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FanFic: Is That A Song There?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    This is the start of my newest fanfiction, possibly a contination of "The Trilogy", known as "Remembering The Good Times We Had", "The Search For Sadie", and "Demon's Delight"

    I hope you all enjoy this enusing story, concerning a well-known weirdo.
  2. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member


    A small box lay in the corner of an otherwise cluttered room. It was old, and slightly tattered. It had been shipped, and blown up; burned and sat upon. That box had definately seen better days. The faded lettering on it's side did not do justice to it. It read "Gonzo".

    He was in mourning. He had cried harder then anyone else. Until very recently, she was his only family that he knew.

    Of course, he had gained friends, and a girlfriend of sorts. He had many friends. But...he never got to say what he had wanted to say. It was almost like when he was little. Always getting yelled at, always getting picked last for games.

    When they had all left, he thought...perhaps it would be best. Just him, and Scooter. He found out fast, that friends don't always stay forever. They leave, and they stayed away.

    Then, it was just him and Nanny. They had become so close, son and mother, best friends. He showed off his crazy antics, she always laughed. If he got hurt, she helped him. If he got lonely, she played with him. It was wonderful. So he had thought, looking back. But everytime he looked around that large room, he remembered. It was just him. And him alone.

    He was so alone in this world it seemed.
  3. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter One

    "So, what's that box again, Gonzo?" Rizzo asked Gonzo, as he packed away somethings back into his closet.

    "Oh, that...it's nothing." He replied trying to get his mind off of it, and onto his latest act for the show. He didn't really feel like talking about it at all, even to his rat friend.

    "Nothing. Nothing isn't nothing to you, pal. So what is it?" He glanced at Gonzo, folding his arms over, while sitting in his hammock, looking down at Gonzo.

    Gonzo stopped for a second, and glanced inside the box, he saw his old red jumper, and his small stuffed toy chicken. He smiled. He reached inside the box and stroked the tiny chicken softly, with one finger, while he tucked the jumper down further into the box. Then he pulled his hand out, and closed it again, carefully placing some packing tape over the top of it.

    "So? Are you gonna tell me or what?"

    "No. And don't go into that box, okay?"

    Rizzo simply shrugged his shoulders, keeping an eye on Gonzo. He was acting unusual, even for Gonzo. He wouldn't talk about why he was gone for nearly the entire day a few weeks ago, before the Winter show. Nobody would talk about it. He remembered Bunsen and Beaker keeping holed up inside the Muppet labs for a few days as well. Nobody would speak of that day, he was getting a little worried.

    "What happened, Gonzo? You can tell me, your buddy, Rizzo." He asked, genuinely. He really worried about Gonzo.

    Gonzo sighed, and looked back down at the small box in front of him. He sat down on the floor, and fingered his chili pepper vest for a moment. She had given him that for Christmas two years ago. He loved that old vest. She remembered his birthday....or more like his "finding day" as he had called it.

    Rizzo watched Gonzo, as he was silent. He saw Gonzo stand up, and set the box in the closet and close the door. Then he smiled, and turned around to Rizzo brightly. He seemed a little too happy it seemed. He was trying to hide his emotions, and Rizzo knew it.

    "Why don't we see what's going on for dinner tonight?"

    "Yeah, food! Hope it's edible this time..."
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  4. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Two

    He wondered what she thought, when she had found him. Did she think he was an alien? Or that he was simply a forlorn bird forgotten by it's mother? His mind traveled back to a few days after Scooter had left. Back when it was just him and her.


    "So, Nanny...what happened that day?" The little blue weirdo asked his Nanny, as he clambered into her lap. She was holding a small photobook that was a beautiful blue color, like he was. The first picture in that book was of a small glittering rock it seemed.

    "Ooh, what's that?" He asked, pointing at that first picture. The small glittering rock shone in that old photo, catching the sunlight's rays and reflecting them in small patches of light across the camera's lens.

    "That's you, Gonzo. In that little...ship of yours. I found you on the beach that day." She replied, smiling. She turned a page, and it showed a young man, wearing black shorts, and a white tshirt, it looked like he was running towards the glittering stone. He was looking back at the person taking the photo, smiling, and waving his hand.

    "Wow. Who's that!?" He pointed to that other photo then, he really liked looking at photos with Nanny.

