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Fan Fic Oscar Goes To Jail!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by dwayne1115, Dec 15, 2013.

  1. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Oscar Goes To Jail
    by: Dwayne1115

    Chapter One: Littering

    It was a bright and beautiful mid afternoon in the park near Sesame Street. The park was for most part was empty. With the exception on a few birds in the bird bath, and a cowboy petting his horse. Oddly enough this was the perfect place for Oscar The Grouch to spend his time. Most of the kids and monsters that lived on Sesame Street where in school, and those that where to young for school where at home having there lunch, and naps. This was the only time of the day that Oscar felt he could come to the park without being annoyed by all the kids, and monsters laughing and playing.

    As Oscar quietly walked through the park he noticed a crumbled piece of paper laying on the grass near by. “Oh boy”, He thought, “Another piece of trash for my collection”, he said to himself as he hurried over to where the trash laid. As he bent over to pick up the trash three men in black suites, and wearing sunglasses jumped out of nearby bushes, and behind trees. One of the men shouted “Freeze, Your under arrest!”. Oscar stood up quickly only to be tackled and handcuffed by one of the men. “Hey who are you clowns!”, The grouch screamed as he was trying to move and fight from being handcuffed. The men pulled Oscar to his feet, and one of them stood in front of him and pulled out a badge, "We are part of the mayors task force to keep New York clean, We have been following you for some time, and now have enough evidence to lock you and your trashy ways up for good!” Just then the cowboy runs up to see what all the commotion was about, "What's going on here? What are you doing with Oscar?” Oscar looked up and smiled, "Forgetful Jones, am I glad to see you. Tell these clowns I am not a criminal.” Forgetful paused for a moment and looked a little puzzled, and then said “Fellas Oscar ain’t a criminal!” As the men garbed Oscar and started to led him away one of them turned to Forgetful and said “It's to late for that, this grouch will have to stand trial.” As the men continued to lead Oscar away he shouted “Jones, Go get Maria, or Gordon I need help! “ As the men threw Oscar in the back of one of there cars, Forgetful hoped on his horse and road towards Sesame Street, and Hooper's Store screaming "Help!"
  2. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter Two: Who Needs Help?/ A Cell Friend

    It was business as usual on Sesame Street, and all the adults where going about there daily routines. Luis, and Maria where in the Fix It shop working on all of the appliances, and things that everyone needed fixing. Leah was in the Laundromat pressing some pants, and dancing to the music from the nearby radio. In Hooper's Store, Bob was sitting at the counter reading a newspaper, and Alan was whipping down the counter and humming.

    As Big Bird walked into Hooper's, Alan looked up and smiled “Hi Big Bird”, he said, “I was wondering when you would be coming in for you birdseed milkshake.” Big Bird sat next to Bob, who had put his paper down to greet his feathered friend. “Hi Allan, Hi Bob, I'm sorry I am late Snuffy and I got carried away with our play date, and I almost forgot my birdseed milkshake!” Just as Allan was finishing making the milkshake, he stopped and said “Whats that sound?” Everyone stopped and listened and could faintly hear someone screaming for help. They rushed to the windows to see what the noise was about. As they looked down the street they could see Forgetful Jones riding his horse and shouting for help. Maria ran out of the Fix It shop, and stopped the horse and yelled, “Forgetful! What is it what's wrong?” Forgetful jumped off his horse and was out of breath from all of his shouting and said “Someone needs help!” By this time all of the other adults and Big Bird had gathered outside to to see what was going on. “Who needs help, Forgetful who?” Bob said as he put his hand on the cowboy's shoulder. Forgetful stopped to think for a moment, and then placed his hand over his eyes. “I forgot!”, he whined Maria put her arm around him and said “That's OK Forgetful lets all go into Hooper's and we will help you figure out who it is that needs our help. "


    As the cell door closed behind Oscar he thought to himself, “How am I going to get out of here?” He quickly turned, and placed both hands on the bars of the cell and shouted, “Let me outta here I've done nothing wrong!”, The officers ignored his plea and walked away closing and locking a big metal door behind them. “It's no use pal”, a slithering voice said from behind, “Your gonna be here for quite a long time.” In an instant Oscar knew who the voice belonged to and tuned and shouted, “Lefty! What are you doing here?” A slider fellow slowly walked closer and into the light. He was wearing his usual trench coat, and hat, only they looked to be a little worn and dirty. He looked both ways and then looked over the tired, and confused grouch and said, I tried to sell a counterfeit letter P to a police officer, then they threw me in here.” Oscar chuckled, and set on the edge of the bunk bed,then said, “I don't know what I'm in here for, and how I am getting outta here.” Lefty slowly set next to him and confidently said “Ah, don't worry your lawyer will tell you everything you need to know.” The grouch shot to his feet and shouted “But I ain’t got a lawyer!”
  3. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter Three: Newsflash!

