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Fanfic -The Story of Broolagoon

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Effralyo, May 26, 2005.

  1. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Under silvery light of the Moon

    Lies the beautiful Broolagoon,

    A place where live four Furrinflaits

    Near the heavenly Crystal Gate.


    ... He was small, warm, with fuzzy green fur. Everytime he was opening his eyes, he was seeing something huge, soft and also green; and something was his Mummy - Deaglaira Furrinflait, - tender, careful, she never left him all that time, and he always was sleeping near her.

    He never known who he is; it was enough to know that you`re here,in the cave, and that your Mum and Dad - his name was Garlarkwoal - are here too; and they will be with you forever.

    Then were born two brothers...

    ...and soon afterwards Mum died.

    The only thing Brool remembered since that day were her eyes. Deaglaira even wasn`t dying, - she was melting, looking at her children sorrowfully... and after that she disappeared forever. He remembered also how Dad was calling her then,hugging them all; and his tears were trickling down on Brool`s head.

    He remembered it all well. While he was growing up, this woe couldn`t find any exit,- so his eyes became small... Now Brool and Garlarkwoal both were taking care of two younger brothers - Crool and Glarky. Crool was named after his great-grandfather and had a small chip on the right ear, and Glarky always was calling himself Glakee - because he was the youngest and couldn`t say R clear.
    * * * *

    Chapter 1

    "Here we go, guys! Let`s stay here awhile!",Cantus said, standing near the huge stone and looking around.

    "Eh, why not", Balsam agreed."A pretty quiet place!.. Let`s go to.. the-e-ere, right there, Murray... Murray?.."

    Murray snorted and turned away.

    "Ag-gain amond the s-stones!",he grumbled. "How bothered to me that stones!.. You can do anything, but stop bothering me, clear?"

    "OK, enough",Cantus smiled wisely."You`d better go and look for something..." - he wanted to say edible, but said instead it fitting.

    Murray commuted at once.

    "And you?", he asked.

    "And I`ll look for a temporary hideout for us. Hey, Brio! Hurry up. So Brio and me will be here, and you and...eeer... Balsam..."

    "Right ho!", cut him off Murray. He understood what did the old fraggle mean.

    * * * *

    At last! Cantus and Brio found a large and absolutely empty cave.

    "Hey!", Brio shouted."Anyone at home?!.."

    "Home...home...home...",echo resounded.

    "Well, they won`t mind if we`ll stay here for a bit", he decided."Look,Cantus, there is even an alcove!"


    "Right here! Lo-ok... Wooow! It`s all spreaded over with green fluff!"

    "Somebody lives here",Cantus said thoughtfully."Is fluff warm?"


    "Maybe, they`re near now."

    "Who? Guys?"

    "Inhabitants of this cave, Brio."

    "I`m afraid."

    "What for... After all, everybody living has a heart. And only you can see and awake the kindness in it."

    Brio became silent. Sometimes Cantus was all in his thoughts, so when he was saying something like this, it was difficult to understand him at first time.

    They could be still silent, but from somewhere near the cave suddenly resounded:


    "HEEEEEEELP!! Somebody help!..."

    And at the same moment all ruffed Murray and overscared Balsam rushed into the cave.

    "What happened?!", Cantus exclaimed.

    "C...C...Ca...Ca...Cantus!",Balsam barely enunciated,"we`ve j-just s-seen t-the...the..."

    "HUGEGREENMONSTERSITTINGONTHEROCK!!!!!...",Murray finished.He was trembling so much that Cantus even laughed looking at him.

    "And there isn`t any reason to laugh!!!",Murray shouted. "Are you understand anything at all?! Are you..."

    "Wait,wait - hahaha - huge green - huhahaha - what?!...Oh, stop trembling,Murray; I can`t... hahahaha - pleeeease....."

    Suddenly a strange giant shadow shielded the cave entrance.

    ...Cantus was laughing so much because Murray was scared of a bush just like now earlier. But now all the Minstrels were trembling from fear. What IT will do with them? It was barely possible to inspect that strange creature. Short fangs... long hair... sharp small ears... and large, large body. And dark green fur... "Green fur! Certainly! I know who`s the owner of this cavern!..",Cantus considered quickly.

