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Five Ball Cha-Cha

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by WebMistressGina, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    I forgot the vid for Kermit and Piggy's song, but I figured I'd save that for when they actually perform said song.

    This one is the song Robin is going to be singing first -

    Robin's second song is "Talk to Me" by Sunny & the Sunliners. This is the song that both Kermit and Piggy are a bit concerned about.

  2. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Man, piggy needed a snickers.

    More please!
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  3. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    That was hilarity! Yes, I think Piggy gets most snarky when she has not had a snickers. A little like Joe Pesci actually.

    More, you say! Well, here you go! Here's the first part of chap 8, which is probably gonna be long cause, I gots a show to do here!!!


    “It’s the Muppet Show’s Valentine’s Day Special! YAAAY!

    The familiar logo of the Muppet Show rose into the air, as the red curtain opened to reveal the white and gold arches. The arches, however, had been decorated in flowery fare, with several roses and vines being looped around the pillars and hearts plastered strategically throughout.

    Backstage, the normal run for the stairs that the performers took in order to reach their designated spots was in progress, causing several traffic jams as people tried to cut ahead or were left behind in the mad rush. Gonzo, who not only played the opening theme’s final notes but was also the first one up that night, had quickly changed into his outfit, one of the holdovers he held from his successful plumbing business.

    Dark blue was his color that night, with a double-breasted vest to match his pants, which went over a dark and silken grey dress shirt. He even threw in a matching dark blue tie to blend everything together.

    Camilla thought he looked good, maybe a little too good because their shenanigans had caused him to be late for the initial ‘run on the rafters’, as they called it. As he hurried to try and get in front of the line, he hadn’t realized he was passing by an impatient Piggy, whose mouth dropped at seeing him. “As I live and breathe,” she gasped. “You’re wearing a suit.”

    Never one to let Piggy actually have the last word, Gonzo quickly turned, quirking his eyebrow at him. “Always the tone of surprise,” he smirked. So used to seeing Gonzo wear some of the most outlandish and blindingly colorful outfits, it was rare for Piggy to see him in anything other than that, even if she was aware that he had run a successful business for several years.

    And in running said successful business, the weirdo was usually required to look the part, and that meant spending the cash to be as stylish as possible.

    “I take it you like the suit?”

    “I hate to admit it,” the diva replied, brushing off a few stray pieces of lint from his vest. “But you actually clean up well. For a weirdo.”

    “Was that a compliment?” Gonzo asked, chuckling. “I must be dead.” Looking around, he turned back to the pig and asked, “But why are you still dressed?”

    “And just like Link entering a scene,” she retorted. “You’ve gone and ruined it.”

    “Can’t let you get too comfortable,” he joked, turning away to try and catch up with the crowd. “What would the wife say?”

    “The what?”

    The blue weirdo had almost been home free when his mouth had run off without him. Again. Turning abruptly to find the diva disturbingly close and glaring at him with abandon, he stuttered, “Uh, the…the knife…er….um…the rife…fill…what did I say?”


    “Let’s pretend I didn’t say that, okay?” he said. “Okay!” He turned to go, but Piggy’s tight grip on his arm prevented any hasty escape he wanted.

    “Oh my gosh,” she gasped. “You went and had a secret marriage to…to…I don’t even know! Who is she? Do I know her?”

    Gonzo gaped at her. Upset, he expected; mad as all get out, he was ready for; complete cluelessness stunned him. “Are you…?” he asked, incredulously. “Who else do you think it could be!?” Once reason and sanity returned, mentally and physically smacked himself.

    So much for trying to keep this quiet.

    “And just how many people are aware of this?” she growled.

    “Well, the principles,” the weirdo began. “Obviously. Scooter and now you, because obviously I can’t seem to keep my big mouth shut.”

    Piggy continued to glare at him, her lips drawn in a tight line. “You invited Scooter to your wedding and not me?”

    “We didn’t invited anyone to our wedding,” he stressed. “And this, right here, was the very reason we didn’t. I knew you were going to be upset.”

    “Upset?” Piggy questioned. Granted, she was a bit annoyed that Gonzo hadn’t invited them, but the way he made it sound, it seemed as though he thought she was going to throw a giant tantrum about it.

    “Look,” the weirdo said, sternly. “I gotta be on stage in like five minutes, so if you’re going to hurt me, be quick about it. And don’t ruin my suit; this happens to be my favorite.”

    Piggy looked at the daredevil, incredulously. That went from complete surprise to a bit of hurt. If she thought what he had, she could understand wanting to avoid any type of disagreements, especially on his wedding day. And Piggy completely understood that! But the fact that he would think that she would disregard the wedding of two of her best friends was not only astounding, but also little heartbreaking.

    “Gonzo,” she began. “How long have we known each other?”

    “Millennia,” he deadpanned. This was the conversation they were going to have? Two minutes before the actual start of the show? “Is there a point to this?”

    “Do you really think so little of me, of the both of us, that we wouldn’t be the least bit happy for you?”

    Gonzo had to admit he was surprised at the tone of sadness in her voice when she asked. Maybe the anger he had been feeling at Kermit, at the entire Muppet situation, had made him a bit biased and even a little blind. Pulling her with him as he headed to the stage, he whispered, “You know I don’t think that, but I didn’t want anything to ruin her day. She deserves so much more than I could probably ever give her, but she definitely deserved a day without us all bickering between us.

    “This isn’t easy for me. Obviously, I would love to run around, declaring that the sweetest chicken on Earth was married to me, but I can’t and you know precisely why. Besides, you’re not the kind of girl who wants or deserves to have to hide her marriage because of state law. I know that and Kermit knows that.”

    They didn’t have enough time to go into a deeper conversation and if they weren’t careful, they’d miss their marks. The diva nodded, agreeing to his assessment, as well as the fact that she understood his position. Neither she nor Camilla were the types to be happy about hiding happiness, unless it was absolutely necessary.

    And in that regard, Camilla was a better woman than she.

    “Despite everything that’s holy,” she started. “You actually manage to make sense every once in a while.”

    “Boy, you’re good,” he quipped. “I didn’t even notice a grimace on your part.”

