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Fan-Fic: Remembering The Good Times We Had

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Feb 1, 2006.

  1. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter One

    A lone figure sat on the procenium stage. He looked out over the empty seats, muttering to himself while the pale moonlight filtered down from a small hole in the ceiling. He glanced upwards towards that hole. He said nothing, shaking his head a little. Nights like these, they were no comfort to the old soul. They would chill his blood, had he had any in him. His hands clasped together, looking once more over the seats, the smell of smoldering fabric and wood filled his nostrils once more, he closed his eyes, remembering that night....the one night that made him a prisoner.

    -~-~-60 years ago-~-~-

    He was so excited, it was opening night for the play "Hamlet", he was the lead role, holding the skull of Yorick upwards and reciting those famous lines. He couldn't wait. But something did not seem right to him. He smelled something odd backstage, he told his friend to take over for his part on stage, momentarily, because he was going to go and check it out. He walked back to the boiler room, it was already started there, some charcoal from the heater had spilled out, and the entire room was in fire. He ran, as fast as his legs could take him, dashing to the backstage, then out to the stage itself. He had thought about trying to put the fire out, but it was already envloping the back wing quickly.


    The people, at the dragon's call ran from the theatre. Quickly, like ants evading some cruel childs magnifing glass, the theatre was empty. He ran to the back, checking the dressing rooms, and he saw a young child backstage, he was one the owner's child...or nephew, he always forgot. He saw the child trapped inside one of the dressing rooms.

    "Jerry!! Jerry Grosse!!! Come here child, quickly!!!"

    The child did not move, he was too scared. The young dragon, did something he knew not he could do. He ripped the door open, and grabbed the child, then took off running, he placed the child outside of the theatre, then he ran back inside to see if there were more people trapped, like Jerry...but there were none. After he checked the dressing rooms, one last time...he collapsed inside them. Making the theatre...his tomb.
  2. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Two

    The next day, Kermit came into the theatre, unlocking the doors, and smiling. "Frightful day, Uncle Deadly! How was your night?"

    Kermit glanced around the theatre, usually when he greeted Uncle Deadly, he would respond in some way. No sound came forth from the rafters. It was quiet as a mouse inside of there. "Uncle Deadly...? Is something the matter??"

    Kermits eyes focused towards the middle of the stage, he turned on the primary lighting, and stepped back a little bit. Uncle Deadly was sprawled out on the theatre's stage, clutching what looked like a piece of paper. Kermit called out once more, hoping to see Uncle Deadly stir a little, which he did. He sat up, and glanced around, then he flew upwards towards the rafters once more, without a noise, upon seeing Kermit, with his friends piling into the theatre.

    "Who was that, Mon Captiane?" Piggy cooed to Kermit, whom she saw was just standing there, staring at the stage.

    "It was just Uncle Deadly, Piggy. Something seems to be up with him."

    She dropped the sweetness immediately, "Well, something's always up with him."

    Fozzie was helping Gonzo drag his cannon inside the theatre, and they stopped, hearing the two talk.

    "Maybe we should see what's with him? Could be something...ahh...we could help with." Fozzie replied to the both of them, while Gonzo was already half-way inside the cannon, checking it out. It had cracked from last weeks performance. Then he popped his head outside of it. "Maybe somethings eating at him."

    Piggy huffed, walking back towards her dressing room, "Maybe somethings eating him period, ever thought of that? He's a dead ghost, it dosn't matter anymore guys."

    Deadly sat on the rafters, watching the pig walk to her dressing room...he remembered that room well. He only wished he wasn't trapped here. Inside this retched theatre. His thoughts stopped for a moment, he realized what he just thought.

    "Retched? I believe this place to be...retched? But they are friendly with me...." He looks down at the stage, where Scooter and Beauregard are bringing out a few sets for Kermit and Fozzie to look at how they look from the people's point of view. He watched idly for awhile, before going back towards the unused part of the theatre. He stopped in his old room, it's covered with cobwebs, and is extremely dusty. He sits in the creaky old wooden chair, and pulls it closer to the dusty desk. He stops, and pulls out that piece of paper once more from his coat pocket, and looks at it. It was a faded picture of himself with a beautiful blue dragoness. He barely smiled, and placed one hand against the picture. Then he slid it back into it's old metal frame, placing it upon his desk. Then opening a drawer, he pulls out a piece of smooth, creamy white parchment from a beautiful carved box. Lifting a pen from an ink well, he starts to write...

