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Favorite Movie on MST3K

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by zns, Feb 21, 2007.

  1. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Most of you have probably heard of the tv series, Mystery Science Theater 3000. Well I was just wondering, out of all the B-rated movies they showed, which ones did you enjoy, if you ever saw the show that is. My favorites are:

    -Pod People
    -Boggy Creek 2: The Legend Continues
    -Attack of the Giant Spiders
    -The Screaming Skull (includes Gumby short)
    -The Girl in Gold Boots
    -Devil Fish
    -Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders
  2. Princeton

    Princeton Well-Known Member

    Pod People is a classic; I also like:
    -Santa Claus Conquers The Martians
    -I Was A Teenage Werewolf
    -The Brain That Wouldn't Die
    -Cave Dwellers
  3. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    I've never actually heard of this show! Either not the right generation, or I don't get that channel.
  4. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh! How can you not know about this show Peppy? Greatness was it, where a human actor by the name of Joel Hodgson (replaced later by head writer and guest star actor Michael J. Nelson) along with his two robot puppets cracked wise at any chance they got while watching horribly bad movies.

    The ones that stand out in my mind...
    Cave Dwellers, or as they rightly pronounced it Cavé Dwellers.
    "How much O'Keife is in this movie? Miles O'Keife.
    Hey, John Newman! We can use his spaghetti sauce on the Rosticellios."
    The Magic Sword, even saw that on TNT without the added commentary.
    Santa Claus vs. The Martians, and Santa Claus (the one where he fought against Pinch the Mexican Devil).
    Manos: The Hands of Fate.
    Alien from L.A. starring Kathy Ireland.
    The Crawling Hand and Zombie Nightmare, where they mercilessly made fun respectively of Alan Hale Jr. "The Skipper" from Gilligan's Island and Adam West TV's Batman.
    Soulchaser, for the cameos by Joel and TV's Frank.
    Fire Maidens from Outer Space, with Dark Crow Spectre.
    Devil Dolls.
    Catalina Caper.

    And a ton I'm forgetting right now. Man I loved that show.
  5. Ilikemuppets

    Ilikemuppets Well-Known Member

    I loved that show, too! It sooooooooo Funny! I loved all of it!:)
  6. Tim

    Tim Well-Known Member

    Spider Island..the best and I told Joel this myself.
  7. Blue Weirdo

    Blue Weirdo Well-Known Member

    You probably know about it but didn't know the show's title. (happens a lot) It's the show with the guy and the puppets' silhouettes int he corner of the screen where they watch really bad movies and make fun of them.

    Sadly the show is no longer on the air. It started out as a show on a small UHF station called KTMA. It caught the eye of network executives from the then just starting out Comedy Channel (now called Comedy Central) and the idea was relaunched as a cable network show. Season 1-7 ran on Comedy Central then they stopped ordering new episodes so the show ended but a couple years later Sci-Fi Channel revived the show and it ran for three more seasons (though Sci-Fi did not air the old season due to rights issues) before they went the same route and stopped buying new episodes. (the guys who made the show wanted to keep going but couldn't get picked up) Some episodes have been released on video and DVD but because of legal rights with the movies they can't do season sets.

    Now settle in while I break down the show's storyline for you.

    In the not too distant future (Next Sunday A.D.) Joel Robinson worked at Gismonic Institute. Despite having a brilliant mind for inventing he was actually apparently the janitor. One day his boss Dr. Clayton Forester and his assistant Dr. Larry Earhart suddenly launch Joel into space on a ship called the Satellite of Love to use as the test subject in their latest mad experiment. They force him to watch the worst movies ever made in an attempt to destroy his sanity. (It's later made clear that once they find the absolute worst movie ever they will force everyone to watch it and thus take over the world)

    But Joel fights back with mankind's greatest weapon; a sense of humor. He builds himself some robot companions, Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot who watch the movie with him, and Gypsy who runs the ship. There's also Cambot who is the silent cameraman who basically films the show and allows Joel and the Mads to communicate. And in the early seasons there was the mysterious Magic Voice who did little more than announce when it was time for a commercial break and eventually was faded out of the show. Unfortunately Joel apparently builds the bots out of parts that would've allowed him to control when the movies began and ended.