    "That's my brother, Eli. He's the one who spotted you. He thought you were a glittering jewel on the beach that day." She smiled down at him, and he laid against her chest, looking at some of the other pictures. One of them was of Nanny, wearing a red tshirt and purple shorts, holding a small baby in her arms. The blanket around him was a shimmering red, with sparkling yellow trim.

    "Am I still...a glittering jewel?" He wasn't sure how to ask that, he didn't really know what glittering meant just yet, but he laughed seeing himself as a tiny baby in her arms. "That's me! Wooah...I was small wasn't I?"

    "Yeah, you were very small. I took you home that day, back to my house."

    "Why did you call me 'Gonzo', Nanny?"

    She paused for a moment, trying to remember why she had called him Gonzo, she remembered when Eli had looked inside the tiny ship he was in, and found a small notecard. It had read:

    "Please, kind people of Earth. Take care of my baby brother, Gonzo. We will see him eventually, when the time is right. Many great regards, Ubergonzo."

    She smiled, and patted his feathery head softly. "I called you Gonzo, because I thought that was quite a fitting name. Plus, you could be a great daredevil you know! The Great Gonzo....how does that sound?"

    "I really like it Nanny. Ooh!! I got something to show you, Nanny!!" He hopped out of her lap, and he ran into the Nursery, grabbing a small blanket and tying it around his neck lightly, making a cape out of it. He climbed to the top of the sofa, and smiled back at Nanny.

    "I, The Great GONZO will attempt.....a flying backflip with a double turn, onto the sofa!!" He then tried to do it, and he ended up on his back on the floor.

    "Gonzo, be careful!" Nanny said, quite urgently. Although she normally liked his stunts, she didn't particularly like this one.

    He sat up, and rubbed his head a little. "Ooww...that hurt..."

    She knelt down beside him, and looked him over. "Are you okay, Gonzo? Did you hurt something?"

    "I'm fine Nanny. Did you like it?" He smiled up at her. He loved to hear what she had to say, after all, she was the only audience he had.

    She laughed, and picked him up. "I loved it Gonzo. Just, don't do that when I'm not around, okay?"

    "Okay, Nanny."

    The two of them settled down onto the couch, and started to watch Gonzo's favorite show, "Amazing Feats of Astonishing Stunts".


    Gonzo smiled, remembering just how much Nanny cared for him. She cared for everyone, but she made sure he got the attention that he needed. He stared at his dinner, and started to eat. He was glad it didn't speak to him, or was bubbling oddly.
  5. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Nice start... Has potential to tie in with the others and make this Book 4 of your collection.

    Few things... That's Chapter Two there where Gonzo's looking at the pictures with Nanny, not Chapter Three. You might want to fix that.
    Also... If Death were to make an appearance... You might want to avoid writing in all Caps for him. Makes it seem as if he's shouting, and I'm not sure if that's the effect you're going for when he speaks.
    Another thing... In Muppet Babies as you're well aware, Nanny was never shown from the head up and you've captured her descript wonderfully. Well, there was this one episode she was looking for someone to look after the babies while she went on a bit of a holiday. The babies imagined all kinds of baby-sitters... And the eventual taker was Fanny, Nanny's Sister. Her socks were purple/violet and green instead of Nanny's green and white. Her clothing was a bit more violet than Nanny's.
    Just something to get those creative juices pumping.
  6. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Wow...That is a great finding of Gonzo...I always wonderd about that, to be honest...The description of the box was perfect, and also it was great to see Camilla (the toy)!
  7. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Pfftt...Thanks, Ed. XD Never realized I put it down as Chapter Three.
  8. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Oh, I like the Capitals for Death...(Actually, I don't like death at all :p But he is growing on me.) But teh capitals are a nce touch, and an MC tradition now I think.
  9. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    Yea! Another great story! Or, start of a story I should say, because I know there will be much more to come. I think it's interesting that you chose to focus on Gonzo and I love the flashback with Nanny. It looks like a heartwarming story and I'm excited to read more!
  10. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Three

    Gonzo finished his dinner, and walked over to the small table, and went shuffling around for some keys. He found them, and tucked them into his pocket, softly smiling.

