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Favorite/least favorite segments with many DVD releases

Discussion in 'Sesame Merchandise' started by minor muppetz, Oct 4, 2010.

  1. minor muppetz

    minor muppetz Well-Known Member

    Over the years many segments have been released on video and/or DVD many times. Many of them are classic and pretty much expected to be rereleased every so often (C is for Cookie, Rubber Duckie, The Alligator King), while others seem a bit random to release so much (Marilyn Horne's "C is for Cookie", ABC Hip Hop, etc.).

    As far as english releases go, I'd say the following have the most rereleases:
    • Doin' the Pigeon (6)
    • C is for Cookie (original) (5)
    • Rubber Duckie (season two version) (5)
    • Elmo's Song (4)
    • Put Down the Duckie (4)
    • Imagine That (4)
    • Fat Cat (4)
    • The Alligator King (5)
    • Bein' Green (original) (3)
    • How Do You Do? (3)
    • Jellyman Kelly (3)
    • ABC Hip Hop (3)
    • Marilyn Horne: C is for Cookie (3)
    • African Alphabet (3)
    • King of 8 (3)
    • ABC-DEF-GHI (1980s version) (3)
    • Monster in the Mirror (3)
    • The Batty Bat (3)

    I chose not to list stuff that's only been released twice (and the list of things that have been released only 3 times is waaaaaaaay incomplete... I probably overdid that list).

    But as far as things that have been released commercially many times, which ones are your favorites and which ones are not favorites of yours?

    My favorites include Rubber Duckie, Bein' Green, the original C is for Cookie, The Alligator King, Fat Cat, and Imagine That.

    My least favorites include ABC Hip Hop, Marilyn Horne's C is for Cookie, The Batty Bat, African Alphabet, King of 8, and Jellyman Kelly (actually I'm starting to appreciate that last one more than I used to, but I still prefer James Taylor's other Sesame Street appearances). I also don't care much for Ladybug Picnic (which I didn't list above but it has been released three times).

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