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Fanfic- Hokkazbandee!

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Effralyo, May 28, 2005.

  1. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member


    What`s it, what`s it, who`s gonna to say?...

    A wonderful island and chance to play!

    If you can`t find it yourself -

    We`ll create!

    Do you hear the bongo drumroll?

    Right behind the workshop wall?...

    Hokkazbandee can`t wait!
    "Ta'ndi-tade'yra! Tandi-ta'n-doran!
    Tandi-tadeyra! Tandi-tan-doran!",

    Wembley was singing along his bongo drums while the others were all busy... Now was time to rest at last for green fragglet, since no one was need his help now. So he decided to create a song himself.

    But suddenly he stopped playing and paused.

    "What`s up, Wemb?", Gobo asked. "I really like how your drums sound! It so helps to think when you`re drawing a new map..."

    "Well... I think what could be next,Gobo, but nothing comes to my head except those "Tandi-tadeiras"...Do you know another glees?"

    Gobo pondered deeply for a minute. Then took the bongo drums himself.

    "Maybe, something like this?", he said and played a short melody.

    "Wait, wait!.. How does it sound? Hok-kaz-ban-dee?", Wembley repeated, and a second later exclaimed, "Yes!.. I`ve found!..


    WhatE-ver is - Hokkazbandee,

    My beaU-tiful Hokkazbandee,

    Secret island somewhere, I know you,


    WherE-ver you, Hokkazbandee,

    I jUst love you, Hokkazbandee,

    And I`ll find you one dAy!


    "Very good", Gobo smiled,"I always glad to help, Wembley".

    "You know what, Gobo?", the green fragglet asked.


    "What if it really is somewhere in here?"

    "IT? What`s IT?"

    "Well, that island, Hokkazbandee! That one I just sung about!"

    "I see just two small ones, with palm trees, awhile", Gobo joked and pointed at Wembley`s shirt."Okay, c`mon, walk along the Rock till I`ll finish my map."

    * * * *

    Wembley liked this word very much stright away. He begun to create what on his dream island could be. He thought about it all time he was walking along the caves.

    ...The green fragglet was trying to compose something else sounding as funny and unusual as his dream`s name, but, though all his tryings, composed none. He stood by a stone and paused.

    "Kioooooooooor-deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeey!.....", resounded suddenly right behind Wembley, and a second later as if the small blue-purplish comet rushed by him.

    "INDIGO!..", Wembley exclaimed. "Why didn`t you asked to go outta your way?.."

    Yes, it really was Indigo, Cantus` grandson who removed to the Rock from Tantaradeyra Village a month ago. All fraggles quicky liked him as Cantus introduced Indigo to the others. He had such name not at random:all except his mauve hat - hair, skin, fur - was different sorts of blue color. Indigo was just a bit weird - he liked to speak unknown language he made up sometimes.

    "Giorrrrrrrr-glank, Wembley", he apologized."I didn`t noticed you, and made such a KRENG!"

    "Okay,"green fragglet laughed. "Do you know what I made up right now?.."


    "AN ISLAND!.."


    "Well, an island! And an awesome name for it: Hokkazbandee!"

    "Hokka-zbandee", Indigo rerpeated. "It reminds me something. Like... bongo!"

    "Bongo indeed! Gobo found this name when I was playing Tandi-tadeyra!"

    Indigo smiled widely imaging how would look the wonderful island.And right now he wanted to trick his friend a bit!

    "You know", he said finally, "my Granddad told me about it, but... so long ago, I even doubt I remember it all..."

    Wembley even gawked at him in unbelief.


    "Yes", Indigo nodded."Granddad told me long ago that there is this island. But it`s far, far away... It`s a small kingdom where everyone has fun - like here! And the beautiful princess Great Congliora rules it. "

    "Huh... And who lives in there? The fraggles too?"

    "And what do you think? Sure!" - Indigo was just carred away by his fantasy himself now. -"Their names are all like the musical instruments` sounds! Except the name of the Princess. She doesn`t play nothing. She only dances."