    "Dearest friends,
    You have taken care of me, as I have you. As you are well knowledgeable, I have stopped those who wish this theatre harm. Now...reluncately, I ask for your help. If at all possible, I wish to contact family of mine. I miss them. The one in particular I speak of, her name was Eleanor. She was a beautiful dragoness, she was in the theatre every night the performances were shown. She may be dead herself, but I am long for her company once more, if you can find her, I would be glad. So very glad. If you cannot, I shall live my existance as I have before...perhaps I might finally go to where I was intended...

    Sincerely, Uncle Deadly."

    He rolled up the parchment, after the ink dried, and he closed it with a black ribbon, placing it on Kermit's desk before taking his leave in the rafters high above.
  3. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Wowwwwwww.....this is great! This is fabulous! You are a great writer! I'm really excited to see where this goes! Who knew Uncle Deadly had a great love? Way to go Renee! I'll definately be tuning in for this one!
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    As will I... Could you possibly post some more, please?
  5. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Three

    Kermit groaned, as Beauregard tripped over the backdrop for Piggy's act, ripping it somewhat.

    "Scooter, could you go and get the script for Piggy's act, we need to see what else might go with that song of hers...and then the names of the special guest perhaps?"

    "Right Chief! I'll get it right away.."

    Scooter made his way to Kermit's desk, and he shuffled through the papers, finding the script for Piggys' act, the list of guests, and his hand knocked off the small parchment roll onto the floor. "Hmm? What's this? This wasn't here before. Better take it to Kermit."

    "Hey Boss, here ya go. I also found this on the desk while looking for the guest list....looks kinda old. It wasn't there before." Scooter handed him the small parchment, Kermit pulled the ribbon off of it, which held it closed, he read it slowly, it dosn't really shock him...until he reads that last line.

    "...I might finally go where I was intended...." His mouth opens slightly, re-reading that. He looks at Scooter for a moment, then he closes his mouth.

    "Boss, what is it?" He picks up the parchment from Kermit, and he reads it carefully, then he looks around, expecting to see Uncle Deadly pop out from somewhere, but he is nowhere to be seen.

    Deadly sat against the stairway on the roof, looking out over the buildings. He was still at the theatre, so he was alright...but he knew the rules. He wasn't supposed to be able to speak to the living, but Death gave him special privilages...for what reason, he sometimes forgot. But...he was never able to leave his place of death. Or eat lasgsna on the 3rd Wednesday. Sometimes he really hated that last rule. He sighed, looking at the picture once more. He walked around to the front of the buildings roof, sitting on the edge of it. He always took this perch outside, it was a very old habit. He watched for Eleanor every day. He knew it was fruitless, but still. His cold heart longed for her to warm it once more.

    "I'm dead. Why do I do this!?" He yells out to the heavens. "She only came that one day....and I missed her. Why do I still long for her!??" He places his head in his hands, he feels like sobbing right then and there..

    "May-Maybe because...you miss her?"

    A small voice came from behind him. Deadly whipped his head around, spying a tiny frog standing in the gravel of the flat rooftop. It was Robin, Kermit's nephew. He was shuffling softly around, not really looking at Deadly at all, one would guess he was scared of him. "I-I mean, Uncle Deadly.....you might miss her....and....who was she anyways? I heard Uncle Kermit talking about what you wrote....but, I don't know who it was."

    Uncle Deadly smiled towards Robin, he stood up, then sat against the wall, in front of Robin. He sighed a little bit.

    "She was before your time, child. Her name was Eleanor. She was to be my wife...." He couldn't say much more, trying to remember her as she was, the memories somewhat painful for Deadly.

    Robin looked up towards the ghostly blue phantom, and tilted his head a little, thinking about what he has said. "Was? Didn't you get married??" He pointed to a small tarnished gold ring, that was on Deadly's left hand. Uncle Deadly covered his hand, looking down.

    "I died before it could happen, frog. I wear it in memory of her. She might be dead for all I know."
    "Why don't you go look for her?"
    "Robin, was it? -- I'm trapped here. If you didn't die of natural causes, wherever you do die, you're forced to haunt for all eternity."

    Robin gasped softly, looking at the old dragon. "You died at the theatre...didn't you?"

