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Fanfic - Under Cantus` Heart

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Effralyo, May 25, 2005.

  1. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    (Small side note: Cantus calls me "Euny" in here. Too long to explain why, he just does. It`s my another nickname in the Muppet Universe.)
    Ok - I begin.
    To my new friend Jamie aka Emosewa
    [font=Times New Roman, Times, serif]Under Cantus` Heart[/font]

    ...I even didn`t knew who will be my main guest at my birthday. But HE APPEARED. When another guests gone... a knock resounded behind the door. My aunt opened it.. and suddenly exclaimed:

    "What the.... JULIA! WHO`S THAT...that.... goggle-eyed... f-featherduster?!"

    "Cantey!!!", I yelled."CAAAAAAAAANTEEEEEEEEEEY!!!!!!!!!... It`s Cantus! HOOOOOOOOORAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!! HE CAME! HE CAME!!!!!!"

    I rushed into the corridor... A second later Cantus was laughing and moaning:"Huhahaha...Euny...Oh, stop tickling me... Oooooohhh!...Ha-ha-ha-happy birthday...Huhahahaha!..."- and I was laughing too, and kissing, and hugging him, still not believing in that wonder.

    ..." A nice biiiiiiiig piece of cake for my furry-dlurry-swurry Cantey,"I offered him another second later. "You went alone?.. And where are guys?"

    "Thanks, Euny",Cantus answered, taking a cake piece and sipping tea from a cup."Yeah... I went alone. Because it`s Minstrel Holiday time now."

    "Do the Minstrels...have holiday?.." - I almost choked hearing it.

    "Of course they do!.. I know, I know, you`re bore without Brool, Euny...But we`ll begin to travel again only when the winter will come."

    "Huh, I like you too,Cantey."

    "Whawks",he answered with a mouthful of cake." I awways kwew it".

    ...My aunt wasn`t feared of him more. She even was inquiring Cantus about minstrel life,and music,and something else while we were drinking tea together. He didn`t bring any present, but it wasn`t so matter for me: he was as a present to me himself.

    And then we went to my room; Cantus was lying on the sofa, and I was sitting near him and thoughtfully fondling his goatee and whiskers. It was seeming the old wise fraggle is more happy than anytime else now.
    ..."What a great guitar", Cantus said, looking at my guitar near the sofa."Did Brool try it when he stayed here at that weekend, Euny?"

    "No...but, y`know, we even sung a song together,and he accompanied me on his bass."

    "Pity that I wasn`t here at that time".

    "And what`s new in your village?"

    "Oooooh... I barely attained agreement to go to you! Fancy that,Euny, everywhere I hear: Cantus,help; Cantus, give me an advice; Cantus,Cantus, Cantus... All my neighbors need me!"

    "So you went at holiday?"

    "And what do you think?" - Cantus stretched himself (it was sooooooooo sweet!..). - "Every wiseman must rest. From his wisdom."

    "Good joke, Cantey."

    "You know what, Euny?"


    "Give me a hug".

    "SERIOUSLY?!", I exclaimed. "Cantey, YOU ASK ME NOW YOURSELF ABOUT IT?!?"

    I squeezed poor minstrel so much that he even moaned:"N-no...not so strongly!." Then I let him go - or he would just choke...

    "No, Cant, it`s better to stroke you than to hug", I said. "I see you`re full... Remember that day, when you asked me what`s a massage?"


    "Now let`s see what my little minstrel say when I`ll make it to him ."

    And - I still can`t believe even now, remembering it,- Cantus lied down on my lap, and I started to stroke his silky fur. Sometimes he was screwing his eyes and sighing lightly. But a minute later I suddenly felt how a strange unknown strength draws me in his body. My fingers as if were sinking in something warm,clammy and jelly-like. It was right under fraggle`s fur. And a strange sound resounded at that moment.


    "Cantey! What`s it?!.."

    My hands disappeared...

    ...grlgrglgrllllglgl... louder and louder...

    ...now arms...now... shoulders...


    ...and I disappeared wholly in him...
    ...You think I was scared? No, even for a bit. Shrinking and teleporting, charms and another magical things were usually when I was visiting Muppet World. And thing that happened now was also usually. And I`ll explain you why.

    ...Long ago I learned from Marjory`s story that there are the Swallowers amond the usual Muppets. They can draw you inside them for a hour, or more, if you like. It`s a form of Muppet tenderness to their Lookers. When you are inside a Swallower, you can breathe, look, hear his thoughts and see mentally what`s going on outside;but he mustn`t move and eat anything at this time - or you won`t teleport back then, or will be dissolved. There were only three Swallowers in Fraggle Rock: Gunge, Convincing John and, as you know now, Cantus; I was "swallowed" thousand times - and always came back easily.