    The monster was looking at them quietly,and then called:

    "Brooooool!..Sonnyboy!.. Come here!.."

    (He said it with so deep, low voice;it was seeming that he just roared it.)

    "Just coming, Dad! What`s wrong?.."

    The alike monster - but rather shorter- came in.

    "Look, Brool...The four poor small guests... Maybe, they went astray..", his father said sadly. "Would you take care of them?.."

    "OH NO! Please, don`t eat us!..",they shouted.( Only Cantus was silent.)

    The bigger monster smiled friendly.

    "Did I say we`re going to EAT you?", he asked."As I know, the Furrinflaits usually never offend the fraggles... and their friends, whoever they were."

    Cantus sighed lightenly hearing it.

    "You are scared at random, guys", he said finally. "I knew them long ago. They`re completely harmless".

    "You knew us...", the monster repeated."Of course! You`re Cantus... that Cantus, who helped to cure Deaglaira long ago... Do you remember?.. Her woe was gone after your song..."

    "Yes...But where is Deaglaira now?"

    "Mummy died", Brool,who was silent before, said. "She died soon after Glarky was born. She begun to thaw and then disappeared forever."

    "That`s why you look so sad",Murray guessed. (He felt sorry for his fear).

    "Yeah", Brool agreed, sitting near the Minstrels. "Because if anybody of us becomes thin, he dies".

    Murray looked at him again - now without any scare. And strange warmth filled his heart. Another Minstrels felt the same.
    "Muewey!", he heard right near him. It was Glarky, of course.


    "Muewey",the little monster repeated,"you know whewe is our Mummy now?"

    "I dunno,sweetie,"Murray answered.

    Chapter 2
    `Twas rather dark outside.

    Garlarkwoal set fire to the cave mantelpiece. Now the four Furrinflaits and four Minstrels were all sitting by the fire while eating baked apples.

    No one wanted to remind about Deaglaira in the conservation - it could to bring the tears on their eyes. But it happened itself.

    "Cantus, and tell me, what`s a Minstrel at all?", Brool asked.

    "If I`ll tell ya that it`s a wandering musician, it will be too simply, Brool. You will understand it someday... if you only wish." The old fraggle signed and continued,"If you won`t give any exit to your grief, you`ll never be a minstrel. It`ll be too hard to search for the music around ya."

    "My son - as the minstrel...", Garlarkwoal reasked. "Well... No, I can`t let`im go awhile. You see, Cantus, I need to take care of Crool and Glarky while they grown up... but I can`t do it alone. I need help."

    "Deaglaira couldn`t melt without any reason", Brio noticed. "Maybe, you know why did it happen at all?"

    "Yes. Long time ago, even before Brool`s birth, she was stung by the giant Lake Snake. His poion kills usually stright away, but - thanx to Cantus who accidentally got around that time, we managed tomove that curse until childern will be born... and it came true after Glarky`s birth.."

    "Is that Snake still alive?", Murray asked worringly.

    "Yes, but we don`t know any way to defeat him and where does he hide now..."

    "How I wish to revenge for Mum someday!..", Brool exclaimed.

    "But the Snake hadn`t been seen by anyone for ages since that time", Garlarkwoal said."Maybe, he removed to the another lake, though we still never take any water from the lake near our cave."

    "Why that?", Brio amazed. "Aren`t you so big... .and so strong.... and after all...."

    "Heh, if you suppose that it`s possible to defeat the beast with only such fangies, you make a mistake", the father Furrinflait laughed slightly.

    Brool looked at one then the other in conuse.

    "They`re both right", he thought. "It`s just terrible to know that you`re weak against your most hateful enemy, although strong and big..."

    The stars were shioning in the cave entrance. Our friends begun to fall asleep silently. Garlarkwoal strewed the fire with sand and curled up in the alcove, while the others were disposing around him.

    "It just mustn`t be", Cantus thought while sinking in the thick green fluff. "Just can`t happen. Poor her..."

    He didn`t notice himself how his eyes slowly shut and all his thoughts were gone till the morning.