    All Deadly could do is nod, he stood up, gently picking Robin up in his hands. Robin didn't complain at all. The two walked towards the stairwell, which before was boarded up by Deadly, a small board towards the bottom was forced outwards, just enough room for Robin to squeeze through. Deadly pulled out a gold lockpick, and opened the door using it. Him and Robin walked slowly down the stairs. The two were silent, for the most part.

    "You're not as cold as I thought you would be, Uncle Deadly."

    He looked down at Robin, who for some reason, was snuggled against him now. "Child, this is my body, Life restored it for me."

    "I thought you were...dead?"
    "Yes, I am techinally dead. But I am also living. In a way. I don't really know how to explain it. Place your hand here.." He guided Robins small hand to the area on his chest, where his heart would be. Robin felt nothing, no beating, and he then realized Deadly dosn't really breath either.

    "Wow.." Robin seemed quite amazed at how Deadly is.

    Deadly chuckled a little bit, then he set Robin down at the bottom of the long stairwell, and walked into his room.

    Two people were waiting for him inside, they closed the door behind Deadly, making sure it was in secrecy.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Aw... Such a heartwarming moment... Now if only we had a heart...
    The dialogue between Uncle and frog was quietly well done, and a good scene for us phantom fans. Now, as for these two people in his room...

    What'll happen next? Hopefully, more story gets posted.
  7. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Wow! Robin and Uncle Deadly together? Now there's a combo I never thought I'd see. You did it VERY well though, I really enjoyed it, it was heartwarming. Keep it coming, this is great!
  8. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Thanks guys!

    Thanks for all the nice things! Yeah, I had to think a bit on how to phrase it all. You'll see more concerning The Muppets in the next chapter or so. These next chapter or two will be all till tommorrow morning though.

    And ya'll think Robin and Uncle Deadly is cute? Awww. Yeah. I could just see it. I write like theprawncracker does. Just opens up a word program and types away.
  9. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Four

    Okay, I said it would be tommorrow, but I couldn't stop typing it out, so here ya go. One more chapter before tommorrow. Enjoy!!


    The two people sat in chairs, inside Deadly's old disheleved room. They motioned for Uncle Deadly to sit in another chair.

    "You still pine for her, Deadly. You haven't been entertaing thoughts of trying to leave, have you?" One of the figures spoke, their voice soft, and melodic like a spring breeze across a flowered field. They shifted in the chair, the long white robes flowing over the seat. A soft white light emenated from deep within them.

    Deadly grumbled a bit, looking away from the two. "No..I haven't even dreamt of it..."

    The other figure, grimaced, beneath the black hooded robe, he gripped his sycthe hard, and glared at Deadly, his eyes glowing red. "YOU HAVE. WE KNOW YOU HAVE. YOU THINK ABOUT HER ALL THE TIME, YOU CANNOT GET HER OUT OF YOUR HEAD, DEADLY. MY DEAR FRIEND..."

    Deadly sneered at Death, "You've never called me 'friend' before, Death. Why now? What do you two need me for?" He looked at the other figure, clothed in pure white, like the driven snow. "And Life, dearest Life, why are you here, with him now?? What have you need of me? We've already done our business...when you graciously restored my body, so I might be with the living in whole..." He let his sentence trail off, not really knowing what else to say to them. There they are, Life and Death, in his room speaking to him....

    Life stood gently, glanced between the two, her long white hair flowing over her shoulders, she smiled at them. She then walked over to Uncle Deadly, gently placing a hand on the old dragon's shoulder. "Eleanor spoke with me."

    If Deadly had a heart still...it would have stopped. He shakily looked at Life, with widened eyes. "Sh-She spoke to you? How...how did she? Is she still alive, Life? Please, I must know, tell me now how she is!"

    He was visibly shaking, perhaps Life could bring his wife here to the theatre, he had selfish thoughts of letting her die here, so she could stay, keep him company. For all he knew, she was dying as they spoke...that's when he snapped, or so he thought he had. He stood up, grasping Life by the shoulders, and turning her around to face him. Her face kept still, smiling upon Deadly, as if he did nothing to her.

    "PLEASE, LIFE! Take me to her!!"

    "YOU CANNOT LEAVE THE THEATRE, DEADLY. THOSE ARE THE RULES OF DEATH, YOU KNOW!!" Death spoke grimly to Deadly, standing up, ready to help Life if Deadly attempted any harm.

    "Then bring her to ME, Life. I must see my love before she leaves this plane of existance. For I know she'll leave....and I will never have a chance to see her again...and all will be lost...."