    The two began to make their final path destinations, with Piggy heading towards the near center platform, while Gonzo headed for the Muppet Show sign. “Gonzo.”


    “Congratulations,” she whispered, a small smile on her face. “And yes, I do mean that.”

    The weirdo returned the smile. He knew she was sincere in her sentence and he was going to make sure that the next wedding in their motely group would have her center stage. “Next time, Princess,” he said. “I’ll let you give me away.”

    “Moi tried doing that once,” she retorted. “And even when offered money, the Gypsies still wouldn’t take you.”

    “I’m too much for them.”

    “You’re too much for me.”

    “I knew you loved me. How long have you been keeping this from the frog?”

    Shaking a finger at him, signaling that he would probably get it later, the two rushed to their places, with probably one minute to spare.

    “Cutting it a little close,” the frog muttered, from his place at the center arch. “Where’ve you been?”

    “Having an interesting conversation with Gonzo.”

    “Tell me about it later,” he whispered, smiling quickly as he took his part in the opening theme.

    The group sang their final verse, with both Fozzie and Kermit hurrying out of the way as the Muppet Show sign rolled down, with Gonzo in his customary place at the Show’s ‘o’. The frog, who had taken cover within Piggy’s own area, was happy to watch the opening in contentment.

    That week’s gag, which had little hearts fly out of Gonzo’s trumpet and what sounded like harp music coming from the bell, was quickly overshadowed when Piggy whispered in his ear. Turning stunned eyes on her, he mouthed, “Without inviting us!?”



    Amanda usually tried to get to the theater to beat the crowds as they entered the auditorium for the show. Watching the show from the audience, especially when she knew what could normally happen backstage, was always interesting. Acts that didn’t work out were sometimes called in to fill in those acts, which had been previously been solid, easily dissolve into madness.

    Sometimes, in the case of Vet’s Hospital, the madness actually helped to make the sketch funnier, especially to those in the actual sketch.

    As always with the new show, Bobo the Bear stood at the ready by the theater door, nodding to those walking in. He would give a reprimand everyone in a while to those he thought being unruly, but in most cases he really was just a big, lovable teddy bear. Amanda always liked seeing Bobo, the bear reminding her a bit of her uncle, and he was certainly fond of her, always stopping her to start a conversation.

    “Hey Big Bo,” she replied, as she came upon the security guard.

    “Oh hey, Mandy Pandy, how are you?” the bear greeted, giving the Whatnot a bear hug that was more than just a simple bear hug.

    “I’m good,” she giggled. “And you? How’s the fam?”

    “Oh, they’re great!” the bear replied. “Dora says hi and loved that homemade chicken soup you made her. She ate the whole thing!”

    “Well good,” the red head said. “As she should. I hope she’s feeling better then.”

    “Right as rain, that one,” Bobo announced. “Oh! Before I forget!” The large bear began to search his pockets, frantically looking for something before a light seemed to come over his head. Reaching into his back pocket, he pulled out a neatly folded letter. “Scooter wanted me to give that to you,” he said, handing her the note.

    Winking, he whispered. “I think he likes you.”

    This was a running gag between them, with Bobo stating to her that the stage manager may have a crush on her. She was pretty sure that the bear was aware that the two were dating, but if he didn’t, she didn’t want to shatter the illusion that he was trying to fix the two of them up.

    “I certainly hope so,” she chuckled, taking the note and giving the bear a hug and a kiss on the cheek. “The hug is for you and the kiss is for Dora. Happy Valentine’s Day.”

    The bear chuckled, ducking his head in a bit of embarrassment. “You too there, Amanda. Enjoy the show. Hey! Hey you kids! No shenanigans!”

    Amanda made her way through the auditorium doors and down the aisle in order to take the seat that she normally did – center section, in about the fourth or fifth row, with a seat that was close to the center of the stage as she could. She found that this was usually the best area for her to see the entire show and, with the hope, that Scooter would be able to see her should he decide to perform again.

    During the times when she was able to see some of their rehearsals, she had been the willing audience member that participated in showing her approval or disapproval of those on stage. Scooter had once told her that, even with the house lights down, he could easily see her from stage. That of course started a discussion on the fact that she would love to see him on stage from time to time.

    Taking her place and seat, the Whatnot unfolded the letter, wondering what Scooter needed to tell her that couldn’t wait until they finally saw each other.


    First, Happy Valentine’s Day! And second, happy anniversary! I’m sure you’ve noticed that I’ve been…I’ve been a bit distracted lately and yes, you’ve been the culprit (naughty girl!). You see, I’ve been thinking a lot about you lately and I’ve been trying to find the words to tell you how you make me feel and how happy you make me.

    I’ve basically been trying to tell you how I feel about you and honestly, I’ve been at a loss on how to do exactly that.

    I managed to strong arm my way into the show tonight (strong arm might be a bit harsh; more like ‘asked Kermit politely and he said yes’ probably works better) and it’s not much, but I’m hoping that the songs I’m singing will make you understand my feelings for you.

    Come by backstage when the show’s over and I’ll…I’ll try my best to further explain.


    Amanda sat back in her chair, her heart racing in giddy anticipation. She hadn’t known what Scooter was planning, but she had planning dinner at her apartment and then telling him that she was in love with him. And maybe showing him how much she did. She had to be honest with herself; she had thought perhaps that was what he had been trying to tell her, but she hadn’t wanted to get her hopes up.

    She had thought that once before, with Robbie Corso, only to be devastated that what he had been trying to do was break up with her. Amanda was about 90% sure that Scooter wasn’t going to break up with her, but she was going to try to be as calm and as rational as she possibly could. But she couldn’t help but be giddy! It was a Valentine’s Day show and assuming that the Muppets would do more love than loss songs, she could only think Scooter had gone with love.


    Either way, she was eagerly looking forward to it.
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  4. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Here's the beginning of chapter nine before I start my work day. It's the show you've been waiting for!


    “Hi ho! And welcome to our Muppet Show Valentine’s Day special!”

