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Favorite Bert and Ernie Sketch

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Buck-Beaver, Mar 12, 2004.

  1. Buck-Beaver

    Buck-Beaver Well-Known Member

    Just wondering - in part for something I am working on - what is everyone's favourite Bert and Ernie sketches? Why?

  2. ceecee

    ceecee Member

    Wow! It's hard to pick just one!

    But I will say the one where Ernie is painting a picture of Bert. Ernie won't let Bert see it til he is completely finished. Then, when he is done painting, Bert is so excited to see how his portrait turned out. But the painting has Bert wearing a beret (I think), glasses, and a beard. Bert gives the classic "ER-nie!" line and says how that looks nothing like him. Ernie says, no problem, I can fix that. So he slaps a hat, glasses, and fake beard on Bert to make Bert look like the painting. And of course, Bert gets mad.

    I liked it when I was little because it was hilarious (and still is). I like it now because of the way Ernie handles the situation. He never lets anything get to him.
  3. Klonoa

    Klonoa New Member

    I think my favorite one is when Bert asks Ernie to make a grocery list, so Ernie is trying to find something to write with but he can't find anything (the point of the skit was to name things you can write with). Eventually Ernie wrote the list with spaghetti sauce, and the last thing on the list they needed from the store was more spaghetti sauce!

    I also like the one where Ernie is making a statue of Bert but forgets the nose, so he just takes Bert's nose and puts it on the statue. That's a classic...

    Or the one where Ernie is trying to make the cookies round by taking bites out of them.

  4. Boober_Gorg

    Boober_Gorg Active Member

    According to :(, that's what happened last time. In the one we see, :p uses chocolate pudding to write the list.
  5. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    i don't have any favorites but here's 1 funny part of an Ernie & Bert skit. the rhyming game when Ernie decided to quit and Bert goes up to the lamp saying hey there lamp that'a a nice shade. besides the fact it didn't rhyme he sounded rediculous talking to a lamp.
  6. Nicole

    Nicole New Member

    My favorite was always....

    My favorite Ernie and Bert moment was always the one where Bert was trying to read about a pigeon show and Ernie was reading a book about a man biting a dog. (Correct me if I am wrong about what they were reading.) The story that Ernie is reading is first sad, and Ernie starts crying and saying, "Oh Bert, this story is so sad." Next it is funny and he starts laughing hysterically while saying, "Oh Bert this story is so funny." Next it is scary, and he begs Bert to let him sleep in Bert's bed. Finally, there is a big surprise at the end of the story. Ernie says, "Wow, the end has a big surprise." Then he insists that Bert reads the story. Bert got into the story a little bit and in the mean time Ernie falls asleep.
  7. erniebert1234ss

    erniebert1234ss Active Member

    My favorite B&E moment was the one (it was a real early one, reaired on PWMS) where Ernie is performing tricks with his "magic chain" and Bert was on his way to lunch. The final trick Ernie performs is turning his magic chain into a "ham sandwich". At this point we see Bert fainting! S-I-L-L-Y!
  8. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    How difficult to pick a favorite -- well, one of my favorites is when Ernie has a note to give to Bert, but he throws things all over the place trying to find it. He finally finds the note. Bert discovers that it was a reminder from Ernie that it was Bert's turn to clean up the apartment. :)
  9. wockawocka

    wockawocka New Member

    "I Dance Myself to Sleep" -I know it's a song, but it's still my favorite Ernie/Bert. :p
  10. Wow, I just had to notice the irony today:

    Right after they showed the "Journey to Ernie" segment (in which Ernie is alone, without Bert) They played the old "When Bert's Not Here" sketch. It bugged me to death because I feel horrible when I see Ernie without Bert, and here he is singing about it, yet the CTW keep them split up. :grouchy:
  11. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    rememebr this silly one were 1st Bert get's an itch on his back and then Ernie get's 1, finally they decide to scratch each others back and then Ernie says everybody scratch and the show this film of animals scratching themselves. after the film is over, both E&B are still scratching each others back's. can't rememebr how it ended. i suppose Ernie did or said something at the end.
  12. Krazedmuppet

