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FanFic: Is That A Song There?

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by ReneeLouvier, Feb 13, 2006.

  1. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Thirty Five

    Jessica hung around the old house, it had the same old tarp around it. She floated through the house, looking at the paintings. She wanted revenge against her death, but....she felt a sudden emptiness. It was Steve who had convinced her to do this, but....

    "I still want to see that girl dead." She said to herself as she stopped in front of a picture on the wall. It was of all the muppets as babies, with Nanny behind them, her arms around them. They were all sitting on the couch, either looking at the camera or at her. Her vision fell on the twins, they were in the middle, near the bottom, hugging each other it seemed.

    No, they were fighting actually. Skeeter had a grip on Scooter's head, and it looked like she was also tugging on his shorts at the same time. He had both of his arms on her's. She laughed.

    "Even as babies, they must've fought all the time." She remarked, still to herself she thought.

    "They did not fight as much as you think, Jessica." A soft voice came from behind her. If Jessica were alive, and not a spirit herself, she would have felt the room go ice cold.

    "Who's there? Whatever, whoever you are, show yourself!!" She turned around suddenly, looking in all corners. The lights flipped on, of their own accord it seemed. The heater churned up, turning on. Walking down the hall, she stopped in front of the door. She heard soft steps inside the nursery, and the sound of boxes being moved around.

    Opening the door, she saw a pure white being, handling books very gently. Pulling them out one by one, flipping through the pages delicately, then placing them on the shelf. The being turned around, and glared at Jessica.

    "You've tried to hurt them." Her voice was soft and caring, yet angry. "You will pay for what you've done to them. You've hurt them....too much."

    "N...NANCY!?" Her eyes flew open, flattening against the wall, about to phase through it, then she did. Nancy set the book down, and followed, flying as fast as she did.

    "B-B-But....I...I couldn't help it. I had no...no room for them both!!" She stammered, as she stopped outside the house underneath a tree. Nancy was in front of her, glaring down at her hard.

    "I found out what you people do to those children that you adopt. But because it was legal and all, I couldn't stop you. Your family makes me SICK! You took children...just barely in Kindergarten even, and you.....you...." She shook her head, she couldnt' even bring herself to say it.

    Jessica hung her head down low, settling down on the ground. "We trained the children for our own army. Yes. Either they joined our army, or if they tried to revolt, the national army, so they wouldn't talk of it at all. Skeeter was a....prime candiate. She was strong, in will and in body."

    "How in all the world would you even KNOW that!?" She exclaimed, getting a bit more excited. She felt like just blasting Jessica away down to the pits of torture where her Father sent spirits who have done unspeakable things.

    "Steve...my husband....he has many informants and....oh...." She didn't want to speak anymore. She curled up on the ground, and she felt cold for some reason. Though no blood could go through the spirit, she felt ice cold down to her heart.

    Nancy sat down, watching Jessica. She closed her eyes, and shook her head. "So, who saw them? Who noticed them?"

    "Professor Krassman!!! The two boys he picked up, told him of how strong Skeeter was, and how she was fearless it seemed, and they were really sad to have lost a good friend like that, and....those two boys pratically told Krassman everyone's life stories. So...Steve talked to him sometime after that, and then we decided to adopt Skeeter."

    "But what about Scooter? Why wouldn't you pick him as well. Despite this was some unholy thing you two were doing, you couldnt' even stand to adopt him, keep them together!?"

    Jessica shook her head, looking at Nancy. "He...was too weak. And cautious, also he....well, those boys apperently called him a wimp. He was too strong in mind, but not enough in brute strength. Not to say Skeeter isn't smart of course, but she wasn't able to truly connect what we were doing, until..." She stopped speaking, watching Nancy's expression change from horror to just plain out and out anger.

    "Okay. So because Scooter's apperently a wimp, and his sister's Wonder Woman, you don't adopt both of them, only Skeeter. In some way, I can understand that. I hate that you did that, of course; but it does...make some kind of twisted sense. But...why did she shoot you both?"

    Jessica placed a hand over her heart, and looked straight at Nancy. "Steve tried to kill her one night. She was training with a rifle, in the pouring rain. It was drenching everything out there, and she already had the flu to begin with...."