    The crowd for the Muppet Show was large, perhaps larger than the audience they could usually expected in the old show days. There had been a huge effort in making sure that the fans were aware that they were putting on a show for them and that the show would be an hour long. If thirty minutes of hi-jinks didn’t wet their appetites, certainly sixty minutes would.

    “I am your lovable host, Kermit the Frog,” the amphibian introduced. “And we are quite proud to present this testament of love and sometimes loss on this day meant for, well, the lovers, the dreamers, and you, our wonderful fans.” The audience applauded loudly in delight.

    “But first, our very own Gonzo the Great will demonstrate through song his feelings on this day and reminds us why we never let him shop at the department store by himself.”

    “Frog’s a laugh a minute, isn’t he?” Gonzo muttered. He, his chickens, his back up dancers, and his platform were already behind the curtain to kick off this show in style. The weirdo heard his chickadee chuckle behind him, just as the music to “Electric Barbarella” started up.

    Hurrying backstage, Kermit wasn’t the least bit surprised to see that pandemonium was happening. Acts were trying to do last minute rehearsals, while others were trying to get ready, while others were trying to stay out of the way, or were getting in the way.

    “So I told him, I don’t care who you think you are, your hand doesn’t go there!”

    “Come on, Cheesy! It’s left, right, kick, kick! How many times do we have to go over this?”

    “Is that skit for the Mamas and Papas set up?”

    “It should be ready to go by the end of the first act.”

    “Andrew, stand still.”

    “Bunsen, we’re moving you and Beaker to the first half.”

    “Who’re we moving down?”

    “Walter. He’s been drinking lemonade all day and hadn’t realized his pucker was tart.”

    “I’m going to give you a tart pucker if you don’t stop moving.”

    “Piggy, I need help!”

    “I told you to wait your turn, Bear.”

    “Kermit, I’m thinking about doing a more dramatic version of my song tonight.”

    “You mean you’re actually going to sing in key? That is dramatic.”

    “I know that’s jealousy talking, First Mate Piggy.”

    “Andrew, stop moving!”

    “Hey Minion! Go check and see if BD got those flowers in place.”

    “Already checked, Boss. In fact, I put them there myself. No worries, Scooter, I’ll make sure your big night goes great!”

    “Big night? What big night? Why does Scooter get a big night?”

    “Because he actually has brains in his head, unlike you.”

    “What exactly are trying to say, Miss Piggy?”

    “Cue the Delvish Dancers! Fozzie, you’re on in fifteen.”

    “Kermit, I can’t go on! I haven’t gotten my tie tied yet!”

    “Mon Cher, please take care of your best friend! Andrew, if I have to tell to stand still one more time, Moi will choke you with this tie.”

    And the official start to the show had begun.


    Amanda sat through the first half of the show, thoroughly enjoying herself as she always did when she came down. Gonzo’s opening song was poppy and weird and probably a bit dangerous with him jumping from those moving platforms, but it was perfectly suited to the blue daredevil and the Whatnot had to admit that the weirdo looked good in a suit.

    There was a dancing act after that, with an odd juggling act that followed before Fozzie went on early with his comic routine. And as always, the elder gentlemen who sat up in the balcony were there to harass him, stating that they loved to hate him and hated that he loved them so. It was an funny and ironic statement of a long lasting rivalry that had somehow turned to respectful friendship.

    Amanda loved how the show was structured, without the standard program that many theaters would have denoting which acts were on at a certain time. This was probably because, despite all of their planning, the Muppets themselves never knew which acts would be on until they actually made it on stage and even then, they could easily fall apart and be quickly replaced with other.

    However at the moment, the red head wished they did a better job at program announcements because the suspense of knowing that Scooter was performing for her, but knowing when was starting to get to her. And just when she thought she was going to go mad with the waiting, the familiar opening of a song she recognized began on stage.

    On stage, a peaceful green scenery sat, with a green hill situated in the center. A few silver bells hung around it and a grassy plain that sat in front of it and through this grassy land, coming from stage right, was Scooter. He was dressed in black pants and a black silk shirt, which helped to highlight the red vest and tie that he wore; he was playing a guitar as he came into the stage.

    “There were bells, on a hill,” he began, looking behind at the bells on that very hill.

    “But I never heard them ringing,

    No, I never heard them at all,

    Till there was you.

    As he walked further through the grass lands that were laid out, a few birds came into view as he began the next verse.

    “There were birds, in the sky,

    But I never saw them winging,

    No, I never saw them at all,

    Till there was you.”

    Despite being in an audience of at least a few hundred people, Amanda felt as though she was the only one there and that Scooter was singing directly to her. On stage, that was exactly what Scooter was doing. Even with the house lights down so that the stage was easily visible from the seats and those in the balcony, the manager had easily picked out his girlfriend from the crowd as soon as he entered from stage right.

    He, Floyd, and Rowlf had planned this entire bit, owing to the fact that no one knew Amanda better than he did. Being in theater, Scooter had of course learned about musical theater, probably more so than he would have if he had taken it himself in high school; because of that he had become very informative on some of the greatest musicals in show business history.

    As luck would have it, Amanda enjoyed her own share of musicals, and one of her favorites was that of The Music Man, which had originally starred Robert Preston in the lead role, both on stage and on the big screen. The topic of songs that would help Scooter convey his feelings had somehow gotten on to musicals and that had led to the red head mentioning that not only was The Music Man Amanda’s favorite, but she had always held a special place for the song “Till There Was You”.

    It was then that both Rowlf and Floyd mentioned there was a male version of the song that had been done by the Fab Four themselves.

    As Scooter sang the chorus, about music and wonderful roses, these very things appeared both in front of him and behind him, all thanks in part of Gonzo’s platform that he had insisted on having. Animal, Floyd, and Janice rose behind him, playing their instruments – though this time Animal was relegated to playing bongos instead of his traditional drums – while Muppet roses grew from the ground in front of him, swaying to the side as they played little flower versions of maracas and keeping in time with the beat. The band behind him had insisted that the song would mean more if he did the guitar solo instead of Janice, though Scooter protested, saying that he wasn’t even that good.

    However, as many performers will tell you, sometimes the night of a show and being on that stage can sometimes make you a better performer. Scooter managed to pull off the solo beautifully, without the backup that Janice had promised him.

