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FanFic: Sesame Street Sketch- Kermit and Herbert

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by GonzoLeaper, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Okay, well after starting up this thread (http://forum.muppetcentral.com/showthread.php?p=560956#post560956)
    to see if anyone knew if Kermit and Herbert Birdsfoot ever appeared together in anything (and the answer so far seems to be "No", as far as we know)

    I thought I'd give it a shot at writing a little sketch the two could appear together in. I know they're both considered "straight men" of sorts, but not every single Sesame Street sketch is necessarily funny. Even so, I think it would be possible to use both these characters to make a sketch that would be both educational and still fairly funny at the same time. So here goes.

    Setting- Classic Brick Wall- site of so many Sesame Street lectures and sketches.

    Kermit comes onto the screen where he has a heavy stack of books set up. And he proceeds to launch into his lecture for the day.
    "Hi ho, Kermit the Frog here. Today I thought I'd talk with you a bit about a word called "cooperation". Now that's a kind of big word, but it just means "working together." When we cooperate, we can get more things done. Now I have this heavy stack of books here to give you a little demonstration."
    At this point, Herbert Birdsfoot comes by and walks over to the right side of the wall to set up another heavy stack of books.
    Kermit is momentarily distracted and looks over to him.
    "Uh, hi there, Herbert."
    "Oh, hello Kermit."
    "Hey, what are you doing there? I was just in the middle of a little talk with our friends here."
    "Oh, don't mind me. I've just got to set a few things up for my lecture. Go right ahead."
    And so Kermit launches back into his discussion and Herbert continues to arrange the books, oblivious to what Kermit's doing. "So, like I was saying, cooperation is when people work together on something to get a job done. You can do this at home too. You can help your brother or sister wash the dishes by taking your turn at drying while they wash, or the other way around. You can dust the house while your brother or sister does the vacuuming on cleaning day. See how that works?
    Now, if you'll excuse me one moment, I'll be right back to give you a demonstration."
    At this point, Kermit walks offstage and Herbert launches into his lecture!
    "Hi there, everyone. This is your old pal Herbert Birdsfoot here, here to talk you today about the word "cooperation". Now cooperation is when people work together to get a job done. You can always get more done when you cooperate. Now to show you how this works, I've got a little demonstration set up for you. If you'll wait just a minute, I'll be right back to show you."
    Herbert walks offstage as well and just after that Kermit returns with Grover.
    "Okay now. Grover is here to help me demonstrate the word "cooperation". See, this stack of books is pretty heavy and I don't know if I can carry them all by myself. Well, I can try..." (Kermit attempts to try to lift them and teeters and totters with them until he falls down.)
    "Oh, Froggy, are you okay?" Grover asks with concern.
    "Yes, I'm alright Grover, just let me get back to my feet here." (With an effort Kermit gets back up and dumps the books back down.) Kermit goes back to the lecture.
    "Well, you see that I would have some trouble carrying these all on my own. However, if Grover here helps me carry some, it won't be that bad. And that would be cooperation."
    Just as Kermit and Grover are getting ready to pick the books up, Herbert comes back onscreen and walks over to his stack of books. Kermit and Grover are holding the books on either end, when Herbert pipes up.
    "Oh, Grover, there you are. Are you ready to help me with my demonstration now?"
    "Oh, sure Herbie." Grover amiably replies, letting go of his end and walking over to Herbert. (Of course, Kermit sprawls over the floor again with the books toppling on him and gives out an anguished cry. "Aaaaah!")
    Grover lifts Herbie's stack of books together with him and is holding it when Kermit yells out "Grover! I thought you were going to help me lift these books." (He has managed to get himself and his books back up once more.)
    Grover looks over at Kermit. "Oh, Kermit- I am sorry. I had forgot I had promised to help you."
    And he walks back over to Kermit, leaving Herbert hanging with his stack and of course, he topples over with an anguished cry. "Aaaaah!"
    Grover and Kermit are getting ready to lift the books again, and are holding it when Herbert calls out, "Just a minute Grover. You promised you would help me lift my stack of books."
    "That is true," Grover says. "Sorry, Froggy."
    And he again lets go and Kermit topples over once more as Grover goes to help Herbert. "Aaaaaarrghh!" Kermit lets out a strangled cry as he drops his books down and rushes over to Herbert before he and Grover can lift his stack of books again.
    "Now, wait a second, guys. Herbert, I was here lecturing on "cooperation" first and Grover had agreed to help me," Kermit angrily says.
    "Well, I'm sorry Kermit, but I talked to Grover earlier about helping me with my lecture on "cooperation" " Herbert hotly replies.
    "Aaaaah! Well, he can't help both of us at the same time." Kermit says as he gets into one of his famous angry moods.
    Suddenly Grover calms down both of them.
    "Now wait a minute- Froggy, Herbie- what did you both come here to lecture about?"
    Kermit and Herbert cool down and kind of glance at Grover with a sheepish look and mumble "Cooperation"
    "Right!" Grover says. "So why don't we just all work together and cooperate?"
    Kermit smiles at Grover and says, "Okay, good idea Grover. Sorry for getting upset, Herbert."
    Herbert smiles back and says, "Me too, Kermit. Okay, now let's do this."
    "Okay," Grover happily says with a smile. "First, let's put the books together."
    Kermit and Herbert slide their stacks next to each other.
    "Okay, now Kermit, you get one end. And Herbert, you get the other."
    Kermit and Herbert together hold one stack of books.
    "Alright and now," Grover says, "we will put the books together."
    "What?" Kermit and Herbert say with shocked looks.
    "No, Grover, wait" both call out as Grover proceeds to slide the remaining books on top of their stack.
    "Now you can both cooperate to carry the books. See? Working together, you get more done!" Grover happily says and then tells them "Bye bye now" as he walks offstage.
    "Aaaaaahhh!" Kermit and Herbert yell as they get buried in a mound of books and look up with smirks on their faces.
  2. LittleJerry92

    LittleJerry92 Well-Known Member

    Somebody should act out this sketch on Youtube.:) :D
  3. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    That was good, though the way it's written is a bit weird.
  4. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    Thanks. I thought it was pretty funny.:cool:
  5. JLG

    JLG Active Member

    You know something? I think this actually would have worked pretty well!

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