    "COME ON SKEETER!! GET ONE STRAIGHT SHOT, AND YOU CAN GO TO BED!!!" Steve shouted in Skeeter's ear, as she held the rifle in her shaking hands.

    It was drenching rain and small hail outside. It was a terrible summer storm. So the heat didnt' make it any better at all. She was sneezing and coughing, trying to keep that darned rifle straight, and hit the moving target at least once. Then she could go inside get some medicine and go to bed. But her hands didnt' want to cooperate anymore.

    She stood up, and handed the rifle to him, her body soaked through, even to her underwear. She was wearing full fatigues, with heavy military boots on. At 18 years old, she knew how to shoot a gun and a rifle, how to build and dismantle a campsite in under 3 minutes. And she had extensive survival skills. But she still couldn't shoot a rifle or a gun properly in the rain or snow; she had only mastered the wind and of course normal conditions.

    She shoved the rifle towards him, and started marching back towards the house. "Do you want me to die out here, Steve!? I've got the flu, we'll try again tommorrow!!!" She was so angry at him. He pulled the whistle out and blew it hard, the shrill noise made her stop in her tracks.


    She grabbed the rifle, and she got back against the foxhole. She was about to throw the rifle down and run away actually. She suddenly felt cold metal against her head.

    His voice was smooth, and chilling. "Try any funny games, maggot. You just go ahead and try me. I'll make you meet your mother today, and no one will care a lick about you. See those hills out there?" He pointed out to the many hills and dips in the large backyard, most of which was actually a training course. He smirked, pushing the gun tighter against her head.

    "Those...used to be your siblings. Before you and many others came."

    Skeeter's eyes opened wide, and she kept her vision tight on the range, her left hand balancing the rifle. She reached down silently, and in one swift movement, ducked out of the way of his gun, and tried to shoot him. She barely missed, hitting his shoulder.

    "You STUPID LITTLE *****!!!" He yelled, as he reeled back, the gun dropping from his hand, Skeeter had a nice burn mark against her head now, from the bullet of his gun. She grabbed the rifle and pointed it at him.

    "You want to see moving target pratiatce, Steve?" She said, coldly. Steve already had his gun again, in his hand, it was a second one in his pocket. He had it pointed at her chest now.

    "You shoot me, and I'll shoot you." He replied, smirking. It was a showdown for more then 5 minutes, until the door opened.

    "WILL YOU TWO STOP WITH ALL THAT TRAINING AND GET INSIDE THE HOUSE, PLEASE!?" Jessica yelled from the front door, startling them both.

    A shot was heard, ringing throughout the yard. Steve fell dead on the grass, the blood mixing with the rain. Quite suprisingly, Jessica fell as well. Skeeter thought, from seeing her husband dead.

    His gun had fired off, as he was falling to the ground. Jessica was dead, almost instantly.

    Skeeter gathered up all her supplies, and stuff that she could carry, and that day, she ran, and she never looked back.
  2. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    More story tommorrow, also sorry for the (*****) language. I couldn't seem to figure out how to write for him. I speak when I write these characters, and I just saw him as this military guy, with a slight southern accent, cussing and fussing and yelling all over the place. XD

    Soo, more story tommorrow.

    Also, little update: It's not a transplant apperently, but a partial-liver removal. I'm honestly wondering how the nurses could mistake taking out with putting in, you know? So, it'll probably be in about 3 weeks actually. Doctor called me back this morning, and told me the (better) news. A removal is MUCH better then a transplant. No medicine to take for the rest of my life!

    :) YAY!!!!! :)
  3. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Aw man... Well, Steve got what he deserved then. But Jessica... Aw man, that's a heck of a crap shoot.
    And Skeeter kept running till she got to the Amazon I suppose? And then hooked up with the local Hensonville gymnastics team or something like that?
    We need to know, how did Skeeter get back to Hensonville. And how this story will move along now.
  4. redBoobergurl

    redBoobergurl Well-Known Member

    More great chapters! It's so suspensful!

    Great news for you that you're not having a transplant. I'm glad to hear it. In the meantime, just keep taking good care of yourself!

    And bring us some more story! :)
  5. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Thirty Six

    Skeeter had ran, for so long. She was still dressed in full fatigues, and boots, an army hat on her head, and a satchel over her shoulder. A passing truck stopped, and rolled down his window.