    So it couldn`t be scareful. But why NOW and HERE it happened, though in real world this magic doesn`t work - that was worring me.

    Now I was in his jellycavity... Oh, you don`t know what it is?.. It`s just one of the Swallowers`specifies - a cavity which is unlike anything else, right in the middle of Cantey`s trunk, and all filled with pink or light violet sparkling gel. (If you`ll imagine yourself in a gigantic jelly vase, you`ll understand what I mean). I could hear a loud sound - it was like quick repeating FEELGOOD,FEELGOOD- and it was his heart.

    "Euny", the old fraggle thought,"how are you?"

    "I`m OK,Cantey...",I thought."B-but what will you say to my aunt when she`ll come here?..."

    Yeah, it could be really terrific to her... Now I couldn`t do anything but only think. Well, she`ll came,will see Cantus alone,- and what he will answer, then? "Sorry, ma`am, but I suddenly swallowed her"?..

    "Use all your magic, Cantey", I thought."Try to hold her just for a hour else in the room...while she doesn`t see you."

    Then I saw mentally my aunt myself. What a luck! She decided to sleep awhile!...

    ...I still couldn`t understand this weird occurrence. "Maybe, my spell will work though it`s Outer Space?", I thought and tried to say it:


    "Euny! It`s no use, I told!",Cantus exclaimed.

    "I see... And you`d better be silent, CANTainer!.. Trapped me and even doesn`t know how to return me now!.."

    "Why trapped? I really dunno, Euny! It happened itself... I`m afraid we`re one now."

    "What does it mean?.."

    "You became a part of me. And if it will endure for a long time, we can die together. You understand, Euny? It`s not Muppet Universe where all spells always help. I really didn`t want it though I am a Swallower... Something weird interfered."

    "N..no, Cantus",I thought fearfully."Excuse ME. From my fault you are forged to my sofa... and can`t move - `cause it can kill us both."

    I wanted to cry - but it was impossible in here. Of course, being "trapped" is awful. But being a part of such wise and beautiful creature as Cantey is... I couldn`t say what it is yet.

    And he was thinking, quickly thinking,- I could hear it. As for me, in my memory was for some reasom or other Trash Heap. Marjory... Marjory... How she can help us now?..
    ...I remembered that day when I went to her - sometimes I was visiting her to play with Philo and Gunge, or to listen about Muppet magic. Yes, Trash Heap told that story to me at that day...

    "Euny! Keep thinking! I feel something helpful!..", Cantus interfered.


    I heard Marjory`s voice:

    "Ca-a-antus wi-iiill... he-e-elp...you...he...wants..to save you..."

    "Save ME?! From WHAT?!"

    "Yo-oou`ll see...."
    ..." I feel I really must save you, Euny", Cantus thought then.

    "How? MARJORY! Explain us!.."

    But she didn`t say nothing more. Then I felt that somebody else entered my room. I tried to see who it is. "Aunt!", I scared at first. No, not she. A woman... in glasses... I`ve seen her face somewhere... Whom she reminds me?..

    "Euny, look...Another you!"

    What?! It was... really another me! But rather elder.

    "Who are you?", Cantey asked her.

    "You must knowwho I am, you old raggy parrot", she replied. "Today Julia will be eighteen. I am her Adulthood. And you must say goodbye to her, because she never will return to your ******* universe. I came here to get her finally. While she was all this time with you, I couldn`t do it...but now it`s time to finish childhood, hehe."

    Get ME? What does she moaning about? I never want to be adult! I gave an oath to Muppets earlier that I`ll be always with them... I was going to say it, but Cantus answered:

    "Calm down, Euny, I know what to do..."

    " You was a child too much", Adulthood continued." It`s time to forget all old tales you believed in, Julia. There`s NO Muppets NOWHERE. And don`t think that I can`t see where do you hide. Get out of him right now."


    "I`LL CUT YOU, THEN!!!", she shrieked... At the next second I saw a big sword over Cantus...


    But... what`s it?!... The old musician begun to shine brighter and brighter... I felt that now I`ll get free... Adulthood`s face was awful. "ANYTHING BUT THAT!.. NOOO!..."

    A bright blow of light...

    Cantus bended as a tighted bow... Resounded a loud "BOOOOOOWWWW-EEEEEEEENNNNNNN!...", as if in "Looney Tunes" beginning...

    How many time was gone - I dunno. But unexpectedly I understood that I stand right in the middle of my room, and Cantus still lies on the sofa... And where`s Adulthood? And why does old fraggle smile so misteriously?...