    “Then there was music

    And wonderful roses, they tell me

    In sweet fragrant meadows

    Of dawn and dew

    There was love,

    All around,

    But I never saw it singing,

    No I never saw it all,

    Till There Was You.”

    It had been amazing how the very song he sung actually resonated with him as he learned it and now, performed it. He had been surrounded by love for years and had never truly understood some of its aspects; he could never understand why Camilla could be so attracted to Gonzo and his crazy ideas and stunts; couldn’t understand how someone as nice and sweet as Janice could have anything in common with sarcastic Floyd; and never understood the seductive pull that Kermit and Piggy over each other.

    And then he had met Amanda and it all made sense.

    And in the audience, as he and the others took their bows, it made sense to her too.

    He loved her, too.
  5. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    And last but not least, the version that Scooter is singing -

    And for those of you that haven't seen at least the movie version of The Music Man (of which I ask you, why not?), here's that version by Shirley Jones (yes, from the Partridge Family) and Robert Preston

  6. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Hey! *looks around* Where is everybody? I've usually gotten about five alerts by now. :p Fine. Here's another section of 5 Ball and that's it for today. I have work and school to do.

    Things were going as expected on the Muppet Show.

    Once again, despite overly planning and scheduling, there was always an act that failed to deliver and needed to be salvaged. That was certainly true when Muppet Labs was on stage. Kermit often wondered why he even bothered to let Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his assistant Beaker back on stage with their strange equipment that never worked right, even in rehearsals, but he always did. Perhaps he was a glutton for punishment or maybe he wasn’t as sane as people thought him to be; how else could you explain why he kept letting Gonzo, Fozzie, and various other dangerous and otherwise insane acts on stage every week?

    It certainly explained his universal and unbelievable gravitation towards Miss Piggy. In any other circumstance, their romance should have been doomed from the start and really, they both tried their hardest to completely ruin any chances and yet, they just seemed to get closer and closer.

    Muppet Labs had nearly demolished the set for Piggy and Rowlf’s number, which of course made the diva a bit irritated. Instead, they swapped that song for the Vet’s Hospital sketch, which Kermit knew they hadn’t bothered to rehearse, so why he thought that was a good idea, he didn’t know. While they waited for cleanup, Kermit had all but pushed Fozzie back out on stage, much to the delight of Statler and Waldorf, to deliver another impromptu monologue.

    Fozzie, for once, was totally unprepared to deliver a monologue, but luckily, the bear was quick on his feet. His entire, unscripted set, was helped by his bantering with the elderly men in the balcony, who complained that the bear was using them for entertainment.

    “Moonlighting becomes you,” the comic joked, which caused the men to grown.

    “It’s horrible!” cried one.

    “It’s monstrous!”

    “That you should care for me,” the bear sang.

    “Leave it to the bear to redeem himself through song,” Piggy muttered.

    She stood between both Kermit and Gonzo, impatiently waiting for the cleanup that would allow her and the rest of the staff of Vet’s Hospital to get on stage. “Fozzie’s much better thinking on his feet than he realizes,” the weirdo replied. “Inspired with the song verse, I must say.”

    “It does happen to tie in,” Kermit replied, listening to the audience laugh and applaud as the bear came off stage. Leaning around Piggy, the frog said, “Heard you got married during our break.”

    Gonzo groaned, before glaring at the diva next to him. “Just had to say something, didn’t you?”

    “You never said not to,” she said, heading on to stage, with Rowlf and Janice quickly trying to hurry after her.
    The two stood on the sidelines for a bit, watching the zaniness that was a hospital that had gone to the dogs. “Technically,” Kermit whispered. “I heard a little bit about it from Cheesy.”

    “Cheesy?” Gonzo questioned. “Penguin Cheesy? Arthur Cheeseman, the penguin who still doesn’t know his left from his right, Cheesy?”

    “That’s him.”

    “Who’d he hear it from?”

    “Harvey in lighting.”

    Gonzo just gaped at him.

    “Who heard it from Gazelle, that new chorus girl,” the frog continued. “Who heard it from Ralph the makeup guy, who heard it from Pepe, who…”

    “Well, no wonder,” Gonzo groused. “It’s probably all over the theater by now. Terrific. Camilla’s gonna kill me.”

    “She seemed be calm when I talked to her,” Kermit said. “But I did ask that she wait until our number together, that way I have a third for the song. Though I guess I could’ve gone with Rowlf…”

    “You’re all heart, Kermit,” Gonzo replied, sarcastically.

    The hospital skit did what it usually set out to do, which was completely destroy any type of semblance of an actual working and caring medical facility. “How you manage to get through a sketch, I’ll never know,” the frog replied, as the cast came off the stage.

    “Some secrets are best left to the imagination, Mon Capitan,” the diva replied, sweeping past the frog to that of her dressing room. While her parts had been swapped, she still had to get dressed for her number Rowlf, not to mention the song she would be singing with Kermit.

    Her cohorts quickly headed off to hit their marks back in the orchestra, where they would be featured during the show’s pseudo popular At the Dance routine, leaving both the frog and the weirdo looking after the diva was she ascended the stairs quickly. “I’m sorry about not telling you sooner.”

    “I have a feeling I know why you did,” Kermit whispered.

    “I think I should also apologize for whatever scheme Piggy is planning on launching.”

    “How’s that?”

    Giving the frog a look, Gonzo stated, “I’m sorry if I put any ideas in her head. Well, new ones anyway.”

    Turning to look at the door to Piggy’s dressing room, Kermit shook his head slightly. “You know what, Gonzo,” he whispered. “I’m the one with the ideas this time.” A slow grin spread across his face, before he gave the daredevil a pat on the arm. “I’ll catch you later,” before he sprinted off towards the stairs.

    “Well, I’ll be…” the weirdo murmured, not stopping the smile that appeared on his face. About time that frog realized what he wanted to do. Speaking of… “Hey Shrimp!” he called, seeing the very crustacean pass by. “I wanna have some words with you.”

    “What?” Pepe asked. “Ju want to play the friends with words game? Right now? Gonzo, we is in the middle of a show, h’okay?”