    "Hey soldier! Where ya going!?" The kindly man asked. She noticed he had a small pin on his vest, it read "WWII Veteran" on it. She smiled.

    "Anywhere from here, Sir!" She saluted him, might as well play along with being a real soldier, if he thought she was one.

    "Well, hop on in! I'm going to visit an old friend." He opened the side door for her, and she hauled her satchel into the backseat, climbing up into the passenger's side. She sat there, so glad to finally have met someone driving. She had been walking for nearly 4 hours now. But because it was raining, she didnt' stop at all, for anything.

    She looked over at him, and suddenly heard this loud barking and rustling in the backseat. Glancing over the backseat, she was met by the soft growls and barks of a large gray dog.

    "Oh my!" She yelled, and shrunk down in the seat, getting near the dash, to get away from the barking dog. The man reached behind his seat, and petted the dog a bit.

    "Down Sprocket! She's a new friend of ours!" The older man laughed softly, as he turned down the wet and winding road. Sprocket, as he was called by the man, seemed to smile, and he looked a bit sorry towards her.

    "Oh...h-hey Sprocket! I used to have a good friend who's a dog, ya know." Skeeter said a bit sadly. She remembered Rowlf, and his piano, but it was just a small memory, she smiled at it though.

    "Ah, we've never even been introduced yet!" The man exclaimed to her, smiling broadly. "The name's Jerome Christian, but you can call me Doc. What's your name, soldier? Or will you only give me your rank and number?"

    Skeeter laughed a bit, smiling. "I'll give you my name, Jerome. I'm Skeeter Grosse. Glad to meet you." She looked down for a moment, smiling. "I'm really glad to meet you, Doc."

    Doc nodded, and he looked around the corner, as he pulled the truck to a stop, in front of a house that was vaguely familiar. "Where's the rest of your troop then, Skeeter?"

    Skeeter gulped, she really didnt' want to tell him, that she wasn't a real soldier. "I...I got seperated. So, I'm probably been dismissed already. I never was really good in boot camp anyways..." She looked out the window while saying this, she looked a bit nervous.

    "I understand completely. If it wasn't for the draft, I wouldn't have been taken in either! I'd rather just stay at home and do my tinkering anyways. Could you help me bring this inside perhaps?" He pointed to the other side of the backseat, where a strange looking contraption sat.

    "Sure thing, Doc!" She hopped out, and actually was able to pick up the device all by herself, and she held it in her arms, as Doc walked up to the door and rang the doorbell.

    The door opened, and he smiled, giving the woman a large hug. "Nancy!! It's been quite sometime hasn't it?"

    The only thing the two heard, was a large clatter, and then running footsteps.
  6. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Well... Here we thought that this story couldn't get more wonderful...
    We were wrong. Doc and Sprocket?!? Masterfully done.
    *In Robin Hood gypsy voice: Mashterfully done.

    Skeeter ran? Hope she was running up to Nancy... Oh, hope more story will help explain this, and get us back to the present as well.
  7. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Thirty Seven

    Doc turned around, and all he saw was his device sitting on the pavement. Nancy started to walk out of the house, and she looked around a bit.

    "Jerome? Who was that??" She seemed a bit worried, still looking around the yard. All she had seen was someone setting the thing down, and grabbing something from his truck; taking off at an incredible pace. She grabbed her raincoat as she walked out into the yard.

    The only thing that could be seen was this soft blur of dark green against the pouring rain. She frowned a bit, then walked back over to Jerome and helped him inside the house with his device, as Sprocket bounded out of the open truck door and into the house as well.


    "....I couldn't let her see me like this..." She was saying to herself as she was jogging down the road. She stopped in front of a building, it read Ed's Flower Shop. Apperently she was in this small town now, that house must've been on the outskirts of it.

    She looked around, it was somewhat dark, as it was nearly 7pm already. The street lights were starting to turn on, one by one. She saw the coffee shop was still open, so she walked inside, and set her bag down beside a small table in the corner, she kept her hat on, despite it dripping water onto her face. She just grabbed a napkin and wiped her face off. She felt...ashamed for some reason.

