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Favorite Oscar the Grouch Moments

Discussion in 'Classic Sesame Street' started by Barry Lee, Aug 8, 2004.

  1. Barry Lee

    Barry Lee Active Member

    What are your favorite Oscar moments??:grouchy:
  2. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    The first one that sticks out in my head is Marlee Matlin signing Just the Way You Are to Oscar,lol. When Oscar had some of the people on SS invited into his trashcan. Classic moment of course is Oscar singing I love trash. Oscar driving his jalopy.Oscar with Bruno.Especially Oscar with a guest star,they would get all warm and mushy on Oscar.:zany:
  3. Erine81981

    Erine81981 Well-Known Member

    My favorites would be when he tricks the cast of Sesame Street and they still fall for it. Laughs every time that happens.
  4. EVERY :grouchy: moment.
  5. But one of my favorite Oscar bits are the street scenes in #3141 where he turns into Prince Charming, wants to marry Gina, is nice, etc.
  6. JaniceFerSure

    JaniceFerSure Active Member

    Oscar listening to conversations,just slightly lifting the lid to his trash can and looking out.:smirk:
  7. Klonoa

    Klonoa New Member

    I like just about everything Oscar the Grouch does.

    Loved his cameo in Great Muppet Caper.

    I hope I'm not imagining things, but I seem to remember an early 80's episode of Sesame Street where Oscar goes up into space in a trash can and they show pictures of the moon. Anyone remember that? I thought that was so cool. I hope I wasn't dreaming it.

  8. Infinity Sirius

    Infinity Sirius New Member

    I enjoy the one where James Taylor sings "Whenver I See Your Grouchy Face" to Oscar and when Johnny Cash sings "Nasty Dan". Also the episode where Oscar and Bob go to Grouchland.
  9. Mister Fred

    Mister Fred New Member

    I remember when Johnny Cash sang Nasty Dan with him and he really liked and said, "Wow!... that was really great and say aren't you Johnny Trash?"
    Johnny Cash closes Oscar's trash can and says, "HAVE A ROTTEN DAY".

    That grouch space ship episode is correct and it's funny when Telly sneaks aboard! There is also another episode where someone lands a big ship on sesame street and oscar joins him for a tour of space. It was another grouch.

    The best moment of Oscar the Grouch is when he MUST help Luis fix two things. Mr. Hooper & David LOCKED THERE KEYS TO THE STORE IN THE STORE, so they go and stay at oscars trash can. THEN A WATER PIPE BURST IN SUSAN & GORDONS APARTMENT, so they stay with Oscar. Oscar has no choice but to cooperate with Luis and fix the water pipe and the door locks at the store. He wanted to get everyone out of his trash can!

    There was another episode when everyone had dinner at Susan & Gordons apartment and Oscar was there. He had mash potatos, peas, and Gravy mushed on top of meatloaf or what ever meat it was. He even had sardeans.
  10. muppet maniac

    muppet maniac Well-Known Member

    My favorite Oscar the Grouch moments...

    *Oscar's Grouch Anthem in "Follow that Bird"
    *Oscar 's song "I Love Trash"
    *Oscar's cameo in "The Great Muppet Caper"
    *Oscar moving his can to a more grouchier spot on Sesame Street(episode #4041)
    *Oscar and Telly digging their way to China(in the 1983 special "Big Bird in China")
    *Oscar and other SS monsters in the background in Cookie Monster's "C is for Cookie" music video
    *Oscar singing "Just Throw It My Way"

    ...and many many others.
  11. sesamestreetmom

    sesamestreetmom New Member

    I remember how Oscar always called Bob "blue eyes" instead of Bob in the older episodes.
  12. ceecee

    ceecee Member

    I like when he has "Grouchketeer" meetings. Those kids are just so cute, with their dirty faces and trash can lid hats.

    I suppose :grouchy: wouldn't like me calling his Grouchketeers "cute."

    Sorry :grouchy:
  13. Klonoa

    Klonoa New Member

    I've said this before on the board somewhere, but when I was little and Oscar would come on TV, I'd run and get a paper plate and put it on my head like a trash can lid.

    But my best friend who would watch Sesame Street with me, would run to the bathroom and get a towel to put around his neck every time Super Grover came on.
  14. Daffyfan2003

    Daffyfan2003 Well-Known Member

    I thought he called him "bright eyes." He also called Maria "skinny" and he called Big Bird "turkey."
  15. sesamestreetmom

    sesamestreetmom New Member

    I'm pretty sure it was blue eyes........I could be wrong.....maybe he called him both! Anyone else know?????
  16. Xerus

    Xerus Well-Known Member

    I liked when Oscar was singing about his favorite vacation spot, Swamp Mushy Muddy. With two witches singing in the background. The same witches who were with another witch in an old cooperation skit.
  17. Mickey Moose

    Mickey Moose New Member

    I think he used to call Gordon "Curly" too.
  18. Ziffel

    Ziffel Active Member

    Oscar was always a pleasure to see, both when he would get annoyed (or I should say GROUCHY) at things and when he would delight in something (like seeing 2 people argue) and do his vintage "heh heh heh" laugh. One time I tuned into SS around the late 80's or early 90's I saw a very neat clip of Siskel and Ebert talking with Oscar outside his trashcan. Oscar asked them what they do when they don't like a movie and they showed their famous thumbs down. Ebert gave an example of a movie he didn't like but Siskel liked it. So the two started arguing like they frequently did on their show back then. And Oscar is just delighting in the whole thing. (And I think the movie they were debating was a fictitioous movie, because Ebert mentioned Prince Charming and someone else as the star actors in the movie. He criticized their performances and Siskel says (in a hilarious annoyed tone), "I thought they were both terrific."
    But my fave Oscar moment of all time has to be the skit with Grover where they take turns saying the letters of the alphabet and a word that goes with it. And Oscar's words are all negative (eg. D is for Disgusting!, S is for Sickening!). Very funny skit. Oscar is a great character (as is Grover, as is Cookie Monster, as is Ernie, as is Bert, as is Big Bird, as is Kermit, as is....)
  19. GonzoLeaper

    GonzoLeaper Well-Known Member

    There's lots of great moments. In the happy world of Sesame Street, you've got to have an Oscar character for balance. And though he'd never admit it, deep down he really does care for everyone on Sesame Street, especially Big Bird. (Just watch "Christmas Eve on Sesame Street" for proof of that!) I love the "I Love Trash" song, Oscar's opening Grouch Anthem in "Follow That Bird" and scenes with him and Bruno and some of the tender moments with Slimey. I also love his elephants. I always wanted to see the inside of Oscar's trash can and see how he could fit elephants and a swimming pool in there. :confused:
    I also liked when Oscar and Telly would do the movie reviews. That was funny. And Oscar's other interactions with characters and showing up somewhere outside of his trash can. If I'm not mistaken, I think he sang with a lot of other Muppets in the "Do De Rubber Duck" song. That was cool. And Grouchketeer meetings were great. Hmm... Did they come before or after Birdketeer meetings? (I'm sure there's a storyline here somewhere.) :)

  20. doctort13

    doctort13 Member

    I loved it when he was orange instead of green.

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