    Life looked down at Uncle Deadly, who looked like he had had the wind knocked out of him now. He looked positively defeated. She gently, yet forcefully pried herself from his grip. Her eyes closed momentarily, thinking about Deadly had said to her.

    Her voice is somewhat harsh now, she cannot believe that Deadly has attempted to even lay hand on her.

    "Mr. Deadly Devonshire....I am sorry. I cannot bring her here. It is against the rules, and you know that. But if your friends can bring her here...then perhaps it could be done. I cannot bring her here. I cannot control, it has to be her choice, and her's alone."

    Deadly could say nothing, as the two figures, Life and Death, left his room, without a trace. He knelt down in the middle of the floor and sobbed. He knew he would never see his love again.

    A lone person stood outside of Uncle Deadly's room, watching inside of it. He leans against his mop, stratching his head for a moment.

    "I think I need to tell someone....but they would never believe me!" He said aloud, as he was walking back towards the stage, after cleaning up the old boiler room. "I also need to tell Kermit about that old charcoal hopper...it keeps getting loose."
  10. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ah... Brilliant, and dark, both at the same time.
    So, now we have rules of life? Or rules of the dying?
    Good to know, makes it easier to plan for life after next. Keep it comin', a grand story you've made this.
  11. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Are you asking which type of rules it is? Or what? I might cover that later. But I just couldn't tear myself away from my story today, so I'll post another chapter or two before school tonight. I'll also think about how the story would go tonight! Very, very glad you love it Ed! *huggies The Count*
  12. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Five

    "...So like I told you guys, I saw these two weird looking people in Uncle Deadly's room!!"

    Beauregard had to tell them nearly 4 times now. No one believed him, except for Robin. Whom was missing at the time. He had gone wandering around the theatre, he heard soft piano playing from backstage.

    "Hey Rowlf! How ya doing?"

    The brown dog looked up from the piano, and smiled. "Doing fine, little guy. Something's bothering you, what is it??"

    "It's Uncle Deadly...he's not acting all scary and stuff like he normally is. He's so moody too..."

    "Well, have you talked with him yet? Ghosts may be dead...but they got feelings to I'd guess."

    "I have. He's missing his wife...or she was gonna be his wife, Eleanor."

    "Oh, I see.." He starts playing a soft tune on the piano, and Robin sits silently listening to him.

    Scooter also heard Beauregards pleads for Kermit to check up on Uncle Deadly, but Kermit didn't have the time for that, it being just two days before the show, so Scooter elected to go check it out. He knocked on Uncle Deadly's door, then he poked his head inside.

    "Uncle Deadly?? Uncle Deadly, what's going on??"

    Deadly looked over his shoulder, from where he was in the chair, his yellow eyes glowing softly in the darkness. He saw Scooter, and was reminded of Jerry....his expression turned dark, he was reminded without words...that he still has no heart, for he is dead.

    His voice is deep and gravelly, "You caused this, you cretin."

    Scooter stepped inside the room, and he sighed. "What did I do, Uncle Deadly?"

    "...You were scared, you didn't come towards me, child, when I was to help you...."

    Scooter took a step backwards, getting a little worried about what Uncle Deadly was talking about. "Come towards...you? What on Earth are you talking about?!"

    He boomed, standing up out of the seat, and taking a step towards Scooter.

    "Jerry!! You did this TO ME!!!"

    His eyes widened, in the darkness, his expression becoming more and more angry by the second. He lunged forward, clamping his hand against Scooter's chest tightly, slamming him against the wall, he sneered, showing his fangs towards Scooter.

    Scooter's clipboard dropped out of his hands, clattering on the floor. It seemed like such a loud noise to him at the time.

    Then...complete and utter blackness.


    "Guys! Guys...hush!!! He's coming too!!!" Gonzo stood over Scooter, watching him carefully.

    "Wha...what happened??" He tried to sit up, but Gonzo kept him from doing so. "Ooww...guys, what happened? Why am I on the floor?"

    Fozzie shifted uncomfortably, he didn't like the boiler room, it was too hot for him. "We'd like to know that too, Scooter."

    Gonzo finally let Scooter sit up, and Scooter realized why he wasn't letting him, his glasses were gone, and his jacket was as well. His clothes looked like an animal had mauled him, and on his arms he was bleeding still as well. He had a long cut on his face, which was still bleeding as he spoke. Gonzo carefully pressed a wad of gauze to his face, helping him. He squinted over at Gonzo, then he smiled a little.