    "Woooow....", Wembley could only say. "If I only could come to there!.. And tell them about our Rock... Maybe, the Hokkazbandians could like it! D` you know, Digo, I always dreamed to visit an unknown place... but", he added under sigh, "I never did it without Gobo."

    He told it with such pitiness that Indigo hurrily answered:

    "Eeer.... okay, I gotta go now and.... eeeeer.... help Mokey to mix the colors! See ya!"

    * * * *

    Indigo rushed so quickly not at random. He just wanted to trick Wembley, but when he heard how the green fragglet really WANTS to make a discovery himself, he felt shame.

    Indigo stopped only when convinced himself that Wembley can`t see him now. He scratched his head in thought.

    "What can I do?.."

    "Ah, Digo!..", resounded at the same moment right behind him. The blue fragglet winced thinking that Wembley returned, but it was only Green Josephine - one of three Convincing John`s cousins.

    "He-ee...llo, Josephine",he barely replied.

    "Whoa, you`re looking scared!", she exclaimed."What`s wrong? A Gorg was after you?"

    "No",Indigo laughed, but sighed again,"I just ashame of my silly trick I wanted to play with Wembley".

    "Silly trick...", Josephine repeated."Silly trick. Okay, tell me all from beginning till end, and then we`ll go and ask Johnny."

    ..."Hmm...", the Fragglette only said when she heard all story about a weird island. "And Wembley believed you.Strange...."

    "But I didn`t want to make so much ado about it", Indigo sighed."At first I wanted to imagine how Hokkazbandee would look, and then was carred away by it, and..."

    "Yes... Now I understand what Cantus wanted to say by that "look after him well"," Josephine laughed. "Oh, here we are. Johnny!.."

    "Just coming!", resounded from the farther cave.

    "Josy, how many times else I must tell, don`t disturb me when I`m going to read at last!..", John scowled seeing her, but right now commuted."Oh, Digo, you`re here. Sorry. I thought Josy need help with her make-up again. A doozertower?", he offered, handing Indigo a large piece of doozertower.

    "No, thanks," the blue fragglet confused."Could you help me, Mr. John?"

    "Look, even "mister". Just John for you, glarky-larky."

    "Well", Josephine said, "actually, Wembley needs help, not Indigo. We must somehow think about coming true his dream".

    "Hmm, it`s further more interesting. Come along to my place and will try to give an advice".

    ...After ending the story, Indigo looked confusely at John waiting what will he say. The smart fraggle pinched his moustache tip repeating "hmm" several times and answered at last:

    "You know, it seems I have a plan. Let`s do so: now you`ll go to Gobo and ask him to find something about it in his Uncle`s old postcards. As far as I know, Matt wrote somewhere about a thing named "car..eeeer...Careneval", or something alike....And tell the others to gather in the Great Hall. And I`ll try to divert Wembley while you`re searching. Okay? The main thing is that he mustn`t know what we do."

    Indigo felt further better after his words. If John told he`ll help, it will be so.

    * * * *

    "Ah, Digo! Hiya!", Gobo turned to the fragglet, finishing drawing his map. "What`s new?"

    A half of a hour later he exclaimed:

    "Sure! My uncle certainly wrote about it Carne-I-dunno-what! Let`s look..."

    After looooooong searching a need one in the huge bunch of postcards, they at last readen:

    "Dear Nephew Gobo!

    Now I stayed for a couple of days in a country named Brazil. Luckily - or maybe not - I got here right when the Carnival season was opened." What`s it?", you`d ask. It reminded me our Festival of Bells, but in the summer. All the Silly Critters wear weird and funny suits, or feather hats, or bracelets, and all look so bright... The only bad thing in their carnivals is too much noise - but I suppose that our Rock is rather noisy too... especially when I return each time. Loud music playes everywhere. I even tried to join the crowd, but it nearly was cost live. So I prefered to look at that beautiful show from the top of the tree.


    Uncle Travelling Matt."

