towards Mokey. Embarrassed, she nearly dropped the barbells on her feet. Gobo didn’t notice.

    A few minutes later, Wembley came barreling into the room.

    “Hurry, Hurry, Boober’s awake! “ he said, dashing out again.

    “I’ll go get Mokey, ”said Red, running off towards her cave.

    “It took several minutes to rouse Lana, but finally she awoke. “I keep out of sight, at least at first, “She said. “Boober needs time to recover before we lay another shocker on him.”

    As Gobo started towards Boober’s room, he could hear Wembley getting increasingly exasperated.

    “Boober, You’re not gonna die!”

    “Yes I will! I’m languishing!”


    “I’m surprised I didn’t catch hypothermia down there!”


    I’ll die!”

    “Boober!” Wembley was bellowing now, near tears. “Don’t you know how much we missed you?” Overcome with emotion, he ducked out of the room.

    “Now you’ve done it, Boober. We’ve been trying to calm him down.”

    “Since when does Wem get so upset? “

    “Since we nearly lost you,” said Gobo. “Where’s Mokey?” he called to Red, who had just entered the room.

    “She’s coming! She just needed a few minutes to… ah… collect herself,” said Red.

    “How long have I been gone?” asked Boober.

    Red twisted her left ponytail nervously. “Almost two weeks.”


    “Boober, calm down, everything’s been taken care of.”

    Boober looked at them skeptically. “Laundry?”

    “Check, but a few of the things bled.”


    “Check, but for some reason no one liked it,” said Gobo.

    “Yeah, even Large Marvin wouldn’t eat it,” said Red, snickering.

    Red!” yelled Gobo.

    “Boober?” said a quiet voice.


    Mokey came forward, her walk uncertain, her gaze that of a Fraggle who does not quite believe.

    She sat uneasily on Boober’s bed.

    “You’re alive,” she said in wonderment.

    “Of course he is,” said Red. “Don’t you believe anything I tell you?”

    But Boober and Mokey seemed to only have eyes for each other.

    “Mokey, have you been crying?” Boober reached up and touched Mokey’s cheek.

    “That doesn’t matter now,” she said. “I painted you something. Look up.”

    Boober raised his head with great difficulty. He gasped in delight.


    On the ceiling of Boober’s room, Mokey had painted a large mural of Crystal Cavern. It took Boober some time to tear his eyes away from this precious gift, but finally he did.

    “One question,” he said. “Well, two. First, can someone get Wembley back?”

    “I’m here, Boober. I just got a little overwhelmed, that’s all.”

    “Second, how in the Rock did you rescue me?”

    Everyone’s expression suddenly fell.

    “You’re probably going to hate us for this,” muttered Red.

    “I’m sorry, Boober,” sobbed Mokey. “We had to…”

    “What do you mean?”

    The Fraggles parted to let Lana through. Boober gasped.

    “Hey, Boober,” said Lana sheepishly.
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  18. We Got Us

    We Got Us Active Member

    Oh wow oh wow oh wow! No, I won't expect it to be a regular thing, but I sure am loving it!!! Genius mostlikemokey!! :D
  19. mostlikemokey

    mostlikemokey Active Member

    Lana's love interest is introduced in this chapter. Don't worry, he's no a main character or an OC. He appears in only one episode (As far as I know) and I thought he needed a backstory. Kudos to you if you can name him and the episode he's from, and let me know if Lna's turning into a Mary Sue.

    Although I think I do pretty well...

    Chapter 10

    “YOU!” screamed Boober. “I should have known. What did you tell them? What do they know?”

    Red pursed her lips, but a whimper slipped between them. Showing weakness for the second time in two weeks, she buried her face in her hands.

    “Don’t you remember, Boober?” Lana’s voice was a gentle whisper.

    “No,” said Boober staunchly, crossing his arms. His memories before waking up for the first time had faded away.

    “You were delirious, Boober,” said Wembley, “And you were yelling things about your house burning down.”

    “And then we pestered Lana until we found out the rest,” said Gobo. “It wasn’t her fault.”

    “Don’t try to stick up for her, Gobo,” said Boober. “She’s reckless- dangerous.”

    If he had sounded angry, it would have been a comfort to Lana to know that he was at least asserting himself, but she knew from the way his song thrummed in her ears that he was petrified, scared of the Fraggle who had once been the only thing close to a sister that he had.

    “I’m going to see the Trash Heap,” she muttered. “Keep an eye on him.”

    Lana ducked out of the Fraggle hole and walked slowly across the Gorgs’ garden. Gobo had told her that the Fraggles had made peace with the Gorgs, but she didn’t quite believe him. She cast a wary eye over the fields, continuing to walk.

    Finally she spotted Philo and Gunge, and scrambled up to them.

    “Excuse me, but may I see the Trash Heap, please?”

    Philo and Gunge gazed at her sardonically.

    “Hey, she looks kind of familiar,” said Gunge. “Think we should let her see Marjory?”

    “Nah,” said Philo, “She doesn’t look like she needs help that badly.”

    “Boys,” said a voice from the depths of the garbage, “are you shooing visitors away again?”

    “Er, You are in the presence of-“

    “The all-knowing-“

    “The all-seeing-“

    “Trash Heap! Nyeah!”

    The Trash Heap rose up out of the ground. “Well, hello little Fraggle, have we met before?’

    Lana sighed. “Yes.”

    “Let me think, where… ah, yes, I remember now, you are Lana Fraggle, cousin to Boober Fraggle, is that right?”

    Lana nodded, thinking, I will not cry.

    “I am glad that you have returned, though you should have taken my advice and stayed in the first place. Now tell me, what troubles you?”

    Lana began her story with a straight face, but by the end she was sobbing. “I don’t know what to do, Madame Heap,” she moaned. “I don’t know what to do.”

    “Now, Lana, “ said Marjory, “Are you going to take my advice this time?”

    Lana nodded emphatically.

    “Listen, I foresee an event that will make Boober realize how dear you are to him. Until that event comes to pass, you are to lay low. Be kind, but do not force him. And by the way, things will work out with Pedley, too."

    Lana perked up.“Pedley?”

    “The Trash Heap has spoken.”


    “Thank you, Madame Heap!” Lana yelled, and the Trash Heap sank back into the ground.
  20. charlietheowl

    charlietheowl Well-Known Member

    Pedley? Is that the fraggle who was the really good painter that made Mokey jealous?

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