    Joel and the Mads also do invention exchanges where they each show off their latest creations. Most of them are silly and/or useless but occasionally they have good ideas. In season two the guy who played Larry and did Tom's voice left the show so Tom got a new voice and Dr. Forrester got a new assistant, Frank. The character of Larry was declared missing in the season 2 premiere and was never thought of again.

    Things continued in this way until halfway through season 5. Dr. F and Frank hired a temp worker Mike Nelson to help them get organized for and audit but planned to kill him when he finished the job. Gypsy overheard them talking and mistakingly thought they were planning to kill Joel. So with Mike's help she learns that there is a escape pod on board hidden in a box of Hamdingers ("No wonder we didn't find it No one likes Hamdingers!") and she sends Joel back to Earth in it. Dr. Forrester and Frank send Mike up to replace Joel. (Mike's not as inventive as Joel and the inventions exchanges stopped soon after)

    Then at the end of Season 6 Frank gets absorbed into sidekick heaven by Torgo (from "Manos: the hands of fate- widely regarded as the worst movie they ever watched) Dr. Forester's mother Pearl comes to live with him and help him out but soon after (end of season 7)all of his funding runs out so he shuts everything down and sends the SOL to drift helplessly through space. Mike and the bots end up at the edge of the universe where they turn into energy beings and head out to explore. Back on Earth Dr. F grows old rapidly then turns into a space baby in a brilliant homage/parody of the end of 2001: a Space Odyssey that must be seen to be truly appreciated.

    Now comes season 8 which has the most complex ongoing storyline of any season of the show. Mike and the bots return to the SOL and their normal bodies. Actually Crow had gone back a long time ago and has a new voice (he was origanlly voiced by Trace Belieu who also played Dr. F but has left the show) During his years alone he acquired some new inhabitants for the ship- the Nanites; microscopic robots designed for repair and construction. (He also forgot Mike but regained his memory a few episodes later) They find that the SOL has made its way back to Earth orbit but now it is the year 2525 and the world is ruled by apes. Though I wouldn't exactly say super intelligent ones.

    Our heroes find themselves once again subjected to bad movies courtesy of Professor Bobo and Dr. Peanut the gorillas. Bobo explains that they have to do this because the lawgiver demands it. The lawgiver turns out to be Pearl who had herself cryogenicly frozen after Dr. F died. (Pearl: "When I was through smothering him I vowed to avenge his death!") Not long after though some "neighbors" drop by the apes to get help fixing their "holy and everlasting bomb" Because the apes don't know what a thermonuclear device is (and Mike without thinking gives them a tip on how to fix it) the bomb is armed and Earth blows up.

    Fortunately our heroes get the nanites to fix the ship just in time to rocket away from the planet. (CROW: "I feel a disturbance, as though a million monkeys cried out at once...") Unfortunately Pearl also escaped aboard her ship (a VW van with rockets strapped to the sides) to her surprise Bobo is also aboard. (he claims to have been thrown in by the blast but no one's convinced) Peanut it turns out was thrown back in time by the blast and wound up marring a cousin of Mike and thus started the whole ape uprising.

    As Mike and the bots flee from Pearl though space they are suddenly pulled to another planet inhabited by The Observers. Bleach-white skinned guys who carry their brains in pans. The brain guys want to observe the "experiments" but when they decide to dissect Pearl and Bobo Pearl gets Mike to help them escape by promising to release them but of course she lied. Mike asks the nanites to do something to help them get away and they do. They blow up the planet. Of course Pearl and Bobo escape along with an Observer they initially took hostage but quickly ally with to keep our heroes from escaping.

    While flying through space Bobo gets out to fix a flat tire (don't ask) and is pulled down to another planet. The villains decide to spend some time camping here despite run ins with body snatchers/pod people and super powerful/annoying space children. But then they are attacked by war robots and decide to leave. Pearl calls Mike for air support/a distraction so he drops a big vinegar and baking soda bomb. But he uses too much baking soda and it blows the whole planet up. (The villains escape again of course) Mike then finds himself put on galactic trial for destroying three planets and is found guilty (largely because he winds up with Pearl as prosecutor and Bobo as defense) but he is sentenced only to community service.