    "Hawfffffffffffffffffffffffff",- he expired white steam - all that remained after her, - and got up.

    "Caaaan-teeeey... Amazing! D-did you... switch us and... swallow... HER?!"

    "I did particularly it, Euny", he answered, "for you. Happy Rebirthday!.."

    I even didn`t re-ask "Happy - what?", but just grabbed him, just hugged him, and Cantus again narrowly got free after all this "huggorage".

    "Eh, that`s a present you wanted to bring to me?..", I asked, when it finished.

    "Yes, Euny. Childhood forever. Look down... "

    He pointed at the floor. There was standing a little fragglet with three small feathers on his head. He looked at me and squeaked:"Take me, Euny!"

    I took the fragglet in my hands - he was very warm and cute,and looked so credulous.

    "Who he is, Cantey?.."

    "MY childhood. It`s me, but when I was young. I give it to you."


    The Little Cantus spilled on thousands and thousands of sparkles. They encircled me, and then disappeared.

    "And I`ll give you also a song",the old fraggle added.

    " C C

    `Twas a day that changed forever

    Am Am

    All my destiny,

    Dm Dm

    I found a brand new world,

    G7 G7

    A world you can`t believe.

    C C

    It all is pleasureful ,and warm,

    Am Am

    And full of harmony,

    Dm Dm

    That secret place

    E E

    Where does the music live...

    Dm G C Am

    Can you sing along with me and feel what I am feeling now,

    Dm G C Am

    Can you find your own melody in whole Universe,

    Dm G C Am

    Can you make your mind enjoyed and free in crystal river flow,-

    Dm Dm

    It`s something heavenly,

    E G7

    That never will be worst...

    Something reaches me to touch

    A deepest place of soul,

    And worms me from within,

    As if I swallowed sun.

    Something makes me inspirated

    Even when I`m blue,

    I hear its sounding now,

    It`s not a simply fun...

    Now I know what does it mean for every Minstrel when it comes,

    When it turns you in a shining star and then you want to fly;

    Now I know, however time will run, we always shall be young,-

    Your childhood now returned,

    Your adulthood will die....

    Can you sing along with me and feel what I am feeling now,

    Can you find your own melody in whole universe;

    Can you make your mind enjoyed and free in crystal river flow,-

    It`s something heavenly,

    It never will be worst.
    Door opened, and my aunt came in.
    "I heard you are singing", she said. "Wow, Cantus, I never thought you might sing so lovely! And... look, I found it in the corridor - on the floor. Maybe, it`s yours?.."

    She gave me a...POSTCARD! It said:






    "What?.. Brool wrote a letter to me HIMSELF?!", I exclaimed. No... even though so much mistakes, it was awesome, however. As for Cantus - he just smirked and lightly laughed.

    "Well", he said. "It means we`ll soon go to my village together. Did you see Tantaradeyra ever, Euny?"


    "We`ll go to there...", he repeated. "Tomorrow!.."

  2. TogetherAgain

    TogetherAgain Well-Known Member

    oh now that's very cool
  3. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Yes.....thanx..... even I didn`t know what a weird but funny specify does Cantus have....
  4. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member

    Wow. That is...amazing. IS there a prequel to it on another board? It seemed like a second story.

    Wow. How I wish Cantus would do that for me...give me eternal childhood...

    Wow. I didn't know you wrote, AND drew! You eed to do an illustration for your story now!
  5. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Will do! Later! And thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanx so much Beau! You`re worth to get in my Buddy list.
    Actually, before I joined, I often wrote short stories about myself in Muppet world. It`s a long and convoluted cycle under name "EunyWerse". I promise to translate and post soon several ones else.
    And as for Cantus.... he seems to me so cosy and sweet that I even wished to imagine how does he look from inside. Now can say - the same. And he can swallow, certainly, not only me. ;)
  6. Beauregard

    Beauregard Well-Known Member


    Wouldn't it be cool to be swallowed by, say, Janice, Rowlf, Oscar! If only we could all live a MuppetExperience!

    Bea:zany:{aka. The Gardlylardyrady One}regard
  7. Effralyo

    Effralyo Active Member

    Eh, nope, not everyone can do it. Janice, e.g., can`t - since she`s female, and needs to performance,and swallowing supposes unmoving. Rowlf?... Doubt... Oscar? Such a grumpy? Hmmmmmmm... also doubt. But Clifford, Floyd or Murray could be capable...
    And, since your inbox is stuffed now:
    " It does a honor to me. Yes.. sorry for not so perfect English. And did you see location in my profile? Thanx once again, Gardy!
    Btw, members of Fragglerocker.com first time were also amazed where from I am....:sing: :) but then it was somehow forgotten..."

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