    "Okay, Digo. I think y`know what to do." - Gobo finished reading and turned back to the blue fragglet. "We need LOTS of tree leaves. And ask Mokey to borrow her colors... And... " - He began to whisper so it`d be difficult to hear it.

    * * * *

    Meanwhile, John was chatting merrily with Wembley, while walking along the Gorgs`garden paths. Luckily, no one of Gorgs wasn`t here in this time.

    ".. Actually, I always was dreaming to play the trumpet, but Unca Ron sent me a xylophone at my last birthday", the smart fraggle told. " "But I liked it too when tried to play. Sounds quite nice. Something like "Tukudano-tukudana!" "...

    What, what?..", Wembley exclaimed.

    "Well, something like "Tukudano-tukudana!", John repeated. "I can imitate also the ukulele - if you like!"

    "Wow... And how?"

    John cleared his throat... and Wembley couldn`t believe - is it real ukulele or it John sings:









    (side note: aww...if I only could have that melody of ukulele I heard one time on the radio, I`d show how it sounds really. Closely to it...)

    "It`s amazing! Amazing!", Wembley could only say listening it till the end.

    "Well, if you could know how many weird sounds can be around sometimes", John smiled."You think only Cantus knows them all? By the way, I like the music, but - hehe - almost never sung nothing cept Convincing Song..."

    John suddenly cut out the conservation looking worringly at the bushes infront.

    "W....what happened?", Wembley trembled.

    "Sssssh. Wait for me, Wemb. I`ll look are the Gorgs here or not."

    The moustached fragggle sneaked to the bushes and disappeared in them.

    The group was waiting for him. Every fraggle was holding a bunch of tree leaves and funny jevelries - cept Indigo, who got a special task from Convincin`John earlier.

    "Ssh! Don`t shout so loud, he`s here now!", John whispered. "Red, and where`s your crown? Still didn`t decide what will it be?"

    "Why? I decided! A flower! I know where grows a flowers just I need to make a crown!"

    "Okay. Boober?"

    "I`m here", Boober answered. "Remind me once again - what name I got? I forget it every time..."

    "Well, ya play the flute, eh? So - Fiogele'yro. Suits?"


    "Now - everyone to the farther corner of garden and wait for me. And you, Digo, now run back to the Rock.... but Wembley still mustn`t see you!"

    After all that checks and remarks John rumpled his hair and rushed back to Wembley.

    "A GORG!.... A Goooooorg!.... Quick, seize my hand!...."

    Wembley hardly opened his mouth to say something, but now it wasn`t time to think! Both fraggles, even don`t looking backward (just what John was need!), rushed across the whole garden.

    "...Pheeeeeeeewww.....", John wiped his eyebrows, when they finally reached the Rock. "It was close!.. Good that you didn`t look backward! If you only could see him!..."

    "Yes...", Wembley shivered from a thought about it.

    * * * *

    "Did you ever have a dream (a dream!),

    Did you ever try to make it true?

    If you can`t come to that dream yourself,

    We will try

    To bring it to you!

    Did you think about the far-off lands,

    Did you ever know where can they be?

    If you want discover them yourself,

    We will help

    And lend all our hands!"

    The work in the farther corner of Gorgs` garden continued all day.

    Mokey drawed to everyone two color stripes on each cheek.

    Red made several pebble necklaces and straw bracelets and found quite a big flower for herself to make a crown.

    Gobo, Boober and a couple of fraggles else made fake palm trees - tied large leaves to the tops of thick branches.

    The World`s Oldest Fraggle let to borrow his favorite armchair - for Princesse`s throne.

    Storyteller Gelgolaira dressed as a voodoo wizard.

    And if only Wembley could look at all his friends now, he couldn`t identify anyone.

    ...Wembley listened, and listened, and listened John sitting in his cave, until the words of the smart fraggle started to seem him as a blurry "barbarbarbarbarbarbarbar....." The green fragglet even didn`t noticed himself how he slowly dreamed.

    "Aha", John whispered. "And now it`s time to act for me."

    He carefully put Wembley on his bed and tippy-toed back in the garden.

    "Ready!", he showed a thumb up to his friends. "Sleeps quietly!"