    Again moving through space Bobo again gets out this time to relieve himself and is sucked through a wormhole. Pearl and Brain Guy follow dragging the SOL with them and find themselves on Earth in Roman times. Pretending to be gods they learn that Bobo has got amnesia and is now revered in Rome as the "Mad Goth" Pearl restores his memory by whacking him on the head with a stone tablet and he winds up blowing their cover. They manage to escape without blowing up the planet but Bobo knocks over a lantern starting the great Roman fire. Everyone heads back through the wormhole and that's the end of season 8. (Yes all that happens in one season!)

    Season 9 has them emerging from the wormhole to find they are back at Earth in modern times. Pearl discovers her ancient family castle and learns that the Forresters have had a long tradition of trying to take over the world so she takes up the task and spends the whole season coming up with new plans. None of which come close to working. In Season 10 Pearl learns that apparently one must be a fully accredited mad scientist in order to try taking over the world so she spends the season running crazy experiments trying to earn her title. The last one proves disastrous for her (and the show) though. She runs the SOL's controls through a joystick and makes it go through crazy flips and spins but then the stick breaks sending the SOL into reentry.

    With her plans in ruins Pearl packs it in. She takes a job as dictator of Qatar ("My first order of business will be to get these guys a U.") Bobo gets a position at the zoo. ("I thought I had blown the interview but it turns out they want me to start right away.. in fact they pursued me vigorously. I had to lightly maul one of my new coworkers to get home.") Brain Guy reluctantly takes a position as the all knowing being of a civilization. (Which apparently is actually a looser job) The SOL starts to break up on reentry and crashes but then it dissolves to show everyone all right. Gypsy has started her own successful business. She apparently offered to let the guys in on the deal but they foolishly turned her down. (CROW: "I made a fart noise, she only took it as a no.") So the guys have got an apartment together and settle down in front of the TV to enjoy their freedom and watch the afternoon movie... which turns out to be "The Crawling Eye" (The movie from the first episode) Hmmm. Maybe they're not so free after all.
  8. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yep... That was indeed terrific. So many memories... Don't forget at the end of Season 8, after they get back from Roman times, the episode where Mike goes to Pearl's and they share a calming cup of coffee.
    The Season 5 episode where Joel gets set free... That was the Joe Donn Baker movie, Mitchell. The funny part is that later in either Season 9 or 10, Mike thinks it's turn to escape after he watches an awful Joe Donn Baker film where the bots keep making fun of the lead actor's overeating tendencies.
    Don't forget... They also made MST3K The Movie, where the gang watched the movie This Planet Earth.
    And Manos: The Hands of Fate was regarded as the worst movie they ever saw? Hate to disagree, but there was a movie (don't remember which) they spent the credits going over the littany of movies already seen asking Servo if all those other movies were the worst, worse than the one they had just finised watching. The only one that Servo grudgingly admits is as bad/worst a movie as the one they finished is The Castle of Fu Man Chu. I actually barely remember that one because of the flying carpet airport sketch they did in the in-between quarters. Those sketches were just as hilarious/rememberable as the movies themselves.

    And of course, there were also the interstitials done throughout their annul Turkey Day day-and-a-half marathons. The greatest one of those was when Jack Perkins got drunk and proposed marriage to Mr. B Natural.
  9. Beakerfan

    Beakerfan Well-Known Member

    Oh my gosh! I didn't now there were people who were actually as obsessed with this as one of my friends. He has I believe every episode. I've only seen one of them, and it was hilarious!
    HANDS OF SATAN....... (dun dun dunnnnnn)
  10. zns

    zns Well-Known Member

    Some of the films can be viewed on Youtube.com. Just type in MST3K in the search box and there you go.
  11. MrsPepper

    MrsPepper Well-Known Member

    Blue Weirdo, thank you for the huge description! That is certainly helpful. It sounds like a really cool show and something that I would enjoy.