    "Hey, where you going at this time of night, Gonzo? It's really cold outside." Scooter piped up from the couch, seeing Gonzo starting to head out the door.
    "Uh...just gotta do something before I get to bed for the night." He stammered, he really didn't want to say what he was doing. He didn't want anyone else to go with him.

    Scooter sat up against the couch, and watched Gonzo check his pockets, to make sure he had enough money. He wondered just what he was going to do this late at night while looking at his money.

    "Do you need anyone to drive you somewhere? I could get Fozzie, or Dr. Teeth you know? Or even I could drive you wherever you need to go.."

    Gonzo just shook his head, and closed the door behind him. He had a thick purple jacket on, and one thing on his mind.

    'Get to the florists before they close.'


    He cranked up his small truck, and headed out into the cold, unforgiving night. He wondered in his heart why he chose to do this, on this night. He saw the florists lights were still on, but the owner was leaving.

    He hopped out of his truck quickly, running towards the man. "HEY! Hey, hey....can I get something still??"

    "I'm sorry, I've closed up shop for the night. Why don't you come again tommorrow, I'll be open at 9am." With that, the florist smiled at him, and started walking down the street. Gonzo sat down on the sidewalk for a second, looking at his truck. He had wanted to get some flowers in there. For someone very special to him. But he wasn't sure what to do now, he saw the young woman walk out of her clock shop, locking up her door.

    She stopped, seeing the small blue...whatever he was sitting on the sidewalk. "You okay buddy?"

    "Huh? Yeah, I guess so. I had just wanted to get some flowers but the shop's closed. Most of the stores are closed now, and I don't know what to do. Nothing's blooming cause it's winter. So that won't help.."

    She smiled, and opened her shop back up for a moment. She walked behind her counter, and found an old dozen of roses that the florist had given her eariler. Walking back outside, she handed them to Gonzo.

    "Ed always gives me a dozen of roses at the end of the day, the one's that don't sell, of course. I usually put them beside my register. They're a little battered...but, would this work?"

    Gonzo smiled, and he delicately took the roses from the lady. "Oh, yes. These would work wonderfully! Thank you!!"

    "My names Beth. Glad I could help you.."

    "I'm Gonzo. Thank you, Beth."

    "Your welcome, Gonzo." She closed up her shop, and started walking down the street to her car. Gonzo walked back to his truck and gently laid the roses in the seat beside him. They were beautifully arranged in a delicate wrapping of tissue paper and plastic. But those roses had seen better times. They were a little droopy, and one of them had a lot of petals missing. They still smelled good though. He figured, they would work for what he was wanting to do.

    He got back in his truck, and drove off. He headed for a place he thought he'd never go to again.


    "So...here we are again, Nanny. I just wish...." He paused, looking up at the beautiful full moon, as it hung low in the sky. He laid the roses gently on her grave, and he sat down on the damp earth beside it. He absentmindly patted the ground.

    "I wish I had told you how much you meant to me. I mean...you raised me! I never told my brothers and sisters that you raised me. They figured I just fought for my own here on Earth. On top of that...I never got to tell you I've finally found out who I am. You were right Nanny. I never believed you, but you were right. I was an alien, a unique whatever."

    He looked down, but not with sadness, a smile on his face. He stratched his nose thoughtfully. "I wonder what Bunsen and Beaker did when they found out. They never really knew you I think. Or maybe they did, and they just never really talked much about you."

    The grave was silent, as all graves are. Merely dirt, and stone. Grass, and most likely some worms or other creepy crawlies burrowing through that dirt. As sacred as it seemed, it was still was it was. Dirt.

    He laid down beside the grave, looking up at the starry sky. He remembered doing this with Nanny many times. She would point out the constellations, Gonzo always remembered them.

    Most people would think that it was weird. An alien laying on the ground, beside a grave, pointing out constellations to it.

    "And see that small one, Nanny? The one that looks like a star? That's where I came from. Ooh, and that one looks kinda like Camilla.."

    A lone spirit sat on the gravestone, silent. She smiled, watching Gonzo. She pondered if she should speak to him, let him know everything is alright with her, and everything will be alright with him. But..she let him be.