    Brool couldn`t sleep even for a hour. He just lied all night with opened eyes while the others were deraming quietly and thought about farther lands he could visit becoming a minstrel.

    But to leave his family was impossible for him. "It`s hard to lose your home forever", Brool thought.

    "What can I do to return my Mum,

    Who can give an advice?..

    What can I do to join new friends,

    Cauz searching for music is nice?..

    Somebody help...

    Where lives the evil power I can` t defeat, but wish so much,

    Where hides the mistery song I cannot hear, but want even touch?..

    Minstrel or monster, it`s hard to decide for me,

    Stay or be wandering, hard to imagine it,

    Hard even live, even breath, even look around,

    Knowing about the woe from the bygone days..."

    A tiny tear sparkled on Brool`s face. He wanted to get up and go to look at the stars outside, alone with his grief, but noticed that almost allfour of the minstrels lie near him, warming each other. Murray even put his head on Brool`s back.

    The green kind monster felt further better.

    If only he could hear the still rustling right near the cave...

    ..... Brool awaked from a loud moan. It was sounding like...


    He quickly got up in horror.

    Garlarkwoal looked almost dying aleady. He barely opened his eyes feeling a terrible collapse. The others were only staring at the poor Furrinflait worringly. Brool took father`s hand.

    "Dad? Can you hear me?.."

    "Y-you`re...here... sonnyboy", Garlarkwoal groaned biting his lip in pain. "That mean thing...came again..."

    "I don`t wanna let ya die!..", Brool screamed. "Don`t wanna let ya di, Dad! You can`t go!.. You..."


    The monster turned backward.

    Cantus was standing right behind him and looking at him scowly.

    "There isn`t any reason to panic without any help, Brool, can ya get it on?"

    Brool gasped.

    "My father dies! How can you speak so calmly seeing it?!"

    "Listen to me", Cantus continued. "We couldn`t save Deaglaira completely since I got around too late. But now, if we`ll hurry, Garlarkwoal will survive."


    "Just calm down at first, I beg ya! I`ll tell you, when you`ll stop moaning. You are a yet big monster."

    Brool looked at the old wise fraggle, then again at Garlarkwoal, who slowly nodded, agreeing with Cantus.

    "Listen to him, sonnyboy,"he whispered. "Before it will be ...too...late."

    "B-but you won`t melt... will you?", Brool exclaimed in confuse.

    "Till the poison reach his heart",Cantus answered, showing to the monster a little scar on Garlarkwoal`s left shoulder. "So are you ready to help your father?"

    Brool panted a bit. When he saw what`s the death first time, he was too small and weak to defeat it. Now all was depending only from him. Earlier or later, Garlarkwoal could pass on.

    "I know you won`t afraid", Cantus added. "I believe in you".

    "What have I to do?", Brool said definitely.

    "To give the dearest thing for his life."

    Chapter 3.
    Indeed, `twas rather weird of Cantus. The Furrinflates`family actually hadn`t anything that could be called "valiable". So Brool was overwhelmed.

    "I see you wanted to join us", the old fraggle said. "You have a music gift. It means this gift is a way to save Garlarkwoal...

    ..."But don`t think it`s easy to find...", he added under sad sigh.

    "I`ll try! As soon as possible!",Brool exclaimed.

    "Then, onward. Brio, Murray and Balsam will guard your Dad and bros. We mustn`t delay any more."

    "Are ya sure they`ll really do it?"

    "I can trust`em. We`re friends since long ago".

    Brool glanced at his father last time.

    "Good...bye, Dad". he said.

    "Goodbye... I hope it won`t turn into farewell..."

    Garlarkwoal tilted his head down and shut his eyes. No more movings.. just left ear winced a bit.

    "No, no, Brooley. He`s stil alive. He just asleep awhile", Cantus said, taking monster by the hand and looking in his eyes.

    Brool sighed once again...

    ""Off we go..."

    ....An hour afterwards they were already moving almost to the middle of their way.

    "We must find something that will help you to show the music gift..."

    "But where can it be?"


    Cantus gave the monster an appreciating glance once again. Yes, Brool was furry all over... except his nose, ears and... hands. There. These smooth hands made Cantus interested in.Rather strange to see them, but they could be quite capable for...