    But now I can tell you that I certainly have not seen this show. I'm from Canada and though we do have similar channels with alot of the same shows (ex. Comedy network, Space Channel), not all programs are the same, and I have never had the opportunity to see this show. I'll have to do as zns said and look on YouTube. Thank you for all of your help!
  12. Muppet Newsgirl

    Muppet Newsgirl Well-Known Member

    Oh, man, my brother and I used to be addicted to that show.

    Let's see, the movies themselves were universally awful, but I'd say my favorites were:

    Riding With Death
    Space Mutiny
    The Mole People
    The Thing that Wouldn't Die
    Prince of Space
    This Island Earth
  13. sarah_yzma

    sarah_yzma Well-Known Member

    I loved Cave Dwellers and Manos: Hands of Fate
  14. Meepsterboy

    Meepsterboy Well-Known Member

    I loved the 2 Godzilla's they did, "Godzilla vs. Megalon" and "Godzilla vs. the Sea Monster," "Santa Claus Conquers the Martians" was great too, but I liked MST3K The Movie: "This Island Earth" the best.
    "This Island Earth can be yours, if the price is right!" - Tom Servo
    (Metalluna Mutant, creature with a brain for a head, is getting repeatedly pummeled on screen)
    "There go my piano lessons! The third grade! I don't remember what my Dad looks like!" Crow, imitating the Mutant's voice.
  15. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Well-Known Member

    Ah, MST3K! So many memories...

    The Wild World of Batwoman - a strange film, complete with go-go dancers, a mad scientist with a bizarre accent, a "hunchbacked" assistant with goofy facial contortions (like Charlie Callas with the "mute" button on), and what looks like a Mexican wrestler in a Zorro outfit prowling around.

    Jack Frost - horrendous Scandanavian "children's film" about a fair maiden who seeks her true love with the help of Jack Frost. Mike: "So the first plot point involves knitting socks. I think we're in for quite a ride, guys!" Mike: "This is the early version of Snow White, called 'Snow White and the One Normal Sized Person'." Mike: "All the names [in the credits] are Russian for Alan Smithee." Oh, and the hero of the film goes clomping around in a giant bear's head for a few reels.

    Red Zone Cuba - don't even ask me to explain the plot of this needlessly convoluted Coleman Francis "thriller." Features an actor wearing an obviously fake beard hooked over his ears. I think he was supposed to be playing Castro or something. As a bonus, John Carradine (who has a small role) sings the theme song!

    The Horror of Party Beach - filmed right here in Connecticut! I think I even recognize some of the locations! Nonsense about radioactive monsters with googly eyes (yes, there is a Cookie Monster reference) who prey on young beachgoers and have a thing for crashing slumber parties. Also features several musical numbers by a group of kids so clean-cut they make Pat Boone look like Marilyn Manson.

    Time Chasers - a nerdy scientist (whose chin resembles a "dinner roll," according to Crow) travels back and forth in time. Clever host segments, in which Crow travels back to 1985 and attempts to stop fry-cook Mike from taking a job as a temp (which, as noted previously, is what got him into space). Somehow Mike's evil, beer-swilling "brother" Eddie (also Mike) gets on the SOL and watches a good portion of the movie, making snide comments at the flick and abusing the 'Bots. Later, Crow ponders, "who did they think this movie would appeal to anyway? Elderly squirrels?"

    Overdrawn at the Memory Bank - shot-on-videotape sci-fi nonsense made for public television, starring Raul Julia in a futuristic society. At one point, Julia and his female co-star find themselves re-enacting a scene from Casablanca. Tom sighs, "well at least they didn't pick a good movie to steal from." Good host segments spoofing PBS pledge drives.

    The Sidehackers - two rival gangs take their lives in their hands by playing a violent motor game called "sidehacking." Features a thug named "Gooch" in a goofy hat. Joel and the 'Bots sing "The Sidehacking Song."

    Godzilla vs. Megalon - Godzilla battles a primitive Power Ranger. Includes the hilarious "Orville Popcorn" spoof, where Crow, as popcorn magnate Orville Redenbacher, verbally abuses his grandson, played by Tom.

