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FanFic: Forgotten Wishes

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    This is the second story in my "Sadie's Stories" line. This will tie up loose continuty ends between "The Bonds of Family" and "Remembering the Good Times We Had"

    The current line up of stories, for ease of remembering is this:

    "The Bonds of Family"
    "Forgotten Wishes"
    "Remembering the Good Times We Had"
    "The Search for Sadie"
    "Demon's Delight"
    "Is That A Song There?"
    "A Grand Adventure In Life!"

    This story (for the most part) shall hopefully remain a short story. Under 20 chapters, as is Bonds of Family and Demon's Delight. It will a bridger, so it will tie up ends between the two stories before and after it.

    Hope you enjoy it.
  2. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member


    The plans were being made. Papers written, dresses chosen. Sets designed. You thought this was for their wedding, didn't you? It isn't. It's their plans for the Winter Splendor show. They were hoping it would be a large, grand thing that would wow and amaze everyone that came to it.

    Everyone was rushing about, getting the sets painted, the costumes fixed. It was a maddening time. And the entire time, Sara and Scooter couldn't keep away from each other. They were always talking about this and that, making their own plans, and trying to keep up with Kermit's.

    The old phantom was getting more and more sour with each passing day. He felt something strange in the air, so much love. It made him sick. He just wished sometimes, they would leave the theatre, as he couldn't.


    "They're always making silly faces to each other...ugh." Deadly stated one day, while standing beside Kermit.

    "They're getting married after the show, Uncle Deadly. Why wouldn't they?" He said, not really paying attention to the old ghoul. He was checking the colors of the sets against the stage's lighting. "Try another color, Beau!"

    "Okay, Kermit!" The bumbling janitor yelled back, as he switched out the color of the set from a pale green to a pale blue. Then Clifford switched the main light on once more.

    "That still dosn't look right...try the orange one!" He said, while sitting out in the third row of seats, frowning. "I wonder why everything's so pale up there. It is supposed to be a winter show, but nothing looks right at all..."

    All of a sudden there was a yell downstage, someone had fallen through a hole in the stage. Kermit sat straight up, and watched as Beauregard dropped the set suddenly and ran to where the hole now was in the stage.

    "Good grief!" Sara yelled from within the hole.

    "Are you okay, Sara?" Scooter said to her, as he laid down on the stage. The hole was nearly 8 feet deep, it went all the way down to the concrete foundation.

    "Yeah...I'm fine. Didn't hurt anything..." She said, then mumbled to herself. "Cept my pride..."

    "What was that?" He asked her, as Beauregard was also leaning down on the stage now, and Kermit was standing up behind them both.

    "Nothing! Just someone help me out of here! Please!" She yelled up at them, then saw Beau's mop handle, and she grabbed onto it.

    "Hold on!" He said, as he yanked upwards on the mop, pulling her upwards out of the hole.

    Sara was pulled out of the hole, and she huffed softly, looking back down into the hole she was in only moments before. Scooter grabbed her and gave her a hug, he was worried about her. Then he started to look at her legs, checking to see if she had broken anything during the fall.

    "I'm fine, hun....let's go tell someone they need to fix the stage.." Sara then stood up, and started to walk backstage with Scooter. He never left her side during that night.

    It made Uncle Deadly angry to his core. He felt like grabbing them both, and hurling them to the streets. He wished they would leave his theatre, and keep their love lifes to themselves.

    He shook his head, as he walked back to his room in the back of the theatre. An old picture on the desk was mocking him, and he threw that picture into his desk drawer. He frowned, knowing their love was true.

    He scowled again, when he heard Miss Piggy gushing over how the two were acting. He wished they would leave.
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Check out this prologue you say? Don't mind if I do...

    *Reads through again...
    Vonderful! I know the hole in the stage is a gag from one of Lisa's or Ryan's stories, not sure which fright now.

    You might want to take out "pure" from "pure core"... But it's a solid start, giving you shivers and making you feel something stirring in that old black heart for the theater's phantom.
    Look forward to more when ready.
  4. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Fixed it! And more story tommorrow morning Ed! Gotta get home and sleep some. And eat some pizza. Dad's bringing pizza home, yes!