    "And what name did you choose to yourself?", Mokey asked.

    "Heh, `fco`z, Tukudano-Tukudana! And, Red, by the way, I`ll be your Fanwigger!"

    Red even blushed hearing it.

    Either John`s bed had some magical specifies or was Wembley just too tired, but when he definitely awoke, `twas the morning already.

    The green fragglet rubbed his eyes and got up.

    "Aaaaaaaaaaa....aggggh. Morning, Gobo!.."

    Nobody answered. Wembley blinked and looked around.

    "O...oh!...I....I.....am still in John`s cave?!"

    "Wembley?", exclaimed Pink Joan, the eldest of the Fragglettes, entering the cave. "Morning! Yes, you are, because Johnny told me..."She suddenly cut herself off and quickly waved her hand,"OK, not matter. It`s breakfast time. A doozertower?"

    "Yes! Thank you! And..... what did he tell?"

    "He told that you can stay here for a while since he... he.... is too busy."


    Wembley always liked to visit Convincing John and see all his sometimes weird collections. Books... greeting cards.... big feathers.... colorful small rocks.... It was seeming that there`s everything that only is possible to imagine.

    Meanwhile, the other fraggles, spent whole night in the garden, were finishing their work.

    "John.... Huhahahahaha! Heheheeeeeee..... How silly you look!...", Boober laughed seeing John in a large leaf sombrero, pebble necklace and khacki bermudas. "Ooh... huhahahaha...."

    "Why silly? I`m going to be the Fanvigger of our Great Congliora... By the way! Reddy, show yourself!"

    How beautiful was looking Red in the flower crown! And witn two colorful necklaces and "grassskirt"... Just like an aborigine of the unknown island.

    "Great Congliora wants you to wave her with a fan, Tukudano!", she said in a real princesse tone.

    "Anything for you, my lordess", John replied jokingly. "Soooo... Everyone`s ready?"

    "Yes!..", the choir of glad voices sounded.

    "Beautiful. Now, hide and wait for Wembley."

    * * * *

    ... Wembley couldn`t stop worrying about John`s disappearance. It seemed he didn`t hang around the caves, but something worse... Or why the Fragglettes cut off so suddenly when mention him every time?

    "Joan", he said, "are you keeping something from me?"

    "Keeping something?..", she amazed.

    "I-I mean.... may I go walk a bit?"

    "Ah, certainly."

    No, it was really strange! Half of the Rock was absent! Wherever Wembley looked, he couldn`t find neither Gobo, nor Red, nor the others.... Even Gelgolaira leaved her cave, though he always knew she`s a homebody!

    "What if..." - popped up in Wembley`s head, and he freezed in horror.

    "AH, that`s where are you!", the familiar voice resounded besides the green fragglet."I`m lookin` for you whole morning!"

    "AGH???" - Wembley shivered and turned backward. "Pheeeeew! Indigo! How you scared me..."

    "At last!", Wembley exclaimed gladly."Maybe you know what`s going on?"

    "Hehe, sure! Don`t worry, all your friends are save." -Indigo giggled a bit.- "I just wanted to say - psshpsshpsshpsshpsshhhh...." - He started to whisper something.

    Wembley was overwhelmed hearing it.


    "Yes! And then psssshpssshpsshpsshpsssh.... Here!" - Indigo handed a blindfold to his friend. "And don`t afraid on our way. I`ll tell you where to go. And will hold onto your hand".

    * * * *

    Our two friends came around Gorgs` garden seven times. John, who was coming a bit infront (certainly invisible for Wembley) was quietly laughing in stitches watching the green fragglet with a blindfold on his eyes asking Indigo, "and which way now?"

    "Nearly there we are...", Digo replied and told Wembley the charm,

    "Clap hands once,

    Clap hands twice,

    Step your foot and turn around,

    Take the blindfold off and come

    On the music sound!"

    "Clap hands once, clap hands twice", Wembley repeated and clapped his hands."Step your foot and turn around... May I now take it off?"

    "Yes! Now you may!"