    Cantus imagined to himself the huge guitar with low sounding. Just what is need. Besides, brool has the same voice. The old fraggle nodded in thought.

    "You know, dear child", he begun,"I remembered how, long ago, I helped Murray. In the same way that we`ll do now."

    "I`m... afraid", the green monster said trembling a bit.

    "No reason, Brool.

    When Murray was alone at all,

    Unhappy as could be,

    He didn`t know that comes the day

    We`ve found him suddenly.

    And, just like you, he asked me soon,

    "What`a music, can you say?",

    And when he learned it, turned in purple

    Instead his old dust grey.

    His fingers were so thin and fine

    To plonk the guitar strings,

    That rose grows and sun does shine

    Now anytime he sings.

    You see, my friend, we must to make

    The same big bass to you,-

    Just feel the song, and you will play

    As good as the Minstrels do."

    "So you mean we just must to make a guitar to help my Dad?", Brool amazed.

    "Not only it. You`ll understand soon what else."

    Chapter 4
    Soon afterwards Cantus spied a huge crowd infront. It seemed there was a local town fair. "Fair indeed!", he exclaimed walking a bit closer. Brool followed him.

    "Now we never will guess where must be that guitar we need!", the furrinflate mumbled."Dad may feel worse now while we`re hanging around in here..."

    The minstrel only sighed:

    "Let`s go and look else..."

    "the cure in the guitar!", Brool said again."You`re so wise, Cantus! Why must we search for the cure so silly?"


    It sounded like thumber. The old fraggle rised his sideburns.

    "Brool!", he repeated."There isn`t anything more to save your father. Music..."

    He was cut off suddenly.

    "Hey, watch out!"

    A certain bulky monster carrying a huge bag on his shoulders barely went through the crowd towards the big cage.

    Then he tossed something out of the bag in the cage locking it. Cantus and Brool almost gasped from amazing.

    "Not every day you can catch the Lake Snake himself!", said the monster meanwhile with pride.

    The crowd started to him. Brool couldn`t believe his own eyes. He amazed from Snake`s incredible enormousity.

    First time the inhabitants of the town couldn`t dare even to step a bit closer to the cage, but soon they stopped to scare and started to toss small stones in the snake.

    "Say", Cantus said to hte brave monster,"how did you catch him? His bite is mortal, but you only have scares on your hands..."

    "Easily! Huhahahahahaha!...", he laughed. "No one is dear to me! So I did it easily. I haven`t anybody to cry above! Huhahahahahaha!.."

    "That`s that", Brool guessed. "The snake doesn`t bite only as cruel and heartless ones as himself. And my Dad hadn`t anybody dearer than Mummy in that minute..."

    "That`s all! Enough to gawk!", the monster roared."It`s time to pass on for him. He spoiled your lives enough..."

    And saying it, he hitten Snake with an iron pilum.

    But, as Snake heard monster`s last words, he managed to rush and bite him right in the hand.

    The monster started to melt.

    "C`mon, let`s go out of here", Cantus hurried Brool."You mustn`t see this".

    Chapter 5
    The two friends leaved the town in hurry. The most hatred enemy of Brool`s family was now dead, but the furrinflate felt sympatize to that poor monster who was not so cruel as seemed firstly.

    Cantus, after recovering from such a shock, started to think about the cure for Garlarkwoal again.

    "There`s too far from Broolagoon from here", he said."Let`s stay tonight near that tree..."

    .... Meanwhile, Murray decided to check on outdoors. He walked around, trying to spy any signs of the danger anywhere. But everything seemed quiet.

    Suddenly Murray heard a weird sound. It resounded from the nearby wood. The guitar strings touched by hte wind sound like this. But its voice was further lower.

    Murray moved towards the wood.He was a bit scared but thought that, if happened such a terrible thing, nothing more scareful just can`t happen.

    He reached the small glade. Though it was rather difficult to inspect it from far-off...the thing murray saw accidentally looking up just amazed him.
    A gigantic guitar tree.

    Murray rubbed his eyes and glanced at it again. A gigantic guitar tree. Big and small guitars are amond the wide leaves. Several of them were lying on the ground, but they all were as small as his own one. Suddenly a huge heavy guitar falled down wiht a loud crash. Murray barely managed to jump out to the nearby tree.