    Glad you love it, Ed.
  5. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Hey, another one, all right! Great start to what I know will be another great story sissy! Keep it coming!
  6. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter One

    "Oh, do you think this costume would look good on me, darling? Or this one?? I really need another woman's opinion you know." Miss Piggy asked of Sara, as she held up two different costumes to herself.

    'Anything looks good on you Miss Piggy, you certainly paid for it...' Sara thought, smiling mindlessly at Miss Piggy. "Yeah. They're great.." She finally said.

    "Well? Which one looks great?" Piggy asked again, staring Sara down a little bit this time. "Which one should I wear for the show?"

    "I don't know....I just....oh the blue one will match your eyes, Miss Piggy. I've got a lot of work to do!" Sara said, adjusting her glasses a bit, and turning back to Scooter's clipboard which was in her hands then.

    "Oh, thank you! Why do you have Scooter's clipboard?"

    "Because I'm using it, to make plans, and to draw out the sets..." Sara finally said, a little frustrated. "Go bother your 'Kermie', would you?"

    Piggy huffed, and sauntered off, striding her way down from the backstage area, up into the main aisle where Kermit stood talking with Scooter. She got near the two men, and was muttering to herself, shaking her head.

    "Scooter!" She yelled, getting nearer to the men. "Oh, Scooter! Might I have a word with vous?" She said as sweetly as possible. Scooter walked over to her, a bright smile on his face.

    "Yes, Miss Piggy? What is it?" He asked her, still smiling.

    "You'd better tell your wife-to-be that she needs to clean her mouth up!" She said haughtily to him, frowning deeply. "She was just so rude to me before! I was merely asking her what type of dress does she think I should wear, you know another woman's thoughts on it...and she snapped at me and said I should go bother my Kermie!!" Piggy finally finished, and it looked like she was near tears, even though she really wasn't.

    Scooter frowned a little, listening to Miss Piggy whine a little about how Sara was acting. 'This isnt' really like Sara to be so blunt...this could just be Miss Piggy vying for attention, I mean we're all so busy anyways...' He stopped his train of thought when he felt Miss Piggy's hands on his shoulders.

    "SCOOTER! Stop daydreaming about her, and go tell her that!" Miss Piggy yelled at him.

    "What? Tell her what, Miss Piggy!"

    "That she shouldn't have been so rude to moi!" She said, flipping her hair back with a simple flick of her head.

    "Fine, fine. I'll go talk to Sara." He said, begrudingly. As soon as he got out of earshot, he said aloud. "God help Kermit if ever gets around to marrying her..." He saw Sara pacing around down in backstage area, keeping an eye on most of the other muppets while writing stuff down on the clipboard.

    "Come on, Animal! Your drums are for BEATING not EATING!!" Sara yelled at Animal, as he attempted to eat his 2nd set of drums that night.

    "Hey, honey?" Scooter said, smiling. Sara turned so suddenly that Scooter almost had to duck for her arm, as she grabbed the side of the doorframe to steady herself, as Thog came shuffling through the backstage area all of a sudden.

    "Sorry about that, Ms. Vines." Thog said, as he gently grabbed ahold of her around her waist, and got her steady. "I've got to hurry, so I can practice."

    "Right, Thog...just be careful okay?" Sara said, nearly panting, as she was lifted nearly 3 feet off of the ground by Thog just seconds before.

    "I will Ms. Vines." He said, as he shuffled off to the stage.

    "You okay?" Scooter said, as she made her way to the records room. He followed her inside and they shut the door. "You're not okay, are you?"

    "Nearly got eaten by Behemoth...Sweetums decided he'd practice dancing with me....then I got knocked over and also lifted up 3 feet into the air by Thog. I've been the target of the monsters tonight. No, I'm not okay. But I guess I've got to get used to this." She said finally as she sat down on the floor, on a pile of cloth set covers in the corner.

    "Miss Piggy said you were rude to her." He said with a slight smirk.