    "..T-Thanks...um...I don't know, guys. Last thing I remember was...." He stopped cold in his tracks, his mind racing.

    'Could Uncle Deadly have done this to me?? He wouldn't...he's a ghost...but...would he??'

    Kermit looked at Scooter, and frowned slightly. "Scooter? What was it?"

    Scooter cleared his throat, and started to stand up, he wanted to get out of that hot room, and back to the Boarding House. He didn't want to talk to them. Gonzo helped him up, and Scooter quickly found out his right ankle was sprained, and without another word he limped out of the boiler room.

    He found his old Simon Smith costume, and he wore that back to the Boarding house, it was better then his shredded clothes...
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well, if you want to work in some rules... Was just a joke, since you've referenced that part from PrawnCracker's story. And if you ned some time to figure out how the story's gonna go, that's OK too.

    But know this, it's going great so far. And PrawnCracker hasn't even come in here yet, nor TogetherAgain either.
    Wait till they do, and you'll rully see some reviews...
  14. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Six

    He sat in his room, in just some shorts, wrapping gauze across his chest, and on some spots on his legs and arms. He spied the full-length mirror in the corner, so he decided to take a look.

    "Woah...whoever did this...really did a number on me." He gently touched the gauze that was wrapped across his chest, it had looked before like they were trying to rip his heart of his chest. He had thought about it, and figured out that whoever did this, threw him into the boiler room, and he must've gotten knocked out because of it.

    Someone knocked at his door, and he frowned a little, he slipped on another one of his jackets, and limped over to the door. "Yes, who is it?" He spoke to the closed door.

    A familar voice rang out from the other side, slightly timid sounding, "It's just me, Scooter. It's time for dinner...and Kermit would really like to talk to you..."

    Scooter opened the door, and he smiled at Fozzie, who was messing around with his ascot, he was a little nervous, he took a step back, when he saw just how badly Scooter was hurt. "Uh, uh, let me help you, Scooter. You look really bad..." He extended his paw to Scooter, who graciously took it, and the two made their way down the stairs. Scooter was only in shorts and an open jacket, but no one really noticed it.

    "Yo, Scoot! You get mauled by Animal or something??" Clifford spoke up, seeing Scooter.

    "MAULED! MAULED!!" Animal yelled, banging the table with his fists. He was getting hungry too.

    "Down man! Back, down..!" Floyd pulled at Animal's chain, and he calmed down quickly, breathing heavily.

    Scooter just sat down between Fozzie and Gonzo, and laughed softly. "No, Animal didn't do this, I'm okay."

    Clifford lifted his sunglasses up, and looked at Scooter, quizzcaly. "You're okay? You look like a mummy with all that tape, man. Something had to have happened..."

    So, Scooter told them, what he remembered.

    "...but it still dosn't make sense to me. He is a ghost...a phantom, you know. But for him to lash out at me like that. I don't think he even knew who I was! He kept calling me Jerry for some reason..."

    Kermit stopped eating, and he looked over at him. Uncle Deadly had told him of what happened with the theatre. Nearly all of it.

    "Did he say this guy's full name, Scooter?"
    "No, Chief, just called me Jerry. He said it twice."
    "Sheesh. Maybe you should talk to your Uncle sometime, Scooter. He might be able to give a little light on this subject. I need to go and take care of something guys."

    He stood up, grabbing his coat, starting to leave the room. Miss Piggy stood up in her seat, looking over at Kermit.

    "Kermie?? ..Where are you going?"

    "To the Theatre. I need to speak to Uncle Deadly about something. I don't think he did this to Scooter. And if he did....he didn't mean to. I'll be fine. If you guys do decide to follow me. Don't. Or...at least keep away from us."

    Scooter just sat there, thinking, staring at his uneaten dinner.


    Kermit opened the door, and took off his coat, he frowned. "Uncle Deadly!! I need to speak to you, NOW!"

    Deadly leapt down from the rafters, and leaned casually against the wall, not smiling at all. "Yes, Frog? What is it you need?"

    "Why did you do that to Scooter?"

    Uncle Deadly, looked away from Kermit. "I did not harm the boy, Frog."

    "Didn't harm him!? He's got gauze and wounds all over him now, due to what happened to him!!"
    "I told you I did not harm him, Kermit!"
    "Then WHO DID!?"