    “I got a new game,” the weirdo replied. “I call it ‘friends with swords’.”

    “That…does not sound like a good game, h’okay?”
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  7. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Oh come on Pepe, Friends with Swords is a wonderful game. Especially when you end up with seafood-kabobs. Kills two bones with the same skull.

    Sorry for not posting sooner, wanted to just read the show as it happened. Keep posting is very funny.
  8. miss kermie

    miss kermie Well-Known Member

    Ha ha! Love the part about the swords!

    And what is piggy up to...?

    More please!
  9. Twisted Tails

    Twisted Tails Well-Known Member

    Gina, this is great! I can tell the "friends with swords" is not a game. Playing with swords are dangerous, but the blue weirdo loves that kind of game. I would like to have more chapters please.
  10. TheWeirdoGirl

    TheWeirdoGirl Well-Known Member

    Nice, very nice. I especially got a kick out of the "friends with words" bit. Can't wait to see where this goes.
  11. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    Okay, here's the end of the previous chapter. I had wanted to showcase the song that Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo do, but it was getting long, so you'll just have to settle for the original instead in another post. Enjoy!

    Piggy had gotten dressed quickly and was just sitting down at her vanity when the door opened to reveal Kermit. “Don’t you knock?”

    The frog didn’t say anything, instead he dropped off the single rose he had picked up on his way here while simultaneously dropping a kiss to her cheek. “And hello to you, baby.”

    Piggy looked at the rose and then turned suspicious, but amused, blue eyes on the frog who had delivered it. “Who are you?”


    Despite needing to get ready for her next number, the diva none the less stopped what she was doing and turned to look at Kermit. “This is the third time this week that you’ve just come barging in here,” she began, counting off offenses on her hand. “You deliver flowers, and then you kiss me. Who are you and what have you done with Kermit the Frog?”

    Kermit couldn’t stop the chuckle. He knew he probably was acting way different from the way he normally did, especially when it came to Piggy and he wish he could easily explain this new giddy, happy, version, but even he was having difficulty. He hadn’t been lying to Gonzo moments ago, when he stated he had more and more ideas lately, all of which included Piggy in some fashion.

    Maybe it was the return of his beloved nephew, a person he had long since thought of as his own; they had so much in common and shared many of the things that Kermit had struggled with when he was a boy, and of course, the fact that Robin was the only person besides him in the entire family that understood show business like Kermit, it wasn’t hard to get attached to the young frog.

    Or maybe it was Scooter, who had literally grown up before their eyes. No longer the unsure, but manipulative teen they had first met eons ago, Scooter Grosse had grown to be one of Kermit’s most trusted and closest friends. He wasn’t sure if either he or Piggy would ever fully admit just how much Scooter meant to them or how much they loved the red head, but they had been cracking jokes about their closeness for years.

    To discover that the manager, who was still seen as a kid to many of them, had not only gotten a girlfriend, but one that seemed to be lasting much longer than the others, brought about a nostalgia that Kermit couldn’t begin to explain. There was something about watching someone you love fall in love that was…nice and beautiful all at once.

    And then there was Gonzo.

    Discovering only that night that one of his best friends had gotten married was a shock. Granted, the shock that Gonzo hadn’t invited them to said wedding was there, but it was easily overshadowed by the fact that Gonzo had gotten married. Gonzo, the same person who had eaten an entire tire on their first show, who had tried to balance a piano while on a tightrope, and who reveled in the prospect of pain, was married.

    When you were in an invisible challenge to see which one of you would get the girl first, it seemed like a terrible blow when you discover you’ve lost.

    Kermit couldn’t help but think how very ironic it was that he and Gonzo always seemed to be challenging each other for something. The blue weirdo really was like a brother to him.

    “Come on,” he whispered, poking her gently in the shoulder. “Don’t be mean, especially when you look gorgeous tonight.”

    The compliment wasn’t the only thing that stayed a classic retort from the diva. Kermit was dressed for his number with Gonzo and Fozzie – dark suit and vest, with matching blue dress shirt and tie – and it was all she could do to not keep him in there for longer than the fifteen minutes she had left. “I have to be out in fifteen,” she warned him, giving him a similar poke in the leg. “What do you need?”

    “You doing anything tonight?”

    Sending him a look, she replied, “Moi does have this little performance to do.”

    “Right,” he nodded, smiling. “Dinner later? We’ll have a picnic.”

    “A picnic.”

    “Yeah,” he continued. “Under the stars, moonlight, everything! Unless of course, you’d rather be inside.”

    Piggy turned again to fully look at him, before standing and placing a hand on his forehead. “There must be something wrong with you,” she said. “Are you sick?”

    “Just love sick.”


    “I don’t want to alarm you,” he whispered, looking around suspiciously. “But I think I’m in love.”

    “You don’t say.”

    “I do say,” he retorted.

    “And what fortunate soul had fallen prey to your many charms?”

    “Surprise!” he exclaimed, throwing his arms around her middle. “It’s you.”


    “I know,” he said, nodding against her shoulder. “It shocked me, too, but really. How could I resist?”

    “I am irresistible.”

    “Yes,” he murmured, delivering a kiss to her bare shoulder. “And beautiful. Have I mentioned beautiful?”

    “Not yet,” she sighed, tilting her head so he could plant a kiss on her neck. “And ordinarily, Moi would let you continue singing my praises, but…” Turning swiftly in his arms, Piggy managed to right the frog, who had stumbled a bit in the process.

    Before grabbing his tie and kissing him full on, however she wasn’t about to start something, not when she now only had about seven minutes to get ready and Kermit was to be on stage in about five. Releasing him, she used his stunned state against him, by pushing him towards the door.

    “Now out.”

    “Now hold on, darlin’…”

    “No, Moi will not be swayed any further. Out.”

    “Dinner?” he asked quickly, as he could hear the sounds of backstage shenanigans going on behind him. “Yes?”

    “Yes,” she replied, kissing him quickly before pushing him completely from her dressing. “Now get out.”