    (To be continued)

  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh m,y gosh! You never cease to amaze! These are written so touchingly, and beautifully. And magicaly. It's as if the Fraggles themselves took a quil to slightly crumpled paper, settled back on a rock-stool, and wrote, drawing on the magic of memory, and writing from their hearts.

    It is awesome beyond mesaure.

  3. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Something tells me to set an one of the Swallowers at you, Gard! Frankly! Which one?
  4. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (Side note: put a freeze awhile. I need to write the rest.)
  5. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    this is so incredibly amazing! It's beautiful!
    i applaud you!
  6. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Wembley slowly untied the blindfold and looked around.

    "Strange...Music sounds?", he scratched head in thought."I hear none..."

    But the fragglet didn`t manage to finish. It seemed the melody of xylophone resounded from somewhere.

    Wembley shivered.


    "Shush!", Indigo exclaimed."There!" - He turned a bit tio the left pointing towards the bushes.

    Wembley listened... and heard indeed the xylophone melody! It was reminding a bit laugh, a bit funny song with the only repeating word, "Tukudano-tukudana-dana-dana-dana..."

    The green fraggler`s heart literally raced as he recalled John`s tale.

    "Digo-o!..", he shouted in glad. And then immediately rushed forward.

    Indigo winked to himself following him.

    * * * *
    On the half of their way Digo quietly whistled in a special way - it was a sign to start.
    Convincing John replied by the same whistle and wagged his hand to Gobo.
    ...Our two friends were walking closer and closer to the aborigines`village, when a stranger suddenly appeared infront of them.
    It was an orange fraggle with pink hair ("Just like Gobo!" - Wembley thought), wearing a pebble necklace and old green shorts.
    "Aloha!", he said, looking friendly at Wembley. The green fraggle only gasped concerned.
    "It means Hello in Hokkazbandian", Indigo whispered.
    "Aah, merely! Aloha, then!", Wembley replied under laugh and bowed, "My name`s Wembley! And it`s my friend, Indigo".
    If you only could see how the strange fraggle changed stright away!.. A wide smile appeared on his face. He even jumped from amazement.
    "You`re the one we look for everywhere!", he said. "Our Lady Congliora can`t find the fraggle to dance with at the Great Hula Round Ceremony. C`mon, I must introduce you to her."

    "Wait, but I don`t even know your name!"

    "Ah, I`m Goffarbang. Goffarbang, the first banjo player on our island!"

    * * * *

    When Wembley saw the village with "real" palm trees (almost like the trees on his shirt!) and small huts near them, he firstly thought that he is dreaming!

    "Welcome to Hokkazbandee!", Goffarbang smiled (he was, as you have already guessed, masked Gobo). "Whoa, my neighbors are going to look at you too..."

    He nodded towards the small group of fraggles near the well.

    "Whooa, just like..." Wembley looked at masked Boober and nearly called him by name, but Goffarbang quickly cut him off. "It`s Fio Deleydo, our flute player. Fio, it`s Wembley and his friend... er... eeer.. forgot the name."

    "Indigo!", Indigo squeaked.

    "Right. And it`s our artist Nomavele (he pointed at masked Mokey) and the great wizard and fortune teller - Somavele (he pointed at the Storyteller)."

    "How interesting...And is there any doozers in here?", Wembley asked.


    Gobo tried to look as concerned as he could. And, luckily, it managed to him - judging Wembley`s easy belief. And the green fragglet decided that they are all real islanders. But the thing Gobo heard next couldn`t prevent him from shock:

    ""Pity that Gobo stayed home... He could surprise so much if he only could know WHERE have I been!"

    "Gobo?", Goffarbang reasked.

    "My other friend who looks like... like... like you," Wembley replied."We do everything together, unless somebody else needs my help. And sometimes Gobo helps me do not wemble."
    "But he`s standing right here now!", Gobo nearly exclaimed, but (and very in time) simply said, "Well, maybe, he`s a wonderfulfraggle, and our greetings to him! And you can go and walk along the island awhile, I`ll be your guide. Maybe, the Princess will want to see you only tomorrow..."

