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Fan Fiction: "Singing With Bert & Ernie:A Sesame Street Musical Special"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Mar 13, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    Bert,Ernie,Elmo,Zoe,Oscar,Telly,Baby Bear,Cookie Monster,Grover,Honker,
    Dinger,Count Von Count,Prarie Dawn,Rosita,Luis,Bob,Susan,Gordon,Maria,

    Gladys the Cow,Farley,Buster the Horse

    "What's the Name of That Song?"sung by Luis,Ernie,Telly,Grover,and Prarie Dawn
    "The Garden"sung by Susan,Maria,and Oscar & the Cast
    "People in Your Neighboorhood"sung by Bob,Grover as Postman,Elmo as Fireman
    "Everybody Loves Ice Cream"sung by Elmo,Zoe,Farley,Prarie Dawn,Ernie
    "Rubber Duckie"sing by Ernie and the Cast
    "Dinah Blow Your Horn"sung by Cookie Monster as a Train Conductor,Count,
    Ernie,Honker,Oscar,Buster the Horse,Gladys the Cow,Bob,Gordon
    "One of These Things"sung by Susan
    "Row Row Row Your Boat"sung by Herry,Ernie,Baby Bear
    "Honker Dinger Jamberee"sung by Ernie,and the Honkers & Dingers
    "Patty Pat Pat"sung by Ernie,Farley,Bob,Gordon,Luis,Oscar,Grover,Telly
    "Batty Bat"sung by the Count and the Cast
    "I Love Trash"sung by Oscar and the Cast
    "Doing the Pigeon"sung by Bert and the Cast
    "Sing"sung by the Cast

    Ernie is starting the Sesame Street glee club but Bert doesn't want to join
    so the cast tries to sing him songs so he might want to and finally at the end he sings his favorite song.

    What do you think??!! :p :(

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