    "Oh, I've disturbed the mighty pig diva! God save me..." Sara said that, then started laughing. "She just up and decided to ask me about her stupid dress choice. She said she needed a woman's opinion on it. Pfft. Go ask Janice, or someone else, not me. I'm not a good choice on clothes anyways."

    "I think you have great choice in clothes." Scooter said, smiling.

    "Well thank you. I think old ghost though is getting ticked off at all the commotion in the theatre lately." Sara said, a little absentmindly. "He's so on edge. But I guess anyone would be if they had to be trapped in this theatre day in and day out."

    "Yeah, I guess they would..." Scooter said, thinking for a moment about that. Then he let that thought drift away in his mind, as he sat beside Sara, the both of them trying to relax in the room.


    "What's gotten into you Uncle Deadly? We really need you for the Winter Show.." Kermit said, nearly pleading with the old ghoul over his position in the show.

    "I told you I won't do that, frog. A pitiful part for a trained actor such as I!" Uncle Deadly said quite dramatically, nearly throwing the papers back at Kermit.

    "It's not a hard song you know...and it's good and dreadfully dark. It's perfect for you! Plus all the other monsters would be singing backup! It'd be just like when Vincent Price was on the show you know!" Kermit stated then, he was ready to beg Uncle Deadly to stay then, he couldnt' think of anyone else to do this number that they needed to do.

    "Frog. I will do what I wish to do, and you cannot say anything else that will change my mind elsewhere!" Deadly boomed, hissing in Kermit's face, his darkened eyes narrowed to near slits then. Kermit stood up and frowned deeply, scrunching his face up at Deadly.

    "If you feel that way....I'll just get Fozzie to do this number!" Kermit yelled at Deadly.

    "THAT BEAR!?! He could NEVER do the preformance correctly!! This is Shakespearian theatre! Not some half-wit lunchtime comedy act!!!" Deadly grabbed the papers up once more, and glanced over them again. "I'll do it! So long as that bear is miles away from ever doing this act."

    "I'll make sure of it, Uncle Deadly." The crafty frog said with a sweet smile on his clever face. "Thanks for changing your mind about it."

    "Glad to help you, Kermit." The phantom replied back to him, smiling as well. "Anything to keep that bear from messing up classics such as this."
  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... That frog certainly can be crafty sometimes... This is starting off with a real Muppety bang... From Sara being the target of the larger Muppets, to Piggy's little "scene", to the conversation between Kermit and Uncle Deadly.
    Rully good start, hope for more when ready.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... That frog certainly can be crafty sometimes... This is starting off with a real Muppety bang... From Sara being the target of the larger Muppets, to Piggy's little "scene", to the conversation between Kermit and Uncle Deadly.
    Rully good start, hope for more when ready.
  9. Bill Bubble Guy

    Bill Bubble Guy Active Member

    This is going to be sure terrific stuff Sara. I haven't actually read it yet because I want to finish off A grand adventure then read the prequels but I agree with our friends posts it is going to be an excellent bridger.
  10. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter Two

    Uncle Deadly trudged back to his own room, and he overheard the two talking in the records room, and he frowned; shaking his head slightly. Making his way past the boxes, and the set pieces, the old backdrops and the furniture...he finally got to his old room across from the boiler room.

    "Ah...my little frightful escape away from those others...." He sighed, as he settled into the creaky old desk chair. He stopped short, of grabbing an old weathered copy of 'Much Ado About Nothing' when he felt a chilling presence in the room, that wasn't his own.

    "Hello, Deadly...." A soft voice said, from within the room. "I take it your doing well these days?"

    Deadly turned slightly in the chair to see a man, clothed completely in black, even his face was hidden by the shadows. "What are you doing back, you demon of death?"

    "Just a visit, old friend." The man said, he slowly shifted to a formless shadow, his voice becoming higher by the moment. "Just wanted to say hello...and for your friend to watch out..." Then the shadowed man that had become a spirited shadow was gone, without a trace.

    Uncle Deadly frowned again, turning his attention back to the book he was about to pick up once more, devoiding his mind of what he had just seen. Turning the old weathered pages he shook his head softly.