    Pod People - low-budget E.T. ripoff about furry creatures with long snouts that come to earth. A boy befriends one of the creatures, and names it "Trumpy." Trumpy's powers are...well, they're less than spectacular, to say the least. As Joel flatly says, "Trumpy, you could do stupid things!" Somehow a pop group figures into this mess, and they instantly become the butt of Joel, Tom and Crow. We see the group in the studio recording a song that sounds like they're saying "burning rubber tires." At the end of the take, the producer asks the lead singer how he thought it sounded. The singer smiles, makes the "okay" sign, then sneers "it stinks!" Of course, the very next host segment features Joel and the 'Bots parodying this song, making up their own words to the almost-indecipherable lyrics. When Dr. F asks Joel how it sounded, he smiles, makes the "okay" sign, then sneers "it stinks!" BTW, Crow comes up with the ultimate tagline for this movie: "ALF's back, and this time it's personal!"

    Eegah! - a "monster movie" about a modern-day caveman who lusts after the daughter of a professor. Film stars Richard Kiel as the cavemen Eegah, who would later play Jaws in The Spy Who Loved Me and Moonraker. Also with Arch Hall, Jr. as the "hero" who sings a couple of songs; the film was directed by his dad, who plays the professor. First time the MST3K catchphrase "watch out for snakes!" was used.

    Operation 007 - one of the many Bond knockoffs made at the height of Bondmania in the 1960s, this one has the distinction of starring Connery...Neil Connery, Sean's brother. Joel and the 'Bots make a habit out of having the characters in the film ask for Neil's brother's autograph.

    The Touch of Satan - early 70s schlock about a young man who falls in love with a witch. Kind of like Bewitched, except for the violence...and the fact that the guy doesn't know the girl is a witch until the end. This film has one of the most absurd, ridiculous lines ever uttered in a motion picture. In fact, it wouldn't surprise me if this film was picked just for this one line alone. As the boy and girl walk dreamily along the lake, the girl stops, points at the lake, and says "This is where the fish lives." Completely straight-faced. Even Mike, Crow and Tom are silent for a few moments, unable to fire off a quip. This is where the fish lives. Classic!

    Merlin's Shop of Mystical Wonders - a jovial grandpa (Ernest Borgnine) tells his mush-mouthed little grandson a rather gruesome bedtime story about Merlin the magician and a cymbal-playing monkey toy that kills every time its cymbals clash. One of the funniest shots in the film has Merlin, decked out in full regalia, cap, flowing robes and all, walking down a modern-day street, desperately seeking the deadly monkey. Mike's reaction is priceless: "see, the problem is, he's stopping people at random and asking, 'have you seen my monkey'?"

    The Girl in Gold Boots - a young woman (who dances like Elaine from Seinfeld, according to Mike) tries to make it as a go-go dancer. On her journey, she is accompanied by a sleazy Regis Philbin lookalike and a scruffy draft dodger named "Critter."

    Manos the Hands of Fate - a fan favorite. A couple and their little girl get lost, and wind up at the abode of "the Master" and Torgo, a manservant who looks like he's smuggling watermelons in his trousers.

    Mitchell - probably my all-time favorite episode. Joe Don Baker IS Mitchell, a cop who is pitted against drug dealers. The quips in this one come fast and furious. Most of the jokes are at the expense of Joe Don and his appetite. Classic scene in which a kid annoys Mitchell while on stakeout. Oh, and two words: baby oil. Eeeeeeewwwwww!!!!!!! Also with John Saxon, Linda Evans, Martin Balsam and Merlin Olson.

    Final Justice - the second Joe Don Baker flick spoofed on the show. Almost as funny as Mitchell. More Joe Don Baker jokes. Miss Piggy reference. Even the end credits are mocked. Over the theme, Crow and Tom make up words pertaining to Joe Don and his supposed heavy appetite ("hey baby, you gonna finish that sandwich?") Eventually Mike tires of this and leaves the theatre, while the 'Bots are still going at it. Crow: "Listen to that guitar solo. I think it's by Eric Clap...yeah, Eric Clap."

