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Fan Fiction: "Sing!-A Musical Sesame Street Special"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Apr 10, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    Characters:Elmo,Hoots the Owl,Big Bird,Grover,Rosita,Cookie Monster,
    Oscar the Grouch,Ernie,Bert,Count Von Count,Telly,Zoe,Prarie Dawn,and more.


    Sesame Street Music Studio-

    Hoots:"Gosh.I can't find one single song for my gig tonight in the Sesame Street music hall."
    Elmo:"Hey,Mister Hoots what's wrong?!"
    Hoots:"I can't find a song for my show."
    Elmo:"Maybe Elmo can help..."
    CLIP:"Elmo's Song"-Elmo,Big Bird,and Snuffy
    Hoots:"Good Song but, I'm not Elmo,Big Bird,or Snuffy so why would I be singing a song about that?I'll never find a song!"
    Elmo:"Yes,you will!"
    Hoots:"I will?"
    Elmo:"Yes,I'll ask my freinds I will come back soon okay?"
    Hoots:"Good Luck Elmo."

    Big Bird's Nest-

    Elmo:"Hey Big Bird!"
    Big Bird:"Hey Elmo you came in just in time for my Birdkateer meeting"
    Big Bird:"Are you ready kids?"
    Cookie Monster:"Wait Wait! Let me join!"
    Big Bird:"Okay Cookie Monster lets go sing the ABC's"
    SONG:"ABCDEFGHI-"sung by Big Bird,Birdkateers,and Cookie Monster
    Cookie Monster:"Hey Elmo! What you need?"
    Big Bird:"Yeah Elmo!"
    Elmo:"Well Mr.Hoots needs help finding a song for his show!"
    Big Bird:"I've Got a Song!"
    CLIP:"I Just Adore Four"-sung by Big Bird
    Elmo:"But maybe Hoots doesn't like 4"
    Cookie Monster:"He might like Cookie!"
    SONG:"C is for Cookie"sung by Cookie Monster
    Elmo:"But he might not like the letter C or Cookies."
    Cookie Monster:"Not like Cookies?"
    Cookie Monster breaks down crying.
    Elmo:"It's alright Cookie.See you guys later!"
    Big Bird:"By Elmo!"

    123 Stoop-

    Oscar:"What Little Devil?"
    Elmo:"I need you to help me find a song for Mr.Hoots to sing."
    Oscar:"I'll give you a sing-a-long"
    SONG:"I Love Trash!"sung by Oscar
    Elmo:"Sorry Osca,but Mr.Hoots may not like trash!"
    Oscar:"I bet he does!Anyway SCRAM!"
    Ernie:"Hey Elmo!"
    Bert:"Hey Elmo!"
    Elmo:"Hey Guys!Can you help me find a song for Mr.Hoots to sing?"
    CLIP:"Doin the Pigeon"sung by Bert
    Ernie:"Oh yeah this song is better!"
    CLIP:"Rubber Duckie"sung by Ernie
    Bert:"Mine is better!"
    Ernie:"Mine is!"
    Elmo:"Wait why dont you sing together?"
    Ernie:"Good Idea"
    SONG:"That's What Freinds Are For"sung by Ernie & Bert
    Bert:"Those good songs Elmo?"
    Elmo:"No sorry!"
    Rosita:"Hey Elmo Wanna play?"
    Telly:"Yeah Elmo come play!"
    Elmo:"I can't play Im looking for a song for Mr.Hoots to sing tonight!"
    Zoe:"Hey Elmo Wanna dance?"
    Telly:"He can't because he's looking for a song for Mr.Hoots to sing!"
    Rosita:"Well I know!"
    Telly:"I Got a Better Idea come on guys let's sing!"
    SONG:"M is for Monster"sung by Telly,Zoe,Rosita,and Elmo
    Elmo:"Those were fun but Hoots is not a monster or he doesn't speak spanish sorry!"
    Zoe:"See ya Elmo!"

    Outside of Hooper's-

    Prarie Dawn:"Hey Elmo what are you doing?"
    Elmo:"Hey Prarie, I'm searching for a song for Mr.Hoots to sing tonight!"
    Prarie Dawn:"Well maybe my good freind can help you out!"
    CLIP:"Mary Had A Bycicle"sung by Don Music
    Elmo:"I know but all the lyrics are wrong."
    Prarie:"I know what you mean!See you later!"

    Hooper's Store-

    Count:"Hey Elmo how are you?"
    Elmo:"Well because I can't find a song for Mister Hoots to sing tonight!"
    Count:"See if he can sing this"
    CLIP:"Born to Add"
    Elmo:"No sorry nothing can work!"
    Super Grover:"What's wrong Elmo?"
    Elmo:"Elmo needs a song for Mr.Hoots to sing!"
    Super Grover:"Well I got an Idea"
    Super Grover whispers to Elmo.
    Elmo:"Great Idea! Lets go down there and tell him!"
    Super Grover & Elmo leave Hooper's.

    Sesame Street Music Studio-

    Hoots:"Hey Elmo got a song?"
    Elmo:"Yes Grover tell him!"
    Grover whispers to Hoots.
    Hoots:"Great Idea lets sing now,but we need more people!"
    Elmo:"I can fix that!EVERYBODY COME HERE!"
    SONG:"Sing!"sung by Hoots,Elmo,Grover,Rosita,Telly,Zoe,Baby Bear,Baby Natasha,Bert,Ernie,Big Bird,Cookie Monster,and Kids.

    Like My Idea?
  2. Dantecat

    Dantecat Well-Known Member

    Sounds Pretty Good!! :cool:

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