    "Can't believe that old thing is still allowed to walk this plane, after all he's tried to do..." He quieted himself, and shut out the noises of everything else, while he started to enjoy the play "Much Ado About Nothing".


    "Oh Kermie!!" Piggy squealed, as she ran up to him quickly. "Kermie, Kermie!!"

    "What is it Piggy?" He asked her, somewhere between being annoyed and worried with her now. "What's gone wrong now?"

    "I can't find Sara anywhere! She was supposed to fix a hem in my dress!" She said, frowning; her blue eyes glinting harshly in her evident anger.

    Kermit stopped what he was doing and turned slowly to Miss Piggy. His mind was churning when she said that. "Um...why don't you just get Hilda to repair your dress? She is the seamstress here you know." He frowned softly. "I don't even know if Sara can do stuff like that."

    "Hilda? Humph. I'd rather have Sara work on it!" She said huffing softly. "It would get her mind off of that gofer for a little while anyways.." She said softly.

    "Miss Piggy! Why would you even say something like that! They're not doing anything inapproiate, and you know that!" Kermit scrunched his face at her, and sighed. "Sheesh. I'm starting to think you're getting jealous of them."

    "Moi!? Jealous!!" Flinging her hair back, she turned away from Kermit, starting to sniffle a little, pretending she was very hurt by what he said to her. "I am not jealous, Kermie...I....I just...." She let her sentence trail off, as she kept on sniffling, and she pulled out a small hankerchief and dabbed her eyes softly, waiting for Kermit to comfort her, like she wanted just then.

    "Piggy. I don't have time for your dramatics tonight. We've got to get these sets ready, and the songs finished as well. You know we don't have time to mess around with silly stuff like this." Kermit said, frowning directly at her backside, without even trying to comfort her.

    She whipped around at him quickly, blue fire blazing in her eyes. "I'm your girlfriend, arn't I!?"

    Kermit backed up nearly a half foot when he saw that old too familar sight in her eyes. He stammered a few times, and smiled a soft smile. "Uh...um...oh dear.."

    "ARN'T I YOUR GIRLFRIEND, KERMIT!?" She yelled again, getting right in his face then.

    Gonzo and Fozzie were watching from up on the stage, and Clifford came and sat down beside them. Clifford was chuckling.

    "Five bucks." Clifford said, flashing a five dollar bill in front of Gonzo quickly. "Five bucks, says she karate chops him across the room."

    "Eh, I say ten bucks, and she karate chops him then drop kicks 'em." The weirdo said, not taking his eyes off of Kermit and Piggy. "What happens if she just drops kicks him?"

    Clifford looked over at Fozzie, who had a worried expression on his face. "Hm...the bear gets it all."

    "Sounds good, Clifford. Bets on." Gonzo said smiling, as he set his ten dollar bill on the stage on top of Clifford's five. Fozzie looked over at them, and frowned.

    "Shame on you two! Shame...you're betting on them!?" He said, frowning at the both of them.

    Clifford shrugged his shoulders softly, watching as Piggy and Kermit were still arguing about it. "It's the same thing every time, so it just makes it more fun I guess. Plus it's not like we forget about them when it's over, right Gonzo?"

    "Yeah, we always go make sure Kermit's okay." He said, smiling at him. "Plus, Fozzie...if Piggy just karate chops him, you're up to making fifteen easy bucks."

    "I guess...as long as we all make sure he's okay." He said a small smile coming across his face. "But what about Piggy?"

    Clifford laughed a little bit. "Unless she somehow got hurt too, we dont' go near her, unless we don't wanna walk straight for the next week!!" He laughed again, as he went back to watching them.


    "Piggy!!" Kermit shouted at her, getting more and more frustrated by the moment. "I don't mean it like that! You know how I feel about you!"

    Piggy was already storming off towards the backstage left, a place that nobody really ever went too. It housed the extra props and costumes. She turned smartly on her heels and glared at him. Shaking her head, she huffed, looking away from him.

    "You didnt' mean it when you said 'In a pig's eye that's when we'll get married?'" She said somewhat softly, still not looking at him.