    Squirm - actually, this film isn't all that bad. In fact its maker, on the DVD commentary of the movie proper, said he intended this killer worm movie to be funny. Still, this is a standout episode, with a classic short, A Case of Spring Fever, at the top of the show. In this short, made in the 1950s, a lout of a husband thinks the world would be a better place without springs. He is visited by a creepy sprite named "Coilie," who teaches him the error of his ways.

    There are so many more classic episodes: Kitten With a Whip (starring Ann-Margret), Werewolf, Hobgoblins, Daddy-O, Teenagers From Outer Space, Teenage Caveman (with Robert Vaughn), Swamp Diamonds, Monster a Go-Go, Bride of the Monster, I Accuse My Parents, The Brain That Wouldn't Die and I Was a Teenage Werewolf (another not bad film) among many, many others. The few I mentioned are standouts, IMHO.
  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... You'll fit in nicely here WinslowLeech.

    Where to begin...
    Overdrawn at the Memory Bank, a good one cause of Raul Julia in the cast. Funny bit when the monster Ortega shows up for Brain Guy's sleepover.
    Ega... That one stands out cause of the host segment where Joel's making eggs for the bots and they ponder on the TV families of the classic age of sitcoms, arriving at the conclusion that The Munsters were the only true stable standard American family.
    Godzilla vs. Megalon... Two things to remember..
    1 The wrestling commentator segment durng the fight scenes in the forest.
    2 Jed Jaguwar, the goofy song at the end of the movie.
    Joel: "Do you expect me to talk?"
    Crow: No Mr. Jaguwar, I expect you to die!"
    Tom: Nice... Nice Bond reference guys."

    On the subject of rock bands... Remember the song Pitsticker or Fishlicker from Hobgoblins? That was a great movie in my book.
    Crash of the Gypsy Moons, anotherclassic outer space doomed planets movie, starring John Banner.
    There's a hilarious running gag with the space station in the movie refered to as a roulette wheel, Hooneymooner references, and a great line.
    Kid to Royal Baby Prince: "I wish you could talk."
    Bots, in reply: "Yeah... And I wish you could act."

    I Accuse My Parents, that's one spawned a TV/movie-ism I always use...
    Lead Character: "And that's why your Honor... I accuse my parents."
    Tom: "Yes! We have a title!"

    Girlstown, starring Paul Anka and revolved around a mean girl summer camp.
    Classic comedy gag where Dr. Forester gets pied via the geosynchronous umbilical pod cable linking Deep 13 with the SOL through Gypsy herself.

    The Painted Hills, one of Joel's last films... Loved that one because the bots took up one of my causes, inditing and putting that mutt Lassie behind bar and throwing away the key.

    Mitchell... Man, what can I say...
    Tom: Any movie with waka-cha-waka is all right by me.

    Lots more, rully loved that show seeing as how it left its mark on me.
  17. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Well-Known Member

    Hey, thanks for the welcome, Count!

    Yeah, Hobgoblins was a good one...Fish Picker? Pig Liquor? Iced Chicken? I think the actual name of the song was "Kiss Kicker," or something like that. When the characters first go into the club, I like how Tom goes, "now this scene really makes me want to go clubbing...the director of this film!"

    Tom had some pretty funny riffs in this ep:

    "Camaro: the official car of 'peaked in high school.'"

    "Meet the Hobgoblins: Frankie, Sniffles, Bounce-Bounce and The Claw!"

    Then there was Crow's "can we have a rule that in the future, films have to be made by filmMAKERS?"

    Funny thing about "I Accuse My Parents"...whenever I'm watching a movie, a character mentions the title, I always think "Yes! We have a title!" from this ep. I think the kid in the film is referred to as a "young Al Bundy," or something, because he sells shoes early in the film.

    Yeah, I can't believe these guys lampooned a Lassie movie!

    And Mitchell...like I said, probably my favorite of all time!

    "This is the slowest car chase in history."

    "BUZZ OFF, KID!!"

    "Mitchell/veins clogging..."

    "Ladies and gentlemen, the hero of our film!"

    "My, my, my, my Mitchell..."

    "Johnny Mathis?"


    Tom (as Arch Hall, Jr. begins to sing): "No, Arch, no!"