    He trembled, being scared by hte sight of a huge dark guitar. He thought firstly that it all is just a vision, but quickly convinced himself that it`s real, touching its strings.

    "It could be a good present for Brool when he`ll get back", Murray decided at last. And, with these words, started to draw the bass guitar to the Furrinflates` cave.

    A couple of hours later, when the others (except Garlarkwoal) saw it, they were all distressed.

    "Who knows where are now Cantus and Brool?", Brio exclaimed."You think only about the music. Maybe, they both are already eaten!"

    "Or killed", Balsam suggested.

    Garlarkwoal felt worse and worse...until Balsam accidentally poked a string with his tail.

    "Tooooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnggg"....... - resounded and stopped in the air.

    The old Furrinflate opened his eyes widely for a moment. His pain commuted a bit.

    "Look! Daddy!... He`s alive!..", Crool shouted gladly.
    ...Cantus spent the whole night by Brool`s side, snuggling to him from cold.

    They both waked up when the dew dried up on their fur.

    "Cant...w....where we are?..",Brool mumbled, getting up with a stretch and yawn.

    "on hte way back", the old fraggle answered sadly. "It seems we`ll never reach the thing we want."

    Our two friends moved onward on the road.

    Somewhere from the roadside were noticable lonely huts, sometimes either Cantus or Brool could see their inhabitants, but they didn`t want to stop awhile.

    But soon Cantus felt a bit thirsty.

    "Wait for me, I`ll look for a spring in here", he asked the monster.

    Brool sadly watched the fraggle disappearing in nearby wood.

    After several hours of unsuccessful though careful searching, the old Minstrel found none and almost wanted to get back, but suddenly saw a fragglette carrying two bucketfuls of water.

    "Could you let to the old minstrel drink some water?", Cantus asked her courteously.

    "Of course I can", she smiled.

    ....."How good", the old fraggle said then, wiping his sideburns and goatee and handing the bucket back. "So you know where is a spring in here?"

    "Why spring? We`re in several steps from Broolagoon, where lies a big lake -isn`t it? I come from that place now".

    "What?!", Cantus looked at her wide-eyed. "So y-you want to say?!.."

    "...that I come back home from that lake", the fragglette repeated in confuse.

    "And you know a short way to there?", the Minstrel asked.

    "Well... at first you walk strightly on that path, then turn to the left near the Guitar tree, and then..."

    "GUITAR TREE???", Cantus cut her off. "Am I dreaming or...what?.."

    "Oh, I see you`re from far-off, eh?", she laughed."You had never seen the Guitar Tree?"

    "N-no...", Cantus confused. "o..okay, thank you, now we need hurry up!.."

    The fragglette even forgot to say him goodbye - so quickly he disappeared.

    "Brool!..Brool, I`ve found it!..,"Cantus shouted gladly, spying his friend from a far. "C`mon, hurry up, we`re right on the way to your home and to the cure!.."

    Brool`s fur and hair rised. He couldn`t believe that the cure is so close. It even wasn`t need to go in such a trip! A couple of steps else, and poor Garlarkwoal will be definitely saved!..

    (To be continued)
  2. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    I've read up to Chapter 4 (will finish soon...:) )

    And it is...gosh...amazing. Wowowowowowwo! Glarkywarky! Gardylardyrady!

  3. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    See.... I`m good not only in drawing! ;) xnahT!
    As Brool would write, "my "САИGRETULEISHEИS!"
  4. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    oh wow that is so incredibly amazing. I love it!
  5. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    What I love (if you will forgive me for saying so) is that some sentences are mixed up a little. but, to me, that adds to the story. It gives it a magical air, and makes it very fraggleish. I can hear in my head the voice of its writer, and it's a magical fraggle story teller. Very Cantusy, and slow, and, and, lovely!
  6. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    I don`t mind, Gardy, I know that my Eng. isn`t so perfect.
    "Very Cantusy"..... You know, when I hear something like it, I say, "Cantus, swallow me again"! - to feel again that being one with him. And when Emo wrote (on FRc)the first chapters of "Minstrel No More" (bellyflop pic is from there! ;)), I felt heavenly.....
  7. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 6

    Clouds appeared in the sky while the old fraggle and the green monster were reaching the Guitar Tree that certain fragglette told about.