    Kermit got a little worried, when her tone dropped like that, and became softer....if she was that far away, something was bound to happen to him, he could feel it in his froggy heart. His legs told him to hop away, it was danger that was coming towards him.

    "I...I meant...uh, you're a pig right?" He asked cautiously, keeping his eyes on her hands and on her feet. It wasn't an easy task, but over the years he'd learned to do it somehow.

    "Yes, I am of the porcine affilation." She said loftily, looking down at him over her snout with her piercing baby blues. "What about it, Kermie?"

    "Well...when I said 'In a pig's eye, that's when we'll get married'...I meant when I see...in...your eyes..." He was grasping for words now, trying to make it all better, without himself getting hurt. He didn't feel like being sent across the room that day.

    "Yesss?" She asked, getting closer to him, the fire jumping up once more. 'One wrong word, frog, and you're saying hello to the back wall today...' Her mind raced, wondering what he would say to her now.

    "When I see that special look in your eyes...pig's eyes, mind you....that's when we'll get married!" He said the end quite happily, trying to hide that he was scared to death over what she was capable of doing to him.

    Piggy frowned a little bit, then grabbed him up in a tight, crushing hug. "Oh KERMIE!! Vous really does love me!!!" She hugged him tightly, then whispered to him. "Try any funny stuff like that again, and I will send you across this room, got it?"

    "Eep! Got it, Piggy!" He gulped, looking up at her. She suddenly planted a huge kiss, right on his lips, while everyone else was watching. By this time, no one had been working and were watching them.


    "What happens now, Clifford? She didn't do a thing to him!" Gonzo stated, they never thought Kermit could pull himself out of it like that.

    "Rat wins then!" Rizzo stated happily, as he grabbed the fifteen dollars from the stage's floor and started to walk away, until Clifford picked him up by his tail. "HEY! HEY PUT ME DOWN!!"

    "What are you doing, Rizzo?" Clifford asked, narrowing his eyes at the rat. "Gimme that money! That five goes to me, and the ten back to Gonzo. It ain't your's."

    "I thought we had agreed, whenever you guys are betting on them, if they don't do anything you guys stated, I get the money by default. I'm the wildcard in these types a' bets!"

    "He's right, Clifford." Gonzo said, smirking a little. He didn't mind losing a ten to Rizzo, he was after all his roomie anyways.

    "Fine, keep it. Can't believe we agreed to that rule, you rat." Clifford said, halfway growling then. He didnt' like losing bets like that at all.

    "Well, Mr. Dreadlocks, you'll learn better next time!" Rizzo said, and sauntered off, holding the ten and the five in his small hands.

    "We're always losing to that rat, Gonzo." Clifford said, while standing up. "I've gotta go change that stupid light again."

    "Yeah, I know." Gonzo said, smirking a little bit. "That light still giving you trouble?"

    "It always is! I don't think that thing is EVER gonna get fixed, man!" He said, with a final sneer up towards the lighting rigs.
  11. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Great stuff! I liked the scene with Kermit and Piggy, it made me laugh! And ooh, death visiting Uncle Deadly and oh my gosh! Wow! Keep it coming!
  12. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    *giggles a little* It's not Death, Beth....it's someone else! Guess who!!
  13. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah... Great stuff... Liked the part with the bet, and Rizzo walking away with the moneys hokay?
    The scene with Deadly in his room was haunting at best... Though I don't think that was Death who visited him. Will leave that mystery to be solved by the author of this tale, as she attempts to span the bridge between the first tale in this storyarc with the rest.
  14. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Ah yes, silly me, I read the part, you demon of death and jumped to conclusions. At second glance I know it is not death. Have a thought as to who it is, but like Ed, I'll wait for you to enlighten us Sara.
  15. muppetwriter

    muppetwriter Active Member

    The first two chapters and the prologue were great, RL (mind if I call you RL?;) ). Like everyone else, I'm also looking forward to who was talking to Uncle Deadly. We all know that it can't be Death himself, since it clearly said "demon of death".:)
  16. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Not at all MW! I will not be able to update until Monday at latest, as I'm going to high school with my mother to help with ice cream making in her science class.

