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Fan Fiction: "The Great Muppet Variety Hour" (Episode 1)

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Sep 27, 2003.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    This show stars muppets from Fraggle Rock,Muppet Babies,Muppets Tonight,TMS,and Creature Shop Muppets.This is like JHH but more guest star
    appearances and classic muppet appearances.Here is hot it works:

    The Great Muppet Variety Show
    Guest Star:Robin Williams


    OPENING NUMBER:"Up,Up,and Away"sung by Jhonny Fiama,Rowlf(plays Piano),
    Janice(plays Guitar),Animal(plays Drums),Zoot(plays Sax) float up in a air baloon and goes up to space.

    SKIT:"Muppet News:perfectly Normal"Muppet Newsman interviews Robin Williams(as Mork)and Mork proves that he is normal by showing how he drink out of his finger,freezes people,and shows his antena's and asks"Isn't That Normal?"

    BACKSTAGE:Kermit and Robin Williams talk around and whenever Kermit says"Robin" Robin T. Frog pops up and says"What,is it uncle Kermit?"

    SONG:"That Old Black Magic"sung by Gobo,Mokey,Red,Wembley,Boober,Bean Bunny,Mr.Poodlepants,Bobby Benson & His All American Baby Band,Marvin Suggs,AM Aligators,Mahna Mahna,Witch Doctor,AM White Bunnies,Cantus Rock,
    Droop,Boppity,Darkgreen Hunchback Frackle,Lenny Lizard,Animal,AM Penguins,
    AM Pigs,Crazy Harry,Shakey Sanchez,Bossmen,Gawky Birds,AM Birds,and Digit

    Statler:Wow,those are so many people
    (Dr.Teeth,Janice,Fozzie,Crazy Harry,Link,Yorick,Boppity,Droop,Bean,Robin,
    Sprocket,Rowlf,Beaker,Kermit,Lenny Lizard,Gloat,Penguin,Scooter,Pops,
    Gorgon Heap,Pepe,Gonzo,Waldorf,Leon,PJ,Luncheon Monster,Tutter,
    Animal,Annie Sue,Mildred,carl Mean Bunny,Baby Koozebain,Gobo,
    Camilla,Lew Zealand,Uncle Deadly,Wayne,Wanda,Zoot,Sam the Eagle)
    All:You can say that again
    (balcony breaks)

    SKIT:"Miss Piggy's Spot"Today Piggy is in the animal hospital talking to the pet owner(Robin Williams) the pets are:Big Mamma,Doglion,Gawkey Bird,Sweetums,and Droop and while Piggy is talking to Robin the pets break there cages and go forward to Piggy and say"BBQ!"and catched Miss Piggy and ate her up."Ha,Ha,ha,Ha!"says Robin.


    15- MINUTE SPECIAL:"Fozzie Un-Funny Moments" a showcase of Fozzie Jocks hosted by a sig comedy legend Bill Cosby

    SKIT:"Muppet-Toons"(1-minute gag not computer animated)Rizzo writes a poem and he reads the poem:
    Rizzo:Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall,Humpty Dumpty had a great fall no of the kings horses or man helped beacause he had no medical insurance.

    SKIT:"Clifford's Musical Jams"hosted by Clifford he showcases two Muppet Music Videos.

    MUPPET MUSIC VIDEO 1:"Wild Thing" sung by Animal

    CLOSING NUMBER:"Alley Oop"sung by Mahna Mahna,Zoot(Caveman),and Animal

    (How do ya think?)
  2. Mr.Penguin

    Mr.Penguin Well-Known Member

    NICE! You should change Rizzo's poem to Rizzo's amazingly similar one from the Muppet comic strip(it moves along smoother). If you don't know it I'll post it. I have an idea about my own original Muppet production but I don't want to let everyone know( *HINT* It's an hour show based on a TMS skit...NOT PIGS IN SPACE!!!) That's some great fan fic....Like I've said before you can write for the JHC!

    - :concern:

    Lord Darth Penguin

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