    "And how does she look?"

    "Like Red", Gobo again nearly said but answered, "She` s beautiful. It` s even difficult to describe by usual words!.."

    * * * *
    After a long walk, Wembley decided to visit Somavele the Fortune-teller.

    Gelgolayra met the three friends with a smile.

    "I can tell you about your nearby future", she said, putting her hand on Wembley`s shoulder and looking throught the crystal ball. He trembled a bit, but she softly continued, "I see your returning home with lots of presents.. I see you dancing with the Great Congliora... I absolutely clearly see that you`ll return without any dangers and troubles."

    She sighed and added very quietly to herself, "... until somebody of the Gorgs will appear in here unexpectedly".

    Wembley sighed too, but with a relief.

    "And what`s the ceremony I must dance with the Princess?", he asked Goffarbang.

    "Oh, it`s simply! It`s our annual holiday. We sing our best songs and dance our best dances in hopnour of the Great Spirit of the Sea. And every year Congliora chooses somebody of us to dance with her, but she didn`t find anybody for it this time. As she asked Somavele for advice, she got an answer, "It will be a green fragglet from a far, in the white shirt, named Wembley..." So all this time Congliora was waiting for you."

    "Interesting!", Wembley replied. "Just like our Weeba Weeba Holiday, but in summer!"

    And hardly wanted the fragglet to tell the islanders about the Festival of the Bells, a certain yellowish fraggle walked out of the fake jungle and said to hom, "The Great Princess Congliora wishes to see you."

    And everyone gawked at Wembley stright away.

    So he, being escorted by Indigo and Goffarbang, followed the Princesse`s ambassador.

    * * * *
    Right in the middle of the "island" there was a hut a lot bigger than the other ones, and there was a throne near it.
    Our three friends at last saw the Princess. She had a big flower crown on, and her hair was so long that reached her back. Besides the throne was standing the Fanwigger - the tall, very handsome fraggle in a leaf sombrero and with a fan in his hands. Wembley inspected him more carefully, and unexpectedly spied that Fanwigger also has a small thin moustache and... teeth???
    While the green fraggle was looking at the Princesse`s servant, she said, "Enough, Tukudano. Let us talk now."

    "As you wish, my Lady", Tukudano answered courteously and bowed.

    Congliora got up from the throne and walked to the guests. Goffarbang kissed her hand first, so did Wembley and Indigo.

    "So you are that Wembley Fraggle Somavele told me about?", Princesse asked.

    "Eer..y...yes", Wembley confused.

    "Just awesome! I see, Goff had already shown you my whole kingdom, and more than sure that he told ya ten thousands of stories about me as well!". She laughed and winked to him.

    "And when the ceremony will begin?", Wembley asked.

    "When the sun will set", Red replied (certainly, who else could it be.) Spying Wembley gawking oddly at John, she added, "And it`s my first servant, advisor and Fanwigger - Tukudano-Tukudana".

    "It`s such a great pleasant for me to see you", he bowed again and heard that Red whispers to him, "John, you`ve forgot to take off your cuffs!" He quickly hidden his hands behind his back and took the cuffs off, and after it continued, "My Lady`s glad is my glad! Welcome to our kingdom, the island of your dream!"

    "Where from does he know it?", Wembley thought.

    * * * *
    Frankly speaking, Red actually disliked her princessse role. It was too difficult for her simply to sit on the throne for such a long time, even though John was fanning her, so she decided to start Hula Round along with the sunset. And awhileshe was just listening Wembley`s story about the place he came from, and them - Indigo`s story about Tantaradeyra Village. Tukudano was watching the sun clock and every hour declared how much time leaved till the sunset.
    Soon afterwards, all the Hokkazbandians gathered around Princesse`s hut.

  7. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Everyone was holding a musical instrument: Tukudano took his place by the xylophone, /indigo got a maracas, Goffarbang - a banjo, Nomavele - a saxophone, Fio Deleydo - a flute...