    Kermit was admittedly a happy frog when he joined the bear and weirdo at stage left to await their turn to perform. “Where’ve you been?” Fozzie asked, turning a concerned eye on his best frog friend. The frog didn’t look the worse for wear, however his clothing was a bit ruffled and he seemed to be in a bit of a daze.

    “Oh come on,” Gonzo huffed. “Look at him – glazed look in his eye, rumbled clothing, and lipstick on his lips – where else would he have been?” Smirking however, he said, “Unless there’s something you want to tell us.”

    “How’s that whicken situation coming along?” Kermit retorted.

    Gonzo couldn’t help but chuckle at that. Well, well…the game was back on. “You’ve been saving that, haven’t you?”

    “Yes, I have.”

    “Just waiting for the moment to use it,” the weirdo replied. “Well, Kermit, I’d say it was about on par with those bouncing figs you and Piggy have been working on." Smirking, Gonzo taunted, "Bet you I’ll be first.”

    Fozzie, who being the single bear in this little trio of theirs, just shook his head. “Whickens and figs,” he muttered. “You guys should have bears.”

    Both Kermit and Gonzo looked at him, both knowing he was probably making a joke at their expense, but still a bit surprised at it. “You want us to have bears?” Kermit asked.

    The bear in question realized what the statement had probably sounded like and tried to backtrack, but all it did was cause his two friends to shake their heads as they made their way on stage. “Man Foz,” Gonzo replied. “Sometimes you’re so weird.”
  12. WebMistressGina

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    And as promised - Kermit, Fozzie, and Gonzo performed The Beatles "This Boy" when they headed out to stage. Fozzie and Gonzo on guitar, Rowlf on piano, and I guess Animal on drums (hadn't even thought of that). Three part harmony, with Kermit taking John's chorus.

    Originally, I intended the second section of the second verse for Kermit to look at Gonzo (the line, "Though he may want you too") as an in-joke, but obviously cause I didn't do it, you all didn't get to see that.

    :halo: Saw-ry.
  13. The Count

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    Is a good update, you show your chops when it comes to frog and pig dynamics. Now could you please post more of the gofer and poolgirl relationship? Zank you. :ouch:
  14. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    To your day, here is the entire tenth chapter!

    And for the Count, not only have I started with some go-fer, pool girl romance, but I've ended the chapter with it too.

    One more chapter and an epilogue and this bad boy is done. And you know what means!

    :concern: You're getting back to that epic mystery starring me and the pig of my dreams?

    That's the one.

    :mad: What did you say, freak boy?

    Okay, come on now. No fighting till I get to your fic. Here's chap 10!

    *note - Margie here sounds a bit like Ellen Green in Little Shop.*


    With that week’s Muppet Show being an hour long, the thirty minute segments were broken up with an intermission, which immediately followed after a rather moving rendition of The Killers “Everything Will be Alright” by Robin. The song was actually a good one, not only considering Robin’s recent family troubles, but it fit his deepening voice as a budding tenor.

    Amanda decided to stand to stretch her legs a bit and perhaps take a quick break to go speak to Bobo out front. Normally, at this point in the show, she’d wait until the last curtain calls before heading backstage to find Scooter, however because of the show length, she understood she’d have to wait for the whole show’s completion before she could her arms around him and kiss him thoroughly.

    Maybe it was her thoughts alone that called the red head out on stage with Rowlf, as they discussed setting up the At the Dance number that would start the second half. Catching each other’s eyes, the two smiled shyly at each other, unable to convey exactly what they wanted for the time being, but knowing it would only be some time before they could be together again.

    It was the first time Scooter had actively seen her in the light of the theater and he was again struck by how beautiful this woman was. She had dressed in almost the same outfit that had greeted him the first time the group had gone to Cool Pool for the second round of its pool tournament – black dress pants and a silky green blouse. The night hadn’t been too cold when she had arrived, but she knew she would be kicking herself for leaving her jacket in the car when she left.

    Indicating that she was going out in the lobby, Amanda received an acknowledgement from the manager before blowing him a kiss and heading towards the auditorium’s doors. She took special care to move slowly, knowing full well that her boyfriend’s eyes watched her as she moved.

    And true enough, Scooter’s eyes followed her steps as she headed up the aisle; Rowlf only shook his head before prodding his young friend with a nudge and well timed, “Eyes above the waist there, Kid.”

    “I can look at my girlfriend any way I want to,” came the retort.

    The pianist chuckled. “Forty-five minutes and you can look at her any way you want. With or without clothing.”

    Sending a glare towards the dog, Scooter fought to keep down the blush that rose on his cheeks. “Really?” he deadpanned. “Really, Rowlf? Sometimes I wonder if you spend too much time with Gonzo.”

    “Please,” Rowlf huffed. “Haven’t you heard? We’ve decided that you’re old enough to be corrupted and now, since there’s none of that pesky adolescence to worry about, we all figured no time like the present.”

    “I’ll only concede to this on one condition.”

    “Which is?”

    “Do I get to equally corrupt Robin?”

    Rowlf shrugged. “If you can get around Kermit,” he said.

    “Please.” This time, it was the red head who huffed. “If I get Piggy on board, Kermit’s on board. I can be very persuasive.”

    “Good luck then.”


    The second half of the Valentine’s Special started with an orchestra feature, though it was more jazz band than orchestra. Nigel, who had wanted to do an instrumental piece that wasn’t a rock song for a long time, had suggested a number of different jazz standards that could be done with their group, as long as he was able to pull in some additional members.

    Luckily, the Muppets were a talent bunch of folk and had perfected a roster of multi-talented people. While the orchestra did have instrumentalists, many of them did double duty doing other things; for this piece, the standard “I’ve Got My Love to Keep Me Warm” as performed by the popular Benny Goodman band from the 1930s and 40s, Nigel had asked a number of people to fill in for the purpose of having at least the standard number of people.

    The rhythm section, as per usual, featured Floyd on bass, Rowlf on piano, and Animal on drums; within the trumpet section, Lips filled the middle seat on first trumpet, with Bobby Benson holding the position to the lead trumpet’s right on second trumpet, and Horace Spielman rounding out third trumpet and sitting to Lips’ left.