    'Well, of course I should feel ashamed and fearful. I killed a man, and caused him to inadverantly kill his wife! I could be jailed for murder!!' Her mind was conflicting with itself it seemed, herself so deep in thought she didn't see the bearded man come and sit in front of her. He held two cups of coffee in his hands.

    "Kinda rough night isn't it?" The man asked her. She didn't respond, she didn't actually hear him at all. He reached forward, and tapped her shoulder. All of a sudden the man was looking down the barrel of a gun.

    "Woah! Hey!!" He backed up, his hands in the air.

    Skeeter blinked, and finally focused on what was in front of her. She saw the brown-haired man, with both hands in the air. She looked down, and she gasped, putting away her gun quickly.

    "Oh, god...I'm so....I'm sorry." She buried her head in her hands, she couldn't believe herself. Just because...he touched her, she pulled a gun out at him. The man relaxed a little bit, and he set the coffee in front of her.

    "A hard night, huh?" He asked her. He kept his eye on her, but he could tell she didnt' mean to do that. He wondered though if that gun was loaded or not.

    "...yeah. I'm....I don't know what happened. I'm just so tense...and...." She stammered, watching him. She leaned down and did check her gun, she wanted to cry. It was loaded. She had just pointed a loaded gun at this sweet man. A man who had just brought her some coffee for pete's sake! She picked up the coffee and took a few sips of it, looking down at the table. She decided she'd ask him something.

    "You ever hear of the New Order Militia?" She asked softly. The man nodded, looking concerned. "...and how he adopts children and...teaches them?" The man nodded once more, watching her. Skeeter looked up into the man's face, and she looked like she was going to break down right in front of him.

    "I escaped from him. And during a training session, I killed him, in self-defense. In turn, without meaning to, he killed his wife. His gun went off in his hands, as he fell." She stared at the man. She was waiting for him to stand up, and go call the police.

    "What are you waiting for? Just going to let me sit here and wallow in worry? Go ahead and call them, I'm not going to run away, or try to bomb this place or anything of that nature." She watched him, he didn't move at all, except drink some more of his coffee. He did frown a little when she told him of her killing him, but other then that, he was silent and as still as a rock.

    "You killed him in self-defense?" He finally asked her, after about five or so minutes of silence.

    "Yes. I was trying to hit moving targets in this...horrendous weather, and he wouldn't let me..." She sneezed loudly, and started coughing again. She was still very sick, and she could feel it. "..take any medicine. I have the flu right now, and I'm still as sick as a dog."

    "I've got some cough medicine back here. Do you think that might help you?" He asked, turning the chair around to get up.

    She looked at him. She thought, maybe he's going to go and finally call the police. It didn't matter anyways. She nodded, and he stood up to go to the back room. He came back with a small bottle in his hand, and he handed it to her. It was simply some cough medicine. She took some, and he sat back down.

    "You could be indited for harboring a fugitive you know." She said, simply, taking another sip of coffee. She noticed the windows sign read 'closed'. It was only those two in there. Part of her training came to the surface, she watched him, no emotion on her face. She suddenly knew of about 5 different ways to kill this man. Easy target she thought.

    Skeeter shook her head, frowning at herself and what she was thinking. She smiled at the man, and extended her hand to him.

    "I'm Skeeter Grosse. What's your name, you kind man?"

    "Name's Jim Henson. Glad to meet you, Skeeter. You need some more coffee or something?" He pointed to her cup, after he shook her hand. She shook her head, setting it to the side. He smiled. "Maybe you could join the real military. They could really use someone who knows that much about fighting and stuff."

    "Thanks. I'll be going now." Skeeter stood up, and she thanked him again, as she walked back out into the pouring rain, her bag over her shoulder. She was going to find the nearest army base, and try to join.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Man... Skeeter telling Jim her story... Tender moment that. And still, it's so sad about her situation.

    Hey Skeeter! Forget the military, join the athletics club!

    Hope that kid makes it out all right. Oh wait, these are flashback chapters. Then I guess...

    And BTW... Ladies and gentleMuppets...
    We have here the longest fan fic in MC history!
    Yaaaeeeey!!! *Flails arms about.
  9. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Oh my goodness. Seriously? That's pretty awesome, Ed!!! What was the next longest to mine? Probably either Beau's story, or Lisa's story. Um...crap what was their names? "Over the Rainbow" I think and "Swamp Call" perhaps. More story in a few mintutes hopefully!! I'm at scoot...school right now!
  10. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Thirty Eight

    Skeeter kept walking, until she saw the army recuitment building. She started to knock on the doors until she noticed a sign.

