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Fan Fiction: "Who Frognapped Kermit?"

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Barry Lee, Apr 4, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Well-Known Member

    Gonzo-Sherlock Gonzo
    Piggy-Kermit's Wife
    Robin-Kermit's Son
    Scooter-Kermit's Assistant
    Seymour-Bar Owner
    Sam the Eagle-Banker
    Waldorf-Old Next-Door Neighboor
    Floyd-Local Bass Player
    Zoot-Local Sax Player
    Animal-Town Drunk/Local Drum Player
    Johnny-Lounge Singer
    Sal- Body-Gaurd
    Rowlf-Piano Player
    Lips-Local Trumpet Player
    Buegard-Poor Man
    Andy & Randy-Piggy's Cousins
    Dr.Teeth-Church Piano Player
    Statler-Old Next-Door Neighboor
    Camilla-Gonzo's Girlfreind
    Lew Zealand-Preacher
    Fozzie-Police Officer
    Bobo the Bear-Officer
    Swedish Chef-Local Chef
    Dr.Phil Nature-Local Doctor
    AM Penguins-Waiters

    Sherlock Gonzo & Ratson trie to solve the mystery of the Kidnapping of mayor
    Kermit.So Miss Piggy Kermit's Wife and Son Robin tell what happened and say
    that the last place Kermit was was in the King Prawn Bar.So Gonzo walks in
    and interviews Pepe the Bartender and the Manager but Gonzo doesn't realize
    Kermit is in the supply closet and Kermit is trying to get out so Waiter Janice and Bodygaurd Sal are trying to hide Kermit somewhere else but while they trie to hide Janice's Boyfreind Floyd thinks she is going out with Sal and gets really ticked.
    At the end of the interviews Ratson wants to listen to Johnny and the EM Band but he goes backstage to see a closeup and ends up breaking the lights and putting the bar on fire.
    The next morning the guys interview Kermit's next door neighboors Statler & Waldorf and ask if they have seen anything.Statler says he thought Kermit went to the church.So Gonzo & Rizzo goes to the church and they ruine the church service Lew the Fish Throwing Preacher and the Rockin' Piano Player Dr.Teeth and while Lew sermines Dr.Teeth keeps on playing groovy music since he can't play it in church.Rizzo asks Lew if he seen Kermit.Meanwhile Gonzo sees Camilla and falls in love,the next thing they know it they are in a disco!They see the crazy drunk Animal with slipper's that look like.......
    Just when Gonzo gets ready to talk to Animal Clifford the Host asks Animal
    to play the drums with the EM Band so he does.During the song the great
    Dancer Digit dances with Janice but Floyd gets ticked again!Then Digit & Floyd have a battle of the bands.Then Sweetums sees Gonzo & Ratson and finds that he is searching for Kermit and Sweetums throws them out.The didn't know but Kermit was trapped behind the bar.
    Will Kermit be FOUND?!


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