    The trombone line sat directly in front of the trumpets, with Corey ‘T-Bone’ Bass seated in the middle on first trombone, Janice taking position on second trombone, and Muttons Bell taking third.

    In front of the trombone line was the sax section, which was actually relatively smaller than their brass and rhythm sections. Zoot of course was the lead and only alto sax player, with Simon and Richie Dell on tenor and baritone sax respectively, leaving Nigel to take clarinet, which was what he had wanted in the first place.

    Usually the At the Dance sketches were featured primarily, with the band playing slightly in the background, but for a change of pace – and to let Nigel have his feature – Kermit decided that they could do the two at the same time. So while the band began to play, the dancers danced around, waiting for their pre-appointed times in which to chime in.

    Robin, who never got to participate in the first show’s ATD skits, had happily agreed to be a part of this season’s skit. Ironically, in one of those art imitates life situations, a statement by Piggy and Robin’s subsequent retort were being featured within that night’s skit.

    “So Robbie, dear,” Piggy began, as she and her partner – Robin the Frog – twirled around the dance floor. “How does it feel to be dancing with a beautiful, mature woman?”

    “I don’t know, Aunt Piggy,” the young frog replied. “Is there one around here I could dance with?” The pig’s first reaction was to step, hard, on her partner’s foot. Grimacing in pain, Robin muttered, “This seemed to hurt less in rehearsal.”

    Fozzie, who was also knew to the ATD sketches, had been partnered up with Margie, one of the new chorus girls. She was a pretty raven haired girl who may have had more hair than brain in her head; she also a particularly high pitched voice that was tinged with an east coast accent.

    “Hey Margie,” the bear began, staring at her dreamily. “Do you believe in love at first sight?”

    “Sure!” the girl exclaimed. “I fell in love just the other day!”

    “You did?” asked Fozzie.

    “Yeah,” she replied. “At Neiman Marcus. The salesman there sold me the most perfect dress.”

    “So you started dating him?”


    “The salesman.”

    “Why would I want to date the salesman?” Margie asked, incredulously. “It was the dress I fell in love with!”

    And so went the sketch and the number, which were both rousing successes.

    After a skit featuring Link trying to win back the love of his life – which turned out to be a record of ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ – and another dance number by the Delvish Dancers, Kermit and Piggy were up to beat with their rendition of “I’ve Got You Under My Skin”.

    As with trying to only spend five minutes alone with each other, Kermit and Piggy never seemed to perform any piece of theirs the way it had been in rehearsal. In rehearsal, they had either been straight professionals, landing on their marks, taking their cues, the whole nine yards; on stage, however, in front of an audience, all bets were off.

    From the start, Piggy ramped up her vamping to eleven by consisting sending seductive glances at her partner or running a hand across his shoulders; Kermit, for his part, tried to play the long suffering boyfriend, who couldn’t believe that their ‘affair could go so well’. The two already gave off flirtatious innuendo when they weren’t meaning to, which meant when they actually did mean for it to happen, it could sometimes catch one or the other by surprise.

    For instance, during the chorus, Piggy decided that just standing and looking fabulous the way she had in rehearsal just wouldn’t cut it for the performance, so she felt that moving her hips to the instrumental parts was perfectly acceptable. That of course distracted Kermit.

    Not to be outdone, the frog one upped her when, after she had walked passed him singing the song title and running her hand across his shoulders as she did, he grabbed her hand and dipped her, singing to her as he did, before releasing her just before the second chorus. That actually managed to stop Piggy for a few minutes.

    Being a professional of course, Piggy managed to recover just in time to sing her line.

    Ultimately, the playfulness of the song, coupled with the obviously playful and flirty reactions that Kermit and Piggy gave it made it one of the highlights of the evening.

    That is, before Robin came up to do his second song of the night.

    As Piggy had predicted, the younger female members of the audience – whom she suspected had to also be friends from Robin’s high school – were easily enthralled with the way the young frog sang his song. Robin didn’t attempt to hide the fact that he was obviously playing to the female members of the audience; with the Muppet show orchestra accompanying him, Robin – decked out in the cream suit that he originally rehearsed in – stood on stage with just a mic, his looks, and his voice and that was enough.

    The troubling thing to Kermit was that his nephew hadn’t been so overt in rehearsals, even if their own female members had gotten up in the appeal of the teenager.

    “I see a certain talk in that kid’s future,” Gonzo murmured to Piggy, as they watched the boy from backstage.

    “He had better hope his father had that talk with him already,” the diva whispered back.

    “I hear the frog’s been giving out talks all week.”

    “Why?” she questioned. “Did you need that talk, Gonzo?”

    “Please,” he huffed. “I perfected that talk.”

    “Never know,” she sangsong. “New wife and all.”

    “Thank you for your concern, Miss Piggy,” he replied. “But I can assure you, I have everything in hand.”

    Piggy just looked at him, a knowing smirk coming over her lips. It took the weirdo only a second to know he had walked in to an ill placed comment and he grimaced in giving up the ground he had been trying to capture. “Hold on,” he said, as she started to move off. “Say your line again, I got a good one this time.”

    “Nope,” she denied. “Already been established.”

    “Oh come on!”


    “That’s so not fair.”

    “Next time, think before you speak.”


    The show was coming to a close and Amanda’s excitement grew. She had been observing the show and while enjoying it immensely, she had wanted to see Scooter again. His note had said that he was going to perform two songs in that night’s show and from what she had seen so far, everyone had at least one song in both acts, meaning that his second song would have to be coming up soon.

    That didn’t mean there may have been an issue; certainly, the Muppet Show was known for its unpredictable cast, crew, and stage performances. Where one act should have been on, it could easily be placed with another. It was near closing time and she hadn’t seen the second song of his; with an hour long show, maybe they didn’t have enough time for it.

    She had sat through numerous songs about love and loss, laughed at stabs to the romantic comedy, and had decided that Walter needed to perform in Carnegie Hall, but it didn’t compare to the fact that she had been waiting on pins and needles to see Scooter and no matter what the act, Amanda was hooked on one red headed stage manager.