    "Closed for Renovation." She laid her head against the door, and she sighed. "I guess I won't be joining them then. I just...I need to get away from here!!" She reached out and banged on the double doors loudly, her frustration rising to a new height, even for her.

    "Where would you go?" A lone voice asked her. She turned around, and saw nobody in front of her. The voice seemed to cough a little bit, and she looked down.

    "What are you?" She asked it, crouching down on her knees, it was still soaking rain outside, and the small creature that had spoken was drenched in it, and was shaking.

    "I'm a Fraggle! The greatest being that there is. And you, Silly Creature...why are you banging on those doors? Is that your residence?" The old looking fraggle inquired, all the while jotting stuff down in his notepad. Skeeter smiled, shaking her head. She picked up her bag, and went to walk over to a tree for a moment. The fraggle followed her.

    "No, I don't live there. I...don't really live anywhere. My names' Skeeter, what's yours?" She didn't really know what else to ask, she was exhausted, and she was thinking in one part of her mind, that he could be some...comforting halluncation brought on by her flu.

    "The name is Traveling Matt. Your quite a kind Silly Creature. Would you happen to know where I could take shelter from the...." He flipped through his notebook, and he smiled. "...the rain, as you Silly Creatures call it?"

    Skeeter laughed softly, and she pulled out a small pup tent from her bag, and set it up quickly. "We can take shelter here, Matt. Um...I'm glad to meet you. I've never met a...Fraggle before."

    Matt merely nodded, and crawled into the tent, and found a small spot in the corner, to curl up and go to sleep. Skeeter decided to just not ask anything else, and go to sleep as well. The next morning she woke up, and the fraggle was gone, leaving no trace.

    "Must've really been a hallunciation then..." She said to herself, as she broke down her camp, and packed up. Starting down the road again, she walked a little farther into the city, hoping to find some type of work.


    "Hi there!" Skeeter said happily, to a lady in the newsroom, she had already asked about getting a job as a reporter for the sports, something to do to get some money.

    "You the new girl?" She asked Skeeter, looking quite disinterested at the whole thing.

    "Yes, I am! Who do I speak to in here?"

    "Just go through that door, and go talk to Mr. Takashi. He'll tell you what you'll do in here, and he'll insruct you further, alright?"

    "Thank you so much!!" Skeeter replied, she was so happy. She was in her only good clothes that she had on her, dark blue jeans and a green shirt. She was still wearing her military boots, and she wore her hat, just to keep her burned off hair covered.

    She opened the door, to find a slim, cigarette smoking man sitting at a desk, looking over some reports. Two men were sitting in front of him.

    "She quit? Just when we're going to go and do a special live report from Colombia...SHE QUITS!?!" He banged his fist mightly on the table, staring at the two men, who were nearly shaking in fear.

    "YOU!" He pointed his finger at Skeeter, about to yell something else at her. He froze in place, then he smiled. "I...I'm sorry. I thought you were someone else....you're here for the new job? Am I right??"

    Skeeter had gotten worried for a moment, then she smiled. "Yes, I'm here for the new job. They said they needed a new Sports reporter, right?"

    "Ah, yes. But...have you any field experience?"

    "Field experience? Like...track and field?"

    Takashi laughed softly, he walked over to Skeeter and handed her a slim stack of papers. "How would you like to replace our second top reporter, Ms...?"

    "I'm Skeeter, Skeeter Grosse." Skeeter nodded, that sounded like a wonderful position she thought. She was eager for something that would pay some money.

    Eli's face lit up when he heard her name. He smiled even more broadly, and handed her a pen. "Well, Ms. Grosse. We are going to do a live broadcast from Colombia, South America in a couple of weeks. A constant update type of thing. The reporter who was supposed to go there, she left us unfortuantely. How would you like to fill in her place?"

    Skeeter thought about it for a moment, then she frowned. "South America? Why would you be doing something that dangerous?"

    "Oh it's not dangerous! We're filming their presidents election services! These two men are the audio and visual specialists, they would be accompanying you, as well as about 5 other reporters, and field operatives. All you have to do, is look pretty for the camera, and tell the world all about the elections."