    See ya'll later!
  17. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Well gee, that sounds like fun! (Making ice cream that is) I'll miss seeing you online tomorrow little sis, and I definately look forward to more of your story on Monday! *HUGS*
  18. Leyla

    Leyla Member

    Loving it so far, Renee! I am deliciously intrigued and looking forward to Monday. Enjoy the ice creamery!

  19. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Active Member

    Chapter Three

    Soft laughter filled the back room, as one certain ghoul was finishing up Shakespeare's comedy. He set the book down and smiled a little. "Now the Bard knew good comedy when he saw it!" He stated, to himself in that dusty, empty room. "Maybe the bear should read some of the bard, that might help that pitiful comedy act of his.."

    He started to walk out of his room, when he heard some other soft laughter. Glancing down the hall, he frowned a little. He wondered why people were still here, when it was nearly midnight. He made his way, further down the long, straight as an arrow passageway, and then had to step over some of the set pieces that were so carelessly strewn about.

    "Who is in this theatre!? Show yourselves!!" He yelled mencaingly, his dragon head whipping from side to side, getting a good perspective on his surroundings.

    "It's just me, Robin and Scooter; Uncle Deadly! It's okay!!" Sara yelled from the top of the hall, where the backstage right area was located. Deadly frowned even deeper and emerged from the darkened hall.

    The only lights on in the theatre, was two lamplights. Scooter was sitting up on Kermit's desk, with Robin beside him and Sara was lounging in one of the heckler's victorian armchairs, her legs over one side of it. It was a cozy sight, one that made Deadly's skin crawl. He wasn't partial to these comforting times, it irked him so much. He walked over to them, and laid a hand on Sara's shoulder, he felt her shiver under his icy touch, and he looked down at her face, which was silent, and expressionless then.

    Sara didn't move, but instead locked eyes with the old ghostly dragon, who stared at her, with contempt clearly visible within his own expression. She smiled, and laughed softly looking up at the dragon, who huffed softly. She could smell his breath he was so close to her.

    "What is the matter with you, Uncle Deadly?" Sara asked, finally breaking the silence between the two of them.

    He said nothing. It was a soul-crushing silence that filled the theatre once more. Scooter shifted off of the desk, and walked over to Deadly. He looked over at him, a frown starting to cross his face. Deadly looked away from Scooter, he couldn't meet his gaze; which normally wasn't a problem for him. But deep in his soul, that part of him that had been missing ever since he was dead...his heart....it ached.

    "Something's wrong...what is it?" Scooter asked, looking concerned towards Deadly now. "What's troubling you?"

    "What's troubling me?" He glared over at Scooter hard now, finally meeting his gaze. "It's you and....what's her name?" He pointed to Sara, frowning deeply now.

    "Her name is Sara. And what do either of us have to do with your being troubled?" He asked, getting a touch angry now, he was now sitting on the arm of the chair that Sara was in.

    "I think I know why, gofer." Sara said, smirking softly. "He's jealous of us. Arn't you Uncle Deadly?"

    When she asked that, it seemed like the fog around Deadly dissapated into nothingness. His golden yellow eyes were finally clear, he knew why he had been angry. It wasn't them, directly. But rather...someone else.

    "Eleanor...." Deadly whispered, looking past them to the wall. He stopped cold in his tracks, mentally and physically. "I...I've got to go check up on...something...."

    With that, Deadly walked back to his room in a fog of sorts, his mind far away from where he was now. He wished he could erase those memories, but they were too painful for him to think of.
  20. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member


    Oooh, just the thought of someone feeling Uncle Deadly's hand on his or her shoulder... <shudders>

    RENEE! You went and got my spine tingling again. Do you realize how hard it is to write with a tingling spine? I mean, all right, so it helps for some parts, but not the happy parts, and I'm at a happy part in my story!

    I'm just teasing, of course, I don't mind at all! In fact, I love it when a good story makes my spine tingle. Besides, I have more research to do before I write any more of this happy stuff in my story...

    (Translation: MORE PLASE! I mean PLEASE! I can type, really, I have that ability... I think... )

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