    Joel (as Roxy frolicks in the pool): "I'm so naughty..."

    Joel and the 'Bots' applause when Eegah knocks Arch out.

    The slow song that bears a slight resemblance to "Tequila," and Joel and the 'Bots unenthusiastically responding "Tequila."

    Crow and Tom trying to turn Joel into Arch Hall, Jr.

    Teenage Werewolf: moody Michael Landon picks up a milk bottle and grips it in his hands...

    Tom: Here's the windup...

    (Landon smashes the bottle against the wall)

    Tom: ...and the pitch!

    (Crow makes crowd noises)

    The movie simply titled Werewolf:

    The lead actress constantly calls the creature a "were-wolf."

    A character falls down a flight of stairs:

    Mike: "Live from New York, it's Saturday Night!"

    And of course, the Werewolf song.

    Brilliant, brilliant show!
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... Werewolf...
    Tom: "I don't know, you saw him last."
    Crow: "Hey, I'm telling Mike you said that."
    Mike then reenters the theater with a bowl of popcorn, is told what Servo said and OKays the joke.

    Hobgoblins... The best part is when the car inches its way out of the frame and the bots are cheering it on, encouraging it to get out of the film. Unfortunately, it then careens off the side of the cliff bursting in flames...
    Crow: In tonight's news, a car threw itself off a cliff." *Scene goes back to the two main actors. "Unfortunately, neither of these actors was in the car at the time of the crash."
    Mike: "Shoot!"

    Another good one on that same level was The Warrior Within with the star of the movie... Megaweapon!
    When they got Megaweapon to phone in at the end segment, he was real nice with the bots. Seems like Killdozer was a bit of a rude jerk though. There was a Muppet reference there too, Megaweapon sent hi's out to the kids, including PrairieDawn.
  19. Winslow Leach

    Winslow Leach Well-Known Member

    Ha, "I don't know, you saw him last." I forgot about that one! I love Servo's whiny tattle-voice when Mike comes in with the popcorn and tells on Crow.

    In "Pod People," there's a song on the soundtrack that vaguely sounds like Ringo Starr (but it's not, obviously); Servo cracks, "you know, Ringo's done some bad stuff in his time, but this..."

    I wonder how many times the title "Manos, the Hands of Fate" is spoken by Joel and the Bots in that ep...

    Crow: So this is called "Manos..."
    Joel: Yes.
    Crow: "...the Hands of Fate"?

    Tom (tearfully): "I don't wanna watch 'Manos, the Hands of Fate' anymore!"

    And they randomly go "Manos!" at various other times.

    This was the show where Dr. F and Frank actually apologize to Joel and the Bots for showing such a bad film.

    Manos means hands, so the actual title is "Hands, the Hands of Fate?"

    I missed "The Warrior Within." Sounds like a good one, though!
  20. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Yes... Great segments in that one, Joel dressing up as the Master, and Frank ordering pizza from Torgo's instead of Tago's.
    Reminds me of Castle of Fu Man Chu where Joel and the bots were cross with the bosses.

    The Warrior Within, it starred that guy they only identified as the guy from Paper Chase.

    Manos: TheHands of Fate, it suffers from the same criticism the guys pointed out when they were watching Attack of The The Eye Creatures.

    And remember the Gamera movies? Don't know which one, but there was a hilarious intro where they spottd Mike Yuasa as the director and launched into....
    Crow: "Tonight on the Yusa Network, a very special episode of Swamp Thing."
    Tom: "Don't bring your evil into my swamp!"

    Other funny moments I remember...
    Tom having his head blow up.
    The Dark Crow Specter fightingg and dismantling Servo.
    Tom changng his last name to be spelled Sirveaux, still pronounced Sero... And his first name got an H added to it.
    Mike: Let me guess, Thom?
    Tom: No, it's Htom.
    Crow: Well Htom... Hlick me.

    One of the Hercules movies where they skewered Joel with the spike walls and he started drinking a bottle of waer...
    Deep Hurting!
    Sand Storm!
    Servo's multiple clones ganging up on Crow after Joel took the original one away, and the Servo Singing Choir.

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