    She thought he sounded somewhat fake, and she read over the contract carefully. Then, when she saw nothing wrong, or false, she signed it.

    Two weeks later, she was in Colombia, reporting on the news about the President's elections.

    Three weeks later, she reported the president had been assainated in the riots erupting throughout South America.

    Four weeks later....she was never heard from again.
  11. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yep... Clocking in at a mere 36 chapters, Lisa's Swamp Call is the next longest fan fic here on MC.

    And Skeeter's back story is finally being done some justice here... Left and never heard of again in Columbia? But how does she join the athletics team of whatever...
    Oh wait, I think there's a blurb about that in some of the other stories. Keep it comin', we wanna get back to the future... Or present, or whatever time it is.
    Hopefully, time for more story.
  12. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Thirty Nine

    Skeeter woke up, feeling quite dazed, and exhausted. She looked around, expecting to see the jungles of the amazon around her once more. But instead, she saw her Mother, standing over her. She turned her head, and saw her brother, who was awake. He was watching her, sitting up on the table beside her. He looked worried.

    "I thought you'd never wake up Skeeter." He said, rubbing his eyes a little bit. He looked just as tired as she felt. He gently stepped down onto the stage, and helped her sit up. "What happened? Did he try to get you again?"

    She nodded, as she stepped off from her little table as well. She looked around the theatre, it seemed to be quite empty now. Until she heard the racuous snoring. Looking over the orchestra pit, she noticed everyone, snoozing in the seats.

    "What time is it, Scooter?" She asked him, curious as to how long she'd been out.

    "It's nearly 2 am in the morning. We didnt' want to move you anymore, so we just kept you up here on the stage, waiting for you to wake up. Mom hasn't left your side the entire time either."

    She nodded, and the three of them, they walked around waking everyone up, so they could get back to the boarding house, and sleep in their own beds for once.


    Nancy was sitting outside, underneath the pale moonlight, as Jessica finished up telling her what had happened to Skeeter. She was shocked...antonished...for a moment she realized if she had a beating heart it would have stopped for what she had heard.

    "All of that....happened to her!? And...she didnt' turn out any worse then she is?" She barely whispered to Jessica, who nodded gravely.

    "She's purged herself of Steve's teachings for the most part it's seemed. But when she got lost in those jungles, it seems that it's what saved her from dying out there."

    "Well...how did she get back here? To Hensonville and all?"

    "Her death was publicised and everything, as one of those mass-reporter deaths, no one really noticed at all. But Eli, he really took great pleasure in it..."

    Nancy cut her off, grabbing her hand. "Eli? That wouldn't happen to be Eli Tatakshi, would it?"

    "Why yes. Eli Takashi...he...he helped with most of the children, I mean, getting them for our militia."

    Nancy wished her brother was alive. So she could kill him, for the atrocites that he had done. It all made sense now!! It all connected in her mind, finally. Why didnt' she see this before? Eli helped her find children to watch over and take care of, while he tried to get his pick of the strongest ones. That's why he was delighted to find children...that had no parents.

    She stopped cold, and looked back towards her house for a moment. She was a part...of this....She shook her head, she didnt' want to think of it anymore. It was too disheartening to even think of.

    Jessica understood, and she turned away from Nancy, floating away. Nancy flew in front of her. "Where are you going, Jessica?"

    "I must leave. I am a free-roaming spirit, and I cannot stay in one place for more then 24 hours at a time. Please, I must be leaving."

    With that, Jessica left in a small puff of whispy smoke. Nancy then floated back to her house, and she sat in the new nursery. She smiled when she saw all the new renovated stuff inside.

    "It's good he has the house now. He'll put this house to great use for once."
  13. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Sorry about throwing you guys everywhere in timeline with this story. It's just how I'm starting to do things. These conficting story parts are battling for a part of the story, and I can't seem to figure out how to do it properly. So this part of the story is getting kind of outta whack.

    And this is how I've always envisioned Skeeter. She does love sports, but she isn't professional by any means. And she's never actually played on a real sports team. ....HOLY CRAP!!!

    I just had this...HUGE REVEALTION...about my own story!!!!

    The soccer match...in spanish....and....Colombia.....OH WOW.