    "Is everyone ready?", Congliora asked. And replied to the choir of "YES!!!", "My people, then... LET THE DANCE NOW BEGUN!"

    And at the next moment...

    Deke-tee-kee-doo, deketeke-tee-doo


    Deke-tee-kee-doo. deketeke-tee-dee


    Deke-tee-kee-doo, deketeke-tee-dee


    Deketee-kee-doo, deketeke-tee-doo


    The place I know where we should go


    So take me there, anywhere


    You`ve made it up, and it came true


    And now we sing in here for you




    We`ll never stop to play!

    That`s why the life is always like




    We`ll never stop to play!

    Sing summer song with us along-


    Just a holi-holi-day!

    In music born, in music live


    For every dav`s a new motif


    If have to work all day long


    The only way to help is song



    O Greatest Spirit of the Sea


    Our Hula Round you now will see


    And everywhere today is glee


    The guest arrived to dance with me




    New glee for every day!

    That`s why the life is always like




    We`ll never stop to play!

    Sing summer song with us along-


    It`s a holi-holi-day!

    It`s a holi-holi-day!
    Wembley had never been dancing as good as this time! With such a joyful music it was impossible to stand still. Red knew it and did her best for this reason.

    But nop one in here even couldn`t suppose what will happen right at this moment!

    A huge shadow covered the whole "island", and the fraggles heard a very familiar voice:

    "Gosh, how many fwaggles at once!.."

    "Junior Gorg!", popped up in Gobo`s head. Btu, luckily, he, instead of random panic, grabbed Wembley and Red and hidden with them in the one of the huts while the others were running around right besides Junior to distract him...

    Wembley was scared so much that felt a familiar terrible headache and... fainted...
  8. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    * * * *
    As he recovered, he right away recognized that now he is... in Fraggle rock already? Wembley blinked and lifted his head a bit... Amazing! Yes, he is in the room..., on his bed..., and here`s Gobo... drawing a map....
    "Hooray! I`m back home!...", Wembley shouted in glad.
    "Back home?", Gobo pretended that he surprised. "But where had you been all this time, Wemb?"
    "You won`t believe!", the green fragglet exclaimed. And told him the entire story about the island of his dream. Gobo listened it from the beginning till tghe end, and then called, "You may now come out, guys!"
    And Wembley just gasped again in amazement when he saw that there were all the missing fraggles hiding in the cave.
    "We thought it will be a good idea to celebrate your returning!", Gobo said with a smile.
    ...And, after the end of big radish feast, wembley accidentally spied the strange bracelet on Red`s hand. Very similar one had Great Congliora...
    He guessed.
    "So..........it were all you?", he asked, looking wide-eyed around. "So......there isn`t the miracleous island?.."
    "Why?", the silvery voice resounded. It was Mokey.
    "It DOES exist, Wembley!", she said softly. "In your mind. We just wanted to make it come to you!"
    "You... You are... are... are.... the most beautiful friends in the whole wide world!!!", Wembley exclaimed and laughed. "Anyway ,thank you! Even though it was a joke!"
    "And even though it failed so islly and suddenly just from a Gorg`s appearing!", Boober grumbled as usually.
    The common joy continued, thopugh Convincing John disappeared somewhere. But soon afterwards the fraggles guessed WHERE did he go - fro the one of the corridors to the Great Hall resounded a loud and glad "WHOOOOOOOOA, GLAAAARK! AT LAAAAAAST!.."
    Convincing John entered the Hall and showed to everyone a brand new.... shining trumpet - a gift from Uncle Ron!
    "At last Unca sent me just what I need!", John repeated.
    "So you`re not Tukudano-Tukudana yet?", Wembley laughed.
    "No! Wanna know what will be my new Hokkazbandian name? I let you blow it. Here you are!"
    And the green fragglet did it - as strongly as he could, and sounded a loud
  9. Beauregard

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    Wow! Once again your story-telling ability has prevailed and made me stop and go, *gaspy-how*

    Your Fraggle Stories are awesomely!!!
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    wow! I love it! It's so beautifully awesome!

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