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Fan Mail

Discussion in 'Henson People' started by Muppetfreak, Nov 20, 2002.

  1. travellingpat

    travellingpat Active Member

    I doubt either of them would get it...but who knows!
  2. Punch'n'Judy

    Punch'n'Judy New Member


    Emails go through a third party and are faxed to her. Or you could go through her agent:

    Gavin Barker Associates
    2d Wimpole Street
    W1G 0EB
  3. a_Mickey_Muppet

    a_Mickey_Muppet Well-Known Member

    alright thanks travellingpat, just wanted to know beofre i started drawing stuff for thos 2! :smirk: thanks again....

  4. travellingpat

    travellingpat Active Member

    Thanks Puch and Judy! Ill try that out!!!
  5. GuyGadoir

    GuyGadoir New Member

    Oh thank you all so much for starting this thread. I just decided to write letters to
    those amazing people who brought such a lot of inspiration to my life.. and then I found out that I mailed the letters to the wrong address. LOL. Then I read your messages here and mailed them again. I sure hope these guys get them and at least my letters make them smile. Of course, that is my goal in life hahaa. Quite an obtainable one! Thanks everybody! Keep on trucking.
  6. Stuffed Frog

    Stuffed Frog New Member

    Hi there,

    I'm a fan of the Muppets since my childhood and I'm also an autograph collector. I would love to get the signatures of Dave Goelz, Jerry Nelson and especially Steve Whitmire, because Kermit is one of my heroes.

    But what's the best address for them? I heard writing c/o Disney isn't good at all and besides there are several other addresses. Someone told me the address of the Sesame Workshop should be good, but there are some more:

    What whould be the best choice for fan mail?

    I hope someone can help a fellow Muppet fan. :)


    Wow... "The Count" did edit this posting and removed the addresses (reason: "Removing Henson addresses to protect their privacy."), but the sames ones are a part of the Muppet Central FAQ. No reason to protect their privacy there, huh?
  7. Mr Devco

    Mr Devco New Member

    Where can I find fan adress for all of the livng puppeteers
  8. MeepBorkMeep

    MeepBorkMeep New Member

    I'd just use the Sesame address, most of them show up there occasionally or have people working there that can send it along.

    Letter from Jerry Nelson just arrived. ^_^ Three autographs and a lovely one page letter.
  9. Skye

    Skye Active Member

    Yay, how awesome! Congrats, MBM!
  10. Stuffed Frog

    Stuffed Frog New Member

    I got a response from Jerry Nelson too, he signed the three photos I sent. :sing: No response from Steve Whitmire yet, but I tried Dave Goelz a few days ago.
  11. Stuffed Frog

    Stuffed Frog New Member

    Response from Steve Whitmire today! He signed the two pics I sent in August 2007. :)
  12. Luke

    Luke Active Member

    So sounds like the best address to use is the Henson one still for everyone who isn't Sesame based. I guess the delay is because they just freelance now. I guess they don't have a system in place yet for all this at Muppet Studios.
  13. Telly

    Telly Active Member

    Funny I was going to come in here and ask for an address for Steve Whitmire. I wrote him a letter last night. What pictures did he send Stuffed Frog?
  14. Stuffed Frog

    Stuffed Frog New Member

    He signed the photos I sent. Here are the scans:

    Steve Whitmire

    Jerry Nelson Scans:

    Jerry Nelson
  15. BlueAM

    BlueAM New Member

    This summer, I got replies from Marty Robinson, Fran Brill, and Stephanie D'Abruzzo!

    I can't scan images of what I got, so I'll tell you instead:

    From Marty Robinson, I got a nice letter, signed images of Snuffy and Telly, my signed images of Vincent Twice and Monty, and a photo of himself and Vincent Twice!

    From Fran Brill, I got my signed images of Polly Darton, and Prairie Dawn with Pat Playjacks!

    From Stephanie D'Abruzzo, I got my signed image of Elizabeth with Little Murray Sparkles!


  16. Telly

    Telly Active Member

    Those are sweet pictures Stuffed Frog!
  17. Telly

    Telly Active Member

    What's the best address to send fan mail to Steve Whitmire?
  18. MeepBorkMeep

    MeepBorkMeep New Member

    Don't do Sesame Street; it's been like three years and I still haven't gotten anything back.

    So try the other address, I guess Stuffed Frog knows it.
  19. Stuffed Frog

    Stuffed Frog New Member

    c/o Sesame Workshop worked for me. I'm just still waiting for Dave Goelz, but Jerry Nelson and Steve Whitmire did answer.

    Thanks! :)
  20. dwayne1115

    dwayne1115 Well-Known Member

    I think it is kind of up in the air where to send mail for the classic Muppets

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