    Try to figure it out yourself!!

    I'll be back on tommorrow morning!!!

    PS: I was wondering, if anyone could perhaps be so kind as to try to attempt drawing some kind of a cover, and a nice over-all title for these stories? My mom brought it up that perhaps, I should make a title for the entire "book" of these stories. And that I should have some cover artwork for it as well.

    I'm at a loss for the title, and for the artwork as well.
  14. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Another good short chapter. And the inclusion of Travelling Matt Fraggle was another stroke of brilliance.

    But Jessica left just like that? Well, Nancy had probably heard enough and Jessica's already shown remorse...
    Now what to do with the house... Hope to find out next time.
  15. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Yeah, funny thing is, she dosnt' believe Fraggles exist. XD At least I don't think so. :) She thought he was a hallucnation, because she was so sick. I hope he sounded alright.

    I wasn't sure how to make Matt sound. I've only watched a few episodes of Fraggle Rock, that I remember. But apperently some christian channel had not Fraggle Rock, but a lot of those Intersistals with Traveling Matt in other parts of the world and stuff. Overdubbed by Dave himself too. Pretty cool.
  16. redBoobergurl

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    So sorry I haven't been on much to read and comment on this wonderful story Renee! I can't tell you how excited I was to read about Skeeter's story and then Doc and Sprocket were there and then Traveling Matt! It was awesome! You're really diving in deep with many different concepts and it's just so great! Anyway, I'm not going to be on very much over the weekend, but know when I am on, I will be reading updates from you for sure and if I have a chance to comment I will. But, I just have to say again, this is brilliant! It's fantastic!
  17. froggiegirl18

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    I loved the background story on Skeeter. At first it was confusing but that's actually how some of the writers for the Star Wars series tell their stories too. Eventually at the end every thread is tied together and it all makes sense. I am so happy to hear about your surgery, I'll be praying for ya. Hey maybe you can get someone on the forum to make you a cover. There are some amazing artists on here. :) Can't wait to hear more of your story. :excited:
  18. The Count

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    Um... More story please?
  19. ReneeLouvier

    ReneeLouvier Well-Known Member

    Chapter Forty

    Skeeter sat in the windowseat, reading a book. She had an old backpack beside her, it full of books. The house was somewhat quiet, but...not without it's problems. Fozzie was trying out jokes to the Electric Mayhem, who were all but pelting him with tomatoes.

    Gonzo and Scooter were working on his cannon outside, while Beau was cleaning up in the kitchen, as well as helping Sadie and Chef with lunch. It was peaceful, she thought. Not quiet, by any stretch, but very peaceful.

    "Hey, Gonzo. How did it go out there?" She asked, as she saw her brother blackened from his head to the middle of his chest. Scooter coughed softly, and a puff of soot escaped from his mouth.

    "It was a bang, Skeet. Simply a blasting good time..." He said, smiling a little bit, as he grabbed a towel and wiped the soot off of him.

    "That cannon had too much powder in it. Maybe we should try another ratio then, huh, Scooter?"

    "Yeah...that sounds great Gonzo. Another test.."

    Skeeter laughed, and then as her brother left the room, she tapped Gonzo on the shoulder. "Hey, what did you do with Nanny's house? It was all fixed up...and you didn't want it?"

    Gonzo smiled a little bit, laughing. He simply handed Skeeter a folded up piece of paper, and a set of keys. Then he walked away up the stairs, still smiling.


    Nancy sat in the nursery, and she frowned; looking down towards the floor.

    "I do not want to leave this plane. Please, let me stay." She shook her head, disbelief entering into her thoughts. A strong pair of hands rested on her shoulders, his pale blue eyes piercing her strong green ones.

    "You must let them be. You have done all that you can do. Your work is finished, sister. Follow me, we'll go this together."

    Nancy pulled away from her brother, she wanted with all her heart to stay in this place. "Let me stay in the theatre, I'll haunt this house if need be!!"

    "You did not die in this house."

    "What about the hosptial?" She pleaded.

    "That hospital will do you no good if you wished to stay with the children. They only truely are around that theatre, and the boarding house. They do not stay around the hospital too often."