    He kept pointing out the stars, until he fell asleep on the cold ground. Nancy didn't want to wake him up, but she knew he'd get cold. She floated over to his truck and found an old blanket in the back, she covered him with it, and she kept watch over him, so he wouldn't get harmed.
  11. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    I hug you Renee! I hug you for putting me in the story (and keeping with Ryan and Lisa by using the clock shop as well!) and I helped Gonzo! I thought this chapter was so sweet, Gonzo needing to bring flowers to Nanny's grave, and then Nanny covering him up with the blanket. It's really very touching how much he feels for her. I also love the nod to MFS with him telling her that he now knows he's an alien.

    Great writing once again Renee! Can't wait to see more!
  12. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Applause! Beautiful what with Nancy just sitting on the grave, letting Gonzo point out the stars to her grave... And then wrapping him with the blanket...

    But something I just have to point out and applaud...
    The florist's and clock shop. Well, the clock shop, we know...
    But are those double references to us here? Awesome.

    Just gives me one more piece for when I finally take a brake and think about the short story to post. Hee, might get another recurring role in these stories more often now.
    Thanks for another great chapter, look forward to the next.
  13. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Your quite welcome, Beth. :D I just had to put you in there. I've got a mental outline of what Hensonville looks like to me. And your shop is between The Florists and Jim's Coffee Shop. And at the end of the street is the theatre. Again, your welcome.

    And yes, that was a double reference. You were the florist, Count. XD Don't take offense, but I was wondering how I could get you in there, cause I really wanted to get you in there, so the first thought in my head was, he's (presumably) spanish! Then, I got those ideas of matadors, and then the passionate-type dance, where the lady dances with a rose in her teeth. XD

    I'm digging my own grave with this, sorry. XD

    Then I just thought, florist, is perfect. XD
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    *Laughing... Oh Renee...

    S'okay hokay?

    Yes, I do speak Spanish, though English is my first language. Oughta be, since I learned at such a wee age thanks to SS.

    BTW: The dance you're thinking of is the tango.

    No worries though... Will just have two business in Hensonville then, as soon as I can get that short story started. It'll a bit sad, but there'll be a nice SS tie-in, since it'll be a tribute to Palisades.

    Hoping for more of your story soon.
  15. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Four

    He woke up, cold and shivering. He wondered what had happened that night. Wait, it wasn't nighttime. It was morning already.

    "Oooh, he's awake, Beakie! He's alright everyone!" Dr. Bunsen remarked, smiling. He patted Gonzo's shoulder, laughing happily.

    "Me mee mo meep!" Beaker was happy, he also reached forward and patted Gonzo's other shoulder. The others walked near Gonzo, and looked at him.

    Scooter crossed his arms, frowning a bit. "Is this why you came out here, Gonzo?" His expression softened a bit, smiling. "You could have told us...you had wanted to come here. We would have come with you."

    Gonzo sat up, and looked down at the ground. He saw the blanket on him, and he wondered for a second. He closed his eyes, it all came back to him and it hurt his heart. He had gone out on a limb, selfishly, and he caused his friends to worry about him. He stood up, and brushed himself off. He started to walk to his truck.

    "I...I'm sorry...guys..." He mumbled softly, reaching for the keys in his pocket.

    Kermit and the others looked at the grave for a moment. Fozzie took off his hat, as did Zoot and Floyd. Bean saw the grave, and he backed up against Miss Piggy. The little rabbit looked up at Piggy for a second, his eyes welling up with tears. Piggy just simply nodded, and he clung onto her leg crying softly.

    He wished he could just shrivel up and leave. His sadness wasn't helped by Bean's crying. Although everyone else was cried out, he had never been told. He turned back to his friends, they were all watching him closely. Kermit stepped forward, looking very concerned for his friend.


    That one word. Just his name. He then remembered what his brother had said, when they had found him.

    "Many zotars ago, you were lost to us little brother..."

    He turned to Kermit, and he frowned. "I was lost, Kermit."

    "Lost? What do you mean, lost? You know your way around this town very well, how could you be lost?"

    "I just was. I-I don't know anymore. Okay?"

    "...you don't know what anymore?" Kermit was flummoxed at what Gonzo had said. He wondered why Gonzo thought he was lost.

    "I need to go, guys. I'll see you in a few days..." He stepped up into his truck, and was about to shut the door, when Scooter stuck his foot inside the edge of it.

    "You're not leaving without us, Gonzo. A-At least let one of us come with you."