    Krazedmuppet Active Member

    I dnt think I have a fav, BUT one that stick out im my mind the most at this moment is the one where Ernie is trying to get Ernistine to say ERNIE, and hes trying and trying, but nothing seems to work, then all of a sudden Bert comes in, and Ernie, frustrated says "Oh, hi Bert" and shes says "BERT!" :excited: :excited: :zany:
  13. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    remember this 1? Ernie holds up 3 pictures and asks Bert what happened here? 1st and empty bird cage. Bert says, the door was open and the bird flew out. 2nd picture the man slipped over the bannana pel. last 1, a blank piece of paper. Bert is mystified. Ernie says it's a picture of a cow eating grass. bert says he doesn't see the grass or cow. them Ernie says, well after she ate the grass she went home. bTW, i was once watching an episode of the current Zoom series and there was a similiar skit where 1 of the zoomers was playing this goofy painter and there were a few differnt skit where she was painting something wrong or something like that and once of them she also claims to have painted a cow eating grass and the same thing happened. thought in this 1 she says after the cow ate the graas, it went to find more grass. now for those who have seen the show know that most stuff is requested by the viewers. and my 1st impression was some kids must of known someone to have seen the SS skit and write it in. but i another message board somebody told me he thinks that it was a old joke that didn't originate on SS.interesting though.
  14. Muppetsdownunder

    Muppetsdownunder New Member

    I havent seen that many ernie and bert sketches, well can't remember all off hand but I like the one where they are at the movies and ernie cant see because a lady with a tall hat comes and sits infront of him. She takes it off after ernie asks her and puts it infront of bert.

    I also like the one where Ernie starts singing that he doesnt mind what bert does because he is is friend when bert is trying to sleep. He doesnt mind bert being tired becasue he is is friend, lol.
  15. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    I think you'd be right about the blank picture being a cow eating grass is a joke that precedes Sesame Street. I think there were other early Sesame scenes indirectly based on jokes or fables.

    The other that comes to mind is Ernie contemplating borrowing a vacuum cleaner from Herbert Birdsfoot - a very well remembered scene on this board. It was based on some fable I remembered my 6th grader mentioned in class in which, instead of a vacuum cleaner, the main character was going to ask for bread. I don't recall what he worried would happen if he did so, but that's not as important because the structure was the same.

    But I digress... my favourite sketch with Ernie and Bert - did I mention the skit where Ernie cleans up the messy room in 15 seconds? Something about Bert being very grouchy in that clip... "Now cut that out with the ducky!"

  16. Splurge

    Splurge Member

    Just thought of another joke, also used on the Honeymooners. Ernie has two pieces of apple pie, one very big and one very small. He gives the small one to Bert. The basic joke has usually gone:
    "If I was in your place, I would have taken the small piece myself".
    "Well what are you complaining for, it's right there!"
    (Naturally, Ernie said it innocently and less mailiciously.)
  17. mikebennidict

    mikebennidict New Member

    i decided to make up a spoof of a couple od E&B skits. after ernie eats 1 of Bert's 5 cookies and he realizes it. here's what happens at the end. Bert: i certainly don't want 4 cookies! ernie, i can fix it. bert: well then go ahead! E. ok. blah! ok it's no longer 4 cookies now. it's 5 again! > the other 1, after ernie realizes he can't count fire engines then counts ballons. after blowing up the balloon and you know what happens, the police and fire dept. gets called and after the fire dept finds out the source of the loud noise, they get the police to come upstairs and when they see the broken balloon on Bert's bed, he get's blamed for it and get's arrested. no guys it wasn't me Ernie was blowing the balloon, Cops yeah that's what they all say come on! Bert: Errrnieeeeeeeeeee! Ernieeeeeeeeeee!
  18. deltagoodremfan

    deltagoodremfan New Member

    I remember one in which Bert sneezed, and his nose fell off. Ernie had a bit of fun with Bert's nose until he put it in the correct spot. The sketch ended with Bert, with a worried look, saying "I think I'm going to sneeze again!".
  19. DancingLauren

    DancingLauren New Member

    I always liked the songs the best... "Imagine That" or "Dance Ourselves to Sleep". Its getting hard for me to remember a lot of the great sketches, but I always loved those two.
  20. Mickey Moose

    Mickey Moose New Member

    Some of my favorites.

    So many to choose from:

    - Using the pot for a cowboy hat
    - eating cookies in bed.
    - counting sheep(and fire engines and baloons)
    - Cleaning the apartment(the one where Ernie cleans up and then messes it up again by cleaning out the toy box).
    - Dance Myself to Sleep
    - Ernie describes his day at the park.
    - Bert's nose on the statue
    - Banana in the ear.
    - counting fruit

    I'm sure I'll remember more later.

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