    She looked down towards the floor, tears streaming down her face. She had done her duty to her charges, and she knew it was her time to finally leave this plane of existance. She started for the door, to go and see them one last time. The man looked into Nancy's eyes, and he softly smirked; standing in front of her only way out of the house.

    "It is your time. Do not cause them anymore grief then has already passed. Let them not know you have watched them, and cared for them. They should never know, Nancy."

    "But...Gonzo. Eli, he...." She stammered, looking longingly out of the window.

    Eli shook his head, and grasped her hand. "As you led me, sister. I will lead you. Say your goodbyes now."

    "They won't hear me. They won't know anything is happening!"

    "They will. Say your goodbyes, they shall know it in their hearts. You have a strong connection to them, you should know that already."

    Nancy walked over, and sat down on the new couch, in the nursery, and she held a small pillow, already starting to weep softly; as she told the children, that she imagined were in front of her goodbye.


    The beautiful blue wedding dress hung on a dress dummy in Piggy's room. She glared at it. Shaking her head, she walked over and ripped the sleeves out of the dress angrily. Then she smiled at her handiwork. She stopped cold in her room, and she smiled. She suddenly felt just so happy right then, and she slipped on her powder blue gloves; starting to get ready for that night.

    Kermit was pacing the room, with Fozzie, Gonzo, and Scooter sitting on his bed. The other three were already dressed in black tuxedoes, full spats and everything. Kermit only had his waistcoat and pants on so far. He was furious, he never actually wanted to have this wedding. It was only to calm Piggy down and to make her happy. When he said it, he thought he must've been out of his mind.

    "Well, Boss. Just tell her you don't want to get mar---" Scooter's sentence was suddenly cut short by Fozzie's paw.

    "You will be minced gofer if she hears that, Scooter." Fozzie looked a bit worried, as Kermit just stared at them both.

    Scooter glared over at Fozzie, and pried his paw off of his mouth. "Bleh. Just tell her the truth, Chief! She won't kill you over that!"

    Kermit suddenly looked three shades of a lighter green. "She'd kill me over less then that!" He gulped, looking out the window for a moment. He shook his head, and pulled his jacket on, buttoning it up.

    "Just explain what's happened. You were so worked up getting worried over Scooter here, you didn't know what you were saying to her!" Gonzo replied, as to which Scooter glared at him.

    "You want ME to get killed now, Gonzo?" He exclaimed, finally buttoning his jacket up once more.

    Gonzo just shook his head, and he started to walk down the hall. "I'm going to go check up on the ladies, see how the're doing."

    He stopped in front of Piggy's room, and saw her standing in her camisole and slip, examinging her wedding dress. Skeeter had some pins and some binding tape in her hands, fixing a small rip in Piggy's dress. Gonzo knocked on the door. Immediately Piggy got this furious look on her face, and was about to scream. Skeeter looked a little angry as well. Then Janice just shoved herself right up to the door, as she started to close it.

    "Now, come on Gonzo! Like...the men arn't supposed to see the bride, till she...like goes down the aisle. So, shoo! Go away! We'll tell you menfolk when she's ready and everything."

    "It's the groom that's not supposed to be able to see her. Everybody else can see her." He simply replied to her.

    She frowned a bit, trying to think about that, until Piggy slammed herself beside Janice. "Weirdo! Weather or not your the groom or not, get yourself away from moi's room as she is DRESSING!!!"

    Piggy slammed the door on his nose, actually; and he pulled it out, crooked. He laughed a bit, and walked back to Kermit's room. He was still pacing, but they were ready to try this, again. But this time, for real.
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    Sorry bout that Ed! I was at the doctor's offices all day today, and I finally got some rest. I'm at the hospital as we speak, with a laptop on my lap. Quite interesting. I just wish I had a camera or something ya know? So, wireless internet at the hospital. Whee..they'll be taking me back about 8 or 9 pm tonight.

    Also, my new avatar is what I call "Anime Scooter". I made it myself!
    *No offense to Ed, please. I love you man.*

    ((HUGS)) to redBoobergurl, The Count, Froggiegirl18, theprawncracker, togetheragain, Beauregard, Bill Bubble Guy, and a lot of other people I've probably forgotten!

    Edit'd: I'm going in NOW. See you......in a few hours most likely, maybe tommorrow morning!! WISH ME LUCK GUYS!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

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