    The red curtains had been closed after the last act and Kermit, still dressed in his tieless suit with jacket from his last performance, came out to end the show. “Well, that seems to be the end of another Muppet Show…”

    The audience actually sighed and awed at the prospect of having to go home after such an enjoyable evening. “What?” the frog asked. “You want one more song?”

    The audience cheered, which was quite a departure from what they usually did.

    Looking behind himself at the curtain, Kermit turned back to the theater and said, “Well…I think we could probably do one more song.” Again, the audience cheered. “This last song is actually dedicated to one of you tonight.” The audience murmured, looking around, trying to see who the lucky person is.

    “I obviously cannot divulge who the lucky person is,” the frog continued, despite the sadness and muttering from the people before him. “But we’re really hoping you know who you are. And so without further ado…”

    Kermit quickly left the stage, just as the curtain rose to the sounds of music. Scooter, now without the red vest, having replaced it with a red jacket instead, stood in front of the very same mic that Robin had been singing into earlier. Behind him, the fish quartet known as the Gills Brothers, were doing backup as the music swelled and then stopped.

    Baby, I’m yours,” the red head began, a bit tentatively.

    And I’ll be yours,

    Until the stars fall from the sky.

    Yours, until the rivers all run dry.

    In other words,

    Until I die.”

    Amanda had to bite her lip, stopping herself from ultimately crying out loud or worse, standing up and shouting that she loved him. If she had ever doubted how Scooter felt about her, he had gone far and above what she expected he would do to express that. None of her previous boyfriends had ever thought to perform for her and certainly not in the context that he had done that night.

    And she did understand. Oh, her poor Scooter! She could easily see him, flustered and shy and nervous, wondering if the songs he had chosen actively conveyed into words how he felt. And she couldn’t wait to answer him, to tell him that yes, she got it. She got that bells ringing and birds singing didn’t have the same random meaning anymore and she certainly, she was most definitely his.

    “I’m gonna stay right here,

    By your side,

    Do my best to keep you satisfied.

    Nothing in the world could drive me away,

    Everyday, you’ll hear me say…

    Oh, she was head over heels for him and had been for some time now. She hadn’t been kidding with her father in regards to Scooter potentially being his son in law and father of his grandchildren one day; now, she may have gotten a little too far ahead of herself, but she knew what she wanted. And that person was Scooter Grosse.

    “Baby, I’m yours.

    And I’ll be yours

    Until two and two is three

    Yours, until the mountains crumble to the sea

    In other words, until eternity.

    Baby, I’m yours.

    Behind her, she could hear the young girls whisper and wonder just who this special person was and if that person was truly in the audience. And she was convinced she heard of them ask if Scooter had a girlfriend, because when he was dressed like that and sang like, he was absolutely dreamy.

    Amanda couldn’t agree more.
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  15. WebMistressGina

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    And your musical selections -

    I've Got My Love to Keep Me Warm - Benny Goodman Orchestra

    I've Got You Under My Skin - Louis Prima and Keely Smith (this is actually the much shorter version than I imagined for this, but it does showcase what often happened between Louis and Keely (who were married) and that they sometimes went off script)

    Baby, I'm Yours - Arctic Monkeys (this is actually a cover of the original, which was sung by a woman (whose name escapes me), but when I was listening to it, I thought it a perfect song in the case of a male singer. And it's actually one of the best covers I've heard from anyone)

  16. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Thankees. *Leaves big chocolate brownies for WMG.

    I feel like I should know what song Scooter was singing there in the second half of the show.
    *Recognizes you "borrowing" from KG for the performance of I've Got You Under My Skin.
    :boo: Ah! That number scared the pants right off of me!
    :sleep: Are you sure you didn't forget to put them on?

    Is glad that Robin's getting some of the spotlight. Cute, cute reference to his classmates in there.

    And ju know whats I loves of this chappy. Amanda has gone to that exclusive group of OC's I absolutely enjoy.
    Please post more when possible.
  17. WebMistressGina

    WebMistressGina Well-Known Member

    BROWNIES! *glomp*

    Well, the original is by Barbara Lewis, whom I was trying to think of earlier. The Arctic Monkeys version, which I presented here, is a cover of the song.


    I don't remember them doing that song in KG. Are you perhaps thinking of "Baby, It's Cold Outside"? Now, with that said, yes the Muppet Show has done IGYUMS, but with monsters.

    Robin's thing probably is 'borrowing' from the Queen of Ush-Gush cause I really did like Err-A-Parent (which is, to date, my favorite of her finished stuff).

    And most importantly, I'm glad Amanda has grown on you and in your heart. Looks like you've got her under your skin! LOL Which is good, cause obviously, you're gonna be seeing a lot of Miss Amanda (I have 4 Ball through 1 Ball planned, so you had better like her. :mad:)

    Got some stuff to do, but I will hopefully have something later tonight or tomorrow!
  18. The Count

    The Count Moderator Staff Member

    Heh... Yes, they did Baby It's Cold Outside in KG, what I meant was how you presented Kermit and Piggy during I've Got You Under My Skin here that reminded me of the former.

    You say you liked Err A-Parent? Well, I sort of drew upon that for my Junebugs one-shot. *Is aware that the October entry will require massive plotpoints to include everything I want to show off.

    Barbara Louis, knew I knew it. Ah yes, the woman who babysat for Dick Clark's kids. *Another useless fact stuck in my head from when I used to listen to Rock Roll & Remember on Sunday afternoons.

    Like I said, post when you can chica.
  19. WebMistressGina

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    Ah! Okay, I got you. That could be true, though I was thinking of Prima and Smith, though in a more flirty than funny way.

    Yes, I do. In fact, it was one of the very first stories I read when I first joined and was, partly, the reason why I decided to join the forum and actually write that first story of Monday Morning Meeting.

    So, Aunt Ru, where ever you are, this is for you... *hugz*

    I...did not know that. I have also listened to RR&R, when I still had, you know a radio and loved that show. Here's a tidbit - my friend Shannon was once babysat by Davy Jones. Yes, THE Davy Jones of The Monkees.

    You'll understand why she's my favorite person.
  20. The Count

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    The "Davey Jones", the one who died last year. Good, now I have some plotting regarding haunters. Decisions, decisions. :batty:

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