    Soft footsteps are heard, from everywhere and nowhere in the theatre.
    A figure walked out from behind Uncle Deadly, and stepped between the two. Uncle Deadly, he tryed to get away from this figure. It seemed to be a formless shadow, no visible features at all. The voice is ghostly, and wavered while it laughed, seemingly seeping into Uncle Deadly's body.

    Deadly took a few steps backwards, his eyes shut tight, as if in pain. "N..No...please...don't....I do not wish...." He kneels down, looking upwards at Kermit, he reaches out a hand towards Kermit's flippers, softly gasping.

    "Leave...now....for your...s-safety....LEAVE FROG!!"

    Kermit took one last look at Uncle Deadly, who was on his side, internally fighting whatever had just taken him over. He left the theatre, closing the door behind him tightly. He could only wish the old phantom would be alright.
  15. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Oh okay!! Yeah, I can't wait to see what they think of it! I'm just going along, making it up as I go. I'm probably done for today, sorry if it's getting to angsty and stuff. I'm so used to drama and soap opera type stuff. XD
  16. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Whoa! Now it's getting deep! I love it though! You're very creative in your writing style!
  17. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much!
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Ooooh... Suspense... Fighting old shadows from one's past? What'll happen next...
  19. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Seven

    Kermit made his way back to the boarding house, and he opened the door, walking inside. He took off his jacket, and sat on the couch, exhaling, trying to relax after what he just saw. Miss

    Piggy walked over to Kermit and sat down, she looked worried.

    "Piggy? You okay?"
    She only shook her head softly, not saying anything.
    "Piggy...what's wrong? Is Scooter alright?"

    She looked to Kermit, and whispered to him, she didn't want anyone else to know about it yet.

    "I can't find little Robin, Kermie."

    His breath was caught in his throat right then. He knew where Robin was then, if he wasn't at the house.

    His voice was hushed, and shaking. "He's at the theatre, Piggy."


    The little frog picked his way, hopping over the many seats. He was looking for Uncle Deadly. And every time he called out his name, he wouldn't answer back. It was getting frustrating to him.

    "UNCLE DEADLY WHERE ARE YOU!?!!" His little voice was getting hoarse now, he sat in the 3rd row now, then he took a mighty leap up onto the stage. He sat down for a moment, gathering his energy. He felt like crying now, and he wasn't sure why either...

    "Un-Uncle Deadly....why won't you answer me!?" He was clutching the paper in his hand, the letter that Deadly had written before.

    A soft, wavering voice piped up behind Robin. "That is because...little one....he is not long for this plane...."

    Robin felt himself get more chilled, the entire theatre was becoming more and more cold. He gulped, and turned around, looking over his shoulder. "W-Who's there??"

    The shadow cackled, a shrill noise unearthly, a dark shadowed hand clamped down onto little Robin's shoulder, still laughing. "And...be careful little one....or you might be next for me..."

    Robin turned around to face the shadow, who was now only as tall as Robin. Still formless, featureless, black as coal. It removed it's hand from his shoulder, and although he couldn't see it, he felt it smirking. "You hurt Scooter, didn't you??"

    "Oh, the go-fer? Yeeesss.....he got too close to him...as you have. Now...what will I do with you, little frog? Ironically drown you? Torture you slowly?? Perhaps also get your pesky Uncle as well...he'll just die when he sees you....." It sneers, getting closer and closer to Robin's face.
    The little frog could pratically smell death on it's breath, if it had any.

    Robin puffed his chest out, trying to look brave. "I'm not scared of you! Uncle Deadly isn't scared of you!! Uncle Deadly!!!" He backed up, seeing no one come towards him... "UNCLE DEADLY!!?!?!"

    The old phantom stood up from the stairwell, where the shadow deposited him after vacating his body. He grasped his head lightly, it throbbed with pain, as did his body.

    "Little Frog! I'M HERE ROBIN!! BE GONE FOUL SHADOW BEFORE I CAST YOU TO THE DEPTHS OF ****!!!" His voice rang out through the theatre, hoping to frighten the shadow momentarily so he can get Robin out of there.

    He had to do, what he has to do, to be rid of that spirit.
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Wow... Now where will we turn to for...

    Robin! Get out of there!

    *Exits moviehouse... Hey Lisa, you there? Oh, it's just you Shadow (from BITBBH). Anything I can help... Oh, you want some popcorn. Sure, come on, let's get some before heading back to watch the rest of this.

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