    "It will be raining now",Cantus scowled looking at the sky.

    Indeed , our friends couldn`t think that the weather will spoil so quickly.Clouds became thick dark grey. The sun was shielded with them.What to do?...

    Cantus and Brool went a bit quickler. The path almost endied. Soon will be that turn to the left where the Guitar Tree does grow.

    The thunder forced. Though the friends heard the first thunder rumble, it couldn`t scare them.

    Suddenly Brool stopped.

    "We`ve found it...Here it is!.."

    Cantus looked towards monster`s point and stopped too.

    Here it is - the Guitar Tree. Big mature guitars are humming a bit under wind blowing, the small ones are silent. And the height of the tree was as three Garlarkwoals and a half!

    "C`mon, I`ll pick the biggest oine!", Brool whispered climbing up.

    "No...Wait!", Cantus screamed in horror, seeing lightings flashing in the sky, - some of them flashed very close to the wood.
    Do you think the monster could hear him? He was climbing right to the tree top. He messed up his entire fur and hands in tar. His beautiful fluffy lime green chest turned into clammy grey green.

    Brool crawled on the thickest branch trying to reach the one of the guitars - the biggest one, as he thought.

    Thunder strike resounded right upon his head.

    "BROOL,NO!..", Cantus shouted."Get down! You`ll do it when the thunder will fin..."

    He didn`t manage to finish it.

    Lighting stroken the tree trunk. It started to fire. Brool couldn`t see th efire still trying to pick a guitar. Poor Cantus could only watch him in horror and confuse, being even powerless to help.

    The monster suddenly looked backward. Just at the same moment the tree cracked and started to fall.

    It was raining cats and dogs, but the entire wood was covered with fire. The Guitar Tree cracked louder.......

    ....and falled down with a loud crash.......

    The fire was slowly fading under the forced rain.

    Cantus, wet thoroughly himself, hurried to the tree to find his friend.

    Brool was lying a bit farther from the crash place, holding the guitar wreckers. Branches, leaves and chips were around him.

    Confused and scared by the sight of death of his friend, Cantus kneeled by him, putting his hand on Brool`s chest and winced hearing his weak heartbeat.

    "You....you`re ALIVE, Brool!..", the old fraggle exclaimed gladly.

    "Wh........where am I?.........", the monster groaned getting up."Oh NO...The tree is broken!.."

    They looked for a minute else at all that leaved after the magic tree - now it turned into a heap of leaves, wreckers and branches.

    "Let`s go home", the minstrel sighed heavily."We did our best.... but it seems everything was against us this time... Let`s say farewell to Garlarkwoal as it need."

    And he moved first to the cave.

    Brool followed him too, tilting down his head.

    There`s a big difference between the time when you`re small and weak and can`t understand that your mother dies watching her, and the time when you know what`s death and your father dies, but you still can`t return him.

  8. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Chapter 7

    "Have you find it?!", Crool exclaimed in glad when they both entered the cave.

    Cantus only sighed once again instead of answer.

    "It... it means you haven`t?", Balsam sobbed in disbelief.

    "Yes", Brool replied definitely."We`ve found the magic Guitar tree, but it was destroyed by the storm..."

    "WHAT???",Murray shouted under breath."So all you were need was just a Guitar Tree?!?"That tree I`ve found and...and...."

    Cantus`sideburns and eyebrows rised.

    "Wh...hat...did you say??"...

    "I`ve found the tree", Murray repeated,"and brought here the biggest guitar..."

    He was cut off by such a great hug of Brool that his bones nearly cracked.

    "Murry....Murry, you... you`re our savior!..", Cantus exclaimed under sob of glad. And Murray, recovering after a huuuuuuuug, showed them the giant guitar he found.
    "So take it, Brool", Cantus smiled.

    Brool took the magic instrument that at last have got its owner. He touched its strings, hten took the first chord.

    Garlarkwoal suddenly winced a bit.