    Gonzo sighed, looking outside of the truck's windshield. He saw the thin film of powdery snow on it. He fingered his keys, a thought lept across his mind.

    'If I start it real slow, and inch forward, Scooter will back off, then when he's safely out of harm's way, I can speed off, leaving them behind. I can't let them come with me....I don't think I'd be able to take it.'

    Scooter watched his friend thinking quite deeply, he grabbed the edge of the truck's doorframe and hauled himself inside quickly, sitting down on the seat, he closed the door and quickly buckled himself in. He looked over at Gonzo and he frowned softly.

    "I know where you're going to go. And I'm not letting you go there alone."
  16. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    "The grave was silent, as all graves are. Merely dirt, and stone. Grass, and most likely some worms or other creepy crawlies burrowing through that dirt. As sacred as it seemed, it was still was it was. Dirt. "


    This is great, Gonzo, lost, the grave, Nanny...the blanket, "The star looks like Camilla."
  17. Smiles

    Smiles Well-Known Member

    Very nice.

    The part with Bean was soo adorable too. And a Gonzo and Scooter road trip! Its all just fabulous

    Can't wait to hear more!
  18. theprawncracker

    theprawncracker Well-Known Member

    Awesome awesome awesome Renee!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for writing a Gonzo story!! I love it love it love it!!!!!
  19. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Very nice Renee... The gang who knew Nancy best, round the grave... And Bean realizing it too at last, sad but well-needed.

    OK troops, you know your mission... Head on out after the blue whatever and the orange go-fer.
    Come on guys, Road Trip!
  20. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Five

    The truck was silently rumbling down the roads, slowly heading out of Hensonville. Scooter was watching Gonzo out of the corner of his eye. He wondered why he was acting so oddly lately. Well...out of character more like it. He's always odd.

    They both were unaware about the passengers in his truck bed. Gonzo had the type of truck top that had small windows, and it raised above the cab of it. Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Bunsen, Beaker, Janice, and Animal were all packed in that tiny space.

    "Like...where is he going?" Janice asked, as Animal gently had his arms wrapped around her, kinda scared himself of all the bumping and jostling around.

    "He's probably going to Nancy's house, guys. He never got to speak to her, when she was at the hospital." Kermit looked out the dirty window, watching the houses pass by them.

    Janice sniffed a little, looking out the window. "I never spoke to her either, so what does it matter??"

    "Cause you weren't there for pratically 3 years of your life! Bean dragged you out of daycare one day, just so we could meet you!!" Piggy was being unusually hostile, so Kermit wrapped his arms around her, and whispered.

    "Piggy...please. The last thing we need is a fight back here. In a moving veichele."

    She nodded, and leaned against Kermit. The only one missing was Rowlf and Skeeter. But Kermit figured even those he was there, he had stayed behind to watch over Robin for him.

    The truck halted to a stop, and Gonzo hurried inside the small gas station, Scooter rolled down the window, and poked his head out of it, watching Gonzo go inside. Then he turned around, and opened the small window leading into the truck bed.

    "What are you guys DOING here!?"

    Fozzie smiled, messing around with his hat. "Um...we came to make sure Gonzo will be alright, Scooter."

    Scooter laid his forehead against the seatback, and glared down at the seat. "Why do I bother anymore?"

    "What was that, Scooter?" Piggy asked, she didn't hear what he had said.

    "Nothing, Piggy. If Gonzo finds you guys are back there, I...I'm not totally sure what he'd do. He's not violent by any means, but I can tell...he's not in a right state of mi--."

    A slim blue hand reached inside and tapped Scooters shoulder, he stopped talking, and cut his eyes over to the window. Gonzo had no expression on his face at all. And a bag of drinks in his hand.

    "I knew they were back there. I got you guys some drinks." He handed the small bag back to them, and then got into the truck and gave Scooter his drink as well. He sat back in the seat, thinking.

    "You guys know where I'm going, right?"

    No one dared respond. Then a shaggy red head poked through the small window.

    "Go see Nanny? Right!?"

    "Yeah. We're going back to Nanny's house."

    "But what reason do you have to go back there, Gonzo?" Piggy asked him, quite plainitvely.

    "She gave me her house, guys. Granted, it's not much, but I own everything that was ever hers' now."

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