    As Maria Big Bird and the other adults tried to help Forgetful remember who it was that needed help, and what kind of help they needed Telly, Elmo, and Abby came into the store shouting for one of the adults attention. “Allan! Something bad has happened, no wait something really bad has happened, no something really really bad has happened!” Allen ran from behind the counter and bent down in front of the nervous monster, “What is it Telly?”, he asked as he tired to hold the monster still. “Yea Telly” Elmo chimed in “All you would tell Abby and Elmo was that it was something really bad.” Telly leaned against the nearby wall and tried to catch his breath, “It's Oscar, he he has been arrested!” Forgetful shot up from his seat and shouted “That's it that's who needed help, good ol Escar! Maria put her hand up in front of Forgetful and turned to Telly “What do you mean arrested? What for?” Telly still out of breath and leaning on the wall stood to his feet, “I'm not sure my mommy was watching her favorite show, and a newsflash came on and was talking about it. I had to make sure everyone knew so I came a running.” All the the adults looked at each other confused and worried, “Maybe they are still taking about it on TV, Allan could you turn it on and see?” Bob asked as he walked over to the set. Alan quickly garbed the remote from behind the counter and turned the TV on, the news was still on, and this is what they saw:


    Hi-Ho, Kermit the Frog here and we are live at the park just off of Sesame Street where Oscar the grouch was just arrested for littering. I have not been giving to much information at this time, but one thing is for sure is that the grouch has been taken to the local police station waiting for a trial, and from what I hear a lawyer as well. Sources tell me that KNYC which is short for Keep New York Clean have been building a case on Oscar, and other grouches in the area to rid the city of there trashy ways. This new task force which was created by mayor Happy has only been active for seven months, but have already made several arrests. Oscar was one of the last known grouches that had yet to be caught, but tonight that chase is over. We will have more on this story at eleven, until then this has been Kermit the Frog, Good day!”
  4. Janice+Floyd<3

    Janice+Floyd<3 Well-Known Member

    Awe haha poor Oscar
    ElizaSchuyler likes this.
  5. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    The Story must go on!

    Chapter Four: Cookie Grouch

    Everyone who lived on Sesame Street was gathered in the courtyard between Hooper's Store, and 123 Sesame Street. Everyone was talking, and honking among themselves, and the small area was getting really loud. Chris stood on a near by chair and yelled, “OK everyone let's get started!” The crowd slowly quieted down with one final honk coming from the back. “Thanks everyone,” Chris yelled, “Now we all know why we are here,To come up with a plan to help Oscar get out of jail.” He explained. The crowd started to mumble and then Abby spoke up “I know I could use my magic, and just bring Oscar back!” The Amazing Mumford stood up and said that is a wonderful idea. Ala la peanut sandwiches!” A loud poof and a white cloud of smoke suddenly appeared, as It dissipated everyone started looking around for Oscar. As everyone kept looking Cookie monster started yelling and crying as he made his way toward the front. Cookie made it to the front of the crowd and trued to face them. He had brown shaggy eyelashes and had green fur instead of his natural blue fur. “What happened?” He cried,”Me be turned into grouch monster! Now me love trash instead of cookies!” The crowd started to chuckle and point at Cookie, The Count stood up and shouted “That's one one grouch monster AH HA AH!” Cookie hung his head low, “Mumford change me back!” he whined. Just as Mumford was about to wave his wand Abby shouts, “No let me try! Oggey bogy let's see cookie!” With that another loud poof and a cloud of smoke appeared. As it cleared everyone in the crowd started to realize that something had happened. Cookie monster was back to his old self, and people also started to notice that they had changed as well. Everyone had been changed into cookie monsters.

  6. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    Chapter Five: Grover Attorney At Law

    After Abby had turned everyone on Sesame Street into cookie monsters, her and the Amazing Mumford tried several different magic tricks, and spells to turn everyone back to normal. They turned everyone into chickens, cows, birds, and Abby even cast a spell that turned everyone into Jell-O. After several hours and many failed attempts everyone on Sesame Street was back to normal. Before another spell or trick could be cast Gordon, and Gina took the fairy in training, and the magician's wands from them “Thank you two for trying to help.” Gina said, “But it would be wrong, and illegal to just make Oscar appear.”
    Everyone started to head home, or to there place of work with no real solid plan to help Oscar. Big Bird placed his hand on Gordon's shoulder and said, I don't think that went very well Gordon.” Gordon shook his head, "No Big Bird that was a wast of time. I have to go and start calling lawyers.” Suddenly Grover pops from out of no where wearing a nice double breasted suite. “Leave that to me Gordon!” the monster explained, “ I will get grouchy out of jail in no time!” As quickly as the monster appeared he was gone even quicker. “Gordon”, Big Bird asked, “Do you think that's a good idea?” Gordon looked up with a somewhat worried looked, “I sure hope so Big Bird I sure hope so.”

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