    "Okay, Dad," the kind monster said, striking up a tune.

    And started to sing.

    Under lighting, under storm,

    I still dream about my home,

    I still stay myself, wherever I could be,-

    If it seems your life is hard,

    If you hide it in your heart,

    Look around and wipe your tears and you will see....-

    Trust the Minstrel!- And you will see

    You are not only one, only sad, only weary,

    You will see -

    Life is easy when somebody shares it and helps you,

    World will smile,

    Nearly time when the death will be gone and defeated,

    You will trust

    In the wonder that waits just for you,-

    And will follow it now!..

    The more was Brool singing the more Garlarkwoal felt how the poison fades fron him forever. And when Brool finished his song, his father was completely healed.

    "I even dunno how to thank you, sonnyboy", he said gratefully.

    Brool stared at him for a couple of seconds in disbelief, then squeezed poor monster tightly.
    "Dad, I just...just....."
    "...Want to say how you wish to be a Minstrel", Garlarkwoal finished with a smile, hugging his eldest son back."Okay... I don`t mind. You`ve convinced me to let you go".
    For a moment it was mute in the cave, when outdoors resounded a big splash and shined a big flash!
    And everybody saw a beautiful female Furrinflate standing in the cave entrance. She had thick eyelashes and no fangs.
    Garlarkwoal even felt that his heart stopped, but then rubbed his eyes... No! It`s just amazing! Impossible! DEAGLAIRA HERSELF STANDS INFRONT OF HIM, ALIVE AND REAL.....
    "Oh dear...", he could barely enunciate."But h-how did you revive?.."
    Deaglaira looked at him tenderly and wrapped her arm around his shoulders.
    "That monster payed for me", she said.
    ""Which monster?"

  9. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And the two friends told the whole tale about the town fair - how Lake Snake was trapped and killed, and how accidentally died the monster who catched him.

    "Now do you believe me?",Deaglaira asked with hope.

    "Sure", Garlarkwoal smiled.

    ......The Minstrels stayed in Broolagoon for an one night else. This time it was tjeir last night before new wandering time.

    Only the couple of Furrinflates - mother and father - weren`t sleeping. Garlarkwoal was holding onto Deaglaira`s hand, still in disbelief that she got back, and talking with her.

    "Yes, Brool is big enough already to roam..", the monsteress agreed at last. "Yuo could trust him in looking after Crool and Glarky, and now you can trust him in being a musician."

    "We`ll miss him."

    "I know, darling...But it`s time for each minstrel to go home each year. Brool will be back, you know".

    "Yes...", Garlarkwoal said under sigh, curling up for a good sleep."Night,Laira".

    "Night, darling..."

    ...Early next morning, already five minstrels said goodbye to the whole Broolagoon.

    "You`ve deserved it, Brool", said Murray to their new member.

    "No, you were the one who`ve found a guitar", the happy-go-lucky monster replied.

    "But you did more - restored the family", Cantus reminded him.

    Brool only nodded, holding his brand new guitar and thinking about the adventures on their way.

    "It`s time already, sonnyboy", Galrarkwoal said at last, again under hard sigh. "C`mon,hug me last time. My congrats. You`re a Minstrel indeed."

    ......He was looking at the five small figures disappearing slowly in far away, waving his hand to them until they became already completely tiny.

    Then he whispered,

    "Good luck, sonnyboy".

    And returned home.

  10. Beauregard

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    Oh my goshgishgashgushgollygocks!

    Garlkyparky! Gardlydardymardytardy!

    Wowowowowwowwwwwwsers! It was so amazing, and so bueatiful, and, wow!
  11. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    And, pheeeeeeeeew, a chance for my fingers to rest. Brool`s just my favorite minstrel besides Cantey-Flantey - and I decided to make him a family and nativeland. Did it manage to me? ;)
  12. TogetherAgain

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    that was an AMAZING story! I love it!
  13. zeldazipple

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    Awsome fic!! I really enjoyed reading it! I like the idea of a gutiar tree. I never thiught his gutiar came off a tree very creative! :)
  14. Effralyo

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    I thought so when saw how dark and heavy his bass is. It gave me the idea.

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